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Healthy Food for kids

Easy Tips to make your kids eat healthier

Encourage Healthy Eating Habits • Don’t focus on specific food items instead follow a diet • Always be a role model • Cook many food items thereby providing many options • Get your child involved in cooking as well as shopping of groceries • Always provide healthy options

Importance of mealtimes • Monitor your kids habit during mealtime. • Regular family meals will always provide comfort • Make mealtime fun more than just food

Make Fruits and Vegetables more Appealing • • • •

Sneak vegetables in other food items. Provide them plenty of fruits and vegetables Keep lots of fruits and veggie snacks in hand You can make visually appealing fruits and vegetables and make your kids have them


• You can find out more details in ing/nutrition-for-children-and-teens.htm

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Healthy food for kids  

Here are some tips for your kids regarding healthy eating habits