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16th January 2018 Kettering U3A Year 14 Newsletter 7

Today An Introduction to Glass By

Derek Hunt Latimer Theatre, Kettering

From the Chairman— Welcome, 2018! And may it be a good year for one and all. I’m happy to report that we begin the new year on a legal footing with a new Treasurer: Martin Coles – brave man and erstwhile maths teacher – has volunteered and will be formally co-opted on to the Committee next week. New member Janet Birch has also volunteered for non-committee support “front of house”. Thus, change ensures continuity and is, in the nature of things, inevitable. So, a word of caution when you are filling in your new diary dates and appointment calendars: we do try to avoid numeral typos and changes to the monthly meetings timetable as listed on page 2 of the Newsletter. However, as alterations do occur for a variety of reasons and at varying lengths of notice, it is worth double-checking such information each month. Meanwhile, stay warm and well and may all your NY Resolutions last at least to the next full moon.

Mary February 20th Treading The Boards Life in Amateur Dramatics by

Julie Hill

Registered Charity No. 1108614 1


Kettering U3A

Group Leaders Information • • • • • •

Check that all members of your group are fully paid-up members of the U3A. Ensure that you have:A written record showing your member’s name, address, telephone number and email address. The name and telephone of each member’s In Case of Emergency contact. (ICE) The post code of your venue as this will be required by the emergency services if you need to call them. Send articles, reports and photographs about your group to the Newsletter Editor. Copy deadline for the newsletter is 2 Saturdays before the monthly meeting. To put additional information and/or photographs on your Group’s web page on the Kettering U3A website, please email to the Web Master, or send hardcopy to him. Advise the Group Coordinator of any changes to your group arrangements, e.g. venue, timing, etc.

Members Information Welcome to all new members • • • • •

Advise the Membership Secretary, in writing, of any changes to your address, post code, telephone number or email address. If you are unable to attend your Group’s meeting, please advise your Group Leader in advance. If you know one of our members has a special occasion ahead, e.g. important birthday, anniversary or if they are ill and you feel a card from the U3A would be appreciated, please contact the secretary. Bring your membership card with you to the meeting and have it available for checking in. If you cannot get to the monthly meeting for any reasons, you can get a copy of the Newsletter from either Kettering Library or the Tourist Information desk, Manor House Museum, Kettering or from Desborough, Rothwell or Burton Latimer Libraries. Or via our postal service direct to your home (£10 per annum) Contact the Membership Secretary to do so. View & Download the newsletter (in glorious colour) from web site, & click on Links.

Monthly Meeting Dates & Speakers 2018

Mar 20 Hobbies and Interests U3A Members Apr 17 Dogs for good Speaker name tbc May15 Comedy Magic and Variety Dave Moylan Jun 19 Annual General Meeting Jul 17 The Vanishing Maid Servant Ian Keable Aug 21 Wildlife on your doorstep Tom Way Sep 18 Protecting Family Wealth Vicki Brown Oct 16 Rodgers and Hammerstein Tricia Thompson Nov 29 The Art of the Christmas Card Danny Wells Dec 18 U3A Christmas party

Your Kettering U3A Committee 2017-2018 Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Membership Secretary Treasurer Speaker Seeker Newsletter/Web site Groups Co-ordinator Committee Member Committee Member Committee Member

Mary Wildman Diane Tebbutt Chris Crick Marian Garrod TBC Tony Loft Richard Boyles Sue Perkins Shirley Mepham Linda Tyrrell Peter Baker 2

01536 741 222 01536 392 556 01536 501 131 01536 519 528

01536 685 166 01536 744 753 01536 519 438 01536 416 182 01536 683 947 07711 509 122

Kettering U3A

News — Interest Groups — Visits and Reports Basic Bridge - If you have ever wanted to learn to play Bridge in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, here's your chance. The group meets once a fortnight on Thursdays from 2pm until 4pm at the Kettering Bridge Club in Field Street. The sessions are lead by Colin who is an experienced, but extremely patient, Bridge player. Each session costs £2 to cover the rental for the room. The next meetings are on Thursday 18th January, 1st and 15th February. If you would like to come for a taster session come along to the next meeting.

Our next meeting at the Eden Centre, 21, Montagu Street, Kettering Format of the meeting:1.30 – Refreshments 50p Buy Lottery tickets Browse the group notices Chat Sign up to groups and trips 2.15— Chairman’s notices 2.30—3.30 Speaker 3.45 (approx) Meeting ends

Contact: Di Tebbutt 01536 392 556

Wheelchair disabled access is available at the rear by phoning 01536 484 800 There is a hearing loop installed at the Eden Centre. You should sit near the sign on the left of the hall when looking towards the stage. Newsletter DEADLINE— is 2 Saturdays before the monthly meeting. You can read and download the newsletter in FULL COLOUR from our internet page at

Bookworms — No meeting in January. We will discuss "The Rose of Sebastopol" in February. Contact:

Pauline Parkin 01536 799 197 Contact: Richard Boyles 01536 744 753

ARE YOU A GROUP LEADER? Group leaders are required to do. 1.



Have a copy of your members “In Case Of Emergency” (ICE) details with you so you can contact family or friend Have the postcode location of your meeting so you can direct the 999 emergency services Check that all members of your group are fully paid-up members of the U3A so they are covered by the U3A insurance

Do you use a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone? You MUST READ some important information on page 5 !!!


Kettering U3A

Busy Needles and Banter — By the time you are reading this, the Group will have reconvened on January 11th, which, since we meet fortnightly, means that our next meeting will be on January 25th. For some of us the “break” has meant visits to faraway places with strange sounding names while others, I trust, have had a pleasant – and productive – few weeks. A week before Christmas Santa’s helpers in the guise of Janet Bright (and her daughter) brought a whole sleighful of sacks to my door – not of toys but of knitted squares, oblongs and sundry other shapes, to be assembled into blankets for Africa. Thus the inclement weather has been banished by bright colours and any hint of boredom given the elbow. Contact:

Card Making — Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to seeing you all on the 3rd Monday of the month. Start a new hobby for 2018 or sadly this club could close

Contact: Marian Tucker 01536 510 354

Mary Wildman 01536 741 222

Creative Cards — We will back to making everyday cards now that the Christmas period is over. The group will meet on Wednesday 10th January 2018. We regret there are o vacancies at the present but if you would like to put your name down to fill any place that do come up, please do so. Contact: Eileen Mason

01536 725 925 or Maggi McGuire 01536 392 716

Discussion Group — The next meeting Tues. 13th. Feb at the usual venue the Parish Church Halls at 2pm. The December meeting was cancelled due to the weather. I was there just in case anybody turned up but I had to park in the Church parking spaces; the ice prevented me from using the usual parking spot. The subject will be "Should the NHS have cancelled routine operations to cope with demand on A&E of winter ailments, falls and drunks ?" Hopefully we will have welcomed some new members to our ranks. Contact: Richard Ling


01536 515 816

Kettering U3A

How do I protect my computer? Device makers and operating system providers have had time to try to fix this. They are pushing out security updates, or patches, which will protect your computer, tablet or phone against a breach that uses the Meltdown vulnerability. Users should install these updates as soon as they are made available. Microsoft, Apple and Linux, the three major operating system makers, are all issuing patches. Apple has said that all Macs, iPhones and iPads are affected by Meltdown, but Macs running the latest version of macOS, numbered 10.13.2, are safe. The same is true for the latest iOS version 11.2, which is used on iPhones and iPads. Apple said it will release updates to mitigate against Spectre "in the coming days". Microsoft released an emergency Meltdown patch for Windows 10 on 4th January via Windows Update. This will subsequently also be applied to Windows 7 and 8 machines. However, users with third-party anti-virus or security software should also check that this has been updated first, in order for the Windows Update process to install the patch.

Computer Group — In last month’s newsletter I wrote “ A REMINDER to backup your data and photos. It is CRITICAL that you make regular backups in case of computer failure of other disaster ”.

To start 2018 we are all faced with a possible, if very minimal, chance of disaster !!! We are ALL threatened with a bug which is in the chips which are in virtually every computing device; PC, Mac, Chromebooks, Android smart phones, iPhones and Windows phone plus all Android tablets, iPads, Windows Surface and Apple TV.

The bugs are an "absolute disaster" and need to be fixed promptly, according to one cyber-security researcher. Google researchers said one of the "serious security flaws", dubbed "Spectre", was found in chips made by Intel, AMD and ARM. The other, known as "Meltdown" affects Intel-made chips and a one recent ARM chip. The industry has been aware of the problem for months and hoped to solve it before details were made public. The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said there was no evidence that the vulnerability had been exploited. It has issued guidance about Meltdown and Spectre, including advice on what people can do to protect themselves. Some fixes, in the form of software updates known as patches, have been introduced or will be available in the next few days, said Intel, which provides chips to about 80% of desktop computers and 90% of laptops worldwide. Google (who own Android) published a blog detailing what some customers may need to do. It said Android phones with the latest security updates were protected, and that Gmail was safe. It will be releasing security patches for users of older Chromebooks, while there will also be a fix for users of the Chrome web browser.

One major problem with Android, is that on average, only 7% Android users update to the latest versions whereas 86% of Apple users keep up to date. Probably because of the ease of updating Apple devices. You only get protection with the latest updates on whatever device you are using. You should follow the following steps to protect yourself on ALL devices. • Ensure you have installed the latest security updates • Ensure you have the latest up to date virus scanning program installed • Backup (copy) all your data and photos to a separate device or cloud storage Advice and free handouts can be downloaded from the computer group web site (as below) and more information about this is on the SECURITY page. Computer group meets at the Counties Community Centre, 28 Hertford Road, Kettering NN15 6LG. Contact: Richard Boyles


01536 744 753

Kettering U3A

Canals & Waterways— Photos at Christmas lunch.

Country Matters —

We are having a quiz and slide show on Thursday 18th January at 2.0pm at the Eden Centre, don't forget to brush up on your canal and waterways knowledge.

We now have a break so our next meeting will be in February possibly at Waddenhoe to enjoy the snowdrops – but we will confirm the details nearer the time. Contact:

On Thursday May 17th the canals and waterways group are running a trip to Cromford Mill in Derbyshire with a 2 hour canal trip starting at 11 am. The cost for the canal trip is £6.50 each. Numbers on the boat are limited so if you are intending to come please let Neil Burton know ASAP. When the canal trip is finished there are plenty of sites of interest locally. The Arkwright Mill, which is a World Heritage Industrial Site, is on the same car park is the canal , a Shopping Outlet Centre and the Crich Tramway outdoor museum are within 10 min drive. Neil’s e mail address is

Derek Warren 01536 518 560

English Studies — continues with King Lear. Let's hope "Blow winds and crack your cheeks!" will prove less apposite than of late.

Contact: Mary Wildman 01536 741 222

For your diaries 15 January Foxton Locks closes to boats for winter maintenance with 5 gate replacements. 22 January fish rescue before draining locks of water.

English Country Dancing — Our dancing is progressing well and we have learned a lot of new ones. Although we have welcomed some new members we would enjoy having more. We meet on 2nd & 4th Weds. of each month at St. Andrews Church Hall from 10.30a.m. to noon.

10 & 11 February open weekend at Foxton Locks which will be de-watered and stairs installed so you can go down inside an empty lock. More information at If you wish to join us on any of our events please let me know either by E-mail or at the U3A meetings

Contact: Jean Beaver 01933 224 474

Contact: Christine Strachan 01536 515730


Kettering U3A

Family History— The January meeting was a workshop discussing “How to Write Your Family History Book”.

Friday Pop-In - Swapping Christmas and New Year stories over warm croissants and hot coffee—what a great way to brighten up a cold dark winter’s morning! The Kino staff were their usual hospitable selves and for anyone who would like a change from croissants

Meetings are held on the second Monday, 2-4pm at the LDS Church, Rothwell Road, Kettering located between the crematorium and Brewers Fayre/Premier Inn. Contact: Richard Boyles

and coffee they had a tasty range of alternatives. They gave us all a warm welcome while we relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. These delights—good company, good food, good surroundings—go a long way to explaining the good turnout. We’re all looking forward to next month’s Pop-in on the first Friday of the month (2 February), same time (10:00 to about 11:30), same place (the Kino Lounge, Market Place, next door to Wildwood, formerly Mr Ray’s). Handy for your town centre shopping—don’t miss it!

01536 744 753

French Conversation -First let me wish you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2018. Our next meeting will be on the 12th of January at the Travellers Room at the Station. During the winter we have decided to meet at 13.00 until 15.00. We will revert to summer time when the day are longer and lighter.

Contact: Janet Chivers 01536 214 250

German Basic Conversation — We meet every second Wednesday at 9.30 am., in order to try and speak some German. We are little more than beginners who learn everyday expressions ie. to meet and greet: to ask for directions: to request travel tickets; to order meals and to locate places: to discuss the weather, etc. 'Repetition' is our motto and it is a test of the memory: that is where the fun comes in. We now have one or two vacancies, you are welcome to give it a try.

Contact: Michele Junin 01536 671 971 Gardening Group — The group is now taking its Winter Break, resuming in the Spring. Suggestions for activities next season always welcome. Contact: Ray Bradbury 01536 516 587 Golf — Our regular group meets at 1.30 pm Fridays at Pytchley Golf Club still seems to be the most popular time !! Contact: Alan Stephens 01536 726 911 or 07931 637 660

Contact: Joe Fletcher


01536 722 399

Kettering U3A

Jewellery Making Using Beads — I like to keep numbers down so that I can give everyone attention so I only have one vacancy at the moment. Previous experience not necessary. We all start somewhere! Meeting will be on Mon 5th Feb at 10.30 at my house in Broughton. Our first project will be to make this pretty necklace for wearing in the Spring. This will teach you how to attach a clasp to a strung necklace. Cost will be about £5 depending on which beads we use. There are several colourways. Of the many different techniques used when making jewellery this is the most useful to know and covers a large percentage of the necklaces that are on sale in the shops. Hopefully we will meet the first Monday morning each month. But if the ladies say at the first meeting in Feb that they would prefer something different, than I am happy to be flexible.

Heartbeat— Unfortunately, the December Heartbeat walk was cancelled due to the weather conditions, and by the time you will be reading this the January walk at Burton Latimer will have happened ! Not to worry, there is still the February walk, which will be at Rothwell, for you join us on. Full details will be available at the next monthly meeting, and of course all those on my mailing list will get exact meeting place via e-mail.

We are a friendly group, and the object is simply to walk for 30mins as fast as you can. We have walkers of all abilities in the group, and four-legged strollers are very welcome. The group meets at 10-00am on the second Monday of each month at various locations, and finishes up with refreshments. The walks are all local to Kettering, and are on hard paths. Feb 12th Rothwell. Meet on Market Sq for 10 am start Mar 12th Wicksteed Park. Apr 9th Boughton House/Weekley May 14th Cranford June 11th Twywell Hills & Dales.

Contact: Sherry Calvert 07722 407636

Contact: David Clayton

Knit and Natter - Here is a picture of all of the knitters having a good time enjoying our Christmas outing to the Thornhill Arms, it wasn't a Christmas Menu but was very good.

01536 520965

History The next meeting of the History Group will be on Monday 5 February 2018. The presentation will be given by Mrs Betty West and will concern the late Nancy Wake, who was sent to France during WW2 and became a Resistance Leader. The doors will open at 2pm and once everything is in place, the talk will commence (normally about 2.15pm) We look forward to seeing new and previous attendees on the day.

May we wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Contact: Eileen Mason

01536 725 925 or Maggi McGuire 01536 392 716

Contact: Annette Chidwick 01536 523 867


Kettering U3A

Lunch Club - As the main U3A Christmas lunch took place in early December, the normal Lunch Club did not take place. The next one will be held on Tuesday 23rd January 2018. The organisers will be Elizabeth York and Kathleen Alton and details of the venue and menu will be available at the January monthly meeting when places can be booked. If you would like to come and join us you will be very welcome. The more the merrier.

Musical Circles 2 —

With our final meeting for 2017 being only five days before Christmas it was inevitable that a seasonal theme would be adopted. Beginning with “December” from Tchaikovsky’s “Seasons” the musical afternoon moved on to “Propers For Lady Mass in Advent” by William Byrd, “The Winter Fairy” from Prokofiev’s “Cinderella”, Debussy’s prelude “Des Pas Sur La Neige”, Waldteufel’s “The Skater’s Waltz”, and extracts from Corelli’s “Christmas Concerto”, Handel’s “Messiah” and J.S. Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio”. Cecilia Bartoli sang “Panis Angelicus”, and then we had “The Holy Boy” by Ireland, “Puer Natus Est Nobis” by Byrd, the Christmas Tree scene from “The Nutcracker”, Kreisler’s “Toy Soldier’s March”, Standford’s “Doll’s Dance”, Ludford’s “Hodie Maria Virgo” and finally before the break John Fitzpatrick sang “The Wassailing Bowl”. Refreshed by tea, coffee, hot chocolate, mince pies, shortbread and chocolate brandy snaps we resumed with “The Shepherds’ Farewell” from Berlioz’ “L’Enfance du Christ”, an irreverent Christmas Carol by Tom Lehrer, Rutter’s “Up Good Christian Folk”, the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble playing “Jingle Bells”, and the Royal Choral Society singing “Christmas Is Coming”. We concluded with the traditional “Sussex Carol”. It was an enjoyable way of spending an afternoon listening to familiar and not-so familiar music as we prepared for the final rush into Christmas. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 24th January 2018

Contact: Maggi McGuire 01536 392 716 Or Sue Hart 01536 724 635

Looking at Churches — There was no church visit in December 2017 nor will there be a visit this month.

Below are the church visits planned for the next few months starting at 2pm :Wednesday 21st February - the church of St. Mary the Virgin Welford Wednesday 21st March - the church of St. Nicholas Bulwick Wednesday 18th April - “Towers and Spires” Stamford walk with a Blue Badge guide Wednesday 16th May - St. Mary the Virgin Lower Benefield I will email all members of the group on my contact list ten days before our February visit to ascertain numbers together with any additional or a change of information. New members are welcome so for more details please

For further details Contact: Eileen Mason 01536 725925

Do you use a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone? You

Contact: Janet Flower 01536 764 541

MUST READ some important information on page 5 !!!


Kettering U3A

Sing (and laugh) Out Loud Choir members would like to thank you for your warm appreciation at the Christmas meeting, and were delighted to hear so many of you joining in!

Painting & Drawing Classes - We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from September to March. Our venue is at The Parish Hall, Market Place, Kettering, from 1.15pm to 3.15pm. Free parking is next to The Parish Hall, and the church grounds may also be used. Class dates for the Winter Term are as follows:JANUARY 11TH, 25TH FEBRUARY 8TH, 22ND MARCH 8TH, 22ND (LAST CLASS) (New classes for the Autumn Term start again in September 2018).

On the Friday before Christmas a dozen of us braved the cold to sing carols outside the Cancer Research UK Charity Shop, at the request of the Manager. Happily, generous passers-by contributed £73 to the charity. Not bad for a half hour’s carolling.

As I (Barbara) will be standing down in March I thought I would insert this photograph of Jennifer Painter and Sue Noble who are taking over from me as Joint Group Leader, starting from the Autumn Term 2018. I have enjoyed my 5 years helping to run these classes but now feel it needs someone younger to take over. Jo Beaver will continue as Joint Group Leader, so there will be 3 Joint Group Leaders now. If you are interested in joining our class then please get in touch with either Jo or Barbara, or, just come along to one of our classes. Contact: Jo Beaver on 01933 224 474 or Barbara Goodall on 01536 523 259

Fingers crossed, the Choir will have begun the new term on January 12th; next session therefore at Fuller Church on January 26th from 10am to 11.45. Contact: Mary Wildman

Singing For Pleasure — We were a bit depleted in numbers at our first meeting of the year due to colds, viruses, etc. but we picked some new songs for our 2018 programme. As Carol wasn’t feeling well we were pleased to have Linda as our pianist after recovering well from her operation. Contact: Jill Dee

01536 741 222

Do you use a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone? You MUST READ some important information on page 5 !!!

01536 514 054


Kettering U3A

Walking Group - The walking group meets on the 1st Wednesday every month at different locations for a walk lasting 2 to 2½ hours starting at 10:00am. These walks are usually between 4 and 6 miles and taken at a relatively leisurely pace. The group generally end the walk with lunch at a local village pub. New members are very welcome; just call or email me using the contact details below. Our January walk was regrettably cancelled owing to the particularly poor weather we have been experiencing leading to very waterlogged countryside and hazardous conditions. Our next walk will be on Wednesday 7th February and will be announced by email the week before to all members of the group on my contact list as the starting location has not been fixed as yet. If you are not on my list and you would like to join us please drop me an email or give me a call a few days before the walk.

Spanish, Intermediate —

The Spanish conversation group continues to meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 2pm to 4pm. Normally the teaching is a joint enterprise between Bob Thorogood and Bill Simon. We now meet at the Hertford Road Community centre. The room costs £10 per session so less than £1 each. We are now on our new book which is ‘Enjoy Spanish’ beginning this month We could accept one or two more members but they would need to have quite a good level of understanding of the language. If that is you, now would be a good time to come along and find out what we do.

Contact: John Flower 01536 764 541

Contact: Bob Thorogood 01933 650 551

Wining and Dining - We are joining with the Caledonians to celebrate Burns night this month. As our February meal would be on Valentine's night I have changed it to February 6th and hope to book pie night at the Sage and Brook at Grafton Underwood. The final date for names is the 16th January at the U3A meeting. If you wish to join us please let me know.

Stitchin' Time—

Looking forward to seeing all the stitchers, knitters, crocheters in February. Contact:

Contact: Christine Strachan 01536 515 730

Pauline Parkin 01536 799 197 Writers Group— Next topics are “Fresh start” and “Valentines story”. We welcome any new members who wish to join us.

Sugar Craft— If anyone who would like to learn, but feels they are hopeless, come to watch as we work and I guarantee that they will soon realise that they can achieve good results.

Contact: Tom Piercy 01536 712 581

Contact: Joan Allingham 01536 722 610 11

Kettering U3A

Kettering U3A Interest Group Timetable Please contact group co-ordinator for more information before joining a group Day No fixed day Gardening





Ray Bradbury

01536 516 587




01536 510 354 01536 523 867 01536 392 716 01536 725 925 01536 744 753

Home 3rd Monday Home 1st & 3rd Mondays Counties CommunityCentre 1st Monday

10.00 – 12 noon 10.00 – 12 noon 2.00 – 4.00pm

Family History

Marian Tucker Annette Chidwick Maggi McGuire Eileen Mason Richard Boyles

LDS Church, Rothwell Road 2nd Monday

2.00 – 4.00pm

Heartbeat English Studies

David Clayton Mary Wildman

01536 520 965 01536 741 222

varies Home

2nd Monday Fortnightly

10.00 2.00 – 4.00pm

Richard Boyles Richard Ling Maggi McGuire Sue Hart Joan Allingham Tom Piercy

01536 744 753 01536 515 816 01536 392 716 01536 724 635 01536 722 610 01536 712 581

Variable—check web site Parish Church Rooms varies

2nd Tuesday 2nd Tuesday 4th Tuesday

2.00 – 4.00pm 2.00 – 4.00pm varies

Home Kettering Library

weekly 1st Tuesday

1.30 – 4.00pm 2.00—4.00 pm

Maggi McGuire Eileen Mason Joe Fletcher Bob Thorogood Pauline Parkin Janet Flower Eileen Mason Jean Beaver John Flower Pauline Parkin Christine Strachan

01536 392 716 01536 725 925 01536 722 399 01933 650 551 01536 799 197 01536 764 541 01536 725 925 01933 224 474 01536 764 541 01536 799 197 01536 515 730


2nd Wednesday

10.00-12 noon

Home varies varies varies varies St.Andrews Church varies Home varies

Fortnightly 2nd & 4th Wednesday 4th Wednesday 3rd Wednesday 3rd Wednesday 2nd & 4th Wednesday 1st Wednesday 1st Wednesday 2nd Wednesday

9.30 – 11.00 am 2.00 – 4.00pm 2.00 – 4.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 10.30—12 noon 10.00 start 2.00 - 4.00pm varies

Christine Strachan Derek Warren Diane Tebbutt Mary Wildman Barbara Goodall Jo Beaver

01536 515 730 01536 518 560 01536 392 556 01536 741 222 01536 523 259 01933 224 474

varies varies Kettering Bridge Cub Home

3rd Thursday 2nd Thursday Fortnightly Fortnightly

2.00 – 4.00pm varies 2.00—4.00pm 10.00-12.00

Parish Church Rooms

2nd & 4th Thursdays

1.15 – 3.15pm

Mary Wildman Janet Chivers Michele Junin Alan Stephens

01536 741 222 01536 214 250 01536 671 971 01536 726 911

Fuller Church Kino Lounge, Market Place Travellers Room, at Station Pytchley Golf Club

Alternate Fridays 1st Friday 3rd Friday Every Friday

10.00-11.45 10.00 – 11.30am 2.00—4.00pm 1.00 – 4.00pm

Monday Card Making Knit and Natter History

Tuesday Computers Discussion Group Lunch Club Sugarcraft Writers Group Wednesday Creative Cards German Conversation Spanish Conversation Bookworms Looking at Churches Musical Circles 2 Country Dancing Walking Stitchin’ Time Wining & Dining Thursday Canals & Waterways Country Matters Basic Bridge Busy Needles Painting and Drawing Friday Sing (& Laugh) Out Loud Friday Pop In French Conversation Golf

Meetings below with Ise Valley U3A The following groups are in conjunction with Ise Valley U3A Please contact group co-ordinator before joining a group Day






Margaret Hall

01536 512 215

Kettering Bridge Club




Isabel Collins

01536 520 971

Kettering Pool



Ballroom Dancing

Pat Johnson

01536 483 398

Singing For Pleasure

Jill Dee

01536 514 054


Friday 2nd & 4th Friday Fuller Church


Fortnightly Fridays



U3A Kettering Newsletter January 2018  

U3A Kettering Newsletter January 2018

U3A Kettering Newsletter January 2018  

U3A Kettering Newsletter January 2018