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WWW.U2ACT.COM U2 is the biggest name in rock today. Their 30+ year career has produced some of rocks greatest songs, record sales exceeding 150 million worldwide and 85 awards including 22 Grammy's. In 2005 the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. U2 has captured the hearts and minds of millions, and has created one of the largest followings in history. Their legendary shows are more than a concert, they're an unforgettable event. UZoo - The Ultimate U2 Tribute Band Experience performs all the U2 hits you want to hear with the energy, passion, musical ability and showmanship one would expect at a U2 concert. UZoo shows include classic hits such as "Where The Streets Have No Name," "Pride (In The Name Of Love)," "New Years Day," and "Sunday Bloody Sunday" as well as the recent hits "Beautiful Day," "Vertigo," "City Of Blinding Lights," "Get On Your Boots," and "Magnificent." Formed in 2009 in music city - Nashville, TN. - UZoo's goal is to be the number one U2 tribute band experience in North America, creating a show where fans participate in an exciting, unforgettable event. UZoo’s attention to detail is extraordinary, from Bono's vocals and stage presence to the Edge's guitar tones. They rehearsed for one full year before ever hitting the stage because they refuse to compromise on the accuracy of how each song is performed. If you've never been to a U2 show, or you want to relive the experience, you must see UZoo - The Ultimate U2 Tribute Band Experience. Boneaux is no stranger to the music industry. There was never any shortages of bands to join with friends and other talented musicians out in the suburbs of Long Island, N.Y. He immersed himself into the scene, and with his great vocals and guitar chops, eventually found himself touring the country. Later in his career, "Boneaux" was born and he has performed theater shows, music festivals and Irish festivals in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and many other cities across America with a northeast U2 tribute band.

Chris Simeone (as The Edge) has been playing the guitar and performing since the age of 12. In the winter of 2008, looking to do something different, he asked himself... "If I was to play someone else's music, who's would I want it to be?" His passion for U2 made that an easy question to answer. He posted several ads on craigslist and within a few months UZoo was born. "I've played a lot of music over the years, but I have never had as much fun as I am right now. The Edge's licks and tones are interesting, complex and moving. I love learning his tricks. I've become a total gear head. I sure wish I had his budget!" Keith Marron (as Adam Clayton) began his music career in Boston, MA playing bass, songwriting, and touring New England and the Eastern seaboard as a musician, road manager and lighting director in various bands - eventually leading him into business ventures including management and booking. In 1996, Keith relocated to Nashville, TN and has toured throughout the southeast and midwest with several country, rock and pop bands. After spending almost two years in Southern California playing bass in a classic rock band and with a nationally known country artist, he returned to Nashville in 2010 to hold down the bottom end for UZoo. Davin McLaird (as Larry Mullen Jr.) started off as most drummers do during thier childhood - turning any Quaker Oats boxes, coffee cans, pots or pans into the early objects of rhythmic attention. By the third grade, his parents recognized that there was something there and got him started with private lessons. His school years were filled with every possible musical activity, in many different musical styles. From percussion ensembles, to symphonic bands, to jazz groups (even performing at the prestigious Montreaux Jazz Festival), Davin's foundations as a musician were varied and solid. And of course there were rock bands. In addition to being a member of many local groups, Davin's musical ear and sensibilities made him valuable as a last-minute substitute, filling in for drummers who couldn't make a gig or who had "spontaneously selfcombusted." It was like a personal challenge - getting on stage to play songs that maybe he had only just heard on the way to the gig. This ability to interpret and execute songs quickly and musically led to numerous recording projects and dozens of "custom" and label CDs by artists primarily in the Seattle area. And now, with an emphasis on performing great songs and enjoying great musical relationships, Davin provides the rhythmic drive behind UZoo.

UZoo - The Unforgettable U2 Tribute Band  
UZoo - The Unforgettable U2 Tribute Band  

When you can’t hire the biggest band on earth, book UZoo - The Unforgettable U2 Tribute Band. Only U2 does U2 better! - UZ...