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The world through your eyes.

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40 – Our Tagline 41 – Just Travelous 42 - What Not to Do 44 – Create Some Legroom 45 – Brand Colors 46 – Brand Fonts 48 – The Private Tour Experience

You dream it. We plan it.

Interactive tour design.

This is the story of the adventurer, the romantic, the explorer. It’s the story being told to the grandchild on your lap, or at the bar reminiscing with friends. It’s the story about how you met your wife wine tasting in the Beaujolais Villages, about how you hung on for dear life on the back of a Vespa through the hills of the Amalfi coast or about how you woke up bare back on pure white sandy beaches, forgetting the details of how you got there, but knowing it was the best night of your life. Unlike many group tours this isn’t everyone’s story. This is YOUR story. When traveling the world, each journey is completely individual and no two experiences are identical. The trailblazer will be eager to dive off the rugged and remote cliffs of Montezuma Costa Rica, while the soon-to-be groom will be getting ready to propose on a private yacht in the middle of the Greek Islands. Each voyage is so personal and so individual. That is our job - to make sure that our client’s experiences go far beyond their imagined expectations. Travelous is a private tour operator made up of Tour Architects who customize our client’s experiences based on their values and how they dream to see the world. From the bed you sleep in, to the cuisine

you taste, to the streets you walk down, we leave no stone unturned as we transform your imagination into reality. Leave your map at home because with a Travelous Tour Architect by your side you will get to your destinations free of worry, saving you time and money. Whether it’s the big attractions you wish to visit or the desire to go off the beaten path, we will build you a custom itinerary allowing you to focus solely on being in awe as you take in the magnificence around you. Travelous is committed to giving you meaningful, defining moments and together we will write your story so that your trip down memory lane will be a story worth telling.

For over fifteen years, Founder and President Chris Bazos has been living his passion for travel by creating adventures and fulfilling his client’s dreams through customized holiday and expedition planning. Chris specializes in tour management; spanning region and territory development, market research and lead analysis, vendor relations and rate negotiations, and itinerary planning. Chris has a vast wealth of knowledge and professional expertise from entertainment events to educational tours, from leisure groups to luxury bespoke private guided travel. Chris is a seasoned voyager with an unbridled passion for helping people realize their ultimate vacation dreams, whether it be the first time traveler or the veteran explorer. In 2013 Chris established Travelous, a private tour company and joined forces with Yvonne Zagermann a German TV Journalist and the author of the award winning travel blog “Just Travelous”. The idea to collaborate on this venture came about when Chris was searching for a suitable name for his private tour company. The concept fell directly in line with Yvonne’s work and view of travel. Rather than consider the name similarity as a deal breaker, Chris viewed it as an opportunity to join forces and collaborate. Yvonne enthusiastically agreed and Travelous officially established into a travel brand geared towards creating the type of

experience that they both felt passionately about. “We are travelers who have the desire to share our experiences with others. Today, the travel blogger has become the gap between the traveler and the travel company. Yvonne and I working together is simply the direction the industry is going in. People want their information from their fellow Traveler and not travel agents in order to help them in their decision-making and ultimately quench their thirst for adventure. It adds an air of authenticity to what we are doing.”

Both Chris and Yvonne are experienced travelers who bring their expertise and passion to their clients. The foundation of Travelous is made up of proficient Tour Architects who aren’t just hired agents, but people who have personally lived and explored the tours intimately, making them true destination experts. These are people who can tell you first hand, the best-kept secrets such as local restaurants, hidden beaches, family-run shops and uncommon excursions because they themselves have been there. Anyone can hire a tour guide or follow a brochure, but they will show you the world in a deeper, more meaningful way. At Travelous we believe that the world was meant to be explored intuitively and personally and not dependent on strict schedules. Nor is it time spent with strangers on crowded buses, or following a guide who doesn’t even know your name and is robotically regurgitating the same speech over and over. Travelous was created to bring the ends of the earth to your fingertips in the way you have always dreamed - the way you wish to experience it, the only way that’s worth it - your way. You dream it, we plan it. Your excursion is 100% customized and 100% personalized based on your vision so you can be Travelous!

Design your trip. Create your story.

Begin your trip planning by accessing our country specific information portals. It is there you will find everything you need to research and plan your next tour. In addition to the country’s information and places of interest, we provide the traveler with a glimpse into the private guided experience. From there you have the option to peruse and select a program from our “à la Carte” collection of suggested trip itineraries or contact us to customize a tour that is perfect for you. If you lead a fabulous lifestyle and expect your vacation to be the same, then why not let us help you create your own? In that case, “Travelous” is just what your inner explorer has been waiting for and the reason we started this service to begin with. Being Travelous is the conscious decision to travel and see the world your way without compromise! We invite our clients to engage in our interactive experience where we design a getaway that

directly suits your style, schedule and budget – in essence, your next adventure won’t just be fabulous, it will be Travelous!

One way. Your way.

Style never takes a holiday.


Trav-el-ous [trave-e-luh s] n. A Tour company specializing in tailor-made travel packages that directly suit your style, schedule and budget: Travelous – Your Private Tour Architects. a. A private guided travel experience almost impossible to believe; incredible: our vacation was travelous! v. To travel fabulously!

Travelous is for those who lead fabulous lives and wouldn’t expect any less from their travel experiences. Our tailor-made touring division of Guided Travel Services welcomes the opportunity to make memories by creating moments in travel. All we need is your

imagination to help guide us in designing the journey of your dreams. It is with your guidance that our Tour Architects will help you plan what you want, when you want and how you want; we leave the “who, where and why” up to you.

People don’t take trips, trips take people.

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Discovery (Stopover – 3 Night/4 Day) The Classics (Historic/Cultural) Elite (Luxury) Active Adventures Culinary (Food And Wine) Health And Wellness Eco Tours Bird Watching Golf Packages Festivals & Events Accessible Tourism (Disabled Travelers Or Those With Mobility Issues) Voluntourism The Villa Collection (Vacation Rental Properties) Beach Extensions Cruise Shore Excursions (Day Tours)

For the story teller in all of us.

The beauty of being a Travelous client is that there is a tour for everyone, literally speaking, because each of our tours are crafted specifically to cater to your desires. When you choose Travelous you choose your own adventure. We know you want a personal experience that was designed for your unique style. The Travelous experience is suited for solo travel, couples, seniors, LGBT community, business travelers, corporate retreats, religious groups, celebrities, professor-led school trips, sabbaticals, family vacations and reunions and ultimately lovers of life and all the best that it has to offer. Travelous will focus on people seeking an alternative to standard group based escorted touring; a niche market designed specifically for the discerning traveler. Pursuing the ultimate travel experience,

our clients demand the finest quality, activities and accommodations their budget will allow, accompanied by a superior level of service that they are accustomed to and deserve. Travelous tours are catered to urban professionals who invest in traveling and want high quality private tours at comparable pricing to group touring.

There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.

Affordable custom private guided travel at group tour prices. We know that planning a trip can be stressful, and it doesn’t make sense that the very thing you are doing to relax, is adding more time and pressure to your life. When you book your trip with Travelous you can take comfort in the fact that we take care of it all! Time is money and through our expertise and desire to plan your perfect holiday you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands. The Travelous concept is directly related to changing the way the customer perceives guided travel as a whole. We are defining a new way of traveling, one that does not include a large group of people on a bus in a foreign land with a set itinerary for a certain number of days. The idea that private guided travel is strictly for the luxury market is now an outdated concept.

No longer should travelers feel obligated to tour with a group or feel that the only alternative is to do it yourself with a backpack, spending the majority of your time with your nose in a guidebook. We strive to educate travelers on the value and accessibility of private touring and more importantly, that it is affordable and not strictly for six figure income households.

Making moments in travel.

To be the leading private tour company in the market and the name Travelous to be synonymous with private touring.




Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

The journey itself is my home.

When communicating on behalf of the Travelous brand we want to err on the side of sophistication with an element of fun and playfulness. Travelous is a lifestyle brand that’s tone is eloquent and classy, however we never want to come across as arrogant or conservative.


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Story Memory Using Travelous as a noun, verb or adjective Quality Trust Responsible Value Style Experience Adventure Unique Customizing your story You Dream It. We Plan It. Custom private tours When describing our tour agents we can call them: Tour Architects (always capitalize each word) Cost effective Private tour experience Travel experience TPTA (Travelous Private Tour Architect) Private tours at group tour rates Luxury (while this word isn’t banned it must be used selectively, implying a luxurious experience rather than luxury pricing)

• • • • • • •

Group tours Cheap Travel agents Travel center Do not compare to Expedia, Trip Advisor, etc. Expensive Budget

It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way!

Find what you’re looking for.




To help ensure our brand’s integrity, we’ve set out some guidelines on using our visuals. These guidelines should be followed whenever using the Travelous brand.


The “T” is often used as a design element or watermark. Ultimately, our customers will know who Travelous is when they see this icon.

• Must always be shown in our branded colors or following the guidelines set. • May be used on its own or as a watermark. When used as watermark, only the black and white logo may

be used and any transparency is acceptable. • Must not be tilted or altered in any way.








• The circle and the wordmark are always the

same colour. • When the logo is on an image, the T is always

cut out. • Any color variation of the logo can be on an

image depending on the background. • Light blue is only used for background and T,

cannot be used as a logo color.


Displayed below is the minimum size allowed for the tagline to be displayed with the logo. The minimum height is 1.7 inches and 3.5 inches wide.












YOUR PRIVATE TOUR ARCHITECTS We are Your Private Tour Architects, customizing your trip so that you can travel with ease and experience the world your way.

• Tagline is always grey with the basic logo. • Should always be used when describing who we are and what we

do. • Can be in any of our branded colors depending on what the main

logo is and background. • Text should always be one color. • Text should always be written in Gotham Light.


• The wordmark can be used on its own when

there are height restrictions. • Can be used when a more simplified version of

the brand is desired. • Can be used as a watermark on images that are

owned by Travelous.


To keep our brand’s integrity, there are some things we should never do with our logo, icon, or tagline. Basically anything that changes the way they look... but to be more specific:

Don’t stretch.

Don’t rearrange the type or icon.


Don’t use patterns that interfere with the logo.

Don’t use colors that interfere with the logo.


Always keep a minimum amount of space between our logo and any other elements in a design. There should be at least 0.25 inches and 0.635 centimeters of space at all times.

0.635 cm 0.25�


We have two main brand colors, plus solid black, and these colors should be used at 100%. Tints are not acceptable. Our default for text is 100% black.

RGB CMYK Hex Pantone

0, 37, 61 100, 78, 48, 54 #00253D 2965 C

Our primary color is midnight blue, can be used in the logo for the circle and the words but not as a background.

RGB CMYK Hex Pantone

151, 212, 233 38, 2, 5, 0 #97D4E9 2975 C

Our secondary color is light blue and is used for backgrounds and the colour of the T. Cannot be used in the logo for the words and the circles.


Didot is the main font used in the Travelous logo. This font should be used for headings and subheadings.



ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123 4 5 67890 ( .,:;?! $ & @-* )


Dead Man’s Font WF that will help capture the essence of a journal. It will be used for quotes and be shown on photographs. 47

Get ready to experience the vacation of your dreams with Travelous and Your Private Tour Architects. We will have an outlined itinerary prepared for you based on each location to ensure you experience everything your heart desires. You will be personally greeted at the airport either upon arrival to assist with visa services, customs and baggage, or at passenger pick up, depending on client preference. Leave your schedules back at the office! Feel like relaxing by the pool one day? Not sure if you can hike up the mountain tomorrow? No problem. The beauty of your Travelous tour is that pick up and times spent on sites are flexible and based on how you feel. Your guide will arrange with you the night before, customizing each day to suit your energy level.


All tours include private vehicle, English speaking driver, and your own personal certified professional tour guide who will be escorting you throughout your trip. Your Travelous Private Tour Architect will accommodate to your needs, ensuring you have the perfect vacation and most memorable experience.

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.



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