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the RHA brand...

The Official Brand and Communications Guide


Robbins Hebrew Academy... Open the doors to each child’s future by creating the foundation for infinite possibilities. Welcome to RHA, where boundless growth and a bright future awaits. Here at RHA, we believe in creating wonder within every child that will lead to a future bursting with success and accomplishment. That is what we’ve been doing for over 50 years. For all that time, we have been and continue to be among the top Jewish Day School’s in the Greater Toronto Area. We have grown over those years, embracing new technologies and paradigms, even a new name, while still always providing the very best in quality education. As part of our new brand, we have developed this guide book to help keep the RHA brand consistent and clear. Whether a teacher, staff member, parent or student, this book is here to help you communicate RHA to the world.

Let’s explore our RHA brand together...


What’s inside? building our brand...

ensuring brand standards...

7 about RHA


8 our mission, vision & values

37 our five areas

11 our target audience

38 our letterhead & stationary

12 the RHA difference

41 our business cards

13 our brand promise 14 accreditations & affiliations

visualizing our brand... 17 our logo 19 our star 20 our colours 22 our fonts 24 our icons

designing with our brand... 27 our affiliates 28 background styles 30 photography 32 icon usage 33 samples


communicating our brand... 44 our tone & style 45 phrases & keywords 46 fast tips

How to use this guide... Every person, from student to parent to staff, adds to the RHA experience. We are all brand ambassadors. It is up to us to make RHA look, sound, and be the best. These guidelines are our academy’s blueprint, outlining how to apply our reinvigorated brand identity in a consistent and inspiring way. From our values to our visuals, this document gives you all the tools you need to implement our new look and personality into all RHA materials and communications.

in general... As part of RHA, everything you do should embody our brand, from our values to our visuals. This guide will help you understand what we stand for and strive to be. It also gives you our standard brand elements that should be used by all staff and brand ambassadors.

for design.... When designing any kind of visual content for RHA, this book should be with you every step of the way. It gives you the do’s and don’ts of our logo usage, as well as a visual structure to use when designing.

for communication.... When communicating in any way on behalf of RHA, you should use this guide as a reference for tone and style. In addition to using the keywords and phrases where appropriate, you should ensure that your copy is embodying our overall brand vision and values, communicating consistently to our audience.

Now, onto the good stuff...



our RHA brand...

About RHA... We welcome students and parents into our RHA family, providing a warm, nurturing environment that focuses on the four C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, Curiosity and Critical Thinking. Robbins Hebrew Academy (formerly United Synagogue Day School / USDS) offers a learning experience that is unmatched among Toronto Jewish day schools. We are the first Jewish day school in Ontario to be granted candidate status for national organization, Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS). We are the largest school in the Schechter Day School Network, the educational arm of the United Synagogue Conservative Judaism, and we are sponsored by four Conservative Synagogues across the GTA. RHA provides a fully integrated Judaic and General studies program to more than 500 students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8 on two campuses.

our history... Robbins Hebrew Academy was founded in 1957 with one overriding goal: to maintain the highest degree of excellence in providing both academic skills for ongoing success and a traditional Jewish education. We began as the Foundation Day School at the Beth Tzedec Synagogue, becoming the United Synagogue Day School (USDS) soon after. Our school continued to grow as the Jewish community of Toronto expanded north and east. This led to the opening of the Bayview Campus in 1969 in the Beth Tikvah Synagogue, and the Richmond Hill Campus in 1987. In 2009, we rebranded from USDS to Robbins Hebrew Academy, proudly continuing our tradition of academic excellence and Jewish education.


Our mission... Through an integrated General and Judaic Studies Program, students at Robbins Hebrew Academy engage in meaningful relationships with educators, parents, peers and the community, as they acquire critical thinking skills to open their minds to:

a future of lifelong Jewish learning academic excellence global responsibility respect for themselves and others creative and healthy lifestyles


Our vision... Children’s relationships are the foundation for their future learning— always changing, always growing in RHA’s creative and multi-faceted learning environment.

RHA students are the embodiment of a 21st Century Graduate. They demonstrate specific qualities and relationships that enable them to achieve the “minds for the future” needed for lifelong learning as Jewish students in a global world. RHA has intertwined a kaleidoscope of real world Jewish themes with interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Children’s ability to think creatively and critically increases as they build relationships with other children, their family, their school and the global community. At RHA, we promote these meaningful relationships and experiences as building blocks and tools for learning at all levels and in all subjects.


Our values... At RHA, we’re inspiring lifelong values in our students. Why should we expect any less of our school? Students will excel through an educational system characterized by: A shared vision for students’ learning—the core value of Derekh Eretz ‫( דרך ארץ‬Respect) A solid educational foundation based on research of best practices of teaching and learning Compassion and integrity—to develop a sense of respect for self, others and property in accordance with the core value of Derekh Eretz ‫( דרך ארץ‬Respect) The importance of diversity—Gemilut Hasadim ‫( גמילות חסדים‬Acts of loving kindness)

The distinctiveness of a Jewish day school education Courage to meet every new challenge with traditions that define our community An immersive Jewish studies program that incorporates the knowledge, language, heritage, rituals and values central to Jewish identity

Ahavat Yisrael ‫( אהבת י שראל‬Love and Connection to the Jewish people)

Children’s relationships are the foundation for the future learning. RHA students will demonstrate specific qualities and relationships that enable them to achieve the “minds for the future” needed for lifelong learning as Jewish students in a global world.

Connection to the State of Israel

Tikkun Olam ‫( תקון עולם‬Repairing the World)

Building Conservative Jewish identity

Guiding principles that reflect best practices for effective school planning A rigorous curriculum personalized to meet individual needs and aspirations Innovative approaches of inquiry and critical thinking


Innovation through technology

Our target audience... We take pride in being a family at RHA. Every student and parent is welcomed with open arms to grow together. We seek out young Jewish families looking for a Jewish Day School in the GTA. Our families are looking for a school that offers the highest level of education in Jewish and General studies. They place a high value on raising their children to be proud to be Jewish. They are looking for a school that mirrors their values and traditions but also best prepares them to succeed in the greater world. RHA parents are those for whom “learning how to learn” and applying skills successfully is most important. They expect their kids to be the best that they can be—regardless of what that entails. RHA parents are those who believe, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” Having a Jewish compass and strength of character is equally important to academic & professional success.

secondary target audience... We never want to forget our current parents and students as a key part of RHA. These parents are looking for further reinforcement of the pride they already feel in having chosen RHA for their child’s education. Existing RHA parents act as brand ambassadors to the communitie and their friends, helping to share RHA with the world. We appreciate their loyalty and look forward to growing with them.


The RHA difference For parents who want the best education for their children within a vibrant Jewish community, Robbins Hebrew Academy is quite simply the only choice. RHA offers an engaging innovative curriculum that is always evolving to take advantage of new research in education and new technologies. Our students love coming to school each and every day— because school at RHA is fun—RHA is where children learn to think critically, engage socially, connect with their Jewish roots and gain the confidence and self esteem they need to become successful in life.

Engaging, Stimulating & Innovative Curriculum preparing your child for the future

Your Child will Lifelong Relationships & Jewish Values 12

building kindness, thoughtfulness and menschlichkeit


Committed and Trained Teachers & Administration engaging in your child’s success

Our brand promise... We promise to always improve and innovate. We promise to be more than just a place that teaches, but a place where students learn how to learn. We promise every child will thrive.

Exceptional Academics with continuous improvement and innovation in our curriculum and operations


Exceptional Environment with a caring and aupportive community that feels like home


Exceptional Teachers & Administration with training and commitment to excellence in education


Accreditations and Affiliations... At RHA, we’re inspiring lifelong values in our students. Why should we expect any less of our school? Students will excel through an educational system characterized by:

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools RHA is the only Jewish Day School in Toronto that is a candidate school for CAIS accreditation. As a community of independent schools, CAIS explores and pursues exemplary leadership, training, research and international standards of educational excellence. The Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) was established in 1981 as a national network for member schools supporting collaborative initiatives in leadership, education, management and governance. All CAIS schools meet 11 National Standards and commit to on-going research and professional development. These standards include: Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy Co-Curriculum and Learning Environment Academic Program School Leadership Human Resources School and Community Admission Procedures Governance Finance Physical Plant, Health and Safety Commitment to School Improvement.


The Critical Thinking Consortium The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2) is an internationally renowned, non-profit association of education professionals who are committed to promoting critical thinking from primary to post-secondary education through professional development, publications and research. The TC2 model of critical thinking embeds critical thinking into regional school curriculums to make it more accessible to teachers and their students in a broad range of educational contexts.

UJA Federation UJA Federation’s mission is to preserve & strengthen the quality of Jewish life in Greater Toronto, Canada, Israel and around the world through philanthropic, volunteer and professional leadership. The UJA Federation vision is to lead the most vibrant Jewish community in North America—a community characterized by its diversity, unity, compassion, generosity and commitment to Israel and Jewish values.

Schechter Day School Network The Schechter Day School Network is a voluntary association of Jewish day schools spanning 19 states in the U.S. and 2 provinces in Canada. The Network operates under the umbrella of The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. The member schools are independent and each has its own board of directors or board of trustees. However, they share an affiliation and identification with the religious philosophy, principles, beliefs and practices of the Conservative movement.

PEJE The Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE) believes that day schools are essential for fostering an engaged Jewish people for an enduring future. PEJE is dedicated to impacting the day school field by offering knowledge and resources to foster financial sustainability and affordability.



our new brand...

Our visual identity... With a new brand comes a new look. As brand ambassadors, it is our job to ensure our new visual identity is present in all our communications. We take pride in the way we look. From our logo to our colours, our brand has specific requirements that should be followed whenever we communicate visually. This section will give you all the information you’ll need to about our core visual identity.

Our logo... The logo is the epicentre of every brand. RHA is no exception. Our logo should be clear and visible on ALL communications.


Our logo variations... We never know where we may need to put our logo. To make sure we’re prepared for all the possibilities, we’ve created variations.

Full Colour

Full Colour Reversed

This is our go-to standard. In general, we should use this full-colour logo wherever possible.

If the logo is to be placed on a medium colored background, we have the option to use the fullcolour star with a white text alternative..

One Colour


This option is mostly used in one-colour printing. This should always use our bright blue.

This option is different from simply printing the full colour or one colour versions into greyscale. This optimized version should be used instead.

Single Flat Colour Certain applications, such as screen printing or engraving, may require a solid, single colour version of the logo. This version could be used in black, white, or our bright blue. This version is also used for a dark background, when the full colour reversed star needs more contrast.


Our star icon... There will be times where we want to reinforce our brand beyond just our logo. Our star icon allows us to do this as background watermarks or design accents. Our star helps our designs shine!

Our star icon may be used in full colour or monochrome with any of our brand colours. It may also be used with transparency to create watermarks or background designs.


Our icons... Originally part of our advertising campaign, these icons have become part of our core brand. They should be included in most of our brand promotion design.


General rules... There are some things that shouldn’t be done to our logo or our star in order to keep our brand consistent. PLEASE DO NOT: Change the text, font or colours (other than the allowed variations). Disproportionately stretch, distort, flip or rotate. (Exception: Star icon may be rotated.)

Use heavily patterned or coloured backgrounds that make text illegible or blend into the graphics.

We also have some guidelines for our graphic icons. REMEMBER: They should be monochromatic, using tints of one of our brand colours. They should keep with the same simple, vector style. Do not be too cartoony or too realistic. Feel free to change the colours used. However, the Israeli flag should always be shown using a blue. Feel free to add more icons to reflect our school’s growth, as long as the image upholds our values and vision.


Our colours... We have a large colour palette designed to expand. Our brand is bright; we love colour! logo colour palette These colours are used in RHA’s logo and star. The blues can be used in designs where appropriate; whereas the green is not ideal for design use. RHA Dark Blue

RHA Bright Blue

RHA Green

PANTONE 294 C CMYK 100 : 58 : 0 : 21 RGB 0 : 85 : 150 HEX #005596

PANTONE Process Blue C CMYK 100 : 10 : 0 : 10 RGB 0 : 146 : 208 HEX #0092D0

PANTONE 390 C CMYK 22 : 0 : 100 : 8 RGB 193 : 205 : 35 HEX #C1CD23

secondary colour palette... These colours are part of our core brand, as they relate to our academic philosophy elements. They can be used as an organization system or colour-coding. When shown together, as in a stripe, they should always be in the order Pink, Yellow, Purple, Blue, and Red (exclude the green). The Green is used as a major design colour, but not associated with one of the five areas.


Academic Pink

Jewish Life Yellow

Tikkun Olam Purple

CMYK 0 : 100 : 0 : 0 RGB 2 : 0 : 140 HEX #EC008B

CMYK 0 : 35 : 100 : 0 RGB 252 : 175 : 23 HEX #FBAF17

CMYK 60 : 100 : 0 : 0 RGB 129 : 41 : 144 HEX #80298F

Creative & Healthy Blue

Menschlichkeit Red

Growing Green

CMYK 100 : 0 : 0 : 0 RGB 0 : 174 : 239 HEX #00ADEF

CMYK 0 : 100 : 100 : 0 RGB 237 : 28 : 36 HEX #ED1C24

CMYK 58 : 2 : 100 : 8 RGB 121 : 188 : 67 HEX #78BC42

tertiary colour palette... We use a variety of other colours for our additional icons that we use as part of our designs.

CMYK 1 : 100 : 70 : 0 RGB 236 : 0 : 68 HEX #C91F47

CMYK 11 : 100 : 47 : 11 RGB 214 : 0 : 87 HEX #B6205B

CMYK 29 : 99 : 26 : 2 RGB 180 : 35 : 114 HEX #99276F

CMYK 44 : 99 : 0 : 0 RGB 159 : 27 : 150 HEX #852B8B

CMYK 77 : 80 : 9 : 1 RGB 90 : 79 : 148 HEX #574F90

CMYK 55 : 22 : 0 : 0 RGB 110 : 169 : 219 HEX #81A7D8

CMYK 100 : 0 : 65 : 0 RGB 0 : 168 : 135 HEX #27A686

CMYK 66 : 20 : 100 : 4 RGB 101 : 154 : 65 HEX #6C8C42

CMYK 22 : 0 : 100 : 8 RGB 193 : 205 : 35 HEX #C3CB3C

CMYK 2 : 12 : 100 : 0 RGB: 255 : 215 : 0 HEX #F2D632

CMYK 0 : 53 : 100 : 0 RGB 247 : 142 : 30 HEX #DE8D2E

CMYK 0 : 80 : 94 :0 RGB 210 : 91 : 48 HEX #D25B30


Our fonts... Text is necessary in any communication. We have set brand fonts we use to keep our look consistent. our main font... Our main font is Avenir, a wonderfully versatile sans-serif. We use Avenir 45 Book for most normal text elements in a design. Avenir 85 Heavy is perfect for big, pull-out headlines or highlight words. Avoid using Heavy for full sentences though, as it can be hard to read. Remember to add some letter-spacing! Avenir 65 is a good middle option if Book is too thin to read easily, especially when using white on a colour.

Avenir 45 Book A B C D EF G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ab cd efg hijk lmno p qr s t uv w x y z 123456789 0 (.,:;?!$& @ -*)

Avenir 65 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV W X Y Z a b cd e fg hi j k l m n o p q r s tu v w x y z 123 4 56789 0 (.,:;?!$ & @ -*)

Avenir 85 Heavy ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV W X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m no p q r s t u v w x y z 1234 567890 (.,:;?!$& @ -*)


our accent font... As a design flair, we use Marketing Script, the perfect clean script to compliment our sans-serif. This font should really only be used sparingly as an accent, as shown with our ‘creating wonder’ campaign. Remember to always take down the letter-spacing at least -25 to ensure the letters flow.

Marketing Script ABCDEFGH IJKLMN OPQR STU V WXYZ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1234567890 (.,:;?!$&@-*)

document and web-safe fonts... For a document and web-safe alternative to our design fonts, we have chosen a few fonts that can be used. If you don’t have one on the list, you can go down to the next available. Don’t have either of these? You can try Arial or Verdana.

Calibri A B C D EF G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ab cdefghijklmnop qr s tuv w x y z 123 456789 0 (.,:;?!$&@-*)

Tahoma A B C D E F G HI J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z abc defghijk lmnop qr s tuv w x y z 123456789 0 (.,:;?!$&@-*)



with our brand...

Our design style... Our new look spreads easily to all mediums, making our brand look fantastic. We want to ensure our style remains recognizable and unique, but never boring. Our designs need to grow while keeping the RHA style. This section will break down the basic elements of RHA’s design for use in advertisements, banners, and other visuals. It is very important to use the examples provided as your working template. If it looks like it matches, you’re good!

Remember our affiliates... In any major design piece, we need to ensure we include the logos of our key affiliates and associations. These are:

We should ensure these logos are large enough to read properly. We recommend keeping them in the order shown above.


Background styles... The right backdrop sets the style in any design. We have a few different backgrounds that we use in our designs.

blue on blue rays... When designing a cover, poster, or banner, we like to have a bold background while ensuring the graphics and text are not overwhelmed. Our blue on blue rays are perfect for this type of design.

Use tints of RHA’s Bright Blue Solid piece: radial gradient starting at 15% going to 45%, with the gradient mark at 30% Rays: radial gradient starting at 20% going to 30%, with the gradient mark at 60%

In general, the background gradient and the rays should be flowing out from the main figure or text. Sometimes on smaller pieces, it makes sense for the rays to balance out the main figure from the opposite side. Always ensure that your text is dark or light enough to be read when printed. We often use subtle drop shadows on our text to help with visibility. As blue is generally our main brand colour, using other brand colours for backgrounds should be avoided. Exceptions may be if the design is part of a series using secondary colours.


blue on white rays... There may be times where we want to use our rays on white to give emphasis to the main figure. This is great when we have a lot of body copy to work with as well.

Use tints of RHA’s Bright Blue Rays: radial gradient starting at 25% going to 10%, with the gradient mark at 40%

solid rays... Sometimes we like to have a more solid block of colour to anchor a design. This usually uses our Growing Green or RHA Bright Blue.

Use a tint of the solid colour in the background Rays: 85% solid tint

The rays on these solid blocks usually balance the main figure of a design by being on the opposite side.


Photography... A picture certainly does say a thousand words, which is why it’s important for RHA to have the right pictures. Our photos should be bright, professional, and showcase our smiling students. isolated students... We love to show off our amazing students by including them in most of our designs. To do this easily, we use students photographed on a white background. With the background removed, these students can be used to frame text, adding emphasis and leading the viewer’s eye with their line-of-sight.

Student should be wearing fun, yet appropriate clothing. All boys should wear kippahs. Students and backgrounds should be well-lit to ensure easy isolation and bright colours. Although sometimes direct looks may be needed, in general we prefer the student to look up and to the side in order to draw the eye to the content of the design.


action shots... We also love to show off our school and our students in action. These types of photographs are perfect for use in brochures, newsletters, and on our website.

Photos should be shot professionally and be well-lit with bright colours. Photos should be crisp and clear, with well-thought out composition. Students, teachers, or parents should all look engaged with each other or their activities.


Icon usage... We want to use our icons to add colour and movement to our designs. Our icons help us to make a bright statement.

w w w.r h


y.c a

w w w. r


e m y. c


Icons should flow together through the colour spectrum (from warm to cold), leading the viewer around the composition. In general, icons should all have two circles of the same colour framing them, an inner solid one (85% tint) and an outer dashed one (50%). Icons should have a subtle drop shadow that sits only slightly to the right and bottom. Opacity varies depending on the background, but it should stand out without being overpowering. Sizes of icons should vary slightly to add depth and movement. Add in some small, flat letters, numbers, and symbols to fill in empty spaces and add to the movement. 32

Sample designs... Now that you’ve got all the basic guidelines, we’ll give you a few examples to use as reference. Remember to have fun and make RHA’s brand stand out.



brand standards...

Our extended brand... As part of our brand, we’ve developed standard pieces to use for regular communications. These standards help us ensure our brand looks consistent. This section will showcase the various standard designs we use for communication. As brand ambassadors, we should always use these pieces where applicable and keep within the given templates.


RELATIONSHIPS... Our RELATIONSHIPS graphic visualizes RHA’s brand vision. When used on its own, it should be shown as it is here.

Do not change the text or colours. Do not stretch or squish. Do not place this graphic on a dark or medium coloured background.


RHA relationships last a lifetime!

Our five areas... Our Academic Philosophy consists our five areas of education. We’ve visualized this by using five icons as shown below. The

i c m P e d hilo a c A s o s ’ ph A H

. y..


same rules apply to this graphic as to the RELATIONSHIPS.

Jewish Life

Academic Excellence

Tikkun Olam

creating wonder Menschlichkeit

Creative & Healthy Lifestyles 37

Our letterhead... We often need to communicate with current or future parents, as well as other outside parties on behalf of RHA. We should be sure to use our official letterhead as shown below.


ww w.r ha cad em

Claire Sumerlus

Head of School



et 170 0 Bath urst Stre 3K3 Toronto, ON M5P 7 .873 .224 T 416 F 416.225.9108

Bathurst Campus

et 1700 Bathurst Stre 3K3 Toronto, ON M5P 8 .565 T 416.781 F 416.787.9632

Bay vie w Cam pus

nue 3080 Bayview Ave 5L3 Toronto, ON M2N T 416.225.1143

F 416.225.0659

y.c a

Dear Calibri,

ntum ac auctor s tellus ligula, eleme adipiscing elit. Cra ur tet vitae neque. sec ar con lvin pu et, , vel sit am re a pellentesque Lorem ipsum dolor sue po , pis tur h. Vivamus h nib s sagitti diam. Morbi nib Pellentesque eget vitae, tempus eu cidunt ullamcorper. unt risus ac tin cid s tin risu od ut sm s eui ero us ti. Vivamus Vestibulum faucib , id . Suspendisse poten ue imperdiet massa accumsan rutrum lus. Quisque tristiq tel et elit nec tellus rit dre hen at uris, ma rus pu e vita reet. mollis. Vivamus r dapibus viverra lao endum non. Intege dignissim nulla bib sus id odio eu massa cur lla facilisi. Praesent are. Aenean it tempus porta. Nu orn vel is ssa qu ma lus ius tel var e drerit eu Integer pellentesqu ient s enim et sem hen et magnis dis partur arcu. Etiam sagitti natoque penatibus iis pellentesque et nec soc sit m em Cu . lor id per am . Aliqu nunc euismod sem In vitae diam purus dapibus velit non mentum s eu blandit risus. ele uri am Ma qu s. Ali mu s. lus pu ridicu ornare tem montes, nascetur se eu risus vitae tortor pulvinar. Suspendis dignissim. Donec dapibus metus at ulis amet massa mattis iac m ulu tib Ves s. ncu ue. rho isq ler sed sce s et i sit am elementum mauri rutrum fringilla du t rhoncus mi. Etiam potenti. Integer ege ut pharetra sagittis ac sed elit eget arcu lesuada. Phasellus in, facilisis a ma us is cib qu s fau n risu no sus per cur nunc, sem Nam ullamcorper eleifend io nunc. Nulla diam unt felis eu lectus i. Phasellus eget od ibus. Donec tincid tellus. Nulla facilis dap s sta r ac elit ege ege rus Int tetur. t lectus porta pu aliquet velit consec dui. Nam tincidun ante gravida eget . sed pis gna tur et ma t s sta ege s r ege fringilla ultrice bibendum. Curabitu nc at massa et quam que hendrerit. Nu at libero pellentes


Claire Sumerlus Head of School






ir own imaginatio

eyond the aging our students b

Our memos... Sometimes we simply need to send out memos or quick notes internally to staff or externally to current parents. For these we can use our official memo letterhead as shown below.


T 416.224.87 37



F 416.225.91 08


www.rhacademy .ca



To: Re:



Dear Calibri, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectet ur adipiscing elit. diam. Morbi nibh Cras tellus ligula, ele turpis, posuere a pel mentum ac auctor lentesque vel, pulvin unt ullamcorper. Pel vitae, tempus eu ar vitae neque. Ves lentesque eget sag tibulum faucibus ero ittis nibh. Vivamus Vivamus euismod s ut risus tincidet elit nec tellus acc tincidunt risus ac mo umsan rutrum. Sus llis. Vivamus vitae pendisse potenti. diet massa, id dignis purus mauris, at hen sim nulla bibendum dre rit tellus. Quisque tris non. Integer dapibu tique impers viverra laoreet. Integer pellentesqu e tellus quis velit tem pus porta. Nulla fac nec arcu. Etiam sag ilisi. Praesent id od ittis enim et sem io eu massa cursus hendrerit eu varius semper. Cum sociis pellentesque et massa ornare. Aenea natoque penatibus n dapibus velit no et ma gnis dis parturient risus. In vitae diam n nunc euismod mo ntes, nascetur ridicu purus. Aliquam id lorem sit amet ma lus mus. Mauris eu tempus. Aliquam ssa mattis dignissim blandit elementum eleme . Donec eu risus vita ntum mauris sed Suspendisse poten e tortor ornare rhoncus. Vestibulu ti. Integer eget rho m iaculis dapibus ncus mi. Etiam rut metus at pulvinar. rum fringilla dui sit amet scelerisque. Nam ullamcorper cursus risus quis ma lesuada. Phasellus Phasellus eget odio sed elit eget arcu ph nunc. Nulla diam nu aretra sagittis ac ut nc, semper non fau tellus. Nulla facilisi. egestas dapibus. Do cibus in, facilisis a nec tincidunt felis dui. Nam tincidunt eu lectus eleifend lectus porta purus aliquet velit consec bibendum. Curabitu tetur. Integer ac elit r egestas magna sed at libero pellentes eget et turpis. ante gravida eget que hendrerit. Nu nc at massa et qu am fringilla ultrice s Sincerely,

Claire Sumerlus Head of School

engaging our studen

ts beyond their o

wn imaginations



Our envelopes... Mail should be clearly recognizable as coming from RHA and we want to make it easy for people to send items back to us. That is why we have branded mailing and return envelopes. mailing envelopes...

1700 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON M5P 3K3

return envelopes...

Administration Offices 1700 Bathurst Str eet Toronto, ON M5 P 3K3


Our business cards... Business cards make a lasting impression. Our business cards should always follow the template below with unique backs.

front template...

Claire Sumerlus

Mindy Applebaum, MBA

Head of School

Administration Offices 1700 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON M5P 3K3

Director of Marketing & Communications O: 416.224.8737 ext.125 C: 647.966.5913 F: 416.225.9108

Administration Offices 1700 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON M5P 3K3

O: 416.224.8737 ext.123 C: 416.937.0499 F: 416.225.9108

back examples...


communicating to the world...


The way we speak... Our brand extends past visuals; it includes the way we speak and write. We want to make sure we sound as good as we look! This section will give a basic understanding of the way RHA’s brand should sound. We should ensure to folllow these basic guidelines anytime we communicate.


Our tone & style... The way we speak and communicate to our parents and students is key to what we stand for and the values we embody. We should always be fun, caring, engaging, and nurturing. We understand that at a young age, when a child goes to school, both parents and students need to feel nurtured and loved. With this in mind, we always communicate with kindness and understanding. Our tone is welcoming, fun, upbeat and intellectual. We never talk down to our students or parents, and always allow a space for communication and compassion. When we write our marketing materials, we refer to our school as a family and community that each child becomes a part of. We focus on the key elements that highlight our school’s success and keep our communications succinct and on brand. Our values are the background and embodiment of everything we do and say, therefore whether communicating in person or in writing, we ensure that the transparency of our values shines through our words.


Our words... Words are powerful‌ Here are some phrases and key words that fit Robbins Hebrew Academy: brand phrases...

active verbs...

We’ve incorpoated some key phrases that fit with our five areas and our overall brand.

We love active verbs because they are powerful and motivating. Feel free to add to this list!

Engaging beyond imaginations



Connecting to our roots



Nurturing creativity & health



Encouraging innovation



Inspiring lifelong values



Building relationships



Growing into the future

other key words... There are so many words that can describe RHA; it is hard to come up with a definitive list. Here are some key words for you to consider when writing or speaking about RHA. Infinite Potential

Multi-faceted learning environment

21st century learning

Lifelong Values

Critical thinking

Global Citizens




Creative Minds

Day School

Active Hearts




Fast tips... Now you have all the tools you need to clearly communicate RHA’s brand with words and visuals. For quick reference, here are some fast tips: Do you sound welcoming and friendly? We want our students and parents to feel at home with RHA. Our tone should be personable and friendly, with active verbs. We should use ‘we’ and ‘you’, speaking directly to parents and including them in our family.

Are you using the correct logo, fonts, and colours? We want to ensure consistency with our designs. Always use the approved fonts and colours as described in this guide. Use the sample designs for font references. Don’t forget to add our affiliate logos where appropriate.

Does your design have lots of bright colours and movement? As you can see from our sample designs, we love to use bright colours. However, we also need to ensure the colours are not overpowering or messy. Using the colour flow as explained in the ‘designing’ section will help.


Does your design look clean and structured, with a good typographical hierarchy? Our look may have bright colours, but it is also clean and open. We want to ensure the same professional look is used in all our new ads and visuals. Don’t overload the design with text or unnecessary graphics/photos. Keep it simple and to the point.

Overall, does it look and sound like RHA? If you’re keeping within the guidelines set out here, you should be fine. Does it show off our brand and personality? Does it communicate clearly? Would it make you want to come to RHA? If so, good job!


Bathurst Campus: 1700 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON M5P 3K3 P: 416.781.5658 F: 416.787.9632

Bayview Campus: 3080 Bayview Avenue Toronto, ON M2N 5L3 P: 416.225.1143 F: 416.225.0659

RHA Brand Book  

U2R1 developed RHA's brand book to reinvigorate their brand style and communication.

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