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INTRODUCTION TO ÉGARD Forged as a tribute to the bond between a son and his father, Égard seeks to produce exceptional timepieces that do more than simply tell time—they capture moments.

Égard debuted in 2012 with an intricate layered-dial design that makes a bold statement while exuding prestige. Our pieces are unique expressions of style, built with the highest quality movements produced in Switzerland and Japan. We strive to design luxury pieces that are truly worthy of life’s milestones, while still providing top-of-theline materials and motion. Father and son founders, Ilan and Peter Srulovicz work together in their Los Angeles and Toronto offices to design and manufacture all of Égard’s pieces. Providing real craftsman quality with luxury appeal, Égard will take the accessory industry by storm. It is our moment; seize it.



ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS Égard debuted in 2012 with an intricate layered-dial design that makes a bold statement while exuding prestige. Our pieces are unique expressions of style, built with the highest quality movements produced in Switzerland and Japan. Each timepiece is crafted with the finest automatic movements, as well as the highest quality materials including AR coating, sapphire crystals, and engraved casing. We hide nothing, proudly displaying the movement through the glass bottom plate. Égard’s designs are distinct. The layered dial, texturized face, visible movements, and overall 3D look—combined with splashes of bold color—are unique to our brand. These features, partnered with a thick engraved case, create the perfect combination of function and luxury design. Although each Égard collection has its own style, we strive to incorporate our identity and distinctive elements into every new piece we create. We are never stagnant though, seeking always to be at the forefront of luxury and quality. Égard strives to design luxury pieces that are truly worthy of life’s milestones, while still providing top-of-the-line materials and motion. 5

EGARD HOMME STYLE COLLECTIONS At our launch, we are debuting our Égard Homme line of men’s timepieces with three main style collections: the Shade, the Adoro, and the Hunter. As with every style collection, each has its own personality, look, and audience.


THE SHADE The Shade exudes a unique hybrid of a sports and dress personality. Reflecting the passion of its creator, the Shade’s means is to demonstrate the inner workings of how time is perceived. The appeal of this timepiece is meant to come from an individual who truly values a combination of elegance and functionality. Consisting of a skeletonized automatic movement, sapphire crystal top and bottom, AR coating and water resistant 20 ATM, the Shade most certainly does not compromise quality. Furthermore, this piece can be sported with just about anything, from a t-shirt and jeans to a suit and tie, the range of The Shade is endless.


THE HUNTER Comprised of a 3D dial that puts an emphasis on exclusivity, the hunter is meant to signify style. A unique design sporting a domed sapphire crystal top and bottom, AR coating and a Swiss Selitta sw220 movement along with a butterfly buckle, this exceptional timepiece embraces a classy yet edgy appearance.


THE ADORO Designed to be unique while remaining a timeless masterpiece, The Adoro signifies class and elegance above all else. Intended to symbolize the bond between father and son, this timepiece utilizes a manual wind movement, allowing the user to fully appreciate its true value. Limited to only 100 pieces, this rare item contains a Swiss luxury ETA 6498 movement, a sapphire crystal with AR coating, and comes in a 20 micron thick, 18K rose gold plated case.


O U R I N D U ST RY The luxury watch industry has a very long history, as does the fashion accessory industry. They have grown hand-in-hand throughout the years, with many of the most successful watch brands stemming from both markets. With new companies jumping in every day, the industry has become very competitive. However, not all these companies have timepieces as their primary focus. For some, these items are nothing more than a fashion accessory to go along with the main product. Therefore, the functionality and quality of these watches might not live up to company name the way their other lines do.


For others, quality is of the greatest significance as timepieces are their top priority. These brands are classified as watch enthusiasts. While these two factors should be a vital feature for any product, these companies can sometimes forget that the main consumer appeal of this market is derived from a blend of both functionality and elegance. We here at Egard are a watch enthusiast brand who believes that a combination of both quality and luxury is very important. This is why we strive to create products that are more than just timepieces but rather an expression of the strong connection one feels they posses with another. Therefore we put forth all of our focus into our timepieces, making sure the level of quality and style meets the name and the meaning.


W H AT M A K E S U S D I F F E R E N T Égard has a distinctive style and sophisticated product. Although our industry is

filled with a variety of designs, our timepieces stand out as unique and recognizable, with our signature layered dial, textures, and overall look. With each style collection we produce, we aim to be innovative in our design, always looking to make a distinguished statement.

Égard is certainly high class and high quality, but we’re still down-to-earth. We know

how to appeal to a variety of lifestyles. Our goal is to be luxury and quality for almost

everyone. To prove that, we offer promotions, engage on a customer level, and have a wider price range.


Égard offers unparalleled quality guarantees and customer service. We warranty all

of our timepieces for a full three years—from the internal movement to the casing and the strap. We want our customers to be more than satisfied. If for any reason they are not happy with their purchase, we offer a 30-day return policy on Égard purchases.

Égard’s greatest difference lies in its legacy and founding story. We exist out of a

desire to pay tribute to the person who has supported us throughout our defining moments; everyone can relate to that desire on some level. We take pride in our purpose and seek to always honor it with our design, quality, and service.


WHO WE ARE We are Égard. We create timepieces—works of art, style, and function. Why simply tell time, when we can define moments? Combining tradition and quality with one-of-a-kind modern style, Égard is a revolution in both luxury and time. In French, égard translates as toward, concerning, or in consideration of; everything that Égard creates is in consideration of quality, luxury, sustainability and connection.



O U R STO RY Life is a series of moments. Many of those moments define us as individuals. Often, when we look back, those defining moments include someone else, someone who stood by our side—when it was easy and when it was hard. Égard began as a tribute to that person and to those moments. In our story, that person is a father, Peter Srulovicz. His son, Ilan, designed his first timepiece to honor the years of support and the ageless bond they have shared. It was his goal to create pieces that inspire, embodying the depth of emotion we all feel for that person in our lives. Being a true designer, Ilan researched the inner workings of watches and the watch industry thoroughly, adopting only the finest technical specifications and materials. He found inspiration in his memories and sense of style, building his designs as 3D renderings. With his designs receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews around the world, those renderings became prototypes, which became finished products. Thus, Égard came into being. 16

Though time is fleeting, each carefully crafted Égard timepiece becomes a constant reminder to accept those passing moments, being thankful for the great ones and looking forward to the next ones. At its core, Égard is a son’s way of thanking his father, turning time into a timeless legacy. “Though we ask not to be bound nor gripped by the hand of time, we seek to measure it—not so that we may control it or defeat it, but rather, so that we may expose ourselves to its infinite scale.”


RAISON D’ÊTRE Every company has a reason it exists, their mission and purpose. Although we have a solid mission, Égard was created out of a philosophy, an idea. Fundamentally, this is why we exist:

“Though we ask not to be B O U N D nor G R I P P E D by the H A N D o f T I M E , we seek to M E A S U R E it—not so that we may C O N T R O L it or D E F E A T it, but rather, so that we may expose ourselves to its I N F I N I T E scale.”


OUR MISSION We believe we do more than just make timepieces; our mission makes that clear.

Our focus is: To craft innovative, luxury timepieces as unique expressions of individual style. To be continuously innovative in design and manufacturing, utilizing only the finest materials and movements. To create a timeless legacy in honor of all life’s moments and the people we share them with.

Alternative Mission Statement: To craft high quality, luxury timepieces as unique expressions of individual style while creating a timeless legacy honoring all of life’s moments and the people who share them. 19

OUR VISION To build a successful, recognized brand of luxury timepieces in both the watch and fashion industries, embodying an identity, status, and expression of individuality and style for our customers.

CORE ESSENCE Quality – Égard never compromises quality for luxury, or visa versa. Each timepiece

is crafted with the finest inner workings, with movements from Switzerland and Japan, as well as the highest quality materials including AR coating, sapphire crystals, and engraved casing.

Uniqueness – Égard’s designs are distinct. The layered dial, texturized face, visible

movements, and overall 3D look—combined with splashes of bold color—are unique to our brand. These features, partnered with a thick engraved case, create the perfect combination of function with luxury design.

Expression – Design and personal style motivate most luxury watch purchases.

Égard creates its timepieces to be an expression of style and individuality that stand apart from all other brands, exuding luxury and status.


O U R VA L U E Quality Value Craftsmanship


Design Technology Uniqueness

Brand Integrity

Customer Service Heritage


OUR BRAND PERSONALITY Égard is a gentleman—sophisticated, educated, classy, distinguished. Égard is a trendsetter—stylish, edgy, innovative, unique. We have a sense of adventure combined with a love of tradition. We are proud and strong, but never forceful or conceited—we let our product speak for itself. We appreciate the details and the moments—in life and in our products. Our outside quality represents our inside values. We know how to live life to its fullest, whether yachting or clubbing, and we do it in distinctive style. We make our own success, never being held back by convention and always-moving forward. We aren’t afraid to seize the moment.


O U R TA RG E T AU D I E N C E As a whole, Égard timepieces are for almost everyone, with product lines and collections appealing to specific personalities, tastes, and ages. Our debut Égard Homme line features timepieces for men, generally between the ages of 20 and 60 with a high style sense and the ability to indulge their tastes. Each collection is created with a certain personality or style, from more modern and bold to more classic and distinguished. We offer a variety that can appeal to our wearers as a unique expression of individual style. Generally, a man who would wear Égard relates to our brand personality, being a unique mix of gentleman and trendsetter. He appreciates the finer things in life while having a down-to-earth character. To him, Égard is an opportunity to set him apart, and make a statement. As Égard grows, we look forward to creating luxury timepieces for women with our Égard Femme line.


Basic Logo



SIMPLE YET CLASSIC Egard prides ourselves on being distinguished. Our logo embodies our unique personality as it exudes class and quality. Our font was selected to represent our luxurious style while the crossing of swords symbolizes the special bond between father and son, giving off an image of respect and heritage. The combined result gives us the powerful, edgy yet extravagant look we desire to obtain.


ICON GUIDELINES Always included as part of the logo, with or without the tagline.

Always shown in our branded black, or white. Tints are allowed

Used on its own as an icon or watermark.

Always keep straight; do not rotate, relfect, or otherwise edit the symbol.


TAG L I N E Our timepieces certainly tell time. More importantly, however, is their ability to define moments—as a gift given on a momentous occasion, a constant companion through life’s journeys, a legacy passed down through generations. Those moments build us as individuals; Égard creates and shares those moments.

TAG L I N E G U I D L I N E S Always used on any Égard designs or communication. Used on its own or combined with the logo. Always shown in the type as designed here. Always shown in our branded black, white and occasionally the blue. Text should always be in one color. 27


COMBO GUIDLINES Always place the tagline as shown, under the company name. The tagline always matches the rest of the logo Tagline can be used as our other primary color to stand out (see our brand color page).


L O G O S PA C I N G In order to stand out, our brand needs space. Always keep a mnimum amount of space between our logo and any other elements in a design. Use the icon to help ensure the spaceing is proportional.




Black and white are our main brand colors. Although tints are fine for our black.

Our secondary color can be used to highlight text or subheaders, as well as for some design elements. Use PANTONE 292 C (left) for text on black backgrounds, including the tagline. Use PANTONE 542 C (middle) for design elements on black backgrounds.

100% 80%



HEX # 212121

C0 M0 Y0 K100

R35 G31 B32



Use PANTONE 7470 C (right) for text and design elements on white backgrounds, including the tagline.




C49 M11 Y0 K0

C62 M22 Y0 K3

C80 M15 Y0 K45

HEX # 79BDE8

HEX # 56A0D3

HEX # 006990

R 121 G189 B223

R86 G160 B211

R0 G105 B144

T E RT I A RY CO LO R S Our tertiary colors are meant to highlight one specific element. Tints are allowed for both the red orange and yellow. These can be used as highlight text or some design elements. However, they should never over power the primaries.



C0 M79 Y100 K0

C0M8 Y73 K0

HEX # F15D22

HEX # FFE363

R241 G93 B34

R255 G227 B99


W H AT N O T T O D O To keep our brand’s integrity, there are some things we should never do with our logo, icon, or tagline. Basically anything that changes the way they look…but to be more specific:

Do not change colors. Our EGARD text and icon should always both be ether black or white.

Do not change the text or font. The font was picked specifically for the logo, so lets try to keep it exactly the same. That goes for the tagline too.




Do not skew, rotate, or strech. Always transform our logo proportionately to make sure it is readable and recognizable.

Do not move or rearrange elements. We worked hard to make those elements fit together comfortably; there’s no need to move them now!

Do not use patterns or colors that interfere with the logo. Make sure our logo, including the icon and tagline are always legible.


OUR FONTS Each font has a defined use, from headlines to body text. We can be creative within these guldelines, so long as the end result matches our brand style.

TeX Gyre Pagella (for headlines & pullouts) TeX Gyre Pagella is a great serif font and used as allcaps with wide tracking. The result is a sophisticated, clean and classic look that contrasts with the sans serif body text.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 (.,:;?!$&@-*)

Adobe Garamond Pro (for subtext) Adobe Garamond Pro is a classic serif font that complements the header text. This font is used as sentece case and lowercase.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 (.,:;?!$&@-*) 34

Aa Aa Regular


Aa Aa Regular


Helvetica Neue Regular (for body copy, labels, and general text) Helvetica Neue is a classic, modern font. We’ve chosen the regular weight to use for our general text from body copy to labels. Be sure to give appropriate line-height spacing. (example: 11pt/ 16pt) to ensure legibility.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 (.,:;?!$&@-*)

Arial (as an alternative) For certain uses, such as online or in Microsoft Word Documents, we may want to use an alternative to Helvetica Neue for better legibility, simplicity, or compatibility. Arial is a general computer font that is also web-safe; it makes a good alternative. Verdana would also be acceptable if in a bind.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 (.,:;?!$&@-*)

Aa Aa



Aa Aa Aa Aa Regular





CO M M U N I C AT I O N G U I D E L I N E S Communication is a key element and a driving force behind any successful business. Therefore, the execution of effective communication is essential for becoming the established brand we desire to be.

TONE AND STYLE We always keep in mind that customer service is second to none and that not only do we stand behind our product, we stand behind the consumer. The customer is always right, and we must ensure that we are communicating to our customers from an enthusiastic, warm perspective at all times. If a customer is uphappy, wants a refund or has a complaint of any sort, we must ensure that our tone is always helpful, friendly, recommending alternatives and ultimately offering them the solution they desire. It is imperative to keep this context in mind, because as a new brand our public perception is crucial to our success. And one happy customer always leads to 10 more people knowing about that experience. We want to always ensure that our tone and the way we communicate with clients portray a positive experience and outcome. 36

The tone in which we talk about our product is strong and assured, however we never indicate that other competing products are less than ours, nor do we come across as arrogant in the way we speak. When describing our industry we communicate respect for all our competitors as they have inspired us along the way. We talk about our product with understanding, confidence and a slight eagerness to impress our customers and give them the best quality of service and product.

We speak with confidence but without ego.

We are edgy and can make a statement but we never offend or come across degrading. Some of our marketing material may be edgy, exciting, humorous, and

may push some boundaries. This is important when creating marketing campaigns that we wish to go viral. That being said, as a brand that stands by family values and strong relationships we are always respectful, and never degrading or demeaning. It is important that our brand always errs on the sophisticated side, with a slight edge maintaining a positive reputation that depicts the men who wear our timepieces. When we talk about the connection between the brand, our history and our story we come across as stoic. Our tone is about defining moments in time and with that comes nostalgia and deep connectivity. This paired with a strong personality emulates our unique style that communicates a confident and well-rounded tone and identity.

We are nostalgic and strong.


B R A N D K E Y WO R D S When communicating with potential customers, specific key words can be a powerful motivational tool, which can generate interest and correctly represent who we are. Therefore during a period of communication, it is important that we choose appropriate terms carefully, as a result defining our timepieces accurately. High Quality / Timepieces Unique Design / Elegance Classy / Stylish Customer friendly / Easy to use Bonds / Special Moments Customer Driven / Supportive Luxurious / Cutting Edge Signature Layered Dials / Textures Distinguished / Sophisticated 3D / Bold Color / Engraved Casing AR Coating / Sapphire Crystals


WO R D S NOT TO U S E Watch / Watches when describing the brand (unless it’s for SEO purposes) Expensive / Cheap Common / Regular Fashion Watch

CO M M U N I C AT I N G W H O W E A R E Egard’s brand caters to two audiences when it comes to communicating to the public and the media, both in the fashion industry and the watch enthusiasts industry. Therefore our communication guidelines need to reflect both industries in an individual way.


We are a “Watch” Enthusiast Brand whose fundamentals are built on a special bond between father and son.

We inspire defining moments shared with loved ones to be expressed through the high quality and sophisticated style of our timepieces.

We are a hard working, family oriented, customer driven company. As a result we provide exceptional services straight from the purchase point to keep our consumer base satisfied.

We are passionate about the work we accomplish and aim for excellence throughout the products/services we offer.

We are stylish, amusing, edgy and cutting edge when it comes to our designs and our overall brand look and feel. 39

W H E N CO M M U N I C AT I N G T O T H E FA S H I O N I N D U S T R Y The fashion industry first and foremost cares about the visual identity of the timepiece, how it looks is their main priority in terms of their overall focus. When Egard is communicating to people in the fashion industry, mainly; for press coverage, editorials, social media and consumers, our focus is first and foremost how the timepiece looks and the uniqueness of the design. Secondary to that we can talk about the quality, functionality, and movements of the product.

W H E N CO M M U N I C AT I N G T O WA T C H E N T H U S I A S T S Watch enthusiasts care first and foremost about the quality of the product, where it was made, the materials it uses, it’s durability and strength and the overall superiority of the timepiece in terms of functionality and equipment. That being said when communicating to watch enthusiasts our primary focus is to first and foremost talk about the uniqueness of how the timpiece is built, where the parts are made and the high-end quality factor that defines Egard as an up and coming industry leader. Secondary to that our focus is on how the timepiece looks and the uniqueness of style. 40

DEFINING THOUGHTS As Egard continues to grow and succeed the potential for expansion will be vast and the exciting adventure is only beginning. Our goal is to become a household brand name for all watch enthusiasts and a desired fashion piece for all those who love to make a statement. Our dream is that when you purchase an Egard timepiece you are purchasing a product that is an expression of your style, your personality, and your connection to something deeper, to the moments that define our lives and the people who we share those defining moments with.


Š Egard Watch Company | All rights reserved

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