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At U2R1, we pride ourselves in challenging the status quo ... As President and founder of U2R1, I am proud to introduce our company, team, services and achievements. Since our founding in 2002, U2R1 has established itself as a thriving brand and marketing agency, specializing in bringing our clients’ visions to life by expanding their brand visibility and producing results-driven solutions. “Redefining the Box” defines our corporate identity by communicating the core essence of our passion— providing extremely creative and interactive brand innovation. We don’t work within or outside the box; we redefine the box to include endless possibilities. At U2R1, we pride ourselves in challenging the status quo. Using our expertise, we assist clients in reaching their highest potential while optimizing their ROI.

Welcome to our Creative Kingdom, where your journey to prosperity begins! PROSPER WITH ME, Sari Gabbay Founder & President


U2R1 : message from the founder

Introducing U2R1 We are a brand and marketing agency. At least that’s the simple explanation… Utilizing our passion for business prosperity and unique design, we ignite businesses! We help them discover their best potential and path for success by crafting

visual communications and strategic development.

Our expertise is building effective marketing materials that are the first point of communication to the public. We ensure our clients look their best, backed with marketing prowess to ensure optimal return on investment and brand recognition. Our success is not based on inventing the latest gadget or most innovative technology; our success is based on fulfilling a need and desire for accomplishment—that our clients reach their success goals by cocreating with us. Our team is built with highly creative and talented people. We believe that success happens when you love what you do! And what we do is create and build people’s hopes, dreams, goals and excitement for their profession—what’s not to love about that?! Our foundation is solidly based on the human potential to shine. Creating the ultimate fulfillment by infusing passion with business. This is the authentic business consciousness we believe in and strive to embody. We are a real connection - a journey our clients embark upon to launch their business into victory.

U2R1 : who we are

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Client Spotlight TanenbaumCHAT

Corporate Logo


d only when we have the placement test results on file.

ecide which campus my child will attend? Placement ly determined by your home address. Students living south of venue attend the Wallenberg Campus. Students living north of venue attend the Kimel Centre.

e a school uniform? We do not have a school uniform but

ave a dress code. Students are required to dress respectably, d modestly. Boys must wear a kippa (or other appropriate and

d head-covering) at all times. Boys and girls must have shoulders,

and knees covered. The school dress code is detailed in the School


e busing? Busing is available at both campuses. Please contact

mpus to inquire about the routes and costs.

et each year by our Board of Directors. Part of the full fee

n fee of $500 is required. There is a non-refundable application date.

Federation of Greater Toronto, is completely confidential. When nd, where applicable, tuition assistance history from other Jewish hool, a shared ”Family Tuition Fee” is determined. Every parent ppropriate priority to tuition in their family budgeting. Please do

culum may total up to $500 (in Grade 9). Textbooks – new or may be divided over several payments. Other charges depend any of these costs. No students should be prevented from

is encouraged to support the school, and all help given to our

ile, Recruitment Coordinator .5984 x 377 CELL : 416.688.9727

I am



December 1st



I am Technical

My name is

2012 * High school is an experience. What will yours be?





Athletics are a big part of the experience at TanenbaumCHAT. Whether you just like to play for fun or have a serious competitive spirit, there is a sport and a team for you to join!

U2R1 : client spotlight TanenbaumCHAT

My name is Aryeh

What’s great about the technical courses at TanenbaumCHAT is that every year you can learn something new and cutting-edge.

You’ll make so many friends, compete with top teams, and learn valuable skills. Some graduates from TanenbaumCHAT even move on to become professional athletes!






each student in the appropriate stream of study. Applications are

From filmmaking to computer graphics to basic office programs, the opportunities to really enhance your skills are readily available and the tools are all state-of-the-art. Outside of class, you can join clubs, participate in events, and showcase the work you create. You can even compete with other students in our ‘Oscars’-like film festival!

What is really special about the athletic program is the variety of different sports you can play and that you don’t have to be a star athlete to participate.

Watch my story at

My experience at TanenbaumCHAT has been so meaningful and so amazing, that I’m just so happy I chose this school.


Watch my story at {with savvy

We worked closely with TanenbaumCHAT to re-fresh and revolutionize their school’s prestigious brand with a marketing initiative. An online and citywide promotional campaign enhanced recruitment efforts and conveyed the new brand spirit and school values through a compelling marketing message. Living the Experience. Defining the Future.

Branding & Visual Identity

Marketing Strategy

Web Presence & Fusion

Brand Plan & Visual Identity

Creative Concept Development

Custom Web Design, Development

Tagline & Brand Culture

Marketing Plan

Mult- Level Website Architecture

Communication Guidelines

Public Transit Shelter Ads

Functionality Document

Brand Marketing Materials

Recruitement Print Materials

Online Video Integration

Brand Corporate Guidelines

Media Buy & Public Relations

Content Management System

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Integration

Video Production U2R1 : spotlight on TanenbaumCHAT

} 5

Client Spotlight Robbins Hebrew Academy

Corporate Logo


U2R1 : client spotlight Robbins Hebrew Academy {with style

U2R1 worked with Robbins Hebrew Academy to define their brand and develop their creative concept. The campaign was focused on “critical thinking”, and as a result we launched “creating wonder” which communicated the core essence of the RHA brand through various marketing initiatives that engaged our specific target audience.

Branding & Visual Identity

Marketing Strategy

Web Presence & Fusion

Create brand plan

Defined overall budget

Develop website architecture

Built brand visual guidelines

Designed and positioned print ads

Design new visual website identity

Developed creative concept

Bus shelter ads

Design calls to actions

Designed and conceptualized

Video concept & production

Design headline banners

recruitment package

Created branded story book

Integrate social media into website

Social media campaign

U2R1 : spotlight on Robbins Hebrew Academy

} 7

Client Spotlight Toronto Prep School


Corporate Logo



U2R1 : client spotlight Toronto Prep School

4:08 PM {with sophistication

Toronto Prep School partnered with U2R1 to redesign and brand their website and conceptualize their mascot. Combining a fresh look with a modern and approachable feel that students can relate to, we revolutionized the school brand identity and created a streamlined platform that parents, students and faculty can interact with one another.

Branding & Visual Identity

Marketing Strategy

Web Presence & Fusion

Creative Consulting

Responsive Website

Custom Web Design, Development

Web Design

Mobile and User-Friendly

Interactive User Interface

Re-vamp User Interface

Brand Plan

Easy Content Management

Re-created mascot

Relatable to Students

Social Media Integration

Integrated mascot into Website

Iconic Mascot

Wordpress Network Installation

U2R1 : spotlight on Toronto Prep School

} 9

What We Do... Strategy. Design. Marketing. U2R1 creates strategies that integrate creative concepts and designs with purpose. We know that visual communication is the key to strong business growth and everlasting success, which is why all of our services have one goal—to create business prosperity.

Build your brand with our marketing tools ... {

Creative Consulting & Project Management


Custom Website Planning, Design & Development


Brand Development & Visual Identity


Video Production & Photography


Marketing Plan & Implementation


SEO & Online Marketing


Creative Campaign Creation


Corporate Video Marketing


Print, Packaging & Collateral Design


Social Media Applications & Promotion

10 {

U2R1 : what we do for you

Our mission is ...

business prosperity through strategy, design, & to create


Our values ...

define our company, from personality to policy. They make us who we are and play a role in everything U2R1 does. We focus on holistic business practice, from an honest, straightforward and sincere perspective.

U2R1 : mission and values

} 11

What They Say...

They painlessly brought us what we wanted— —a complete ‘new look’, which spoke directly to students and parents alike; focused, colorful, fresh, animated in every sense, and with immediate appeal. Within a short time of ‘launch’, we were getting excellent feedback from our ‘constituencies’. Originally finding them on the Internet, and impressed by their unconventional approach, we contracted with U2R1. This was a huge leap of faith for a fairly traditional school, recruiting from a very close-knit community, whose marketing and recruitment had always been masterminded ‘in house’. We were delighted with the results! Sari and her team were perceptive about the messages we needed to get across, persuasive (but not dogmatic) about their proposals, and easy to communicate with. Our school - Toronto’s largest private High School - has been developing a marketing project with U2R1 over a period of several months. We have been very happy with the progress of our project, and impressed with: • the willingness of the U2R1 team to really try and understand our market and our school • the freshness of approach • the willingness to understand that we need a distinctive ‘message’

TanenbaumCHAT Paul Shaviv Director of Education

12 {

U2R1 : what our clients say

• the sophistication of their analysis and planning

• their willingness to listen!

Great stuff!

What They Say...


Their ability to tap into who we are and what we represent is uncanny. We wholeheartedly recommend U2R1 to anyone who is looking for a creative, passionate, cutting-edge design team ...


Toronto Prep School Steve Tsimikalis Principal

As a private school our website is our main source of communicating what is happening in our school to our client base. Our website allows our parents, students, and potential parents and students to see deeper into what we do, how we do it, and who we are. U2R1 has been instrumental in enabling us to do so. Their design and creative consultants are superb. Not only did they address all our previous functionality issues by providing us with a design that is both inviting and easily navigable but they have done in a way that portrays who we truly are. Their ability to tap into who we are and what we represent is uncanny. They offer a very personal and personable service. We wholeheartedly recommend U2R1 to anyone who is looking for a creative, passionate, cutting-edge design team which can turn your vision into a website that works for you and your client base.


U2R1 : what our clients say

} 13

We Create Business Prosperity

{ Toronto


Los Angeles



114 Cumberland Street Suite 300 Toronto Ontario M5R 1A6

212 Marine St. Suite 100 Santa Monica California 90405



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