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Starting A Burger Revolution Since starting in Israel, Burgerīm has expanded it’s burger revolution to North America We realized that with a new target audience that we should re-brand the Israel Burger Revolution. These guidelines are our company’s blueprint, outlining how to apply our North American brand identity in a consistent and inspiring way. From our values to our visuals, this document gives you all the tools you need to implement our new look and personality into all Burgerīm materials and communications. 5

OUR STORY Cousins, Oren and Eric, understood the need for a new kind of burger when they both grew tired of the bland and processed meat patty and limited toppings. After years of consuming boring burgers, the two made a pact in 2008 to introduce a better kind of burger to the world. What if they took the basic burger concept and offered an all-natural, fresh beef patty and infused it with their heritage and love of the Mediterranean? Taking it a step further, they decided to also introduce a variety of meats and veggie patties, toppings, spices, sides and salads to give the burgers flair and pizazz. Knowing they were on to something, the boys added one final twist to their brilliant idea—why not make the burgers smaller so people could mix and match flavor combinations, and really enjoy a custom dining experience? And thus—a Burger Revolution was born! Since its inception, Burgerīm has stood behind its mission to offer the world a better kind of burger and ignite a burger revolution. Understanding that “variety beats size any day!” we offer an array of gourmet toppings that supersede the traditional ketchup and mustard scenario. With offerings such as hummus, tahini, and Moroccan spice dusted onion rings, customers abandon the need to stuff their mouths with an oversized burger to compensate for taste. Our flavorful miniburger is just the right size to create a party in their mouths and the need to come back for more. With a sweet ‘beignet’, a Moroccan small glazed donut hole paired with every burger as a special ‘thank you’ gift, customers can’t get enough of Burgerīm.


OUR HISTORY In 2008, Tel Aviv’s burger industry was bustling with a variety of burger chains eager to satisfy the western cravings of Jerusalem’s globetrotting youth and food trending fanatics. Israel, being heavily influenced by American culture, had embraced the All-American burger and could not get enough of the classic fare. With burger establishments cropping up on every corner, Burgerīm set a standard for the others to follow. With our offering of mini-burgers with a variety of flavorful meats and delicious toppings, and fresh approach to sides and salads, Burgerīm started a Burger Revolution. Today Burgerīm has 62 franchises all over Israel and we continue to set the bar high for burger establishments to penetrate the burger industry. We now have our sights set on an international Burger Revolution and have branched out to offer franchises in the North American market.


OUR MISSION To offer the world a better kind of burger and revolutionize a classic favorite, using fresh, all-natural and hormone-free ingredients, and spice it up with a Mediterranean twist.

WHAT’s in the name? Burgerīm in Hebrew means multiple burgers, and naturally when you visit any Burgerīm location, you can expect to eat more than one! Our name stands for variety, and we offer burgers with pizazz in multiple increments of two’s, three’s and a deluxe box of sixteen.


TAGLINE Gone are the days where people clamor for bland, boring burgers with lettuce, onion and a pickle. The people want more! Burgerčm gives them more! We have created a burger that provides a taste sensation—a burger that is infused with Mediterranean spice and pizazz, and will satisfy even the most discerning customer. Our mini burgers are small enough for people to experience a variety of choices in one sitting, and bold enough to leave them coming back for more! This better kind of burger will revolutionize the burger industry and the way Americans eat burgers.


OUR VALUES what we believe We believe it’s time the traditional burger threw in the towel and stepped aside to let a better kind of burger in the ring.

We believe in a burger that stands for innovation and change, and doesn’t mind being a little spicy and a little bold.

We believe in a burger that declares its individuality with a statement of taste, and not a boast about its size.

what we stand for We stand for powerful, savory, refreshing and fun. We stand for fresh, delightful, bold and revolutionary. We stand for all natural, grass fed, delicious cuisine. We stand for creating the ultimate success story for our franchisees, and a unique and flavorful dining experience 10

for our loyal customers.

TARGET AUDIENCE influencers Our customers are heavily influenced by the latest trends in technology, fashion, social media and food offerings. They have the latest Apple gadgets; love to tinker with the hundreds of apps downloaded on their iPhone and check in on Twitter and Facebook when they dine at restaurants. They are mainly influenced by marketing trends and social media feeds, and base their decisions on reviews online and from family and friends. They may even influence others and write blogs or food reviews on what’s trending in their neighborhood. For them, food is not just fuel for the body, it is a multisensory experience and their goal is to delight their taste buds and invite others to do the same. They are also eco-conscious and support businesses that use sustainable materials and offer organic and all-natural products. Health and wellness is an important part of their lifestyle and they tend to use products and eat foods that support their beliefs. They stand behind companies who have a moral ethic code or cause attached to their brand and who socially interact with their consumers. They love promoting socially and eco-conscious companies to their immediate and social networks.


general public Our customers are hungry for a burger revolution! With an equal mix of males and females between the ages of 22 and 45, who are middle to upper-middle class, our patrons are as diverse as our mini-burgers. They are energetic, full of life, and a little bold. They are health conscious, appreciate the finer things in life, and enjoy great food and a better burger. They are military, students or seniors who love to be considered and enjoy a 10% discount. They want a menu that provides delicious budget-friendly options, whether it’s payday or the end of the month! Our customers love to stop by for a trio of burgers on their lunch hour, or meet up with friends before a night out on the town, and impress their date with the hottest food craze. Our entertainment and corporate patrons love that we cater events and office parties, and enjoy offering their guests something different and delicious. Families order takeout for their children and hire Burgerčm to cater their private parties and family gatherings. We haven’t forgotten about the little ones! There is a special menu just for them, offering individual mini burgers that are bite sized and perfect for their small bellies.


BRAND POSITION Burger朝m takes the all-American burger concept and revolutionizes it with Mediterranean fusion and pizazz and adding a mini-burger twist. We have transformed the traditional dining experience and created a Burger Revolution that makes a bold statement with delicious gourmet fare, sleek and chic decor, and a fun, invigorating atmosphere. We take the product and quality of our food very seriously, which is why all our food is made with hormone and preservative free ingredients. We value our clients and the experience they have with our brand. Our environment welcomes people of all ages and lifestyles. We offer a fun, warm and diverse experience that will revolutionize how people eat burgers in North America.

OUr VISION To be known as the brand that revolutionized how people eat burgers. To become an international household name and one of the most recognized burger chains in the world. 13



Burger朝m is committed to providing the world a better kind of burger and sparking a revolution. As part of our Burger Revolution, our restaurants offer a new twist on not simply the food, but also the atmosphere, service, and overall experience of fast food. Our culinary philosophy is simple: Revolutionize a classic favorite using fresh, all-natural and hormone-free ingredients, then spice it up with a Mediterranean twist. Add to that exceptional customer service and a unique experience and a Burger Revolution is born!


A BETTER BURGER LIKE NO OTHER the food You won’t find ordinary here. Our savory mini-burgers are infused with Mediterranean flare and served with a variety of gourmet toppings, so you can customize to your taste bud’s delight! Want natural? We’ve got natural. Our all natural, hormone-free meat and veggie patties are snuggled between light and fluffy, egg washed French buns. We use 100% all natural preservative free fresh buns that are delivered daily, hot out of the oven. The party in your mouth continues with our variety of delicious sides and tangy salads, which are prepared with fresh and bold ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for Moroccan spice dusted French fries, our signature potato rounds or skinny fries, or our special salad blends, we’ve got the perfect burger accessory for you! Our fresh lemonades, teas and refreshing beverages are sure to quench your thirst. At Burgerīm, we’re committed to offering a better kind of burger experience with food that’s refreshing, zesty and bold.


THE SERVICE We’ve transcended ordinary customer service to provide exceptional courtesy like no other. Our friendly staff greets you with a warm smile and a “Baruch Haba,” a Hebrew welcome, as you walk through the door! We deliver food, hot and fresh right to the table, and provide a special treat with every burger purchase—a sweet beignet that serves as an extra ‘thank you’ to our customers. We know that our customers work hard, and to stay connected even during lunch hour, we provide free wi-fi service to accompany your meal. We don’t stop at hello—we cater to your needs by providing clean and attractive bathrooms, a warm, comfortable atmosphere, trained and friendly staff, and a dining experience that exceeds your expectations.


the experience We have transformed the traditional dining experience and created a Burger Revolution that makes a bold statement with delicious gourmet fare, sleek and chic decor, and a fun, invigorating atmosphere. We’ve created a tasty burger retreat, where you’ll find a surprisingly comfortable, yet trendy atmosphere where you can nosh on our delicious cuisine. Our wooden tables are strategically placed close enough to facilitate social interaction but never feel invasive or crowded. Speakers pump sounds of your favorite Top 40 hits and the Burgerīm vibe is cool, friendly and sophisticated. It’s the perfect place to impress your date, have lunch with your friends, or even bring your family for a fun and different burger experience. We are more than just a burger restaurant—we’re a dining experience. We believe that great food is only part of the equation toward achieving success. The most important ingredient is to maintain the loyalty of our customers by providing a fun, interactive experience that keeps us connected to our fans and provides them many options to enjoy Burgerīm. With takeout and delivery services, secret menus, social media contests and ‘insider exclusives,’ our customers will join us in creating a Burgerīm Buzz in their neighborhood.


OUR PRODUCTS Burgerīm’s cuisine is deservedly front and center. Our all natural, hormone-free mini-burgers tantalize your taste buds and keep you coming back for more! For those ready for a new and revolutionary taste, you will love our Mergez burger, filled with spicy Mediterranean flare that will satisfy all of your senses. If you don’t want to eat beef, then our alternatives can’t be beat! Our wide variety of chicken, turkey, Ahi tuna, and veggie patties provide a succulent solution for every preference. The excitement doesn’t stop there! Our divine French buns are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and delivered fresh every day. A perfect match for any burger of choice! To compliment our amazing burgers, we’ve got one-of-a-kind side sensations. Choose between our savory Moroccan dusted onion rings, our shoestring, sweet potato and truffle fries, and our tangy Mediterranean fusion salads you won’t find anywhere else! Tired of boring condiments? We have you covered! Our variety of gourmet condiments brings a whole new level to your food. Choose hummus or tahini to top your burger or even your salad! Mix them together and create your own Burger Revolution! To quench your thirst we will have a freestyle coca cola machine, which offers over 148 flavors to personalize your drink experience. If you are feeling a little bold, try our authentic hot and cold teas and fresh squeezed lemonade infused with cool mint leaves. It’s refreshing! Favor the tried and true? We have a burger for you! We offer a succulent beef burger with ketchup and mustard, for those who still love the original all-American burger. Finally, top off your meal with our sweet beignet, a mini Mediterranean donut available only at your nearest Burgerīm location. 19

OUR MENU Our culinary philosophy is simple: Revolutionize a classic favorite, using fresh, all-natural and hormone free ingredients, and spice it up with a Mediterranean twist. We use 100% all-natural preservative free fresh buns that are delivered daily, hot out of the oven. You will never forget the sweet and savory taste of our signature French buns. Egg washed and crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, this bun is toasted to perfection to marry the perfect burger with a variety of meat and veggie patties and toppings tasty enough to delight the senses. And thus—a Burger Revolution is born!







OUR COMBOS Every combo meal comes with a choice of one side, a medium drink, and our amazing sweet beignets.



the revolutioN Kobe Beef & Mergez

the mermaid Ahi & Veggie


the mediterranean Lamb & Mergez





meatatarian Signature & Kobe

the chicks Ground & Crispy Chicken

AHI Surf and Turf Ahi & Signature

the fusion Turkey & Veggie

MORE MENU ITEMS SIDES sweet potato fries

specialty salads

shoestring fries

israeli salad

onion rings (Moroccan dusted)

quinoa salad

truffle fries

grilled CHICKEN greek salad

Mediterranean spreads





SODA MACHINE (Over 140 fLAvours)


Harisa (hot red pepper sauce) Moroccan tomato salad





Burgerim’s commitment to our franchise owners is second to none! They are the backbone of our business and the leaders of our Burger Revolution. Owning a Burgerim is a great opportunity and we promise to offer all the support necessary to make each individual store a success. We are a team and together we’ll sweep the nation!


FRANCHISE COMMITMENT The Burgerīm franchising system is a step-by-step method for developing your personal success story. Whether you are a new business owner or a seasoned restaurateur, our special Burgerīm Franchise Support Team will assist you in the process to build your own burger revolution. From choosing your perfect site location, walking you through the architecture and construction phases, to management training and Grand Opening events, we’ll hold your hand and guide you toward building a successful Burgerīm franchise. Once you’re up and running, we provide you with ongoing support to ensure you are equipped to handle every aspect of owning a Burgerīm Franchise. We offer daily email communications and phone support from our operations and marketing support teams, and monthly updates and marketing tips to keep you informed in your industry and market. Burgerīm considers every franchisee as part of the family—creating franchise success stories is our corporate mission.


FRANCHISE SUPPORT As a modern, leading-edge company, Burger朝m knows the importance of marketing a brand to ensure success for our franchise owners. When you purchase a franchise, rest assured you will be backed with a strong corporate marketing plan, with strategies in place to blow



Currently at 62 locations

the brand into a massive public phenomenon. Burger朝m will leverage all marketing strategies, inclusive of: media relations, social media marketing, public relations, search engine marketing and traditional marketing campaigns. We know that a strong marketing initiative is imperative for the success of any business, big or small. Burger朝m will be investing and focusing on expanding our existing strong reputation, through creative and strategic marketing methods, to ensure that we become and remain an industry influencer and leader as we grow into a multi-national brand.


FRANCHISE STRUCTURE In order to be qualified to purchase a Burger朝m franchise, the following specifications will be required.

Experience: Minimum Financial

No previous franchise or

restaurant experience necessary


$250,000/ restaurant

Franchise Fee


($17,500 initial, and $17,5000 at lease signing)

Liquid Assets




Franchise Fee


Franchise training:

2% Marketing Fee

Royalty Fee

6% of gross


available and third party financing OAC

8 weeks Multi-Unit agreement available


Franchise Agreement

10 year

agreement Total estimated investment


(on approved credit) *Per unit developed *Does not include real estate, based on square footage



Much like our burgers, our style is simple, yet makes a bold statement. Our brand is inviting, sleek and timeless. As part of Burgerim, we are all brand ambassadors. Our job is to ensure that our brand remains consistent across all franchises. To do that, we have created visual guidelines that should be followed at all times. This is what a Burger Revolution looks like!



Full Color Logo version 1

Full Color Logo version 2

Single Color Logo Version 1

Single Color Logo Version 2

Full Color Reversed on Black Version

Single Color Reversed on Black Version

OUR LOGO Evolving from our original Israeli brand, our North American Burgerim logo is first and foremost in our new brand visuals. It mimics our mini-burgers in a box, while boldly displaying our name. Speaking of our name, we’ve made it easier for people to pronounce by adding the line above the i, helping people realize it is burger-eem, not burger-rim. It never hurts to make things clearer! All together, it makes for a simple yet effective and stylish logo.


ICON GUIDELINES Full color version 1

• Our icon can be used on its own as an icon or as a watermark. • Do not change the icon design, such as the spacing between the burgers.

Full color version 2

• Icon graphics can be separated if using only one burger as a design element.


Single color version 1

Single color version 2

• Tints are allowed for the single color versions of the icon.

Use only black and white, with green for the lettuce if not a watermark. Do not use other colours.



Pantone Black

HEX # 212121

C0 M0 Y0 K100

R35 G31 B32



Pantone 186 C


C12 M100 Y92 K3

R207 G10 B44

40% 10%

Primary Colors Black and white are our main brand colors. Tints and transparencies are allowed. The default for text is 100% black.

40% 10%

Secondary Colors Our secondary colors are meant to compliment our primary colors. Tints are allowed for both the red and the green. These can be used as highlight text or subheaders, as well as some design elements. However, they should never overpower the primaries.



Pantone 377 C

HEX # 799900

C57 M22 Y100 K4

R121 G153 B0

40% 10%


TAGLINE GUIDELINES • This is the stacked version.

• Always used on any burgerim designs or Full Color


• Used on its own or combined with the logo and/ or icons.

Single Color

• Always shown in the type as designed here. • Always shown in our branded, black, red or white. Tints are allowed for watermarks.

Single Color Reversed


Full Color

Single Color

Single Color Reversed

• This is the one line version • Same guidelines apply as shown on the previous verison of the tagline • This version can be used under the logo for a multipurpose visual



TAGLINE GUIDELINES • Always used on any Burgerīm designs or Full Color


• Always shown in the type as designed here.

Single Color

• Always shown in our branded, black, red or white. Tints are allowed for watermarks.

• ‘Revolution’ can be in red or match the Single Color Reversed


white or black.

LOGO TAGLINE COMBO In general, we should always keep our logo and tagline together. To make this easy for you, we have created set combos.

The Horizontal Option is our default combination and should be used in most designs.

• The Vertical Option is an alternative available when needed to ensure better visibility or legibility. •

When using the full color logo, use the two color tagline.

When using a single color logo, use the corresponding single color tagline.

When using a single color logo, use the corresponding single color tagline.

Never remove the spacing line or change the spacing/positioning of the elements.



Full Color Horizontal Version

Single Color Horizontal Version 1

Single Color Horizontal Version 2


Full Color Vertical Version


Single Color Vertical Version 1

Single Color Vertical Version 2


0.25 inches

0.25 inches

In order to look respectable, our brand needs space. We like breathing space so always keep a minimum amount of room between our logo and any other elements in a design. a minimum of 0.25 inches should always be used.


OUR FONTS Cubano Regular Cubano is a great all caps headline font. It is used in our wordmark, tagline and headlines. We also use it for headers and design elements.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 12345 67890 (. , :;?!$&@-* )


Myriad Pro Regular and Bold Myriad Pro is a great readable font that is versatile. Myriad Pro Regular is used for body copy and Bold for subheadlines.

A B CD EFG H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z abcdefghijk lmnopqrstuv w x y z 1234567890 (.,:;?!$&@ -*) A B C D E FG H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z abcdefghijk lmnopqrstuv w x y z 1234567890 (. ,:;?!$&@ -*) 43

WOrd cloud This word cloud is formed from the very the words that we stand for and how we brand ourselves. • The word cloud is to be used as a background design element. • The word cloud should be cut out of sheet metal for the in store counter fronts • The words in the word cloud are always solid 100% black. • The background color is 92% black for printing and #232323 for web.


Single word cloud

There are two versions of the word cloud. One is a single pattern were the words do not repeat, while the other version is repeatble depending on the size of your document.

Repatable word cloud pattern

LABELLING THE BOXES As part of our commitment to customer service, we want to ensure we label each order of mini-burgers clearly and correctly. We have developed our own custom marking system that uses our icon stickers and marker lines to denote burgers in our boxes. This is particularly important on our 16 burger box, but applies to all boxes. Use the following rules when filling orders:

Each row of a box should be marked to show the corresponding burgers inside. Mark

from RIGHT to LEFT.

Use a red line to denote multiples of the same burger in a single row. Draw a line from

the sticker through the circles to the right to account for each of that type of burger.

Use a sticker to denote a change from one burger type to another.

DO NOT continue a line from one row to another. Each row should be marked

independently. • 46

Use ONLY a red marker and the official Burgerim icon stickers.


Order: 3 Mergez 4 Chicken 3 Lamb 1 Veggie 1 Turkey 4 Ahi Tuna







*Top view of the boxes.



Order: 5 Kobe 1 Mergez 2 Turkey 8 Veggie


2 Ahi Tuna, 1 Kobe Beef




3 Mergez Beef

*Top view of the boxes.


1 Chicken, 2 Lamb



Shirts can be bought from corporate or have the option to order it themselves. Shirts are black with the logo on the breast and tagline across the top back. Black pants. Black hat with full logo, hats are optional. Black shoes, no heals.


BUSINESS CARD & LETTERHEAD | 888.624.6116 | 18801 Ventura Blvd #310 | Tarzana CA 91356


PRINTING THE BUSINESS CARDS Must be die-cut using the provided template

Must be printed on very heavy, bright white cardstock (over 120lb)

Must be matte finish (whether laminated or simply printed matte)

2.5 inches sqaured is the size of the cards

2.5 inches m

2.5 inches




We are starting a Burger Revolution and as a result our voice will be heard far and wide! It is important that our voice is consistent and remains on brand throughout every country, state, and city. Our message is always friendly, inviting and strong. We exude confidence and passion and stand by our product with pride. Whenever communicating on behalf of the Burgerim brand, one must always follow the guidelines in this document to ensure that the message is always consistent.


COMMUNICATING TO THE WORLD tone and style Burger朝m is starting a revolution! In order to create a movement we need followers. Our followers love us and will create a Burger朝m Buzz across the nation! So how we communicate to our fans and patrons is vital to establishing a relationship and keep them coming back. We know our audience. We understand that they come to Burger朝m to enjoy a better burger and have a good time, so the way we communicate to them is casual, upbeat and fun! We want to appeal to every person out there, no matter what status, fashion preference or musical interest they cultivate, we have a burger that caters to their personality! We may offer gourmet fare, but our tone is casual and friendly. We always talk to our patrons like they are our friends. We are welcoming and we embrace all walks of life, and we want everyone to feel like they belong and are part of our community. When we choose our words we focus on being fun and upbeat, describing our product to entice our audience while communicating our brand values and our burger revolution.


















health conscious







fast food



high end


exclusive 55

WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH OUR TEAM Be kind and understanding. When addressing anyone in the company we must always be kind and considerate, even if we feel our buttons are being pushed. We never lose our temper or react out of anger. If we feel frustrated, we walk away and breathe and return to the conversation with a clear head. We understand that we are a team and our goal is to work together with positive energy and an understanding that we work here because we want to.

Confident but not demeaning. Be confident in your leadership but never put anyone down even if they are in a junior position. If you are in a senior position, then lead with kindness and compassion. If disciplinary action is required, then conduct it with grace and understanding. Never speak down to anyone or out of anger.

Encouraging and uplifting. Helping your co-workers and being encouraging is key, especially when you have new trainees joining our family. If someone is falling behind, then we communicate through encouragement and motivation. If we see that someone is doing a great job, we always make sure to share our appreciation and offer words of encouragement to uplift and make someone feel great!

Listening and advice giving. If you are in a management role and you are faced with an internal conflict that needs to be handled, you must listen and offer advice. Don’t take sides or exercise judgment. Assist in ways where you can, and address both parties with an open mind, and encourage a resolution. Make it clear that Burgerčm does not tolerate drama or chaos. Employees must work together in harmony to ensure a positive working environment for everyone.


WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH THE MEDIA Burgerīm is starting A Burger Revolution. We want to highlight the new movement in the burger industry. Our goal is to focus on how Burgerīm is transforming the way the public eats burgers and revolutionizing the burger industry.

Use our mission statement and values. When asked to talk about what Burgerīm stands for; we reiterate our mission and our values to ensure that communication of the brand is consistent.

Refer to our history and success in Israel. When asked about how Burgerīm started, we focus on the history and success story that began in Israel and has travelled internationally.

Focus on the quality. All-natural, Mediterranean Fusion – Always talk about the fact that we are hormone free, antibiotic free, free range and preservative free. Focus on the elements that make us unique; mini burgers, Mediterranean Fusion, specialty buns, signature drinks, sides and salads.

Be casual, fun, confident. Always speak in a friendly, outgoing and fun tone. How we portray ourselves is a direct reflection of our brand. So no matter who we are talking to, we make everyone feel relevant and important.


WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH OUR PATRONS Customer is always right. As a retail business industry standard we will follow the protocol when it comes to our customers and their needs. We know that reputation is everything, and it takes one bad review to tarnish our hard earned brand name. Our goal is to ensure that customers’ experience is one that keeps them coming back for more! We value our customers, so if there is ever any doubt in any situation, the customer is always right!

Listen to the feedback. Feedback from our customers is essential and key to our success. So whether it comes from Yelp, social media, online reviews, or in person, we always take into consideration what our patrons are saying. We want to make every experience a pleasurable one and we are always doing market research to ensure that we continue to grow in a positive way and give the people what they want!

Always greet with a smile. A positive environment is key to ensuring that each experience is a good one! It is crucial that our employees greet everyone with a smile. We want them to love working at Burgerīm. We want to make sure that the energy is uplifting, fun and warm. We want our customers to walk in knowing that they will always be treated with affection and appreciation. A simple smile, a warm hello, is a small step to a defining experience. Don’t forget our signature greeting! It is our policy that when a customer enters the door we shout out “Baruch Haba!” so that they know they have been acknowledged and warmly received.

Be appreciative. Saying please and thank you and being appreciative of our customer’s business is very important. Let’s not forget there is stiff competition out there! We must always be appreciative that each customer chose Burgerīm over another burger place. Their loyalty is rewarded with our kindness and joy. 58


Brand Book  
Brand Book  

Brand guide for Burgerim USA