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TREND POWER POINT PRESENTATION CONCEPT The Trend Power Point Presentation carried on from the feedback we got the and constructive criticism from presenting our mood board, which came across as a step foward in our trend presentation, because we predicted colours and outfits on the board. Taking everything on board we decided to look at the connections to predict the trend as expected. We individually, (the group of four of us, which consists of Abi, Tia, Estelle and Mariama) had an agreement to do an a research and write-up on individual people in different categories who represent our trends and include am image to support the review. I wrote on FASHION- Designer Karl Lagerfeld Female Empowerment Inspirational protest Feminist Rally from Spring/Summer 2015.

Paris Fashion Week. (2014). Karl Lagerfeld Feminist Protest.[Online]. 3 October 2014. Available from: http:// [Accessed 7 November 2016]

Estelle wrote on SPORT- Presenting Serena Williams, as the sport legend and top tennis player from age eighteen, six times over. Tia wrote on POLITICS- Commenting on Hillary Clinton political pursuit and aspiration to become the first female American President. While Mariama touched on CHANGE AND LIBERATION - Of sexual trapped gender and and how women are liberating themselves taking on men’s rules and jobs and seeking equality. The slides were put together by Tia.

The first slide was the introuduction of our Trend, supported a phrase we decided expressed female liberty.

The second slide consists of the images and key words describing our trend.

Images: Pintrest

The third slide contained more images representing our trend like Thereser May, Malala Yousafzai, Natalia Neidhart, Gurrilla Girls, Rosie the Rivera and USA Employment poster.

The concluding slide was on the write-ups which we individualy made and image. We individually read out our own reviews. Images: Pintrest

Trend power point presentation  

This is the power point presentation and description of the slides. Abi Joanna Omoyola 161200 FT4101 CW2 Teamwork Portfolio

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