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also the simplicity created a clever visual. I was

different, and inconsistent. When I had refined my

pleased with my interpretation of this style, however type, I was pleased with the outcome- it looked more the type letters were hard to identify. For my third

like a family. However, to take it a step further, areas

typeface, I wanted it to be simple so the letters

required tweaking to ensure consistency, very minor

were obvious. I decided to use Wolfgang Weinhart

things such as the width of a shape. By ensuring that

as inspiration, who worked within the New Wave

all the shapes within the type are the same size, it

and postmodern movement. This typeface was my

made creating it digitally a smoother process. I am

least favourite; however it still contributed to the

happy with my finished typeface. It is consistent, yet

final outcome. My favourite typeface was inspired

each letter is unique. Obviously my type wouldn’t be

by El Lissitzky; I felt it had most potential, however

used for an essay, however it was never intended for

needed to be refined as the type sizes were all

that; it is more visually effective than practical. 19-20

New Visual Language Final Magazine  

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