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Mae Chevrette is a mixed media

it’s always a nice thought knowing

artist who experiments with

you’ll be going back home, and

photography, found objects,

having a place you can call home.

paper ephemera and type.

I think the excitement of travel

Chevrette’s work is inspired by

eventually begins to calm down,

travel and she creates captivating

and you want to be in a place

visuals. I intended on using my

you feel safe and comfortable.

own passion for travel in my

Again, I printed off a photo and

experimentation. My first piece

worked back on top of the image

represents Switzerland, from a

with various media, including

holiday 2009. Like Chevrette’s

the word “forget”. When I had

use of photography, I used my

finished the mixed media pieces,

own as a guide for the mixed

I scanned them in, tweaked them

media. I started by printing off a

and digitally added text so that

photo, and once printed, worked

each piece reads something

back on top of it with paints,

appropriate. By adding text to the

inks, tape and papers. Like

first mixed media piece, it now

Chevrette, I also included type

reads “LIVE travel explore”. This

saying “travel” intending on using

shows my passion for travel. By

it at a later date. For my second

adding text to the second mixed

experiment, I wanted to focus

media piece it now reads “NEVER

less on travel and more about my

forget home”. Both experiments

home Blackpool. I have been to

used the same process but have

phenomenal places in my life, but

very different meanings.


New Visual Language Final Magazine  

Hudgraphic, Modernism, Postmodernism, New Visual Language, Final Magazine, 2014