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Whilst researching, I discovered “Pin Art” used

develop order but not chance; you can only use

in themes of travel. In response to this I printed a

the chance again”. I was inspired by this interesting

map and pinned the places I have been and want

approach, and after basic experimentation, I

to go, identified with a change of colour. I did not

decided to incorporate it within my Pin art. Using

feel fulfilled with this experimentation and therefore

the maps intersection points, I numbered them,

took it further. Kenneth Martin- constructivist artist

and picked pairs of numbers randomly. Each

worked with abstraction. He created paintings

pair was pinned on the map and attached with a

called the “chance and order series”. This used a

thread of string- creating the line. I alternated with

numbered grid and intersection points, so he could

coloured string to show the different pairs. As well

randomly select a pair of numbers and illustrate

as photographing the Pin/String art, I scanned

them on paper, creating a seemingly endless

them in for better quality. I think the experiment was

succession of line combinations. “You can only

successful in creating an interesting in depth visual.

New Visual Language: Cabinet of Curiosity

New Visual Language Final Magazine  

Hudgraphic, Modernism, Postmodernism, New Visual Language, Final Magazine, 2014