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My second collage represents Greece, where my

its composition and special awareness reflecting

family and I have been numerous times. Therefore

well on the works of Melissa Markell. The collage

we had gathered lots of material from different

represents two aspects of NYC discovered whilst I

places. In this collage, the only material that didn’t

was there. One being the spectacular city, with its

come from holidays was the old Greek stamps.

big lights, shows and yellow taxis; the other being

These stamps came from Huddersfield Open

the history and difficulties of NYC. For example, Ellis

Market; I got them with no intention of using them,

Island immigration and the 9/11. What’s important

simply because I was interested in them. My final

about these collages is that the materials are

and favourite collage represents New York- one

personal, collected from various places. Each place

of the most fascinating places I’ve been to. Out

holds memories and experiences which I have learnt

of the three, this collage is the strongest due to

from, influencing the composition of the collages. 11-12

New Visual Language Final Magazine  

Hudgraphic, Modernism, Postmodernism, New Visual Language, Final Magazine, 2014