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After looking at my Mum’s travel journal, and

holiday. Looking through the material, the majority

researching Andy Warhol’s time capsules, I was

tended to be from New York City, items such as

inspired to create collages influenced by Travel.

tickets, leaflets, maps and brochures. There was

Artist Melissa Markell works a lot with collage, and

also lots of other material from countries such

she has one collection inspired by travel. Each

as Spain and Greece, however, not one specific

collage represents a different place that she has

place. Therefore I chose to represent the countries

been to, and I intended on doing the same. Rather

themselves. My first created collage represents

than using random bits of paper; I gathered papers

Spain. Although I think this is the weakest out of the

and memorabilia that were collected from various

three, I am still glad to have done it as it allowed me

countries where my family and I have been on

to get a feel for the style and improve.

EXPERIMENTATION Travel inspired Collages Travel inspired Mixed Media String and Pin Art New Visual Language: Cabinet of Curiosity

New Visual Language Final Magazine  
New Visual Language Final Magazine  

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