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From the ChieF-editor’s desk , U-th Buzz!! I dreamt of it, I nurtured the dream, I tried to fulfill it and here it is. This is a magazine of the youth, by the youth and for the youth. I think that we youths only can help the society to be a better place to live in, and so this magazine. This dream of mine would not have been fulfilled without the support of my parents and of course my friends. This magazine is neither a totally intellectual one nor a totally entertaining one, it has a fine blend of both. We have sections like open-forum where anyone can send in their views on the given topic, we have a section for budding photographers where they can send in their clicks, we also have a section for budding poets, writers and the most interesting and exciting part is that is that anyone can be a part of any of the sections. We are very much new to this field and so we not only welcome any kind of suggestions but also any criticisms.


To conclude I can say that, we live in a global village where every individual is interdependent by means of modern apps. It is that modern technology that leads us to the world of fantasy, often compelling us to undergo a radical change. Still we are confined in a ‘seamless hollowness’. This hollow world is so torturous that we want to get alienated at times. I see to it, feel it and sense it. Here is my solemn endeavor to subscribe my good ideas to a bouquet of productivity through creations .

Bijoyeti Ghosh


CULTURAL:1. Vidya Balan receives the Padma Shri from President, Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan.–

2. Vivel Film Fare awards 2013 arrived for regional cinema. 3. Actor Nigel Akkara seeks redemption in present perfect and doesn’t want to look back to the dearker side of the life.

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1. 41.1 degrees and rising, no relief inrecorded the second highest decade on Thursday, 25th April.

sight. Kolkata temperature in a

2. Japanese telecom giant NTT said its plans to exit by June the loss venture with Tata Teleservices

Docomo on Friday making joint

CRIME CASE:9 year old raped in Barasat, and left critically injured by her 19 year old neighbor at Uttarayan in Barasat on Monday night, 2nd April.


SPORTS 1.KKR defeated RCB by 2 runs in IPL match on Thursday, as a spectacular catch by Chris Lynn.

1. Pradip Kumar Banerjee (P.K.) and Subimal Goswami (Chuni) got life time achievement

award in the ONGC-CSJC annual award function 2013-14 on th

Friday 24 April. 2. While India has had a long history of domestic club football,the passion for the game had been confined to few states, West Bengal, Goa,Karnataka.Though Still In its infancy,the new soccer leage has big


dreams for Indian Football.

By: U-th Buzz team

We are the spoilt, pampered generation but we are the new kids on the block. We are criticized, we are called over-techy, we are called sissy, and what not we are. Most of the times we are thought of as irresponsible, instead, Gen-Z has proved more resilient and more mature than its critics imagined. But yes, we admit that we are full of contradictions. We have hundreds of real as well as fair-weather friends who make up our lives, but deep inside we value our family relations. We are often considered egotistical and brash, yet we 7

are eager to learn and contribute. We want to make money, but we also believe in supporting non profit causes. Talking about our generation what comes to anybody’s mind is the technology that surrounds us. We have many nick-names attributing us-The iGeneration, the net generation. Generation Z members are considered to be more civic-minded with strong sense of community both local and global.

We often hear our parents or any of our elders say that “it didn’t use to be the same in our days” but we forget or rather they forget that their time was different from ours. We grew up at a time when students were gunning down other students and terrorists were crashing planes in buildings. But it seems that instead of making them fearful and introvert, this has imbued Gen Z’s with a gush of optimism. This seems to come from the philosophy that ‘anything can happen in life, so we should live for the moment and not for the next. From we moment we were born we had it easy, we were told that we could do anything. Our parents were always keen to boost our self esteem. Every time we knew that anything under the sky is possible. The fairy tales told us that even a mermaid’s tail cannot be an impediment to marrying a human prince. It seems that the phrase “I’m possible” has found its way right to a Gen-Z’s DNA. We actually prefer texting to calling up somebody in person. We crave for immediate feedbacks. Want to know something or the other, Google it, forgot today’s homework text a classmate. Its all that easy. For our entire lives, we’ve heard about global warming, 8

recessions, terror attacks and stuff. As a result, they’re growing up fast and developing sensitivities beyond their years. Every generation has trouble with the one preceding them. Their clothes are always unfit, their music is loud and things changes faster than we realize and it never goes back. One in four people in the world is a member of the Gen-Z . The world will be ours to run one day. So what are we in for? It seems that the planet is in capable hands. We are tech-savvy, information is at our fingertips but we are also called more self-directed. In the work-place the Gen-Z is going to have little interest in being a ‘desk-jockey’ for 40 hours a week and most probably they will be more interested in plucking here and there or better to say , would love to be freelancers. We are called the Z’ s as we follow the Y’s and Alphas will follow us, but what next? When we think of the glitzy Gen Z’s we think of the classy, stylish urban guys and gals but didn’t we forget about the poor or rural who also fall in the same age bracket? What do they do? Are they also the same affluent as we? In a way the answer would be ‘yes’ as in the villages and the country-sides the use of technology has found a wider prospect than yesterday. And these improvements and betterments definitely owes to this generation.

Where the Gen-Z is concerned many worry that the 9

smoothness in our path might limit or narrow our aspect but we can assure you that we will definitely gift you all a better society and a better world. And so in our very Gen-Z way we say wait and watch out for the good to come.

Bijoyeti Ghosh(Editor) I stood in a lone island, Staring fixedly at the floating clouds Thinking about my past. Many happy and sad days of my life. The lost memories recapitulate, As I stood in a lifeless state, In _____


A lone island. Songs are lost somewhere in the mind, Gifts are forgotten in the passage of time, But memories haunt throughout your life. As I stood in a lone island My memories floated through my mind, Like the clouds trough the sky. Sometimes happy, sometimes in a sad mood Remembering my golden childhood, I stood in the lone island, Alone all alone___

Sucharita Ganguly There is a fine line in between_ There is the longingness And the feeling is unwantedness. What lies beyond is doom at times Sometimes long-seeked freedom Either it sorts your life or turns it into a mess. Many would say- been there, known that And yet to zillion souls around the world The feeling is personal and classified. 11

To me it’s the essence of heart break

Always the same to prod over But to each his own, each different. Zillion souls across the world Zillion minds, zillion hearts But all you need is one To last for a lifetime.

Aditya Singh New may baffled Brain get scuffled You may search for peace But in this new world It’s tougher to get ease I'm not used to these motor noises 12

Even to these winds Which are blowing It seem, they r pressing me done And I wonder where m I now Roads are different Trees are different

Every stone of street is different‌..Gazes me Like alien walking in me Even room share cold looks to me I don't know is it he or it’s me? New walls make we feel awkward Make me feel small very small in here I know in few months I will fall in love with these things But till then accept me With my stupid frills Time will tame me to love you Till then I will like to kill you.


Tech-know-logy By – Shivabrata Banerjee

Lumia 630


okia is rumoured to announce its anticipated Windows Phone handsets, the Nokia Lumia 630 (thought to be

codenamed Moneypenny) and Nokia Lumia 930 (thought to be codenamed Martini) in the upcoming Microsoft Build 2014 conference in April as the launch devices for Windows Phone 8.1, the update to Microsoft's mobile operating system that has for a while been expected to be unveiled at the event. Earlier this month, it was rumoured that Nokia might reveal its 'Martini' handset on the firm's 19 April 2014 event, alongside other devices such as Nokia Lumia 1820, Lumia 1525 and Lumia 1520 V. A report by My Nokia Blog quotes a source close to Nokia who claims the Lumia 630 will arrive in both single-SIM and dual-SIM variants (making it the first dual-SIM Windows Phone). It is further said to arrive without a rear

camera flash, hinting it will fall in the budget segment. No details have been reported about the Lumia 930 (Martini) handset, expect for the expected Build conference launch. The long-rumoured Windows Phone device codenamed 'Goldfinger' has been mentioned in the report however, as possibly due to launch at the same event, as the company's flagship device. Last year, the Goldfinger handset has been previously rumoured to be the firm's flagship device, which would flaunt Nokia's '3D Touch' technology. Reports suggest that the rumoured '3D Touch' feature uses device's sensors to detect interactions that are off-the-glass. The Nokia Goldfinger is said to come hand gesture support which will let users navigate on a phone without touching the display, while other gestures under consideration include flipping and scrolling. In February 2014, popular phone tipster @evleaks posted an image that purportedly showed the Nokia Lumia 14

630. The leaked render of the alleged Nokia Lumia 630 shows on-screen navigation control buttons for Back, Start and Bing search on the device, instead of buttons found on current Lumia models.

Motorola x

The revolutionary Moto X lets you customize every nook and cranny of the outer appearance, down to your own boot animation, and headphones to match your back cover color. Every aspect of the phone was rehashed in line with the function it performs, rather than chasing the specs-o-meter. Moto went with OLED, as it makes possible the Active Display notification function, but it is a standard RGB matrix OLED, so you still get plenty of true pixel density, "without wasting power on pixels most people can't see"

The X8 processor might have "just" two CPU cores, but it is rethought from the ground up to make the always-on environmental awareness of the phone possible with power-sipping extra processing cores. The 10 MP camera might not be in line with the 13 MP on current flagships, but is the first to utilize the Clear Pixel technology that lets it soak much more light, and so on.


Clicked By:Anirban Roychoudhury



Amol Vagad

I wish I could freeze the time forever, and then our lips will part ways never. I just want to feel your warm cozy breath, no matter my heart shall beat even after death. “Hey Aman, here is your atomic structure assignment”, said Sunit to me. “How can this be mine? I never submitted any atomic structure document”, was my immediate reply to him. I quickly checked the name in top right side of the front page and the name was “Dia Aman Mhatre “it was one of our classmates Dia’s assignment and her father’s name resembled mine which made Sunit think the assignment was mine. Dia was always a silent sweet girl who always occupied the corner of the first desk in our classroom. I often marveled at her beauty which was very exquisite. Her face was ivory white like the tusks of a royal elephant. The dark brown eyes were so deep that anyone who sneaked in would sink in theme eventually. The twin dimples complemented her perfect features just like a pair of most precious diamonds on a golden crown. She was short but had long hairs. A thick plait of her hairs rested on her back always and often disturbed the girl who would sit behind her desk. She used to be quite throughout the lectures. Whenever she laughed her face turned red and her cheeks resembled fresh and ripe apples. Her svelte figure was just like an icing on the cake for her flawless persona. She was indeed drop dead gorgeous. During the lectures I often used to glance at her gracious face. Staring at those deep eyes and tender pink lips soothed my existence over there. One day she just turned back to talk to her friend and without stopping the train of my emotions at the appropriate station I murmured “wow” .Only my friend Sunit heard me saying that to which I replied that I found the concept of “Doppler Effect” very intruging and thus exclaimed a “wow”. I didn’t understand how a genius boy like him would buy that statement, but still he believed and I was happy. Months had passed like decades since my traumatic and extremely tragic breakup with my 3 year old girlfriend. Her short tempered father was ready to run on the midnight street inorder to kill me when he came to know about our affair. Since then I never saw her in reality but always met her in meadows of my dreams. “Even the flamingos move from seasons to seasons then why shall we humans stay in that same swamp


throughout the life?” is what my best friend Vini always told me. I too decided to seek a new horizon in my life. It was high time that my ripped wings added new and fresh feathers to kiss the breeze of bliss. I started seriously thinking about my attraction towards Dia. I had never talked to her in one entire year of our high school. In some days time I started talking to her. I discussed her Physics experiments and helped her with them. We weren’t friends yet; maybe our relationship was still in a cocoon. It was uncertain whether to grow into a majestic butterfly or get killed by the insects of fear. It was a rainy Monday; the raindrops fell on the clay roofs of our neighboring building and made the typical tapping sound. We were busy writing our Chemistry class test. The time allotted was way more than the required. All of the other students one after the other started leaving the class room. Finally it was only me and Dia. I wanted her phone number. That was the only lane where the cart of my hopes could travel without any complications. I knew this was the day to get it. I was completely done scanning my answer sheet for the 11th time when I decided it was too much of wait now. I finally decided to leave. But suddenly I was surprised like how a drought ridden farmer feels when he sees dark clouds arriving. Dia too finished her test and started to get up from her seat. I quickly raced ahead and submitted my answer sheet to the invigilator. I waited for Dia to arrive outside as I acted like repairing my umbrella even when it was just one week old. She arrived and smiled at me, her smile made my heart melt so quickly as if it was an ice cube brought upon the Sun’s surface. “How was the test?” I quickly asked while trying to start some communication. “It was fine. How was yours?” “Mine was fine too”, I managed to rhyme in those four words too during that moment. We went down the school stairs together. There was just one staircase to walk together but I wished it was my life and we would walk together forever till the eternity would breathe last. We reached the gates of our high school, now I decided that this was the moment to win. After a few casual sentences I finally said, “Hey Dia, can I get your number?” “Oh sure, it is..”, she began to speak as I removed my mobile phone from my trouser’s left pocket and started typing her number. My hands were trembling as I was typing it. There was a big sense of achievement at that moment. The petals of my heart were now crowned with soft cool droplets of joy and also a winning moment. I saved her number and we waved each other good bye. That night my heart wandered through forests of uncertainties and finally settled in the lawn of good night’s sleep. That night I neither call nor did I text her. She too didn’t do anything. As I was relishing every bit of my cheese omelet my phone beeped. It was a text message from Dia. I opened it and it read, ”“Good morning It was the first text she sent me ever. I quickly typed, “Good morning to u too “ My entire day basked in the blissful sunlight of her one text message. It was indeed very magical. That night I decided to text her. I took my phone and typed, ”“ Good night In just a few minutes there was her reply, 19

”“Good night to you too This voyage of our text messages continued for many days to come. The relationship between us advanced like seasons in India. The cool winter of friendship was taken over by the summer of “Special friendship”. I thought, now it was the time to soak in the monsoon of love. I never thought the clouds had started to hover around so soon. The actual monsoon had arrived now. Frogs jumped in joy and green grasses wore crowns of crystal rain drops. My heart was now to wear once again the crown of love. It was a Sunday night; the weather was cozier than ever. We were busy chatting as per our routine, but that night was special. It was a full moon day. The sky looked bright and wonderful. So were our talks, apart from the daily gossips and our dipping scores we now just talked about ourselves. A bridge of comfort connected my and her heart now. We both were happy to walk through it and hold our hands. It was around 3 A.M then, she sent me a text message, “ I think I cnt b evr awy 4m u. Y is it so?”. I couldn’t understand what she really meant but I just sent a simple reply which my heart wrote down, “I think mayb v r 2 attach dear”. There was no reply for almost 15-20 minutes. The boat of my heart appeared to be like a pendulum as it was shifting from shores of happiness and fear very quickly. Atlast, she replied, “ I dnt knw bt mayb I m falng in luv wid u dear” I tried climbing the boat of love, but I sank in deep sea of loneliness. Once again the anchor of love is tossed up, should I cling to it or just die sinking ? As I was reading these lines a strong current ran from my head to toes. My heart basked in the rays of ecstasy. There was a full moon day after many dark nights in my life now. Little tears of joy rolled down my cheeks while wiping them I replied, “I 2 feel d same my dear”. Now “dear” was replaced by “my dear”. But this world of “mine” was now “our” world. Since that heavenly moment, the dove of our ardor started flying high in the paradise of our life. The incomplete gaps in my fingers were now filled with her lovely ones. My face never forgot to wear smile now. We made a new place of ours to meet. There was a small room near the fire exit of our high school, anyone seldom visited that place. We both used to meet each other there. The almighty crafted a doll just for me, for whom one day I will bend on a knee. She made a small castle on shore of my heart, 20

Oh my lord she is indeed your greatest art. It was raining heavily once as we were together in our special secret room. The thundering sound made the window panes shake as Dia seemed little worried when I quizzed her, “Hey are you frightened sweetheart?”. Her reply was just perfect, “How shall fear reach me when you are here?” Her lovely words soothed my soul, I pulled her towards me as she immersed into my arms. Adjusting a strand of her hairs behind her ears I cupped her face in my hands. She stared at me as I sank deep in those dark brown eyes, the heavy rains couldn’t cease this blazing fire. My lips searched hers and finally hugged them to leave them only after a while. It was our first and the last kiss. Her ivory cheeks were red as she blushed, I kissed them and she shied away. How beautiful here every moment was, my heart captured them just as a mother captures her baby’s initial steps. These feelings reside on a land far beyond the meadows of words. The days passed quickly but I treasured every moment like a century, after all she was my world now. We managed both our studies and our love very well. The farm of my life was in its best season with crops full of happiness. Such a life is like riding a chariot of unicorns around the banks of a shining river and the moon comes down and asks you and your beloved to have a tour over it. My every dream had her walking with me hand in hand as the young lambs ran around and dandelions danced to the tunes of symphonic cool breeze. Life was indeed a fairly tale now. One winter evening, we were on my scooter as she loved whispering “ I love you my baby” every now and then in my ears whenever we went on my scooter. That day she said those words even more and more. We stopped by at a lake as she wanted to relish on her favorite rose-strawberry ice cream. The ice cream parlor was on the other side of the road. So I asked her to get down and go there walking, she willingly agreed. She kissed my cheeks with her cool tender pink lips and said , “Don’t be scared my baby, I’ll love you even when I won’t breathe”. That night I tried to sleep but those lines just kept echoing in my ears. Next morning Dia was going to travel to New Delhi to meet her paternal uncle since our vacations had commenced. I couldn’t go to bid her bye at the airport but I had called her 4 times that morning and helped her packing via the phone. She texted me the last before she could switch off her phone, “ I’ll alwys luv u baby til d eternity dies” , I smiled and blushed after reading the message. When I replied the message went pending as her flight had taken off. I tried not to miss her and avoid again wandering in the woods of her previous day’s words but like honey bees upon a honeycomb; they never departed from the tree of my thoughts.


We often sink so deep in the sea of true feelings that we forget we are not meant to be in the sea but to walk on the land. The tide of time often comes from nowhere but slaps your shore very hard breaking the castles of sand you built with efforts and feelings. I sat on my couch and switched on the T.V to catch up on some news but the thing which was telecasted shattered my world like a castle of cards in just a little wind. The news reported screamed at the top of her voice and announced, “ The IC 4213 Air India flight from Mumbai to Delhi has met an unfortunate accident near Jaipur and all the passengers are expected to be burnt in the fire that was suddenly caught by the engine. “

The remote control of the T.V slipped from my hands and the tears started to run quickly out from my eyes. Dia was in the same flight. She was burned now in the fire of bad fortune, to leave me burning forever in this land. She went too far, my scooter could never chase her now. She went taking all my dreams, all my aspirations and indeed she took away the sanity in my life. My life froze at that moment, after months too I could never jump back into the normal world. I was lost in a dream which was never meant to be true now. Indeed my life’s story was now completely incomplete. I will meet you on a land beyond you and me where only each other's eyes we can see.

Review by: Sagnik Dutta

Story: Blu (Eisenberg), Jewel (Hathaway) and their kids find out that there are other birds just like them deep in the Amazon and so, they move from Rio to the jungle. While the family reconnects with their rainforest roots, Blu must also win over his father-in-law. Review: Geeky ornithologist Tulio (Santoro) and his wife Linda (Mann) are busy trooping around in the Amazon jungle one day when quite by accident, they come across a group of the extremely rare blue macaws. Soon, it's on the news and Jewel happens to see it on TV one morning while the birds are at a decidedly human-like breakfast of pancakes.


Rio 2 brings newly improved crispy and fleshy visuals than the original. It's story is great. It doesn't take her long to convince the kids Bia (Stenberg), Tiago (Gagnon) and Carla (Crow) and the somewhat reluctant Blu to move to the wilds. So, off they fly to their destination and they're joined by their buddies, the colourful toucan Rafael (Lopez), Nico (Foxx) and Pedro (william). Now far away from home, they come upon the gruff-but-kind Eduardo (Garcia) who is Jewel's dad, Mimi (Moreno) and the smooth-talking Roberto (Mars). Along the way though, and also by chance, they gain the attention of the hilariously nutty cockatoo Nigel (Clement) who has a major issue with Blu after an incident at the end of the first Rio left him without the use of his wings. Equally hilarious is his sidekick-cum-fangirl, poisonous frog Gabi with a shrieking singing voice. A lot of the gags revolve around the domesticated (he wears a fanny pack and carries a GPS device) Blu's attempts to readjust to the wild as well as win over Eduardo's favour. Eduardo thinks more highly of Roberto, who on his part is quite happy to reconnect with his childhood playmate Jewel. Nigel and Gabi take the cake and will have you in splits with their crazy behaviour. The baddies this time are a group of loggers who want to raze the part of the rainforest the macaws inhabit. Colourful and well-paced except for a cloyingly sweet song or two, the kids will enjoy this one.

Suman Roy

The study table was wrapped by a silk embroidered cloth on which lay many scarce but unusual things of great importance to me. The sheet of the darkness had already enveloped the gloomy atmosphere outside and the moon peeped out through the fiery black clouds outside which seemed much darker in their effects. I at last completed my letter that I was supposed to send to my mother, living in India. This would actually be a very long awaited letter for her. I was feeling drowsy and so decided to go off to sleep. I switched off the lamp, put out the half-lit candle and went to be. I was a student , competing at the level of bachelors. I had a great affinity for Science and so made it my life-long partner. I excelled in the higher secondary and now it was time for me to choose my career. I had a humble background and studying abroad meant the loss of a good deal of money. So, I tried for a scholarship and to my utter surprise I was bestowed with a scholarship course for five years. In the year 1985, I left for London and in two weeks I was there . Somehow I was able to find a lodging with a decent family at the Kingston street and they only charged a meager value as rent. They were decent enough. They 23

were so friendly that Mr. Cliffinton, my landlord , even offered me the latch key of their house, if I were late someday. I was much pleased and satisfied by the hospitality that these countrymen offered to a black native. It took me about a week to get accommodated with the people of that place. I wasted no time and got myself admitted to the St. Francis University. It was really a good place fore education. The building was situated in a large campus and consisted of eight branches within. I was supposed to enter the third branch as I was a student of Bachelors in Science. I enquired some of the students whom it deemed necessary. They took me to the third building and suggested me to ask any professor for further help. Wandering about the corridor, I was at last able to find a person whom I thought could give me a perfect answer. But it was all to vain. Suddenly, I heard a voice from behind. It was a very gentle but yet a firm voice. The voice exclaimed, “New student ?” . My voice trembled which was very unusual for me and I said, “Ye-s, yes a student of BSc. in the first year. Actually ‘am unable to find my classroom, ‘it will be very kind of you if you direct me to it.” After a slight thought, he said: ‘Ah- student of first year! Turn towards your left, go upstairs, and the first room is the one you are in search of’. I was about to thank him, when to my astonishment I saw, he had already disappeared I felt very guilty, as it seemed ungentle of me not to thank him.I went upstairs and found my classroom. The class had not yet begun. I could feel many eyes staring at me. The prying foreign eyes made me feel uncomfortable. Just then, I saw a girl waving her hand at me,and making gestures as if she was trying to say that she wanted me to sit beside her. I couldn’t actually find out the actual reason for the abnormal stare of the other students. Neither was I wearing a saree nor a salwar kameez, that the Indian girls of that era wore. I was always comfortable in a casual look in jeans, flannel tops or trousers. I somehow made my way to the girl, she at once greeted and exclaimed herself as Miss Clara Vimpie, “and yours?” She asked in a very sarcastic manner.

…………………………………………………………………………………to be continued….. 24

Lyrical Buzz By:Sreelekha Mukherjee(Sub-Editor)

Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali polymath who reshaped his

region's literature and music. Author of Gitanjali and its "profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse", he became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. In translation his poetry was viewed as spiritual and mercurial; however, his "elegant prose and magical poetry" remain largely known outside Bengal. Tagore introduced new prose and verse forms and the use of colloquial language into Bengali literature, thereby freeing it from traditional models based on classical Sanskrit. He was highly influential in introducing the best of Indian culture to the West and vice versa, and he is generally regarded as the outstanding creative artist of modern South Asia. Tagore modernised Bengali art by spurning rigid classical forms and resisting linguistic strictures. His novels, stories, songs, dancedramas, and essays spoke to topics political and personal. His compositions were chosen by two nations as national anthems: India's Jana Gana Mana and Bangladesh's Amar Shonar Bangla.


Bhanusimha Thakurer Padabali is a collection of Vaishnava lyrics composed in Brajbuli by Rabindranath Tagore. It was published in 1884. These lyrics, which were earlier brought out in several issues of Bharati magazine, were first anthologized in 1884. Later, Tagore described composing these songs in his reminiscence Jibansmriti.Rabindranath Tagore wrote his first substantial poems titled Bhanusimha Thakurer Padabali in Braj Bhasha under the pseudonym Bhānusiṃha ("Sun Lion") at age sixteen. The anthology has 22 songs out of which only 9 exists in Swarabitan (Vol. XXI), collection of notations of Tagore’s music. The "Bhanusimha" poems chronicle the romance between Radha and Krishna which is a traditional theme of Indian poetry. The poet sought connection with divinity through appeal to nature and the emotional interplay of human drama. He repeatedly revised the poems over the following seventy years. Song VIII of Bhanusimha Thakurer Padavali: Gohon kushumokunjo-majhe mridulo modhuro bongshi baje, Bishori trash-loukolaje shojoni, ao ao lou. pinaha (meaning: attire) charu nil bash, hridoye pronoyokushumorash, Horinonetre bimol hash, kunjobonme ao lo. Dhale kushumo shurobhobhar, dhale bihoga shuroboshar, Dhale indu omritodhar bimol rojoto bhati re. Mondo mondo bhringo gunje, oyuto kushumo kunje kunje, Phutolo shojoni, punje punje bokulo yuthi jati re. dekha sakhi, Shyamoray noyone prem utholo jai, Modhuro bodono omritoshodono chondromai nindichhe. 26

Ao ao shojonibrindo, herobo shokhi Shri Goubindo Shyamkou podorobindo Bhanushingho bondichhe.

Young Tagore was attracted to the Maithili poems collected in Prachin Kavya Samgraha, edited by Akshay Chandra Sarkar and Sarada Charan Mitra. From Sarkar he learned of Thomas Chatterton, “a young boy who used to imitate the ancient poets”. Inspired by this example, Tagore prepared himself to be a “second Chatterton”. The first song "Gahana Kusumakunja-majhe" was probably composed in 1877. No manuscript survives, except of the song "Gabhir Needame Abasha Shyama Mama", which was probably written in Ahmedabad in 1878. It is difficult to put these songs in chronological order. Some songs, like "Marana Re, Tnuhu Mama Shyamasamana", "Ko Tnuhu Bolabi Moye" and "Aaju Sakhi Muhu Muhu" were composed much later. Bhanusimha Thakurer Padavali was published on 1 July 1884. It was dedicated to Kadambari Devi, Tagore’s sister-in-law who was eager to see the poems published, but committed suicide in 1883. His works are frequently noted for their rhythmic, optimistic, and lyrical nature.Tagore was a prolific composer with 2,230 songs to his credit. His songs are known as rabindrasangit ("Tagore Song"), which merges fluidly into his literature, most of which— poems or parts of novels, stories, or plays alike—were lyricised. Influenced by the thumri style of Hindustani music, they ran the entire gamut of human emotion, ranging from his early dirge-like Brahmo devotional hymns to quasi-erotic compositions. They emulated the tonal color of classical ragas to varying extents. Every year, many events pay tribute to Tagore: Kabipranam, his birth anniversary, is celebrated by groups scattered across the globe; the annual Tagore Festival held in Urbana, Rabindra Path Parikrama walking pilgrimages from Calcutta to Santiniketan; and recitals of his poetry, which are held on important anniversaries. Tagore was renowned throughout much of Europe, North America, and East Asia. He co-founded Dartington Hall School, a progressive coeducational institution. Thus Tagore and his works will always be remembered through all the generations.




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