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MY FAVOURITE TEACHER IS.......... by Urshita Sharma

My favourite teacher is Shakti Ma'am, she is kind, she is helpful. She tells a person to be calm if anything is wrong with him or her. She knows how to cope up things. She is married and has a child but does not show a slightest hint of sadness even if something is wrong. I know how difficult it is to cope up with the school and the family. She is so strong that if she has decided to do a thing she has to complete it. Her names suites her so well SHAKTI MA'AM it could be SHAKTI MAAN. Really she is so strong , she is Shakti Maan. Ma'am I salute you. Thank You ma'am for the love and support you have given me or for that matter anyone. THANK YOU SHAKTI MAAN.

TIME TO SAY GOODBYE by Aditya Bharadwaj

Emotions ran through my head I found myself wishing I was dead All because you were moving away I knew I would never see you another day You got in your car and waved goodbye and then I was left all alone to cry I felt helpless, and all alone I could only talk to you on the phone You were my neighbor, and my best friend Why, Oh why did it have to end? You made me so happy, so carefree You made it feel okay for me to be me It's been almost a year since you moved away but it feels like it was only yesterday I remember everything you used to do It may seem impossible, but it's true You were the best friend I ever had Now that you left me, I am beyond sad I love and I miss you more than you ever knew You've taught me so much, and I want to say thank you.


I will not lie because this happened to me. I am in 6th grade and these four boys really bully me. I enter the class in the morning I see those bullies, I think my day will never go nice. They do not have a little sympathy for anyone. Once me and my really good friend were singing our favorite songs but those bullies butt in and started singing Honey Singh ‘s song loudly and one time the leader of the group got punishment and started arguing with the teacher. When they first bullied me I thought it must be a joke but they started bullying me everyday. I was so sad and angry that when I reached my house I would start crying like a new born baby. Now, I really don ‘t care cause I have my will power and my great friends to fight them. So, people only bully because they know that they are weak and also know that they are lying. Please remember this fact that “ When somebody bullies you should not pay any attention. When the bully sees no reaction from you, they will get tired and start doing something else besides bullying.”

God Bless these 3 children by Urshita Sharma

There are three children in class who are really blessed children by God. They support me in every circumstance. Why??Why do they care for me? I always think. I have never done anything for them. There are fights between us but the friendship we have for each other helps us to solve it. When I am in school I am I a totally different world with them. The fun I have with them is unexplainable. We laugh on stupid things. But now that fun will go soon because one of them is going to some other country. Nevermind till the time they are in the school they are me besties. Really, God bless Kim Mim, Aditya B and Manas.


The best moment in my life was when I was born. I know that all the people think this but for me it is different. Now and then you hear parents or old people saying that this generation of kids is not good. It is true but not all the kids are like that. Our parents give us the example of their life which was simple. This generation is full of technologies and it is very easy to do things. Our parents do generation comparison and tell us that their generation was better. But when we grow up and have kids, they will have something new in their generation and we will tell them that our generation was better. Whatever our parents say about our generation they still find it easier to work today. There should be no generation comparison because every generation has something new in it so that we can learn more.

DEBATE by Urshita Sharma A very good morning to everyone present here today. I Urshita Sharma of class VI – A will put all my thoughts together and tell you what I think of UNLIMITED FREEDOM TO MEDIA IS A BOON OR A BANE. I think no. Unlimited freedom to media can end us up in getting a lot of trouble. You must have seen the new channel and how the media people force the netas or for that matter anyone to speak the truth. Freedom of media was a boon initially but it took only few years to become a bane for us and for the nation. It has misused it's freedom so much that even well known scholars have questioned it's credibility and degree of freedom that media should have. Everyday sting operations, showing absurd entertainment programmes, hurting sentiments of people has become face of media in today's time. Not only they hurt the sentiments but also destabilize the life of many celebs by disturbing their privacy. Specially, the electronic media has turned everything on its head with so many news channels doing their own drama work here and there. There has to be a limit to all this nonsense and ruckus created by the media otherwise that day is not far away when our life would be decided by someone else. Should media be controlled? I say yes. There should be a control or an authority over media to protect the interest of the people. Moreover it should also be done so that unnecessary or the unwanted news item can be avoided. Don’t we all want to live in a country where there is no one to capture the thing we do. Even the celebrities want to live in a country when there is no one behind them to capture what they do. Some people say that media should have have unlimited freedom and I do not feel angry that people are not going according to my whims and fancies. I feel that everyone has their opinions and they should go on with their opinions. The "media" have no special privilege to access ANY information that is not generally available to the public at large. They may ACT like they have special privilege in this area, but the individual being charged is under no compulsion to speak with them or offer any information whatsoever. I know that media tells us what is happening in the world but why do they have to insult people like this. They want money then they should be given for good work not for insulting people. Last but not the least I want to tell you all that I think UNLIMITED FREEDOME TO MEDIA IS A BANE. It is up to you all to think at this topic very well. Thank You and have a nice day.

DEBATE “Too many people spend money they buy things they don't impress people that they don't like.� This is very well quoted by William Penn Adair "Will" Rogers a motion picture actor and one of the world's best-known celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s. A very good morning to everyone. Today I Urshita Sharma will put all my thoughts together and tell you all what I think of Money can buy happiness or not. Many people today are sure that money can buy happiness and many people are even sure that money can not buy happiness. I think money can make you happy with the things you get from it but happiness as a feeling has to come with in. Money is like a cover of a book because you should not judge the book by the cover same way you should not judge money. Rich people today are obsessed I must say with money, they criticise poor people because they do not have good clothes or a big house like the rich people. There are many advantages and at the same time disadvantages of money like:Advantages are:Money buys security, it buys experiences, it buys fun, it buys indulgence without consequence, it buys time. Charity and other generous acts can be done through money, so ultimately great satisfaction and happiness as well.

See there are like thousands of advantages of money but there are even thousands of disadvantage of money. Disadvantages are:Money only buys happiness for a short time. It is like Christmas Day when you are nine. You play with that new toy for a week or two then it just becomes one of the many toys you have, nothing special. Money works the same way, another day another new toy. Trying to buy happiness is like a dog chasing its own tail. Around and around he goes trying to catch something that he cannot. Happiness will never be bought. Money can make you very GREEDY. Now we all know the advantages and the disadvantages of money.

The importance of money is known by how we use it. Happiness is a state of inner peace, that can only be achieved if you see the beauty in your inner and outerself and that which is around you, without fear,judgement or anger. I do not try to go inside a person’s head and tell that money can not buy happiness. I have no intension to do that. Money can buy happiness also but only for a short while. Honestly speaking money actually can not buy happiness because happiness is a feeling. But money can make you happy from the things you buy. So my debate ends with a confusion in my mind but never mind. I hope the same confusion in my mind is not transferred to everyone else’s.

Thank you everyone for listening.

BOOK REVIEW by Urshita Sharma

Dustbin Baby Author: Jacqueline Wilson This story revolves around a girl named April Showers. April started out in life as a dustbin baby, unceremoniously abandoned in a rubbish bin on 1st April. Now she’s turned fourteen, April is determined to find out where she came from. If only she could remember her birth mother or, maybe, even find her. Let us read through her adventures as she faces a lot of problems. April has had a lot of foster moms and has even been to orphanage. She is really upset has she has very less friends and have not told her that she has no mother. She was first found by a teenage boy named Frankie outside a pizza place. She then grows up and visits her really good friend Gina whom she got to know when she was a little girl in an orphanage. She tries everything to find her birth mother but she doesn’t. In the last she forgets about it and spends her time with Frankie and her foster mother Marion. PEOPLE WHO ARE A LITTLE EMOTIONAL AND WHO CARE ABOUT OTHER’S FEELING WILL LIKE THIS BOOK. PEOPLE AND EVEN CHILDREN SHOULD READ THIS BOOK to experience the hardships of a fourteen year old child. How the child tries but fails and live her every moment of life peacefully and filled with joy. This book was first published in Great Britain by Doubleday an imprint of Random House Children’s Books.

You too can read this book by getting it in bookstores. We all may not like this book but we can at least imagine that how would you be feeling if your birth mother abandoned you. Just try to imagine all the hardships April faced.

This book is recommended by the author for all age groups.

WE THE CHILDREN OF THE EARTH ARE SORRY by Urshita Sharma I sometimes think that my parents scold me so much Then why was I born in this house? After thinking for a lot of time I understand that God did not want every child to have no family. I feel so lucky that I am not one those poor children on the roads. But I feel very bad for them, They also have the right to live And have freedom like me. Then why did you God I mean make children poor? You love children don’t you? Then why? I am asking you Answer me, God Did we children do something wrong? That you are not ready to forgive us By making many children abandoned and poor. If we did something wrong Then we the children of the Earth are sorry.


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