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Tzu Chi in the News 3/17/17

Tzu Chi begins rebuild project after earthquake in Ecuador


New Lynn flood hole bigger than first thought 3/4/17

Spreading ‘Great Love’ the Tzu Chi way 2/23/17

Streets and homes flooded in Newcastle 2/14/2017

Repurpose Projects 2/14 1/6/2017

Senior Center’s Goal: Do as Much As It Did in 2016 1/6/2017




JB Jones Elementary Principal Velasco helps ease families’ burdens to facilitate academic progress Tzu-Chi mobile food pantry serves 350 people on first day Tzu Chi donates to Haiti, calls on public to join effort to assist Your steaks are causing the glaciers to melt! UN climate alarmists would plunge farmers into poverty


Tzu Chi Foundation Community Health Fair 10/31/16

Tzu Chi’s humanitarian aid in Haiti 10/17/16

Govt hand out food in Mash Central 10/13/16

Tzu Chi Disaster Aid In Haiti After Hurricane Matthew - Love Saves


One week after Matthew: This is what Haiti looks like 10/6/2016

Green effort gets a splash of colour 10/2/2016

Disaster Area Assessment After Earthquake in Myanmar


Ateneo honors excellence in service in 2016 Traditional University Awards


Want to Help in a Disaster? Get Involved Now 9/27/2016

Celebrating excellence and service 9/25/2016

Officials, residents work to prevent Zika spread in Rosemead


Tzu Chi's medical care for refugees in Malaysia 9/22/2016

Tzu Chi’s Medical Care For Refugees in Thailand 9/21/2016

Tzu Chi Foundation donates $131,000 to Ascension schools employees


Pre-loved store promoting environmental protection 8/31/16

DA.AI seeks a Buddhist niche in PET recycling 8/19/16




Buddhist Charity Readies Aid for Survivors of California Wildfires, Louisiana Floods Majority of White Rock's fire victims received financial help Foothill Unity Stages Back to School Event to Arm Children with Confidence 1,000 students get free clothes, books and haircuts at Santa Anita Park


Victims of Sand fire find some relief at assistance center 7/16/2016






Global Humanitarian Relief Group helping in West Virginia (video) Buddhist group to give money to flood victims Saturday and Sunday Erskine Fire victim says help from Buddhist group shows 'compassion in action' (video) Chinese Elders Find Compassionate and Spiritual Care in Psychotherapy Chinese American Elders Find Joy in Nursing Home— From Youth Taiwan: The World’s Geniuses of Garbage Disposal Photos: Taiwan Turns Trash Disposal into an Art Form


How to help people cope following a natural disaster (video)


Taiwan earthquake: A fast enough rescue response? 2/3/2016

Project Hope: Rebuilding Nepal 1/21/2016

Taiwan Charity Assists Pacific Flood Victims 1/5/2016

Tzu Chi Foundation helps victims retain dignity 11/1/2015

Hope in blue and white: Compassion knows no boundaries


San Dimas humanitarians collect items for Africa 9/12/2015

The heart of Tzu Chi 7/28/2015

Learning Empathy From the Dead 11/17/2014

Taiwan Buddhists transform plastic waste 7/25/2014

Two men, two religions, one heart: The relationship with Tzu Chi


Putting Buddhist words into practice 3/14/2014

Buddhists donate funds to rebuild typhoon-damaged Philippine church


Buddhist Volunteers Aiding Anxious Families in Beijing 1/29/2014

Meeting Taiwan's new-age Buddhists 1/19/2014

An open letter to Tzu Chi Foundation 1/8/2014

Buddhist charity aids storm-ravished Philippines 12/15/2013

Tzu Chi Foundation 2/6/2013


Buddhist volunteers reaching out to the homeless of Tokyo Tzu Chi Foundation giving Sandy victims $600 Visa debit cards


2011 TIME 100: Dharma Master Cheng Yen (Spiritual Leader)


Tzu Chi food pantry now open in Cedar Grove 8/20/2010

Taiwan Buddhist charity Tzu Chi sets up shop in atheist China


Sister of Charity 3/11/2010

Taiwan Charity Has Global Reach 1/20/2010




Local organization one of many gathering supplies for Haitian relief Buddhist charity turns bottles into blankets for disaster victims Plastic bottles reborn as blankets in Buddhist recycling centre Poems and Tears for 'Silent Mentors' Spark a Surge of Cadavers in Taiwan


Taiwan's charities: Help with a bow 3/11/2008

Atheist China gives nod to Taiwan Buddhist group

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