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家庭火災防範計劃 2014年起,慈濟與美國紅十字會合作於家庭火災防範計劃(Home Fire Preparedness Campaign), 希望五年內將家庭火災所造成的傷亡人數與損失降低百分之二十五;數 據顯示此計畫已有顯著成效。(目前已救了116人的生命並協助245,134戶安裝安裝煙 霧警報器。)慈濟志工深入社區推廣家庭火災防範教育及急難救助宣導,同時為您檢 查與免費安裝煙霧警報器。

如您需要免費安裝煙霧警報器的服務請填寫以下資訊 姓名

地址 1100 S. Valley Center Ave., San Dimas, CA 91773 電話: 909-447-7799分機500 傳真: 909-447-7948


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Home Fire Preparedness Campaign

ince 2014, Tzu Chi has partnered with the American Red Cross on the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign, with the goal of reducing the tragic loss of lives and properties as a result of home fires by 25% within 5 years. According to recent data, this campaign has already saved 116 lives and made 245,134 households safer. Tzu Chi volunteers are going door-to-door in your community to educate homeowners on home fire prevention and provide disaster preparedness tips, while simultaneously installing smoke alarms in key areas of the house. If you are interested in having FREE smoke alarms installed, please fill out the information below Name

Address 1100 S. Valley Center Ave., San Dimas, CA 91773 Phone: 909-447-7799Ext500 Fax: 909-447-7948


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Home Fire Preparedness Campaign 家庭火災防範計畫