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4th Zebra Awards

Rosario Civello Mediterranean #1

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materials, including mobile, digital and conventional arts, as well as digital arts, such as digitial painting, manipulation etc. We look forward to seeing your submissions and we thank you in advance for contributing to the Zebra Magazine and helping us bring inspiring and fascinating content to our members and readers.

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Tiffany Dubouchet 3rd Place - Cosmo Landscape and Nature

Patricia Dinu 2nd Place - Cratere Di Zeus Landscape and Nature http://www.patriciadinu.com/

Madiha Abdo 1st Place - Dark mystery Fine Art and Open http://madiabdophotography.format.com/home

Pradee[ Raka Lammaoaj 1st Place - Hoping for his comeback from illness People and Animals https://1x.com/member/pradeepkmpk14

Fabio Batocchi 2nd Place - Hong Kong Fine Art and Open http://www.fabiobatocchi.eu/

Madiha Abdo 2nd Place - Highway Abstract and Contemporary http://madiabdophotography.format.com/home

Jefflin Ling 2nd Place - Penguin People and Animals https://500px.com/ling_lach

Barbara Cohen 1st Place - Cat in black and white Abstract and Contemporary http://cohenartist.com/

Joshua Sarinana 3rd Place - Break Abstract and Contemporary http://www.joshuasarinana.com/

Chee Keong Lim 3rd Place - Reading 8 People and Animals https://www.lensculture.com/lpdigit

Aurelio Bormili 3rd Place - Stairway to nowhere Fine Art and Open http://www.aureliobormioli.it/


Amir Lavon Hero of life

Chia Wei Liang The launch

Chia Wei Liang Lonesome Bridge

Steven Anggrek Mono No Aware

Chia Wei Liang Gossip

Chia Wei Liang IT

Romina Aghandeh Reflection of Trees

Chia Wei Liang The horseman

Chia Wei Liang Stillness

Tiffany Dubouchet Hide

Bernadett Bakonyi A whitesail in the distance

Yingting Shih Trap baiting net

Yingting Shih Silhouette Theater

Yingting Shih Electric pole

Yingting Shih Abandoned

Yingting Shih Self talk

Yingting Shih Take a walk

Yingting Shih One thousand betel palms

Yingting Shih Pearl

Austin Dickey Splush

Scott Pierson Skull and smoke

Steven Anggrek Mono no aware

Mirko Minelli Death in Autumn

Scott Pierson The old tree

Scott Pierson Roots

Scott Pierson Flow

Scott Pierson Rapture

Scott Pierson The ruins

Jakub Pasierkiewicz A darkness covers the earth

Axel Dandois Curved

Meinard Valenzona After a day’s work

Stuart Willson All washed up

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Alone in the shadows

Andrew JK Tan The chess master

Andrew JK Tan The game

Andrew JK Tan Holy man

Ravikumar Jambunathan Looking up

Olga Balashova *

David Collett Arctic Fox

Armineh Hovanesian Beautify

Chai Kooi Kok Backstage of Chinese opera

Ko Mumu Grandmother and her grandchildren

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Babel

Thomas Crauwels Beau Rivage

Patricia Dinu Before the storm

Edmon Terakopian A murmuration of starlings

Armineh Hovanesian Beneath

Armineh Hovanesian Self confidence

Gregory D’agostino A lady, a lady , and a bird

Mary Kang Bhutanese refugees in a new home

Edmond Terakopian Beach Walk

Jerry Ranch Bloom

Chee Keong Lim Boatman 12

Edmond Terakopian Opera warm-up

Edmond Terakopian Silent reflection

Cara Walton Broken glass

Adam Goldman Security Envelope Pattern #11

Martin Lukas Driving the cows

Glenn Goldman Building lines

Chee Keong Lim Bull race 25

Thomas Crauwels Burning

A M Clark Osthafenbrücke

A M Clark Darmstadtium

A M Clark Staatstheater

Sergey Varaksin Child and bird

Deborah Roffel Dear Nina

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Cloud

Stuart Chape Svalbard 26

Theam Meng Sea Tea farm in the morning

Jeremy Ranch Converge

Martin Krystynek Curves

Dan Dozer Into the mist #2

Arief Putranto Couple

Pradeep Raja Kannaiah Jockey biting bull tail

Kelsie Waller Lava cords

Dan Dozer JEM’s persona

Paula Rae Gibson Dreams only

Christoph Oberenzer Untitled

Christoph Oberenzer Interstella

Pradeep Raja Kannaiah Carrying her brother in sea

Kelsie Waller Himba

Kelsie Waller Salt

Kelsie Waller Salt Cells

Kelsie Waller Calm

Kelsie Waller Into the light

Sandro Tedde AbstrActure 37

Sandro Tedde AbstrActure 38

Pradeep Raja Kannaiah Kusamba salt farmer

Stuart Chape Bhutan horse chase

Jerry Ranch My electric companion

Austin Dickey Baobab beauty

Errol Daniels Selected works

Errol Daniels Selected works

Jefflin Ling Loneliness

Jefflin Ling Silence

Deborah Roffel

Deborah Roffel

Evgeniy Levchenko, back in time

Evgeniy Levchenko, light my fire

Deborah Roffel Evgeniy Levchenko, Respect (II)

Kah Hoe Stephen Cheong Grandmother and grandson

Roland Escalona Lean on me

Jerry Ranch Eye of the beholder

Jiaqi Yang

Scott Pierson

Father and son praying at the wall

The truth in the shadows

Fabio Batocchi Pian grande - Italy

Florin Firimita The reader (Brianna)

Paul Licman The forest fairy

Fabio Batocchi Shenzhen - China

Aurelio Bormioli Ghosts Pier

Sebastián KucKovský Freedom

Jakub Pasierkiewicz From my dream II

Jakub Pasierkiewicz From my nanny’s wall II

Chai Kooi Kok From the peace

Jerry Ranch Gamete

© Martin Krystynek

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US$2000 GRAND PRIZE Closing Deadline: 30 June 2016 www.tzipac.com

Enter now Celebrating the beauty of Fine Art Nudes

2016 GoPix Exposee Celebrating the beauty of Mobile Photography 5 FREE Submissions per Entrant Extended Deadline: 30 June 2016 www.tzipac.com

© Sarah Jarrett

Sebastián KucKovský Forest Ghost

Nigel Bullers Gone

Chee Keong Lim Going Home 5

Thomas Crauwels Holy Peak

Aurelio Bormili Hey men, where are you going?

Filipe P Neto As far as the eye can see

Chee Keong Lim Happiness

Howard Bergman 3921

Jesse Kane-Hartnett Boy sells watercolors in Cambodia

Gregory D’Agostino Romance on a glacier

Martin Krystynek High above the sky

Dan Dozer Idiivil #5

Armineh Hovanesian I am

Jerry Ranch Identity Crisis

Aleksandr Fumarov Flying in the clouds

Arief Putranto Forest of fear

Peter Ahn Headshot

Judi Altman Just lines

Judi Altman Transverse

Theam Meng Sea Misty river morning 3

Aleksandr Fumarov Incline

Mark Challender Help!

Theam Meng Sea

Theam Meng Sea

Man smoking

Kolkatta Rickshaw

Edmond Terakopian Light switch reflections

Edmond Terakopian A portrait of Jordan

Joshua Sarinana Float

Joshua Sarinana Window

Joshua Sarinana The bus

Joshua Sarinana American shadow

Joshua Sarinana Library of windows

Joshua Sarinana Aligning MIT

Joshua Sarinana Synurbization

Joshua Sarinana Cloud of birds

Joshua Villanueva

Judi Altman


Inner prison

Martin Krystynek

Chai Kooi Kok


Leather craftman

Dionisius Nio Joy of harvest

Chai Kooi Kok Ladies in white

Yongfeng Zhou Dying

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Justyna

Madiha Abdo Untitled

Madiha Abdo Untitled

Thomas Crauwels Le doigt de dieu

Ko Mumu Llama in Bolivia

Cara Walton Love is

Adam Goldman Security Envelope Pattern #19

Filipe P Neto Loop

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Left messages

Madiha Abdo Inspiration to Ancient Queens

Manss Aval Five Elements

Manss Aval Salk Institute

Manss Aval When trees dream

Rosario Civello Mediterranean #1

Michael Keel End

Michael Keel Grace

Michael Keel Grains

Manss Aval Zero Face

Rosario Civello Mediterranean #2

Michael Keel Sisters

Michael Keel Dedko

Martin Krystynek Miriama

Kon Yu Foong Village in mist

Chee Keong Lim Monestary 2

Oliver Dadswell Monochrome mermaid

Patricia Dinu Mormon man

Jerry Ranch Monopod

Theam Meng Sea Inlay lake fishermen

Kah Hoe Stephen Cheong 2 to go

William Turner Posey county Mt Griffin

William Turner Posey county Mt Charles

Ravikumar Jambunathan Beautiful cold morning

Wai Chung Chay Having fun!

Adam Goldman Security Envelope Pattern #26

Filipe P Neto EDP bulding - negative underground

Keith Reid Sweet angles

Keith Reid Sheets of metal

William Turner Posey count New Harmony Range

Kwa Weiling Nude

Glenn Goldman Paterson

Keith Reid Flooded

Chee Keong Lim Pacu Guni 4

Stuart Chape Paddlers

James Morton Nude with walkman

Edmond Terakopian A portrait of Radka

Martin Lukas Play mancala

Baiju Patil Eye to eye

Paul Dixon Best case scenario

Martin Krystynek Poprad

David Collett Port of Timbuktu

Badiha Abdo Perspective

Pedro Diaz Molins Don’t stop the music

Deborah Roffel Oehoe

Ko Mumu Potosi street kid

Aurelio Bormioli Syrian portrait

Chee Keong Lim Praying 9

Martin Lukas Quietness

Dionisius Nio Rainy day in the bamboo forest

Patrick Green Ripples

Jerry Ranch Ribbit

Deborah Roffel Breastfeeding

Deborah Roffel Evgeniy Levchenko (nude)

Anita Schiedeck Moonlight

Glenn Goldman San Francisco Brick

Anita Schiedeck Legs

Anita Schiedeck Light

Anita Schiedeck Rider in the snow

Anita Schiedeck Socks

Martin Krystynek Seamaid

Aurelio Bormioli Seven seabirds

David Collett Shoji

Olga Balashova Infinity

Rosario Civello Signs #1

Rosario Civello Signs #4

Mary Kang Siliguri under construction

David Collett Smoked fish

Nigel Bullers Sliver

Rosario Civello Snow Shapes

Tee Lip Lim Social Economic Inequalities

Stuart Chape Star ferry Hong Kong 2

Edmond Terakopian Urban Dance

Glenn Goldman Snow in the trees

Adam Goldman Security Envelope Pattern #22

Tee Lip Lim Struggle

David Collett Sumo squat

Chai Kooi Kok Power nap

Stuart Chape Poverty 7

Chai Kooi Kok Compacted stall

Randy Egliht Daughters

Tom Gore

Tom Gore

The shring of the Madonna della Lacrime

Waiting for the gate keeper

Martin Krystynek Swan

Txomin Txueka Syrian conflict 2

Txomin Txueka Syrian conflict 3

Bernadett Bakonyi Tag

Mary Kang Worker in Thailand

Kwa Weiling The eye

Hamish Mitchell The king

Aurelio Bormioli The lost world

Kwa Weiling The river of time III

Jakub Pasierkiewicz The secret of the drops

Terence Jeavons Indistinct

Joe Garry Train station

Keith Reid Transformation

Martin Lukas Tranquility

Bernedett Bakonyi Up

Takashi Yamashita Memory of a room

Filipe P Neto V

Han Kang Up is down

Nigel Bullers Up on the roof

Stuart Chape Vavau 2

Deb Della Piana View from the pilgrim monument

Jiaqi Yang Prayers

David Collett Women of Istanbul

Mary Kang Worker in Thailand

Thomas Crauwels Waiting for summer

Richard Lombart

Dionisius Nio

Warrior, Marne river, Paris, France


Stefan Ströher

Stefan Ströher

Old Harry rock

St Michael’s mount

Stefan Ströher

Stefan Ströher

Rock in Iceland

Venice and gondolas

Stefan Ströher Reynisdrangar rocks Iceland

Stefan Ströher Crossover

Stefan Ströher Durdle door

Deborah Roffel A portrait of a wolf

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Winter forest

Thomas Crauwels Windstorm

Tee Lip Lim You broke my heart, Philips

Stuart Chape Zen Garden 2

Yingting Shih Animal rug

Theam Meng Sea Farmer

© Martin Krystynek

Join us to celebrate the beauty of Fine Art Nudes

US$2000 GRAND PRIZE Closing Deadline: 30 June 2016 www.tzipac.com

Enter now Celebrating the beauty of Fine Art Nudes

2016 GoPix Exposee Celebrating the beauty of Mobile Photography 5 FREE Submissions per Entrant Extended Deadline: 30 June 2016 www.tzipac.com

© Sarah Jarrett