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1st ROYGBIV Color Awards © Tee Lip Lim

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43mm Magazine is always on the look-out for outstanding artists from around the globe to show case, as well as sharing exciting news about the creative world with our members and readers. If you would like to submit your work, or recommend another person’s work to us, please feel free to send your submission to info@tzipac.com, and the editorial team will respond accordingly on the suitability of the recommended content for our 43mm magazine. The focus for our content is mainly targetted towards

photographic materials, including mobile, digital and conventional arts, as well as digital arts, such as digitial painting, manipulation etc. We look forward to seeing your submissions and we thank you in advance for contributing to the 43mm and helping us bring inspiring and fascinating content to our members and readers.

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4th Zebra Awards Results Join us to celebrate the beauty of Black and White Photography

We are proud to announce the results for the latest 4th Zebra Awards. Come and view exquisite black and white, as well as monochrome photographic arts from around the world. Enjoy...


2016 GoPix Exposee Celebrating the beauty of Mobile Photography

5 FREE Submissions per Entrant Extended Deadline: 30 June2016 www.tzipac.com

© Sarah Jarrett

Š Martin Krystynek

Join us to celebrate the beauty of Fine Art Nudes

US$2000 GRAND PRIZE Closing Deadline: 30 June 2016 www.tzipac.com

Enter now Celebrating the beauty of Fine Art Nudes

GRAND WINNER Stuart Chape Rock Swimming Pool

Stuart Chape 2nd Place - Boat Harbour Open and Fine Art

Alexander Vershinin 1st Place - Dance of Life Abstract and Contemporary http://www.vershinin.biz/

Pham Van Ty 1st Place - Sewing the Fishing Net People and Animals http://ptdesignpham.wix.com/phamty1

Hiep Nguyen 3rd Place - Wonder Garden People and Animals

Marc Ambros 1st Place - Cuca de Lium Landscape and Nature http://www.marcambros.com/

Tyler Kramer 2nd Place - Untitled Abstract and Contemporary http://www.tylerjkramer.com/

Jakub Pasierkiewciz 3rd Place - Rug Landscape and Nature http://kubap.com/wp/

Geri Centonze 2nd Place - Fuschsia in Pink Landscape and Nature http://artofmob.com/

Barbara Cohen 3rd Place - Lover Abstract and Contemporary http://cohenartist.com/

Viet Van Tran 3rd Place - Yellow Umbrella Open and Fine Art http://www.saatchiart.com/vietvan

Theam Meng Sea 2nd Place - Golden Sunset People and Animals https://www.facebook.com/thian.ming.9


Jakub Pasierkiewicz Abstract prospects II

Romina Aghandeh Calm park

Romina Aghandeh Taxi terminal

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Abstract prospects I

Huda Al-Husaini A city with passion

Wong Kum Loon Lana and Mosi

Wong Kum Loon Shall we talk

Cat Holmes Summer series

Cat Holmes Summer series

Oliver Henderson Alien abduction fashion cross over

Scott Pierson Alabama Hills at night

David Collett The chameleon

Baylee Judd The bicycle man

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Communication

David Collett Chefchaouen

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Companionless I

Stuart Chape Lauru rainbow

Viet Van Tran Blue

Stuart Chape Coral reef lattice 1

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Companionless II

Tee Lip Lim Chromatic Enlightenment I

Bobby Samuels Cold kitsy

Julian Cousins

Scott Pierson



Jakub Pasierkiewicz Cyclists

Dawn Leblanc In the canola field

Marco Laverdiere Yes, we’re open!

Stuart Chape Eye of the sea

Stuart Chape Mangrove islands 1

Meagan Rae Forever Flowing

Viet Van Tran Festival grateful parent

Jakub Pasierkiewicz From my nanny’s wall I

Jakub Pasierkiewicz From my nanny’s wall V

Silvia Schmitt Girl with green eyes and red headscarf

Hakim Boulouiz Welcome

Meagan Rae Mother flower

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Helios IV

Nathan Culbertson Fussed marrow

Hakim Boulouiz Iwave

Jakub Kibler Passion

Parker Beaudoin Spirit

Parker Beaudoin Inspiration

Parker Beaudoin Hamsa

Marc Ambros Adovomamza

Tee Lip Lim Mr Flora

Tee Lip Lim MSB Fireworks at NDP rehearsal

Tee Lip Lim Other worldly surfaces 02

David Collett The owl butterfly

Viet Van Tran Playing

Tee Lip Lim Perfectly imperfect

Viet Van Tran Red ball

Tee Lip Lim Rochor centre colorful hdb

David Collett Shipwreck

May Sim The entrances

May Sim Grandmom and I

May Sim Old lady

May Sim Old lady

Tee Lip Lim Singapore playground

Viet Van Tran Smile of sand

Anastasia Kim Spring

David Collett Star dome

David Collett The humming bird

Jakub Pasierkiewicz Swimmers

Tee Lip Lim Superstar Spider

Tee Lip Lim There the floral lay

Scott Pierson Two step

David Collett Pelican grooming

Tee Lip Lim United Colors of Bangkok Street

Jakub Pasierkiewicz When the sea is blue XII

Kwa Weiling Color delight

Jakub Pasierkiewicz The velvety dawn I

Kwa Weiling Fishing net

David Collett Women in Istanbul

Jakub Pasierkiewicz When the sea is blue I

Scott Pierson Woodwork

2016 GoPix Exposee Celebrating the beauty of Mobile Photography

5 FREE Submissions per Entrant Extended Deadline: 30 June2016 www.tzipac.com

© Sarah Jarrett

Š Martin Krystynek

Join us to celebrate the beauty of Fine Art Nudes

US$2000 GRAND PRIZE Closing Deadline: 30 June 2016 www.tzipac.com

Enter now Celebrating the beauty of Fine Art Nudes

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