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The variety of food with the scenic view is unique! Enjoy evening barbeque, fried cassava and sweet potato with spicy kachumbari (salad). Also taste authentic ‘by the bay’ specialties, madafu (coconut water), kichwa nazi and kitale (white bland coconut by produce) served with spicy potatoes.

Zanzibar boasts of a wide spread of sea food. Mainly at Forodhani, Stone town from big lobste rs WR WLQ\ VDOWHG ÀVKHV $OVR DVN IRU œ3L]]D¡ D à DYRUIXO ORFDO GRXJK VDQGZLFK ÀOOHG ZLWK RQLRQV peppers, meat, a raw egg and maybe a slice of cheese. Dry sea food is also sold on streets and fresh catch in top hotels and restaurants.

MEALS Wholesome, tasty and healthy meals are available at an affordable rate across the country. Try local delicious meals VXFK DV XJDOL VWLFN\ PDL]H à RXU variety like rice) with maharage (beans), chips mayai (french fries RPHOHW  ÀVK DQG FKLSV FKLFNHQ and chapatti (round dough bread). Mchicha (spinach), pilau (rice with vegetable), stew and fried bananas are available in shacks or restaurants.

It is recommended to take highest hygiene and health precautions before opting to eat street food.


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