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SANDBANK PICNICS Dar es Slaam is surrounded by a rich coastline with few isolated sandbanks such as Mbudya and Bongoyo, mostly visited for snorkeling and to enjoy a day out in a serene location with pristine views. Rent a ride (from hotels/ private companies) and off you go! NATIONAL MUSEUM Situated in the heart of the city and close to the botanical garden, this landmark established in 1934 is of special interest to history lovers. The museum exhibits bones of Paranthropus boisei of Olduvai, history of Shirazi city-state of Kilwa, colonial rule and collections on Tanzanian cultures. ART TOUR Dar es Salaam is a home to many skilled artists, from painters to creative welders, visiting art markets is beyond a delight. Tinga Tinga paintings in Oysterbay, wood carvings in Mwenge, metal and recycled crafts at Wonder Workshop and the art market at Slipway are interesting forms of art. NIGHT CLUBS One of the biggest attractions in Dar es Salaam are the night clubs by the peninsular and beyond. From delicious food and groovy DJ nights and not to forget full moon parties, the city gets exciting by night. CITY TOUR Enjoy a half or full day city tour with expert guides that take you around landmarks. From religious institutes to museums, community visits and local markets, city tours are enriching and give you an opportunity to know more about the daily life in the city.

KIVUKONI FISH MARKET If you wonder where the fresh catch and tasty sea food FRPHVIURPDYLVLWWRWKHÀVK market makes for a unique experience. The market begins at sunrise with a big ÀVK DXFWLRQ DQG WKH RWKHU VLGHZKHUHWKHÀVKHVDUHFXW cleaned and cooked. VILLAGE MUSEUM/ MAKUMBUSHO VILLAGE Opened in 1996, the village museum is an ethnographical project showcasing traditional huts from 16 different Tanzanian ethnic groups. It is located in the outskirts of the city on the road to Mwenge and Bagamoyo. Guests get to see traditional cultivations, traditional music and daily dance shows. BOTANICAL GARDEN Although less popular, the botanical garden is an admirable place with an enchanting mix of exotic plants such as blue jacaranda, scarlet trees and purple bougainvillea. The garden is a peaceful place to spend evenings away from the hustle and in the company of peacocks and other birds. STREET FOOD JOINTS From dusk to dawn most streets in Dar es Slaam are brimming with business, people and the most prominent - food. Street vendors selling fruits, roasted cassava and black coffee, delicious fusion of Asian and Swahili cuisine at restaurants or the barbeque chicken and chips, street food here is plenty and alluring.

Tanzania in your pocket - February 2017  
Tanzania in your pocket - February 2017