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ITENRARY It is advisable to visit the caves with a tour guide owing to the depths and seclusion that often confuses new visitors. The caves are a fascinating historical site and various stories entail around this attraction. A guided tour makes for an interesting day trip for around three hours.

Walk in and around the caves for one and a half kilometers of stretch to explore limestone formations and listen to narratives, the caves also being the hiding places for the locals. Various formations resemble the shape of a ship, crocodile, an elephant, map of Africa, Statue of Liberty and a head of a male lion. Interesting encounters with the bats and visiting the chamber of spirits (Mzimuni) where local women worship to spirits.

The rays of lights that emerge in and out of the caves are an overwhelming part of the tour. The views of towering formations in the caves are an admiration. Walking through squeezes while getting treated to views of incredible formations makes the visit worth it.



Eight kilometers from town of Tanga in Kimoni Village. The caves are accessible by road via the Tanga Mombasa Route.

• Visit the historical buildings in and around Kimoni village • Biking to the caves up and the forest around • A dip in the nearby Glanos hot spring EREEOLQJZLWKZDWHUDQGÁRZLQJWRIRUPWKH stream along the Ziggi River



Rent a taxi (2 hours tour drive), cycle (3 hours ride) or use public transport (4 hours drive) and then walk for 20 minutes to the caves

• Carry a head torch • Wear comfortable sports shoes • Bring a small size camera or avoid large lenses


Tanzania in your pocket - February 2017  
Tanzania in your pocket - February 2017