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Tyson Skiba 9 White Science

Name: Mercury Other Names: Mercury, Quick Silver and Hydragyrum Symbol: Hg Number: 80 Protons/Electrons: 80 Neutrons: 121 Electron Configuration: 2, 8, 18, 32, 18, 2 Solid/Liquid/Gas Name Origin: Named after Mercury (Planet) Symbol Origin: From the Latin word hydrargyrum (liquid silver) Found: 1500 BC Type: Transition Metal Frozen (solidified): –38.85°C approximately Heated (gas): 365.6°C approximately Atomic mass: 200.59 Colour: Silvery Gloss or Silvery Blue


Physical Characteristics

The oldest piece of mercury was found in an Egyptian tomb dated at around 1500 BC in a little glass container. A lot of different sources of information from ancient civilizations say that mercury was mined; these include The Romans, Hindus, Egyptians and Chinese. The ancient civilizations soon realized it was poisonous due to slave miner’s deaths. The Romans wondered why the plants around the mercury didn’t die and why people who drank water with mercury in it weren’t poisoned, they started to realize the form had a major impact on how poisonous it was.

Mercury is an individual due to the fact that it is the only metal that is a liquid at room temperature. Mercury has high surface tension which makes a bubble like cover over the liquid, one example of this is pouring lots of water into a cup till it looks like it is about to overflow, there will be an arc on top full of water. This allows bugs to glide of mercury as a liquid. Mercury, like most metals, metals is a good conductor of electricity (bad heat conductor). conductor) It is used in light switches in a little glass vile. When you flick the switch the vile is moved so the mercury goes to the other side allowing the current to pass through it and complete the circuit, the same process occurs to turn of the light.

It is safe to briefly touch mercury if you wash later. Mercury is toxic and even the fumes can poison you. Mercury is used in sun tanners and thermometers. Mercury ercury is found in large shark’s blood and other fish. Mercury Symbol used to represent the Element since 500 BC

Chemical Characteristics Mercury does not react with much apart from hot acids.

Were it is Found?

Name Origin?

Mercury hardly ever occurs as an element instead it occurs as a compound. Mercury is produced as a product from gold mining; it is mined in Spain (by the U.S.), Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Algeria, Russia, Yugoslav, China, and Finland. There is also a massive percentage of mercury in the Earth’s crust. Mercury is found mainly in Cinnabar (Pure and Mixed).

The word Mercury has a lot of origins but the most likely one for the element mercury is liquid silver/living silver which is argentum vivum in Greek. Others believe it has to do with alchemy, Rasavatam, an Indian word for alchemy, literally means the way of mercury. Mercury was thought of as the base for metal and is extremely close to gold. Gold represents the sun and the planet right next to the sun is Mercury hence the name for the element.

Compounds Mercury forms Mercury forms lots of compounds such as HgO, HgS, HgSe, HgTe and HgPo most are not used to build things these days.

Uses Mercury is used in many things such as light switches, thermometers (measures temperature), barometers, sun tanners, sphygmamometer (Measures blood in mmHg) and pretty much all other mometers. Mercury is also used in filling but some people won’t take the risk and get gold fillings instead.

Poems MERCURY, our weather indicator metal, (Quicksilver), in Latin, Hydrargyrum, Has a blue silver-like hue, with splendid lustre; 'Tis the only metal known to be liquid At common temperatures. When frozen, At minus forty degrees Centigrade, It is solid, crystalline, and mall'able. Mercury, it is nice for some odd jobs. You can use it to find temperature, Air pressure, or as an ancient cure-all. But it is also a killer; it robs People of life, of that you can be sure. Too much of this stuff will be your downfall. It melts your brain and destroys your liver; with it in you will shake and quiver. Lots of it can be found in the big fish, or working in the mines, that’s a death-wish. But don’t be alarmed, it takes quite a while for you to be harmed. By Patrick D'Hoostelaere A silvery metal, A liquid that's fast, Sometimes called quicksilver, Does not stick to glass, Used in barometers, Found in large groups, Mercury's a substance, That lots of people use. By Lashelle Wolter

Mercury’s structure Mercury has 80 atoms and 121 neutrons which means it has 80 little dots on the shells (or circles) going around the centre ball. It has 6 shells going 2,8,18,32,18 and 2.

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