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Smoke Detector Camera–Two in One Gadget Listed are some reasons to place the hidden camera in a smoke detector. 1. Perfect Point of View Smoke detector cameras give you a perfect top view of the place you want to be monitored. This is not possible with other cameras. Smoke detector cameras mostly have two viewpoints to place the camera. One is at the center of the detector looking down the ground and another one is around the detector looking sideways. So, we can choose between two according to our convenience. We can either go to the top view like in commercial malls or we can just install the camera around the detector to monitor the passageway. It is better to install your spy camera around the ceiling rather than hiding it behind any of the visible objects. 2. Two in One Installing a smoke detector is a must, since it becomes a law. So, buying a smoke detector that comes with a spy camera will definitely help you in saving some money and also you can use it for both the purpose. 3. Low-Profile No one wants to be monitored all the time. So, it is better for you to install a spy camera that is not visible to others and it will also be a low-key affair. People won’t be able to notice these smoke detector cameras, since they look just like a smoke detector which is capable of detecting smoke. 4. Affordable The cost of a smoke detector is around 25 dollars. Hiding a spy camera inside a smoke detector will cost around 80 dollars. So, spending some eighty bucks is not going to cost a fortune in return to safeguard your place 5. It is time to go Hi-Tech These smoke detector cameras are designed with the advanced technology and they come with number features. You can just install this camera in a hallway and you can monitor them from any place you like. You can even connect them to your mobile phone for some live monitoring. Another specialty of this camera is that they are capable of recording the data in color. This will be a big relief for us, since we are acquainted with the black and white images for a long time. These types of gadgets save time and also provide security for the home/office against any theft or an issue. These smoke detection camera enclosed with various advantages with reasonable cost which made people to buy these kinds of products. Looking for buy spy camera’s to provide security to your home? Then Spy3k is the best place where you can get security cam equipments with best price. Sp3k sells various spy monitoring devices

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Smoke detector camera–two in one gadget  

Smoke detector cameras give you a perfect top view of the place you want to be monitored. This is not possible with other cameras. Smoke det...

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