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The pulse of the city, calling me back, the streets of my formative years shaping my future. Feet planted I must be an agent of change. The only way forward is ordered chaos, artistic anarchy, – I’ve found where I belong. MOST KINGS is fashion with a conscience, the nexus of design and social justice, thirty percent of our profits go to support education, prisoner abilition and food equity organizations in underserved urban areas.

NEW HOPE $50 cotton tee, burnt orange, S – XL

FOUNDATION–Where does our passion come from? Like you our heart is on the pavement, and we’re propelled by the kinetic energy that connects us all. Our love for the city and its residents has led us here; to create fashion that gives back.

FLIPPIN’ OUT $40 cotton tee, white, S – XL

NO STANDING $55 cotton tee, white, S – XL (opposite)

THE CONCRETE.. $35 cotton tee, white, S – XL

CONFLICT–Change doesn’t happen without a little tension, opposing forces clashing over the fate of tomorrow; the few fighting for the rights of the many. Without it we’ve frozen in stasis.

CHANGE $40 cotton tee, chocolate, S – XL

VISION $40 cotton tee, khaki, S – XL (opposite)

CHARLIE $55 cotton tee, white, S – XL

INDIVIDUALITY–What does it take to stand up for what you believe in? It takes courage; a leader. An enemy of group-think willing to meet the challenge of ushering in a new day.

THE RISING $45 cotton tee, green gray, S – XL

NOURISH $50 cotton tee, white, S – XL

CONNECTED $45 cotton tee, white, S – XL

Kings aren’t born, they’re crafted. When you stand up and handle it. You were made for this.

MOST KINGS.. $35 cotton tee, white, S – XL

stand out you’re bound to draw attention; but you can

W W W. M O S T K I N G S. C O M