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7 Powerful Ways To Make Money From


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Adsense Using Only Free Tools

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A Home Based Business

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7 Powerful Ways To Make Money From Adsense Using Only Free Tools There is really no doubting that there are

is not too difficult to quickly build a list that

amazing incomes currently being made on

reaches a million or so email boxes and can

Google Adsense and the really interesting

thus give a lot of visibility and drive tons of

thing is that even relatively small sites and

highly targetd traffic to your Adsense site or

blogs are finding new ways to make money


from their Adsense sites every day.

Probably the most popular place for doing this is at Yahoo groups, but there are a few others

Actually there are a lot of increasingly creative

that you can find easily by using your favorite

ways to make money and maximize on

search engine.

Adsense earnings that are being discovered and also being put to use every day. And what’s

Success here depends on three main factors.

even more fascinating is the fact that most of

Firstly you should be careful to join article

these tools being used don’t cost anything.

announcement lists and ezine lists that are

They are actually free. Here are 7 of the most

as relevant as possible to your subject matter

effective currently being used.

and offering. Secondly your headline has to


Ways to make money from Adsense by

be a killer headline that will grab readers by

Distributing articles through ezine and article

the scruffs of their necks and force them to

announcement lists

open your email message amongst the dozens or even hundreds of others they receive daily.


June 2011

Some of the most effective methods ways to

It goes without saying that the content must

make money from Adsense clicks involve the

meet the promise of your sensational headline.

simple step of just increasing the volume of

Anything less will cause annoyance and leave

targeted traffic to a site. One of the ways of

all those potential visitors to your Adsense

doing this is by distributing interesting content

site feeling cheated. And believe me, you don’t

to ezine lists and article announcement lists. It

want to cause this sort of reaction because it is June 2011


ONLINEMillionaire definitely not one of the ways o make money

One of the reasons for this is that targeted

from Adsense or any other program for that

traffic will tend to spend more time at your

matter. Thirdly, you will need the sort of

site or sites, and the more time they spend, the

resource box in all your articles that will leave

higher the chances that they will click one one

most of your readers with no option but to

of the Adsense ads posted there.

visit your Adsense site. Within a very short of consistently applying


Ways to make money from Adsense by

this technique, my daily Adsense earnings

Using Articles And A Viral Marketing Website

increased seven-fold. Any online marketing technique that involves Ways to make money from Adsense by

the use of referral marketing or viral marketing

Distributing free articles to high traffic article

automatically has a huge chance of being a


success. The net is ideal for viral marketing and

Some people find the recent trends that have

in fact gives any viral marketer huge leverage.

seen an increase in article sites surprising. I

Viral marketing or referral marketing is one

don’t. The net is primarily an information-

of the most effective ways to make money

seeking tool. Anything that will help improve

online. Just ask Bill Gates.


the search and quality of information will greatly benefit the people making that effort.

When Gates was trying to play catch up on the Internet after an earlier mistake of

Some of the older article directories receive

underestimating the future importance of

very high traffic, mainly from web masters

the net, he launched his Hotmail free email

and site owners seeking quality free content

service when rivals like Yahoo already had

for their sites. So apart from the immediate

millions of users. He decided to use a simple

exposure these sites also guarantee plenty of

referral marketing technique. Every Hotmail

future targeted traffic to your site, when folks

message that went out had a brief signature at

find your articles useful enough to re-post at

the end requesting the recipient to sign up for

their sites. The more new articles you release

their free Hotmail account. Within a few short

to these sites every week, the more targeted

months, Hotmail had millions of users. And

traffic your Adsense sites will receive. This is in

there are many other amazing stories which

fact one of the most effective ways of making

viral marketing boasts of on the net.

money consistently from Adsense clicks. 8

June 2011



There is one of the very simple ways to make

that using famous quotes is more effective

In the old days, before the invention of money,

SPAM or unsolicited email. All this is “gold”

money from Adsense by going viral. Sign

than a straight advertising message. Always

if somebody needed something, the first

lying in your email inbox and there are ways

up at a leading viral marketing site. You will

remember that people hate to be advertised to

question they asked themselves was; “What is

to make money using these emails. All you

automatically get your own viral site. You can


it that I already have that I can exchange for

need to do to process the emails into pure gold

what I need? Barter trade seems to have been

is to send out “teaser emails about the most

forgotten but it is a very powerful method of

interesting aspects of content at your site.

then use some of your articles to point people to your viral site. The way these sites work is


that anybody who signs up at your site will

Asking Questions At Discussion groups

trading. More so online where people have

The whole objective of teaser emails is to get

have to visit your Adsense site if you register

I recently had an interesting conversation

plenty of skills but are slow to trust others

people to visit your site. For instance if I were

it at the site. So within a very short time you

with a young Internet and computer techie.

enough to send them money for an item they

to send out teaser email on this content here is

will be driving thousands of visitors to your

He asked me whether there were quick ways


how I would construct it;

Adsense site.

to make money online by answering technical

You can barter whatever it is you have, your

Subject: Free Tools Currently Being Used To

Find more details on this at my blog whose

questions and helping people to solve their

skills, products or services, and exchange

Increase Adsense Earnings

address you’ll find in the resource box below.

computer and web-related problems. My

them for genuine valuable Adsense keywords.


Admittedly this traffic is less targeted. Still the

answer was that there were many discussion

Valuable Adsense keywords are the most

Just thought you might be interested in this

huge potential and possible numbers you are

groups where participants would get these

effective way for a small site with low traffic to

subject, since so many folks online use Adsense

able to receive using this free tool more than

answers for free. I advised him that he had a

earn big cash from Adsense. And you can do

these days. If not please accept my sincere

makes up for this.

better chance of making money by making

this barter trade on an ongoing basis so that

apologies. Details are at my site.

use of this free advice available online rather

you always have a constant supply of valuable

www. your site’s address .com

than by trying to sell his own advice.

Adsense keywords which you can use at your


With Your Email signature

There are tons of online discussion groups

site or blog as one of the ways to make more


People greatly underestimate the power

where leading world experts will answer your

money from Adsense.

I am sure you can write an even more effective

and potential effectiveness of a simple email

questions and give you valuable insight for

signature as one of the ways to make money

free. It is amazing why most people do not


online. Actually this is a viral marketing

think of using these online forums to learn

Sending Teaser Emails

different one for your business contacts and yet

method because emails get forwarded all the

as much as they can about the most effective

To Everybody In Your Inbox And Also To

another one for those nasty guys SPAMMING

time and are even copied to several other

ways of making money from Adsense.

Your Opt-in Email List

you. These are just some of the many creative

people sometimes. Do not waste another

These forums can easily be found through you

Most of us receive tons of email in our inbox

ways to make money from Adsense.

minute. Go to all your email accounts right

favorite search engine.

every day. You’ll be surprised at the huge

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online writer and entrepreneur. Visit his blog to read the rest of this article; http:// He can be reached at strongwallafrica at


Ways to make money from Adsense

Ways to make money from Adsense By

teaser email. It would be a better idea to have Ways to make money from Adsense By

number of people you know by simply going

now and create a signature that points to your Adsense site or sites.


Ways to make money from Adsense

through your email inbox. No matter how

Writing effective email signatures is a skill that

By Bartering your online skills for valuable

good your spam filters are, you are also bound

you will have to develop, but I have found

Adsense keywords.

to be receiving more than your fare share of


June 2011

a different message for your close friends, a

Article Source: Kyalo

June 2011



Income Entourage Reviews

ONLINEMillionaire Income Entourage is another great development of Lewis and Stephenson that will be launched in a couple of weeks. These two names might be known to you. Income Entourage became another high quality internet marketing software that going to become an extremely popular amongst its users. The Income Entourage review below is for your information: This program had been created after receiving the users’ feedback who actually requested a software which can be operated very easily and attract a lot of traffic to the websites for free. Taking this idea as a base, Lewis and Stephenson developed the Income Entourage software. It is well known that the more traffic you get to your website the more clients you possibly get and most likely it will bring you good profit. The software is extremely easy to use. People wanted to have the software that will not require special technical knowledge in order to use it. There was a demand to such kind of software that will release them of the headache of spending long hours in front of computers to create a website which will attract heavy traffic and eventually will lead to the business success online. Unfortunately, the limited information about the software is available by now. But the comprehensive information will be available right after the launching the product what is going to happen in almost two weeks. At that time you will be able to go through the detailed Income Entourage review online before making your decision of purchasing the product. And you can be sure that after purchasing the program you will be trained in order to know all the secrets of using Income Entourage in a most profitable way.


June 2011

The life changing software will come out on 13th of June 2011. Before that life changing moment, have a look at the comments posted on Internet by those who tested the software. You can get any Income Entourage Bonuses out from there. Imagine that along with the purchased program you will get free video tutorial from which you will get all necessary information about the entire marketing program installed; experts in internet marketing field will share their knowledge with you through live webinars. If you are totally inexperienced in Online Marketing and this is the first time you launch the business, don’t worry. You will understand it straight after your purchase. If your aim is to launch the website which will bring you profits without any hassle and by just following a simple process then this software is exactly the one you were looking for. The long waited day is coming on 13.06.11. Meantime, have a look on the comments posted by people who were lucky enough to test the software before it is released. Don’t worry if this is the first time you get involved in Internet Marketing. Actually the software Income Entourage suits you perfectly. The software that probably will change your life is coming out on June 13 of 2011. Some people had a chance to test software and all of them are satisfied with it, saying that there is not threat of Income Entourage scam. But bear in mind that usually the opportunity is given once. Therefore, make a note in your calendar that 13 June of 2011 is a moment that you have to use your chance. Timothy is an world wide web marketer for 3 years. He enjoys the cats and the world wide web! Income Entourage bonus Article Source:

June 2011



How To Make Money Using PayPal Paypal is the dominant payment processor on

Affiliate marketing:This is the art of getting

the internet today. It is hard to go just two sites

people to visit a specific site using your link.

now without finding someone who accepts

You place links on your blog to sites that you

this as a form of payment, it has made buying

want to make money from and get people to

things dangerously easy! So how do you flip

click through those links and visit the sites, if

the coin and make money using PayPal?

they then buy something you get a percentage

There are a few different options, let’s look at

of that sale.Most affiliate schemes pay by

each in turn:

cheque or direct bank deposit, but paydotcom.

Blogging: Blogging is the act of setting up a

com pays straight into your PayPal account!

website with a blog installed on it (or using one

An ecommerce store:The barriers to entry

of the free versions that host it for you) which

on the internet are very low, so anyone can

enables you to quickly post your thoughts/

open a store now and start to sell items online

articles online whenever you want.The reason

without much capital invested.Pick yourself a

this has become so popular is because it takes

niche, find somewhere to get stock from (you

away almost all of the technical aspects of

could even dropship things where you take

creating a site (depending how much you

payment for an item and then pay another

want to customise you site). So a blog can

company some of that money and they ship

now be installed with just a few clicks and

the goods straight to the customer for you),

then all posts made with a few clicks.To make

get your website setup and start to get people

money using PayPal and your blog then you

to it who will hopefully buy something!If you

can either sell services, like doing reviews for

decide to do this then you can use PayPal as

people, maybe writing articles for them, or try

your main method of payment and get instant

affiliate marketing or even selling your own

cash sent to you every time you make a sale.

books through the blog. The blog is the way

These are just the top three methods I have

you advertise to people so that as they are

touched upon, there are many more ways to

drawn to the content on your blog they get to

make money using PayPal.

see your adverts for the other items and may buy. 14

June 2011

I have reviewed the top 3 products which teach you exactly how to start making money online, click here to see the reviews. Article Source: Carter

June 2011




Profit Bank By Millionaire Society - What You Really Need To Know

What is Profit Bank? Profit Bank is a software that earlier online millionaires have used in the past to stabilize their earning. Formerly a private application, the software is now available for the public domain so all users that have time on their hands can earn some serious income.


June 2011

The program is written for the newbie in mind and comes with several training videos for quick help. Profit Bank mainly depends on Click Bank as it continues to be a driving force for earning residual income.

Who is Driving the Opportunity and can he/she The Millionaire Society teaches you how to be Trusted? use some of its exclusive tools like Domain Flipping which involves strategic purchases of Mack Michael is the expert behind the entire a domain where you can earn most profit for software. He is easily one of the most trusted flipping in the right opportunity. Profit Bank online experts today and he has the millions of is one of the rare packages that guide you from dollars to prove it. Because of his openness in the beginning and always keeps you busy so showing the steps how he did it, many users of you can continue to earn once you get the the program reached similar levels of success. hang of things. What Things can Profit Bank Teach you?

To see how I make money online Click Here.

Profit Bank is highly effective in teaching many marketing and online business management skills even if you lack some of the things that are normally considered essentials in getting started. For instance, you will not need a domain or a hosting provider to have your very own website. It teaches you how to build a website quickly even if you do not know HTML and other coding. It also teaches you how to bring lots of traffic to your website without working knowledge in search engine optimization and content writing. Finally, it teaches you how to be successful without investing anything. This means that you won’t have to pay for anything in AdWords nor pay for any other advertising medium. It highlights the importance and benefits of solely relying on Profit Bank. Mack designed this software to be the one thing that does it all. The only thing you need to do in return is to follow the simple steps laid out.

Article Source:

The training videos guide you through the necessary hurdles to become highly successful in the long run. This starts with the Millionaire Society which is another income opportunity that serves as one of Profit Bank’s streams of income.

June 2011




Make Money Via Paypal By Joining Free Online Survey Sites Anyone can make money writing articles

This is one of the best ways to empathize with

online. All you need is a computer with access

your reader and have them trust you as a

to the Internet and a decent command of your

reliable source.

chosen language and you are set. Whether you plan to leave your boring 9-5 and set up an


Checklist. People respond well to lists

Internet business or you are a mother staying

when working and learning. Making a list of

at home to look after the children, you can

jobs to do on a particular day is always a good

make money writing articles online.

idea. The checklist is just a list that is created before a particular task starts to ensure its

The way to do it is to provide advice that

smooth operation.

people can take action on and use to improve their situation or solve a problem. Everybody


who searches on the Internet is trying to solve

there is a section for FAQs. If you open a

a problem of some sort whether it is how to

sales brochure or pamphlet there are FAQs.

improve their tennis game or how to lose fat.

It shows that in general people ask the same

The trick is to present your information in a

questions, at least in the first place. Answer

user-friendly format.

those questions about a certain topic to make

Here are four ways to formulate your ideas: 1.

Personal experience. Write from the

perspective of your own experience. Show how you overcame a difficulty, solved a problem or applied some knowledge to improve your life or business. 18

June 2011

FAQs. Whenever you visit a website

money writing articles online. Then people will come to you for further information. 4.

Save money. People have a universal

desire to save money in business and personally. Explain how they can pay less for something or get more efficiency out of what they buy at the moment. June 2011


ONLINEMillionaire The most effective way to make money writing articles online is to provide great value in a practical format. Want a step-by-step guide on how to make money writing [http://]? It’s as easy as turning on your computer, fast, simple and costs nothing to start. Get your free action guide and 7-day e-course on how to make money writing online [ Articles-Report.html] today. Article Source:


June 2011

June 2011



ONLINEMillionaire By now, you must have heard about article marketing. However, are you aware that companies both big and small largely depend on article marketing to gain more web traffic? So, if you know how to write articles (or has a ghost writer write for you) and have some knowledge about SEO, congratulations to you! However, writing articles is just the first step to article marketing. Success in Article Marketing Is A Two-Step Process. The second step is to drive traffic to your article. To do that, you need to know: - How to position your article in the right niche, category, and market so that it gets noticed instantly! - How to find the right high-ranking article submission directories. ArticleDemon is by far the most comprehensive Article submission program available. With ArticleDemon, you can save yourself from burning hours of submitting to article directories in the relevant categories. If you are looking towards attracting visitors and turning the visit into sales, a mindblowing content submitted on the top article submission directories will enable you to achieve your goals!

Article Marketing Made Easier by Article Submission Software 22

June 2011

The top directories make your marketing efforts easier by providing bloggers, news posters, and other feed owners with free content to use. This enables you to get quality backlinks and provides you with the potential to get traffic from virtually everywhere.

Let’s look at what you can do with Article Demon. 1.Create Accounts Automatically




At 100 Article Directories: You can create accounts in 100 directories. It comes with a mixture of Popular Main Directories WordPress article directories. 2.Create Your Own List of 1000s of Article Directories: In addition to the list of directories that come with this product, you can add and build your own list of article directories. You can add directories that uses the following script: WordPress. 3.Add Your Own WordPress Blogs: You can even add your personal WordPress blogs. 4.Auto Account Verification: Most directories require you to verify your email after account creation. Using ArticleDemon’s email verification system, you will be able to download all the verification emails and activate them automatically. 5.Article Status Checker: ArticleDemon comes with a built-in feature that will find out if your submitted articles are published. And Much More. ArticleDemon is THE most advanced article marketing software we’ve seen. June 2011




It has everything one needs to get those high quality backlinks from authority and high PageRank article directories! It is a full guide on how to use ArticleDemon with simple step by step instructions. You will also learn 1) How to Write Articles That get All the Attention 2) How to Write Your SEO Title 3) How to Format Your Article for Optimal Results 4) How to Write a Resource Box that Gets the Click For more information about this visit: article/Article-Marketing-made-easier-Article-SubmissionSoftware/4303579/ Article Source: Kumar_Saxena Article Source:

Online Revenue - LinkShare Affiliate Program One of the easiest ways to make money online

you may get a rejection but that is normal and

would be to joins a program such as Linkshare.

should not put you off applying for anymore

With no minimum monthly payout like most


other companies seem to adopt this makes

After acceptance look around at all the ads

Linkshare a very good prospect indeed.

until you find one that will look good on your

You can choose from thousands of products

site. Then you just need to grab the code from

and programs on Linkshare that you can

the Linkshare site and place it onto your blog.

promote or market if you wish. The simple

You are now ready to start to make money.

concept is to refer buying customers to

There is also another easy way to make some

other sites and receive a percentage of any

money with Linkshare. They are willing to

sales. Linkshare has products that pay a high

pay you $1.50 for every blogger that you get to

percentage of the price in commission. This

open a Linkshare account. This can potentially

means that if you find a valuable product then

make you quite a bit of extra money.

you could earn quite a bit of money over a

The best possible way to get people to purchase

period of time.

from you is to prove to them that you can be

You start by registering for you Free account

trusted. A good way of doing that is to post

at Linkshare. Once you have registered you

quite regularly and offer all your readers some

are free to peruse the site and find an ad worth

very good value.

promoting on your blog. All you have to do is

You could even entertain your readers with

to apply for that ad and wait.

your blog or help to solve their problems.

Most times you will be accepted straight away

Keeping your blog content current and

as Linkshare has a good acceptance record. It is

interesting is a great way to keep the readers

very rare that you will not find something that

on your side.

you wish to promote. Occasionally though 24

June 2011

Article Source:

June 2011




Syndicated Articles - Article Domination Marketing A long , long time ago , in a galaxy far, far away... before the advent of the Internet. Articles were published in news papers, journals, and periodicals. If you were a good writer your article was syndicated. All that meant was the articles you have written were published in different mediums simultaneously. You were a news worthy author, and had a large following ( % of the circulation would read you.) Now in the 21st Century with Web 2.0, there are millions of syndicated articles all over the net. These authors gain name awareness (Branding Of themselves.) and quickly attain Guru Status. They submit these articles and grant publication rights to multiple sites in exchange for a Bio Box that is self Serving.

Listen Up Here...This is very important.. Include a dead link in your article.The reason you do this is (Drum Roll Please.) Many webmasters just copy and paste articles, they do not bring the HTML code. So your self serving links would be useless if they do that. One of the way Google looks at a sites importance is the number of links pointing to it. How much easier can you get for link backs? Just think if you can get 300 articles out there, and place them on many article exchanges you could have thousands of links pointing to your site. Sha...Zam!! High Organic search engine results. How Do You Write All These Articles?

The Bio Box sends traffic to their website, or, capture page(squeeze page). These articles increase traffic, (Targeted Traffic) with high conversion rates. They also Increase the website ranking. (The more Traffic that hits a site grabs the search engines attention.) They also help with link backs. More on that in a minute.Oh, I have your attention now...

Well for one, stop crying you can’t , and start doing it. Write about anything that is of interest to you (that is relevant to what you are attempting to accomplish.) Here are some ideas. Look to all your old E-Mail newsletters you received. Revamp those. What about your old blog posts? Add Some content and publish. The truth is there is plenty to write about. My advice is look inside your computer, repackage and publish. Just write about something..Just Do It!

How Do You Get Involved with this Article Marketing?

Tom Alongi is Is an Expert Online Marketer!! To get More Ideas go to [http://www.]

These articles help the author in several ways:

The best way to start article marketing is to write information packed articles. Duh!! Then put those articles out on different article exchanges. You will want to do as many articles as you can. You must put Anchor Text in the bio box pointing to your site. also.. 26

June 2011

Article Source:

June 2011




Make Money Online? 5 Brutal Facts a Beginners Should Know

business and becoming a millionaire.

be well-read and well-informed but experience

This gives the wrong impression that online

is also a very important component. There are

is the route to go to make a quick buck. This

people who post things on the internet which

is not so. It is not that easy to make money

they don’t have any experience with. Some

online. Some people even had to wait for

just post things for the benefit of their search

more than a year to start seeing the fruits of

engine optimization but to the detriment of

Make no mistake about it. This article is not

face it has become very easy for criminals to

their labor. It is never an overnight success.

customers who get any factual information.

intended for people who are already making

fool people thru the Internet. Scams online

It requires patience and perseverance. You

Never stop learning. Learn from people who

a good deal of money online. This is intended

are rampant. I’ve heard of many people who

have to set your goals first on building your

are already at the top. Read their books, listen

for people who are still starting to make

have been fooled and who have been duped

reputation and credibility before you start

to their stories, any tidbit of information they

money online. This article is for people who

out of their money. Just like what they say, “If

looking at the profits.

share can help you grow your online business

need help in establishing themselves and their

it is too good to be true, then it probably is”.

business online. If you are like most people

Do not fall for get rich quick schemes.

3. Having Money To Spend Makes it Easy

If they offer membership to their sites that are

then I’m quite sure you belong in the latter

Remember that nobody got rich overnight

Although more and more people are making

chock-full of valuable knowledge then by all

category of people.

without spending considerable effort and time.

money online, not all make the same amount.

means join. Let nothing stop you from you

If you are to succeed then it is very much

Although there are real people online who are

There is a big difference with people who earn

dreams. My free eBook is a great example

important that you have a business plan or list

more than willing to share their formula for

little amount of money to people who make

of a product that can help you expand your

of thing to do. This will help you stay focused

success, there are also those who make a living

huge sums of money. Before becoming big


and this will help you guide you on your path

out of scamming people.

in this business you have to consider your

5. Have a Business Plan

to success. You need to put emphasis on the

Be a good judge of character and a good judge

investment. You need money to make money.

Do not just dive into online business without

things that are essential for your growth and

of offers. Before committing or believing

In this case money will be used for very

any idea what you want and the direction

your success.

anything make sure to check the person

important things just like web hosting,

where you are heading. You should have plans

making such offers. Find out if he is reliable

maintenance of your website and the likes. Do

and contingency plans if ever the original idea

and what others have to say about him.

not expect that you’ll get everything for free.

doesn’t work. Do not put all your eggs in one

Just consider big businessmen, before they got

basket. Look at other ventures. You must learn

profits they had to shell out money first for

to be open minded.

1. There are Too Much Scams Online that you Could ever Imagine The Internet is a niche where everybody can share just about anything, their thoughts, skills, businesses, interests, etc. It’s free for all and is accessible to just about everyone. The Internet is a big help for job seekers, students and businessmen but it is also a breeding ground for unscrupulous characters. Since you are not dealing with people face to 28

June 2011

2. No Such Things As Overnight Success There has been so much talk and speculation about making money online. People who

and also become a smashing success like them.

their capital.

don’t even know much about the subject are

4. Learn From Others Who Are Already Making

suddenly in authority to give advice and points


with online money making. People who are

Learn from the experts. You gain more

not equipped with the correct information are

knowledge and more insights from them that

suddenly bragging about starting an online

you normally would from a book. It is good to

You can become wealthy with your online business but you have to know what your goals are, you need a concrete plan and you must have commitment in order for you to execute your plans.

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Discover a Comprehensive New System to Produce a Massive Stream of Traffic on a Daily Basis When you’ve got a new website your options to get affordable traffic are scarce. You don’t have affiliates yet. And pay per click advertising costs add up with an untested website. This is why articles are perfect for getting all of your

But, are articles the magic advertising solution? Nope. Quite frankly, they come with their problems too.

people hate writing. To many, it feels like

the countless article directories. But, this takes forever. Not to mention, it requires a never ending patience. Fact is, if you’re going to make articles part of your 30

June 2011

out of hundreds directories require.

submission software which promises to slash

This makes Instant Article Submitter a very

the time it takes to write and distribute your

similar option to the paid services which

articles for a surge in traffic and incoming

charge you a fee to use their service and

links. Discover a comprehensive new system

they take care of all the submitting. The only

to produce a massive stream of traffic on a

difference is that there are zero recurring

daily basis. Discover how this advanced new

fees, you know exactly where your articles

software transforms article promotion into the

are getting submitted to, and you can put it to

ultimate pain free advertising solution! Easily

work whenever you want. Instant Article Submitter is an easy to

First, Instant Article Creator is a fill in the

on your computer. It submits to the major

blank software that guides you to creating an

directories (most with high page-rank) so you

article. It’s a simple software that does its job

get maximum exposure without having to

well. By having a step by step structure, you

labor for days on end.

don’t have to worry about your articles getting

First, you’ve got to write them. And most

it. The common way to do this is to submit to

is fill in the security code that around three

download PC software you can run right

because they also establish you as an expert.

article, you’ve then got to find people who want

And here, Instant Article Submitter, an article

rise in the search engines with minimal effort!

send a burst of backlinks and free traffic. But,

And after you’ve managed to squeak out an

promotion method offers this vital benefit.

boost your credibility, traffic, and backlinks to

websites established. Not only because they

hemorrhaging blood!

of pushing all of the buttons. All you must do

too involved. Everything you need to include

Instant Article Submitter and its companion

is right in front of you, all of the time.

software Instant Article Creator (given as a bonus) sets out to eliminate these problems associated with articles.

business, then You Really Need A Shortcut To Writing and Distributing Your Articles! The

Instant Article Submitter is an automatic

But, how well does it perform?

Power of Articles To Promote Your Website!

article submission software. This is opposed to

Just submitting to the article directories alone

A Massive Surge of Free Advertising?

many other competing software that are only

are going to send hundreds of incoming links

semi automatic (meaning they still require

to your site. But, when you hit the right topic,

Before writing up an article, you must make

you to visit each site manually and click the

then you’re going to see countless publishers

sure to understand this. Prospects don’t just

“Submit” button). This makes using these

picking up your article (along with your

just become familiar with you through a sales

tools long and tedious to use. Instant Article

resource box at the end). And, if you get

pitch, but they get a taste of what you have to

Submitter visits all of the directories for you,

picked-up on the right site, then you’re going

offer through your articles. No other

logs into your account, and takes care

to get thousands of visitors. June 2011


ONLINEMillionaire Whatever the reason, if you put out a quality article, the simple mathematics mean you


How to Make Money Online Using Your Passion

have an amazing opportunity. There’s no question articles are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get targeted traffic

The most effective method of how to make

2. Pick from the list, one topic to start with.

5. Create a landing page - there are many free

and quality incoming links (that boost your

money online - and offline - is by doing what

Don’t pick the one you think would be the

ways to do this. Make sure you put your main

search rankings) to your site. Not to mention,

you enjoy. And there is always a way to make

most likely to make money online, pick the

keyword in the title. Of course, you’ll have

they don’t cost a cent!

money doing something you love, sometimes

one you feel most excited about.

links to your affiliate product/s on this page

And unlike other free advertising methods

it just takes thinking outside the box a little.

with photos. 3. Spend some time doing keyword research,

that have faded away over time, articles continue to grow in power as time goes on.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make

and niche research to find out what people

6. Research your topic and write content

After all, there’s always an increasing amount

money online while enjoying yourself!

are searching for, and what the post common

for your webpage. Again, this should be an

issues and requests are regarding that topic.

enjoyable task since you’ve chosen a topic you’re passionate about.

of website publishers who need quality content to share with their readers.

1. Make a list of the topics you enjoy, feel

I’ll share with you below, where you can find

Of course, there’s a catch. Your articles have to

passionate about or are interested in finding

out how to go about this research. Of course,

be good quality, be for an in-demand topic, and

out more about. Don’t worry about how you

this research should be an enjoyable process

Now you have a product and a website about a

you must submit them to article directories

could make money from them, or whether it

because it’s a topic you love or feel passionate

topic you enjoy. The next step is to let the world

(where publishers can pick-up your articles to

would be possible, just write them on the list.


know about it, and to get traffic to your site by using free methods, like article marketing and

syndicate). Otherwise, you will have wasted 4. Find an affiliate product.

social network marketing.

Once you have a list of keywords and a note

For a more detailed guide to keyword and

of what people are looking for, find an affiliate

niche research, how to create free landing

product by doing a search on Google for your

pages, and most importantly, getting traffic to

“topic + affiliate”. Make sure you research

your site, sign up for this free how to make

the product well to check that it has good

money online email course. Once you’ve got

feedback from customers. You can become an

the first topic up and running, you can move

* Street dance

affiliate on Amazon for many products (if for

to the next one on your list you feel excited

* Vacations in exotic countries

example your passion is gadgets, or shoes, or


your time. As a result, Instant Article Submitter gets my highest rating. It stands out over its competitors and the quality support and updates makes

For example: * Dolphins

using it an easy decision.

* Chocolate


* Shoes

Find out How To Make Big Money Online Fast How I make money online [] blog Article Source:

barbeques... you get the idea), or on ClickBank As you can see from the example list, it can be

for information products about your topic.

Click here for help with article marketing Article Source:

as diverse as you like. 32

June 2011

June 2011




Make Money Online In 2011 - Absolutely No Working Experience Require

4) Sell advertising. Do you own a blog or website that has been sitting around for years? Perhaps your sites are meant to be personal sites and you haven’t thought of making money with them. Well, do you know that you can actually sell advertising and make some extra income? For example, you can offer to write blog posts for Companies that in return,

Are you thinking of making some extra income

are legitimate.

they pay you a fee every time you make a new

for year 2011? What are some money making

post about some product or service. This is

opportunities that are available for the new

one of the easiest and quickest way to make

year? Are these opportunities a good fit for

2) Freelance jobs. Have some free time on your

your own knowledge and skills? What if you

hands? You can always offer your time for sale

don’t possess Internet marketing knowledge?

by doing some freelancing for others. There

5) Reseller hosting. If you are into technology,

Can you still make a good income on the

are a wide variety of freelance jobs available

you may do well by operating a hosting reseller

Internet then? Here are some opportunities

on the Internet. The type of job you choose

business. Here is how it works. Simply sign

that don’t require you to have any prior

depends on your skills. For instance, if you

up for a reseller plan with a reputable hosting


enjoy writing, and can write well, you can

company. A reseller plan allows you to sell

spend time writing research papers for others.

your own hosting packages. This is a great

1) Filling in surveys. This is one of the oldest

If you enjoy take outdoor photographs, you

idea if you are thinking of making money as a

money making opportunity around. Many

can earn money by selling your digital images

web designer or developer. You can easily add

wealthy companies choose to conduct surveys

to others.

value by offering hosting, and that will boost

money online.

your income for year 2011.

on the Internet as a means to collect valuable consumer feedback. That means you, as the consumer, stand to make some money just by

3) Affiliate marketing. Anyone can go into

filling in some forms. The amount of money

affiliate marketing. But bear in mind that this

you make depends on the type of survey you

is not a get rich quick scheme. You do have

participate in. Surveys conducted by reputable

to spend some time learning how the business

research companies usually pay better. To

works before you see a substantial amount of

start making money with surveys, join online

income. But with a little dedication, affiliate

survey companies. Make sure you do your

marketing is one of the best money making

research to ensure that the companies

opportunities on the Internet.


June 2011 is a JustHost Review 2011, just host coupon review and rebate website. JustHost hosting reviews and JustHost Uptime Reviews are available here. Article Source:

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ONLINEMillionaire Party Plan your way to success! Adopting the party planning technique is a great way to increase sales. Think about it! You organize a party at your home, invite a bunch of your closest friends, rustle up some party snacks, and create a favorable environment to showcase your products. You have now created the perfect mood that is conducive to indulgence and Trust. And of course don’t forget about the power of numbers. When you showcase your product, and you have 2 women gushing about it, chances are that the whole group will be eager to get their hands on your product as well. Party Plan is a great home based business that you can build around your family and commitments. The best part is that you have so much fun organizing the whole gig that it barely feels like hard work! But as appealing as the business may appear, you need to be very careful when choosing what kind of products you wish to promote. Firstly, you need to identify a product that you love, identify with, and use! Only if you are convinced about the benefits of a certain product will you be able to sell it to other people. Also, you must make sure that you research the company, understand its values and ethics, and only then approach them.

Party Plan - A Great Way To Increase Sales 36

June 2011

Another great strategy to increase sales is to showcase your product in an innovative and fun manner. For instance, if you choose to promote a jewelry brand, there are many quirky options by which you may showcase the products to your friends. Get your kittens to wear the bracelets and necklaces for instance! It’ll have the women gushing all over your products. The atmosphere you create is the key ingredient to ensure your products get sold. So, in order to increase sales your party needs to be such that it allows you to nurture your relationships with your guests.

You need to create a setting that permits you to have a one-to-one interaction with your guests, while at the same time not make anyone feel ignored or intimidated. Make sure your party is designed to keep the group together, but in such a manner that individual pitching and discussions can be explored. To ensure a profitable Party Plan business you need to keep a trained eye on your expenditures. Today, parties are designed as extravagantly as can be with themes, masquerades, and much more! Be sure to understand at what scale your party needs to be for the product to get its due attention. Once you decide on the scale, make sure you minimize expenses as far as possible. Party Plan is a great way to ensure a bigger bang for your buck and increase sales phenomenally. All it takes is personality, an approachable demeanor, great selling skills and of course the ability to plan a party. Stephen is a Master Practitioner and coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy, and also a member of the Australian Board of NLP and the Time Line Therapy Association. He specializes in NLP persuasion techniques coaching for sales professionals, with a special focus on Network Marketing and Party Plan. Article Source:

June 2011




Top Affiliate Networks - A Comparison of the Big Four The world of internet marketing is growing rapidly and so is the competition. Inside the world of internet marketing, you have a smaller niche market called affiliate marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is getting paid a commission for sending traffic to a web site and performing an action. The majority of this type of marketing is done through the use of affiliate networks. With over a thousand affiliate networks out there fighting for your competition, how are you supposed to find the right network for you? In this article we will be covering a few different networks and how they can help you success with affiliate marketing. While there are hundreds of public and heavily funded ad networks out there, there are also many independent and smaller networks as well. To keep this article simple and on point, we will be focusing our comparisons on Google AdSense, Shareasale, Commission Junction and LinkShare. These four networks are major players in the affiliate marketing space and drive millions of dollars in transactions every day. 38

June 2011

Google AdSense One of the easiest ways to make money online is through the use of Google AdSense. You simply place a line of code on your web site and Google will start serving banner ads on your web site. As the web site owner, you earn a commission every time a banner is clicked. A few key notes on Google AdSense are: - Publishers get 68% of the amount Google collects from ads for content. - Publisgers get 51% of the amount Google collects from ads for search. - 28% of Google’s revenue for the first quarter of 2011 came from AdSense. Shareasale An private company that has done extremely well in the affiliate marketing space is Shareasale. What started out as a smaller network, has become one of the most successful. The success of Shareasale is mainly due to their excellent affiliate and merchant support and competitive prices, Shareasale now has tens of thousands of merchants and June 2011




A few key notes on Shareasale are:

Commission Junction points of interest:

- Shareasale pays $250 for each merchant

- 62% of the top 500 retailers using 3rd party

referred through an affiliate link, and $1 for

marketing software are powered by

each new affiliate referral. - Shareasale offers

- Top clients using the Commission Junction

review and consultation services for any new

platform are Dell,, Home Depot,

merchants looking to join their network.

Zappos and Yahoo. When comparing the amount of merchant

Linkshare and Commission Junction

programs available on each of the networks listed, they range in size. Commission

Two very successful and large networks are

Junction has over 1,500 merchants, Linkshare

Linkshare and Commission Junction. We will

has over 1,000 and Shareasale leads the group

combine the two in this break down since they

with over 2,000 active merchants.

are similar in setup, but have a wide variety of different advertisers. Through the Linkshare

View affiliate network comparison infographic

and Commission Junction networks, you

for full stats and comparison.

have the option to join many high end and

The affiliate networks mentioned above

well known brands to promote their web sites

are just a hand full of the options you have

and services. Instead of receiving a check or

available. As an affiliate myself, I recommend

payment from each merchant, Linkshare

that you signup to as many affiliate networks

and Commission Junction sends out weekly

as possible. This way you can have access to

or monthly lump sum payments from all

all merchants and stay in the loop on what

commissions owed from their merchants.

networks have the best payouts and latest

Linkshare points of interest: - There are currently over 10 million partners on the Linkshare network. - Top clients using the Linkshare platform are GoDaddy, JC Penny, 1800Flowers, American Express and Avon

merchants joining the network. It’s always free to join an affiliate network, so there is no harm in signing up right now. Want to discover more internet marketing and blogging tips? Visit my blog at http://www.ZacJohnson. com to get inside the secret life of an internet marketer! Article Source:


June 2011

June 2011




Kickstart Money System

-WordPress Plug-n-play Themes

He also shows what he says is proof by

-Three Step-by-Step Checklist

displaying shots of his bank accounts. Frankly

-Content Creation Templates

we see this so often, its hard to tell if they are

-Physical Product Video Marketing Template

for real. I would take this with a grain of salt.

-Traffic Source Lists

Some other topics covered in great detail

The Kickstart money system is indeed an extensive training platform for the beginner and for the seasoned marketer looking to brush up on affiliate marketing skills. I really liked the Kickstart money system sales page. There aren’t any pie in the sky figures thrown around like we so often see on similar product sales pages, rather Mr. Czyzewski encourages patients and not to expect to make thousands upon thousands of dollars your first month.

are niche research, monetization, methods with Amazon products and SEO. For an investment of $47, I believe this is a solid product. If you were to purchase this program and actually take the time to digest all the information it contains, you would definitely have a leg up on your online marketing journey. Unfortunately history tells us that most people who purchase products such as this never make any money what so ever. The reason is that they are simply unwilling or unable to devote the time and energy into learning.

In this Kickstart money system review you will

This course is a made up of easily implemented

learn a little about this new ClickBank affiliate

Amazon and ClickBank affiliate techniques

program created by Jeff Czyzewski. With so

and strategies. Concentrating on physical

many similar products available online these

products with Amazon and digital products

days it is important to invest in one that has a

with ClickBank. Included in the training are:

proven track record. I know that is easier said

-Quick Start Guide

than done however Mr. Czyzewski claims he

-Core Training Guide

has the proof.

-Five Training Modules - over 50 Videos


June 2011

Evan DuChene is not an online Guru. He is a normal guy very much like yourself that has discovered a way to make a great living from home. He is a member of the internets largest training, mentoring and marketing program. His main purpose, as he sees it, is to help others create financial freedom by mastering the art of online marketing. If you would like to learn how to effectively market online go to Marketing Coach and check out Evan’s team. Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/?expert=Evan_DuChene

June 2011




How to Make Money Online From Ads and Affiliates Like Google, Amazon, and LinkShare Using WordPress 5 Steps to Begin Making Money Online

Find a niche with a product to sell. Research your competition for this niche. Get a web site to write on and start writing about the niche. Sign up for ad and affiliate programs.

2. Research your competition for this niche.

you to get up and writing rather quickly and Once you’ve found some products to sell,

can be expanded into your own domain name

begin doing simple Google searches for them.

later when you are ready. For those who want to

For example, if you wanted to sell ‘scuba

jump straight in to a paid hosting environment,

diving knives’ that would be your keyword

I’d recommend 1and1 or BlueHost along with

phrase, or just ‘keyword’--more on keywords

WordPress blogging software. Both 1and1

later in step 5. One of the first things you want

and BlueHost have scripts that will install

to look for is how many top-level domains

WordPress for you and there are many free to

are listed in the top 10 search results. By this I

paid WordPress themes available as well as a

mean, how many web sites are there with just

large community of support. WordPress itself

This involves doing research, but don’t let it

the domain name in the search results. If there

is free, but is a paid blogging

scare you. It is a matter of searching for things

are mostly top-level domains, you can count

service--also a good option.

you’re interested in. For example, let’s say you

yourself out and start over, but if there are

are interested in scuba diving. To research

deep-linked domains, then you might have a

Once you are setup, begin writing about

scuba diving to see if there is anything you

chance by scooping up a domain with those

everything about your products, get at least 4

could sell online you can go to Amazon and

keywords in the next step, step 3. There are

pages with at least 1000 words each written as

do a search for ‘scuba diving’. There are suits,

other factors such as domain age and number

a kind of anchor text to the site. This is what

masks, equipment, watches, log books, knives,

of backlinks, but I am trying to keep this as

you will later build on as you start to promote

and all sorts of things you could sell, but you

simple as possible.

specific products from your affiliates. Now it’s

1. Find a niche with a product to sell.

time to sign up! On to step 4!

aren’t out of the woods yet. The next step is a test of the first step. If you think you’ve found a set of products you’d like to promote, go to

4. Sign up for ad and affiliate programs.

step 2. If not, keep searching. Keep in mind that the more expensive the item, the harder

3. Get a web site to write on and start writing

it may be to sell, but the more commission

about the niche.

you may make, but different affiliate programs have different commission rates--more on

There are several ways to ‘get a web site’ from

that later in step 4.

free to paid and I’ll mention some of both. Two of the best free web sites right now are

Promote your site. 44

June 2011

Both are free blogging platforms that will allow

Blogger at Blogspot and Tumblr.

There are many affiliate programs, but I have only had success with Amazon, Google, and LinkShare so that is what I will focus on here. ClickBank is another great program, but I have limited experience with it. Most, if not all of these programs require you to have a website first before they will allow you to promote their products so that is why this step is number 4 and not 1. June 2011




It’s important that your site contain content

The next step is to submit your web site to as

because it will be reviewed and your application

many search engines and social bookmarking

can be denied. Don’t worry if you are denied

sites as you can.

the first time, just write some more content

Monetizing Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing

and/or try a different affiliate program. Once

The third step is then join a forum where you

The big positive about affiliate marketing is

as $100, meaning that Click Bank will not pay

you are in, find products related to your niche

can post a link back in your signature and/or

that it allows you to earn an income without

you any of your commission earnings until you

to sell. With Amazon it’s easy, but with Google

begin commenting on blog sites that a relevant

actually having to create and advertise

have accumulated $100. If you would prefer to

you’ll have to find an advertiser that sells

to your keyword/product. Basically what you

your own product. By becoming an affiliate

get small checks every couple of weeks, you’ll

your products, then apply for that specific

are trying to do is to create as many roads

marketer, you can collect a commission every

have to change the threshold setting yourself.

advertiser. The same goes for LinkShare.

or ‘backlinks’ to your site as possible. This is

time someone follows your affiliate link to the

If you want to find some affiliate programs

called search engine optimization, or SEO for

site of the actual product seller and makes a

with huge audiences, Link Share is the place

If you’re wondering how the affiliate process



to go. They will allow you to affiliate yourself

works, the program will provide you with

If you need help with SEO there are many

The size of your commission will vary

with some of the biggest names around, like

web site code that you copy and place on your

companies that can help like,

depending on the product for which you are

Walmart, PetSmart, and even Apple.

web site. When someone visits your web site

but there are many things you can do on your

an affiliate, and your methods of promoting it,

Although their affiliate commission are

and clicks on that code, they are taken to the


but they can run as high as 75%.

considerably lower than those offered by

If you have a blog and would like to start

Commission Junction and Click Bank, at

advertisers site and any purchases made there will be tracked back to your account, which is

Good luck making money online. I started

monetizing it by becoming an affiliate, there

around 5% to 15%, the chances of someone

how you make money. Amazon pays out after

out making a little over a dollar a month and

is a trio of affiliate program providers which

buying multiple or big ticket items from those

60 days as long as you’ve made at least $10.

now make hundreds of dollars a month and it

you should investigate. They are Commission

vendors is much higher. You can expect the

Google requires you to go over $100 then pays

keeps growing! Believe in yourself, don’t limit

Junction, Click Bank, and Link Share.

companies which pay commissions through

out 30 days later. LinkShare seems to pay out


In order to maximize the percentage of the

Link Share to issue payments once a month.

commissions you receive, you should sign

Don’t see any companies whose products

up with either Click Bank or Commission

you’d like to promote among those offered by

Junction, which set up affiliate programs for all

Click Bank, Commission Junction, or Link

the big membership websites and vendors of

Share? You have the option of being an affiliate

informational products, and those programs

marketer for Google’s AdSense and AdWords,

are usually the most lucrative. Standard

or for Ebay. Both have commission structures

commissions range from 25% to 75%.

which will make it worth your while.

Should you choose Click Bank as the place to

Author: Matt Garrett

after $50, but pays right away. 5. Promote your site.

Erich Stauffer is the founder and CEO of Watershawl, Inc., a business consulting firm

Now that you have content and products loaded

that provides web design and SEO services

into your site, it’s time to start promoting. The

through, marketing and

first step is to make sure your site is using the

advertising through

appropriate keywords in the titles of the pages and in the text.

Article Source:

promote your affiliate programs, beware of the payment threshold. It can be set as high


June 2011

Article Source:

June 2011




Auction Traffic Explosion A Review of John Thornhill’s eBook

This book is aimed at people who are looking

If you’re going to use John’s ideas and build

to drive traffic to their site but don’t want to be

a list, I’d suggest that you also check out

bothered waiting for the search engines to pick

Aurelius Tjin’s Unstoppable List Building

up their sites or in learning SEO techniques.

which is available as a free download.

Fair enough - those can be time consuming Don’t buy this if it’s going to distract you from


your main business - this is not a quick-fix, John’s aim is to help you build a list to which you

but a long term list building strategy.

can sell again and again. Typically it’s possible to make up to several times the original value

So Should I Get A Copy ?

of the sale from your list, if you know how to treat it and what to do with it. You’ll notice that

Personally, I don’t feel that John’s shared as

all the experts who are making the real money

much new information as he has in his other

online ALL have a list - so that’s a pretty good


guide as to how important a list should be to That’s fine, as he’s selling this as a product that


can increase traffic and at a very affordable John discusses areas such as creating information

John Thornhill has just released Auction

Does Auction Traffic Explosion represent

Traffic Explosion - which reveals the secrets

Value For Money?

of how he’s built his list to over 19000 using Unlike John’s other products, this is a rather John is well known for his other best-selling

cheap and cheerful ebook, and rather thin at

ebooks including “ 90 day Powerseller

just 15 pages for $7. John hasn’t even wasted

challenge “ and has a very successful online

time creating a Title page.



getting visitors to your website through eBay

If you’re looking for legitimate and immediate

(legitimately), using an eBay tools to help

ways to get visitors to your websites - this is

automate the process.

a method which just about everyone can use - though probably best to use together with

One of the benefits of John’s system is that it follow up emails.

other established methods. Do be cautious, as it’s all too easy to get distracted and find you’re spending more time on eBay than your main business!

If building traffic quickly is something you’re interested in, then John’s book is worth looking

Is That It?

at, but probably not if you’re a complete newbie to eBay.



is all automated, the ebook delivery and the

just eBay.



pricetag. -

June 2011

John’s also added a great incentive to anyone June 2011



ONLINEMillionaire that buys the book as you’re allowed to send people to his site and keep all the profits from sales for yourself.

Top 10 List of the Best Affiliate Networks First, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, some

and marketing. As more as more customers

preliminary explanations may prove helpful

choose to buy online, advertising and

in your quest for becoming a part-time or

purchases keep increasing at a maddening

full-time affiliate marketer.

pace. To accommodate all this online ecommerce

So, if you’re looking at creative ways to build your list and have the time to read John’s ebook, there are some valuable tools that can help you build an even more successful online business. About the Author Jen runs her own successful internet businesses and also sells on eBay. You can find free ebooks to download and help build your internet businesses at the One Dollar Bookstore. Or find out more about traffic building in Aurelius Tjin’s free download. Article Source: Carter Article Source:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

networks, operated by large corporations. Affiliate marketing is quite simple to explain:

Make no mistake, affiliate marketing is big

you promote and market a product or

business, accounting for billions in sales and

company in return for a commission if a sale


or lead is made from your marketing efforts.

What is an Affiliate Network?

With online affiliate marketing you simply

An affiliate network is a third party facilitator

place your affiliate ID embedded links on your

which brings affiliates and companies together.

web pages and if a customer clicks your link

It connects Advertisers (companies with

and proceeds to that designated company’s

products or services to sell) together with

site and makes a purchase or signs up for a

Publishers (those who display and promote

service, you earn a commission.

these products or services) so they can

Affiliate marketing, if done right, can prove to

do business. The affiliate network does all

be a very lucrative venture. Commissions can

the tracking, accounting and payment of

run anywhere from a few pennies to thousands


of dollars for just one click or sale.

The following Top 10 list of the best Affiliate affiliate

Networks is compiled by an actual full-time

relationships with hundreds of companies

affiliate marketer who has worked these

and build sites to promote these companies

programs for over five years. This list is

and products.

subjective and based on first-hand experience.

Needless to say, the advent of the Internet

It should be seen in this light and every

has been a golden opportunity for affiliate

marketer probably will have a different list or

marketers to really expand their promotions

have these in a different picking order



June 2011

we have seen the birth of large affiliate



depending on the type and nature of their marketing. But this list of the 10 Best Affiliate Networks will give you a general rundown on these affiliate networks and how they operate. 1. Commission Junction ( Now owned by ValueClick, Commission Junction was one of the first affiliate networks. It is also one of the most important with many of the Top Fortune 500 companies listed here. CJ is an international network with excellent stats and tracking (some of the best you will find), along with regular monthly payments makes this the obvious first choice for anyone wishing to try affiliate marketing. June 2011




For those new or old at affiliate marketing,

affiliate products to match your content or

the links are very easy to create and place on

face every time.

CJ also holds regular seminars and training

niche subject matter, whether it be gardening

your web pages.You also have the option of

8. LinkConnector (

sessions.Most merchants offer pay-per-lead

equipment, gaming laptops or Mediterranean

creating your own store with Amazon aStores.

LinkConnector is a relatively new affiliate

or pay-per-sale, one of the best features is the


Amazon also now has context link ads and

network which launched in 2004. It has Pay

performance bonuses and incentives. As most

3. LinkShare (

Widgets!Commission rates are somewhat

Per Click, Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead.

experienced marketers will know, selling 50k

LinkShare is another excellent affiliate network.

lower than the other networks but making

Good stats and reporting. Worth checking

to 100k each month for merchants will bring

It is one of the oldest affiliate networks on the

sales thru Amazon is much, much easier. You

out for their different types of new affiliate

in the big incentives or bonuses.Commissions

web. LinkShare was recently acquired by the

will make more sales mainly because Amazon

technology such as Direct Linking which

run as high as 50% but most are in 3% to

Japanese Portal Rakuten, with a price tag of

is a well known and trusted online company.

passes pagerank along to the merchant’s site.

15% range. You have the option of direct

$425 million.

6. Shareasale (

9. CPA Empire (

deposit for your payments. One major plus,

Very good stats and reporting with their

Shareasale is yet another easy system to work

Great CPA (Cost Per Action) network

CJ will tell you which merchants and ads are

Synergy Analytics system. Many Top Fortune

with good stats and simple to create links. With

especially if you do a lot of email marketing

earning the most revenue for affiliates so you

500 companies are presented here so you will

1,700+ merchants to choose from, Shareasale

and promotions. Geared towards acquiring

can easily choose which merchants are worth

no trouble finding products and services to

is another good affiliate network to promote.

leads and sign-ups but does offer other


promote.LinkShare pays commissions as they

The control panel is easy to use and the

merchants as well. Good stats and reporting.

2. ClickBank (

receive them from merchants -- monthly

reporting is very good. Usually pays the month

10. Independents

ClickBank is another professional affiliate


following your sales.

Individual affiliate deals with different

network with excellent stats and tracking.

4. Affiliate Window (

7. Google (

companies which may or may not be listed

Easy to use and pays every two weeks.

Affiliate Window is an UK based affiliate

Many won’t think of Google as an Affiliate

with the major networks above. Your

ClickBank is slightly different from the other

network which offers top brand companies

network but it does run affiliate products thru

independent affiliate deals will be some of

networks in that it deals mainly with digital

and good commission rates. Pays once a

its Adsense program.Very few products but

your most lucrative since you can sometimes

download products. The commissions from

month and has excellent stats.

like everything from Google it is professionally

work out separate private commission rates

ClickBank are usually much higher than the

Savvy affiliate marketers know promoting

run and top caliber all the way.Please note, top

and bonuses. Aim for residual income here.

other networks, around 40% to 50% or more.

in other countries can be much easier than

marketers know affiliate links/products on

Don’t ignore this aspect of affiliate marketing

ClickBank has over 10,000 products but keep

promoting in the American market place.

their content pages will return 10 times what

as it will pay the highest dividends.

in mind, info-marketing products will have

Mainly because these other countries haven’t

Google Adsense will give them. However,

stiff competition from all the savvy and well

become saturated with online marketers, little

these marketers will also

established Internet marketers promoting

competition means more sales.

know using Google Adsense on less targeted

these same products. Consider youself

5. Amazon (

pages throughout your sites or blogs will give

warned!The most successful marketing tactic

Amazon is another excellent affiliate network

you a healthy return.Besides receiving that

here is to first dominate your targeted niche

to join if you want to sell products from your

monthly check from a multi-billion dollar

with your blogs and sites, then find

site or blog. Amazon has excellent stats and

company like Google will put a smile on your


June 2011

The author is a full-time online marketer who has numerous websites, including two sites on Internet marketing. For the latest and most effective web marketing tools try: Internet Marketing Tools Or why not try these excellent free training manuals and videos: Free Marketing Courses Article Source:

June 2011



Online Advertising Tips to Help You Promote Your Business Online

ONLINEMillionaire Keywords are the lifeblood of your online advertising campaign as these will bring the right people or potential customers into your website or your business. Keep in mind that wrong keywords can cost you a lot, not only about money but also effort as well. - Learn how to write effective ads. Of course, advertising is all about writing effective ads and you have to learn how to write catchy ads, ads that can grab the attention of those who are looking for it as well as ads that can bring in sales. One of the things that you need to keep in mind always if you want to outwit competitors and beat competition is to learn the skill of ad copy writing and making and designing great ads that can work effectively in the online world as well. - Make your website appealing and easy to navigate. Effective advertising is not just about grabbing the attention of online users.

Online advertising is a way to reach out to your potential customers all around the world especially if you want to bring your business into the world scenario. Even if you have a localized business, advertising online can still be a good way to boost sales. However, online advertising can be tricky as competition can also be tough. If you are planning to bring your business online, here are a few online advertising tips that you may want to learn and keep in mind to maximize your advertising potential. - Choose your keywords wisely and correctly. If you want to go into online advertising, you have to learn everything about keywords.


June 2011

June 2011




It is also about converting your online visitors into sales and one thing that you can do to convert online visitors into sales is to make sure that the people you bring into your website are converted into customers thus you have to make your website also appealing and attractive to them and easy for them to use as well. - Know your niche in the online world. Another one of the important online advertising tips that you also need to keep in mind is to make sure that you have picked out a good niche. Your niche should be something that best describes your business or something that is representative of your business as well. In fact, niche products sell the best online as well so you may want to take advantage of getting a good niche right from the start. - Learn how to make a call of action to convert website traffic into sales. One big challenge of advertising online is how to make online visitors become customers. Yes, you may be able to grab their attention and make them visit your site, but if you cannot make them purchase or patronize your business, all your advertising efforts may just be going down the drain. Make a call to action in your website. Make it easy for them to purchase and patronize your business as well. This is one of the online advertising tips that you have to keep in mind if you want to make your advertising effective. Indeed, competition can be tough online and you have to keep yourself updated to make sure that you can keep up with the quick-paced life in the online world and you adjust to it quickly and effectively. Carolyn Anderson has been into internet marketing for years. For a technique to advertise your business online, check out Peel Away Ads. Also check out Ultimate Footer Popup to learn an advertising technique you can use for your online business. Article Source:


June 2011

June 2011




How to Make Money Flipping Websites

You will also need to monetize your website.

Therefore, stick with Clickbank and AdSense

This is very important.

because almost everyone gets approved for

Individuals are willing to purchase these types


of websites because they are ready to go and

Next, you simply need to sell your website. You

all they need to do it simply add their affiliate

can sell it at Internet marketing forums like

links and begin promoting the site.

the Warrior Forum, Digital Point or Sitepoint.

Flipping websites is a fantastic way to earn

The search engines tend to rank these types of

This saves them a lot of time because they

You can even use eBay. To increase the value

money online. One of the best things about it

domain names and websites higher because

don’t have to research the niche, come up with

of your website, drive traffic to your site, make

is that you can get started absolutely free and

they assume that they are relevant. If you

all of the content, create the site and monetize

some sales or get high search engine rankings.

therefore any money that you make will be

can not find a keyword-rich domain, this is


These types of sites will sell for a lot more

profit. You can flip websites one of two ways.

fine, just make sure that the domain name is


First, you can create your own websites.

relevant to your niche.

Fortunes can be made online by creating and

This simply involves you writing articles, using

You want to make sure that the website you

selling ebooks. Learn the secrets of producing

a free template, purchasing a domain name,

are trying to sale allows the buyer to be up and

hot-selling ebooks here How to Create Ebook

running as soon as possible.

monetizing the site and then selling it at one

You will then need to find a template. If you’re

of the major Internet marketing forums.

going to do it yourself, this will require that

You can also a purchase a website from eBay,

you have some basic HTML skills because

When monetizing it, consider using products

have someone create it for you or buy one

you will need to add your copy to the website.

from the Clickbank, Commission Junction,

from an Internet marketing forum and then

You will also need to be able to link all of the

Linkshare, eBay and Amazon. However, to

turn around and sell it to someone else.

internal pages to and from your home page.

simplify things you may want to begin only

This will require some basic HTML skills as

using Clickbank and AdSense.

well. If you really want to increase the value of

These are good choices because these are both

your website, use Photoshop.

very easy to join. Commission Junction and

When you want to flip a website, you will need







profitable as


and audio books lightning fast at: http:// Article Source:

product vendor.

find a template and monetize the site. These

There are some excellent free Photoshop

are the three main requirements.

templates that you use. You can command a

The domain name that you choose is important.

higher rate because these tend to look more

If the individual who purchases your website

Make sure that it is relevant to your website

professional. If you can, find some images to

isn’t approved by the vendor, they won’t be

topic. If you can, use a relevant keyword that

add to your site. This always improves the look

able to make money from your website.

receives traffic.

and quality.

June 2011


Link Share often require approval from the

to purchase a good, relevant domain name,


You can get a step by step guide which

June 2011



Auto Blog Samurai Software Review - Why Is It So Great?

ONLINEMillionaire The next way this program is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition is in that it automatically creates and posts unique content. Notice here I said the words create and automatically in the same sentence. This software actually comes up with unique content for you. That’s one of the main things that make the auto blog samurai stand out above another software review. It solves the dilemma of having to spend hours and even days on generating quality content. Now, you don’t even have to think about it because the software will take care of it automatically. You’ll also notice the samurai software updates the blog every day without any prompting from you. Once you start the blog, this software takes over. You don’t have to be concerned with continuing to add content, or even with remembering to set the software up to do it. It automatically does it for you every day. This is another thing to take special note of when you’re looking through an Auto Blog Samurai Software review from satisfied customers. The software automates the entire process, so you almost can’t compare it with another product review. Since everyone is looking for some ways to make extra money, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and in front of the crowd. Auto blogging is becoming very popular among internet

Since auto blogging is becoming so popular, it’s time look into an Auto Blog Samurai Software Review to make sure you get good quality software for creating blogs. Auto blogging is all the rage because you can set up many blogs quickly and easily, but populating them with quality content is what stops most marketers short when they’re trying to produce lots of money sites quickly. The new samurai software has a few extra bells and whistles that set it apart from the competition. First, is quality niche selection training. When you purchase the samurai software, you’ll automatically get some detailed training on how to go about selecting a quality niche that will make you money. This is huge. Since one of the major keys of whether your site will take off or

marketers as a way to automate an otherwise time consuming project. Having the very best auto blogging software will be what keeps you ahead of the curve. When you can put up an entire blog from start to finish in about 10 minutes that will usually start earning you money within about a month, you’ve hit the jackpot. The Auto Blog Samurai software review will help you to spend less time on mundane tasks and help you to get started making money. Click here to discover what is the secret of the Auto Blog Samurai strategy that will automatically create “unique content” and post it on blogger and wordpress blogs... Check out Auto Blog Samurai and start making profitable blogs in minutes! Article Source:

not depends on your niche, choosing the right one is extremely important. This will help you to choose good quality niches, so you aren’t wasting time. When you read any Auto Blog Samurai software review, you’ll quickly see that this little perk truly adds a great benefit to the user. This is just one of the ways the program helps you through the process of setting up a money site from start to finish. 60

June 2011

June 2011



Auto Blog Samurai Benefit Discover How To Build Massive List Using Auto Blog Software

ONLINEMillionaire What about the lazy marketers who do not like to write contents but want to still make money online? I believe you know that the best way to make money online is through blogging because of its unique Content Management System. Without quality contents, there is no traffic because the internet is all about information in one way or the other. The auto blog samurai software is an all in one software that writes contents for you into your blog, post them for you even while you are asleep and keep updating them with contents each and everyday. To build list quickly require you creating quality content per time and visitors will keep coming for more contents and thereof your list keep getting bigger. Even if you have been frustrated before over your list building, the software will start from the scratch and build you a massive email list quickly for you. Just place your opt in list in your blog with the auto blog samurai software installed to drive targeted traffic to the form absolutely for you with the content it keeps posting for you. Remember the auto blog samurai software will post unique contents that is optimized and the issue of traffic generation, list building, niche research and blogging will only be a breeze. Therefore for everyone of you internet marketer looking to build a massive email list, I highly recommend you to get ready for an explosion of your list because in short a time you will start to see targeted traffic opting in guaranteed. With auto blog samurai, get set for maximum profit in your online business. Visit autoblogging samurai software for full review NOW.

Every seasoned marketer knows that the greatest asset you can ever have online is your

Article Source:

opt in list subscribers. They are your money in demand tool. Many marketer are frustrated because they do not know about this and nobody cares about telling them. However there is a challenge for almost everyone but just a few understand this that to benefit from your list, you must build it first and this start with trafficking. How do you drive traffic to your opt in form so that they can opt in and see what you have for them?. Now there is no shortcut to generating traffic, is either you know how to drive traffic to your online business and you succeed or you do not know and nothing else matters. Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business and that is where auto blog samurai comes in. The best to generate traffic online is through providing quality contents to your clients as they keep coming to your site. There is nothing more to this expect pure lie from the spammers.


June 2011

June 2011




Twitter Marketing Tips - 7 Unorthodox Strategies to Use Twitter For Business Twitter marketing is a highly effective way

3. Tweet Nonsense

to drive traffic to your content and establish an online presence in the quickest amount

This sounds crazy, but hear me out. People hit

of time. Here are 7 “weird” ways to unleash

up Twitter to chill and catch up with news.

the immense power of Twitter in your small

People don’t go on Twitter to do business, at


least not deliberately. Hit their funny bone and they’ll respond by noticing you.

1. Be Vulnerable 4. Become Yoda To be naked is to be human. When you start sharing your hopes, dreams and fears,

People are addicted to positive thinking quotes

you connect with people on a visceral level.

on Twitter. The more motivation quotes you

Remember, people buy from who you are

Tweet out, the more you get tweeted. The end

before they buy what you sell.

result: People think you’re a deep thought leader worth following.

2. Tick People Off 5. Start Dealin’ Cool There’s a saying that when you try to please everybody you will please nobody. Be

Again this bears repeating, people don’t go

opinionated and the people who adore your

on Twitter to be sold to. Instead, they go to

persuasion will become your fervent followers.

find breaking news and time-wasting Youtube

Polarization creates sales.

videos. Here’s the key: Give them what they want (the cool), and they’ll give you what you want (the green). So go on Digg and tweet those links away.


June 2011

6. Be a Master Asker Don’t be afraid to ask for a specific action on your Twitter feed, for example a retweet. If you don’t ask for retweets, people will not give you one. If you don’t ask for props, they may not give you one. Ask and you shall receive. 7. Ooze Sex Appeal. Be as suave with people as you would in real life. Offer compliments, be amicable, crack a joke or two. You’ll be surprised how well this translates in the online space. And this will help you get as much Twitter traffic as possible. BONUS TIP: 8. Raise the Banner. Stand for a cause and your followers will start standing in solidarity with you. And now I would like to invite you to claim your instant free access to my Twitter marketing and psychology videos by going to Plus, you also get a motherlode of other limited-edition social media tutorials and videos. From Kenneth Yu - The Puppet Master and Social Influence Marketer. Article Source:

June 2011




Make Money on YouTube Videos - 5 Tips on How to Earn Money on YouTube Since it was named Time magazine’s invention


of the year in 2006, YouTube’s popularity has

Promote Your Site

exploded. But only recently was it able to

What started out as a promotional tool is now

translate that popularity into profits. You too

a way to turn a profit. By posting a video and

can make money on YouTube videos. All you

linking that to your website, you can generate

need to do is follow these easy tips and even

traffic. The nature of these videos are generally

your most mundane videos can earn you some

informative and how to’s are a good way of


June 2011

establishing your credibility. Those wanting

money on YouTube videos, this is another

to learn more can turn into customers if you

bridge. The contact information you gather

know how to turn traffic into profits.Also,

could reap a whole lot more in terms of future

since everybody is now on YouTube, you have


to differentiate yourself if you want to make

Marketing Affiliate Programs

money on YouTube videos. Find a niche and

For those just starting out, affiliate marketing

fill it. lilkiwiguy87 is an expert on professional

is a good place to get their feet wet. To make

Nikon cameras and nutnfancy is a survival

money this way, you simply need a video

equipment guru. They make marketing

editing tool to place a watermark on your

YouTube videos effective.

videos. You can create interesting tips or short

Become A YouTube Partner

how to’s and invite people to learn further by

Submit an application and have yourself

visiting your site. You can simply re-upload

approved. Since Google took over, advertising

content with your watermark added. A caveat

has become a major part of how to earn money

though, avoid broadcast material and know

on YouTube. Similar to the AdSense model,

the copyright laws that apply.And now that

you can now put ads on your videos and get

you know the top tips, do you want to learn

paid per click.

more how super affiliates - the top 10% of all

When you get approved as a partner, you

affiliate marketers - get so filthy rich? Our

simply opt your video posts to the partner

52-page free guide “How To Make Super

network and watch the money flow in. No

Commissions” worth $47.00 will reveal more

other way to make money on YouTube videos

of their Make Money on YouTube Videos and

is simpler.

other insider secrets.For the last five years,

Gather Email Address

YouTube has been the centerpiece of the

Generating leads to potential customers via

internet society. This allowed marketers to

their email is still one of the foundations of

make money on YouTube videos in more and

making money online and YouTube is effective

more creative ways. With the guidance given

in this area. You are not allowed to place an

by those who have already done it, marketing

opt-in capture form on YouTube itself. What

YouTube videos is sure to be profitable.

you can do to make money on YouTube videos, however, is placing a watermark on your video or a link in your profile that leads to a squeeze page. In the many ways to make

Visit now to grab your “How To Make Super Commissions” free guide. Start learning from the gurus on how they have earned millions online...You too can skyrocket your affiliate income in no time!Article Source:

June 2011




Top Ten Must Have Tools For Anyone In A Home Based Business Each of the tools below were picked because they help with very very important parts of building a home based business. They all help improve the success of any business by helping to get people to your websites, help build your list, help you make more sales and give you more ways to make money.

8. Easy Video Player 2: Finally, Killer Software

7. Hyper Facebook Traffic: I’m sure you have

Lets You Build Your Lists On Auto Pilot, Create

heard of Facecook, who hasn’t right? The giant

Video Sales Pages At The Touch Of A Button

social networking site with over 500 Million

And SkyRocket Profits! THE Most Powerful

users! The Hyper Facebook Traffic system

Video Marketing Software On The Planet!

teaches you exactly how to use Facebook to make money online! This system teaches you

- Routinely Builds Mailing Lists On AutoPilot!

how to get thousands of new visitors to any

- Generate Massive Profits With Ease.

site for free. That is why it made # 7 in our top

- Finally Breaks Down All Barriers To Video

10 list!

Marketing So You Can Start To Make Money Today!

10. The 6 Links: When it comes to getting free

You don’t need a website, you don’t need

traffic to your site this system works like no

any products and you don’t even need a cell

other. It is an amazingly simple concept all you

phone to use this system. The fact that this

This is must have if you want to do any video

do is go look at 6 other people’s websites then

opportunity is using an untapped market that

marketing! That is why it made the cut and is

get a code from each one and put the code in

is Five times bigger than the internet to build

worthy of our list of must have’s for any home

the boxes that ask for the code. The fact that

you a huge list makes it worthy of our top 10

based business!

this system is Free and works very well is what


earned it the # 10 Spot.

6. Solo Ad Message Blaster: I’m sure you have heard of solo advertising and how it pulls really well and most people have had great success 9. Mobile Monopoly - I’m sure you heard the

with it. This system lets you Blast your solo

money is in the list well this system will help

ad message to over 3,000,000 people daily!

you build a huge list of thousands of people

Submit your site to 29,000 other websites and

ready to buy anything you offer.

directories, Get access to search engine


June 2011

June 2011




submitters and other great tools! As if getting

If you do have a website this is must have

your message in front of 3 Million people a

software if you want to rank really well in all

day was not enough they even let you use their

the search engines! This is how it earned the

servers and make it extremely easy to use!

#2 spot!

5. Big List Big Sales: This system goes above

1. WorldProfit: The # 1 spot goes to this

and beyond the call of duty. They will advertise

company because it offers help in building

your site for you. So they do all of the work

every aspect of your business! They have 24/7

and you get all of the money. They also take

live support, they have over 70 people working

it one step further and Guarantee 5 paid sign

for you and helping you close sales, They offer

up’s. This Guarantee is what earned Big List

live training from multi-millionaires who have

Big Sales the number 5 spot!

made millions online, They give you some amazing free tools and access to thousands of

4. Auto Blog Samurai Software: One of the

products that you can offer people if they take

best new ways to advertise your business is

action. They give you 50,000 Free visitors and

through a blog. The down fall is in order to

give you great tools to start building your own

get real results with a blog you need to have

With this software, you don’t have to do ANY

list. This system goes way beyond the call of

a lot to write about and something that will

work after it is set-up, it just

duty and offers more support and tools than

interest people. This Robot Builds Tiny Nich

runs itself and deposits money into your

all the other tools combined! This is how it

Blogs Proven to Pull 1.8 MILLION FREE

affiliate accounts like clockwork. This is why it

earned the #1 spot on our top 10 list!

visitors! It makes blogging very easy and very

came in our #3 spot.

This concludes our Top Ten Must Have Tools

fast! The fact this system is so easy to use and has worked so well for hundreds of people is what earned it the #4 spot!

2. SEO Pressor: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, This software is made to get your website listed on the first page of all the major search engines! If you are listed on the first page of the search engines you will get massive free traffic! This is not for everyone. If

3. Stealth Profit Machine 7 clicks to success: I’m sure you’ve seen other systems claiming you can make money in just 30 minutes a day...


June 2011

you do not have your own site do not get this software because you need your own website to use this software.

For Anyone In A Home Based Business! If you would like more information on how to get any of the tools listed above or would just like some free training please sign up for our Free Millionaire Bootcamp at http://www. funeasyhomebiz.comThe first 25 people that sign up for our free millionaire bootcamp will also get 7 more free gifts to help build any business! Article Source:

June 2011




Blogger Vs WordPress Which Should You Choose?

to install and brags that you can have a blog up and running in just 5 minutes. Even if you opt to pay for a domain name and web hosting WordPress makes this easy by recommending several well known hosting services. There are

If you’ve been on the internet for any length

You can add your blog link to your Google

a multitude of templates available so that you

of time, then you’ve certainly run across

Chrome page, add it to your bloglines feed,

can make your blog look exactly the way you

many blogs. Maybe you’ve even read a few

and find all sorts of add ons that help blogger

want it to.

blogs consistently. You might be thinking

to run better and do more things. Google

If you’re considering starting a blog to

that starting a block could be a great asset for

has kept up well with the newest waves of

promote your business, you’ve probably

your business. It could help you to connect

technology and now allows you to purchase

realized that the choice mostly comes down to

with customers, share information about new

your own domain name for $10 per year and

using Blogger or WordPress. Blogger is a great

products or services, and enable you to do some

host your blog on your own domain name.

option for beginners since it now offers the

free or low-cost advertising. If you’ve gotten

This is obviously more professional-looking

option of registering your own domain name.

this far in the thought process, you’ve probably

than having and is an

However for flexibility, professionalism, and

realized that there are two basic options when

automatic choice for most business-minded

ease of use WordPress still comes out on top.

it comes to blogging. You can choose to use

bloggers. Although the option for using your

Discover how to build your own autopilot

Blogger, which is owned by Google. Or, you

own domain name does bring Google back

internet business that earns $1,000s every

can choose to blog using WordPress, which is

into the mainstream, most people consider a

month within 8 to 12 weeks. (Seriously, this is

open source software. Each of these choices

Blogspot blog to be less professional-looking

something we’ve helped *thousands* of people

has advantages and disadvantages, but as

than a WordPress blog.

do.) Start living the life you want. Enjoy your freedom. Kill your day job. Create an online

usual one comes out ahead when you consider all of the factors involved.

Unless you are very interested in having your

business starting right now. How? That’s easy...

Like everything else that Google touches,

blog integrated with other features of your

Read our blog for our step-by-step system:

Blogger has been instrumental in bringing a

Google account, WordPress is probably the

practice that was the privy of the technologically

platform that you will want to use for your

Go read the Rhodes Brothers Make Money

savvy into the mainstream. In this case it is the

business blog. Because WordPress is open-

Online System now.Take action right now.

habit of keeping an online journal. Blogger’s

source software it is constantly updated. The

Click that link above and change your life, like

advantages are that it is extremely easy to use

basic code is very light, and the flexibility is

hundreds of other people like you have done.

and very quick to set up. Because it is owned

in the add-ons that can help your WordPress

Go to

by Google, Blogger integrates well with the

blog do almost anything you could possibly

online/ now...

full line of Google applications.

want. WordPress prides itself on being easy

Article Source:


June 2011

June 2011




How to Increase Membership Sales

Here are some strategies that improve

end of a sale and work backwards to the

membership sales:

beginning at the enquiry stage. This will

1.Clearly define the role of the membership

highlight all the steps that must happen in

co-ordinator. The primary objective for the co-

generating a sale.

ordinator is to handle membership enquiries

For example:

Some of the comments I’ve heard when talking

*Do you have a process in place to follow



Step 6. Induct the member by explaining how

to people in membership based organisations

up enquiries, for example, when providing

members with the decision to invest in joining

they will receive notification of membership

are “We don’t sign up as many members

membership information kits?

the organisation. This position is a sales role.

and the details of what to expect as a new

It is important that the person in the role has

member. You may need to articulate the

as we’d like”; “We get a lot of enquiries for




membership but they don’t seem to sign up”;

In my experience, many organisations answer

sales experience and receives training in sales

induction process to them.

“There’s a lot of competition around, there’s

no to most of these questions. Some have

and communication skills.

Step 5. The customer has agreed to join and

just too many choices for potential members”

appointed a membership co-ordinator or

and “Potential members just don’t understand

allocate an administrative staff member the

2.Develop a sales process plan that details each


why they should join us.” In most cases, these

task of handling membership enquiries and

step required to help a potential membership

Step 4. Explain the details of what is involved

organisations take a reactive rather than

administration. Generally this person has been

enquiry into a sale. By having a road map to

with the membership that they are interested

proactive approach to membership sales.

given very little direction, clear instruction,

follow when handling enquiries, it allows you

in investing in.

How would your organisation answer these

processes or expectations with regard to

to walk your prospect through the process

Step 3. Share the benefits of joining. Answer


their role and the importance they play in the

and make it easier to convert. The best way to

questions that they may have. Give them

growth of the organisation. They often are

develop a sales process plan is to start at the

reasons to join.

*Do you have a defined process for handling

order takers instead of sales makers. Due to

membership enquiries and sales?

a lack of skills, training and knowledge, up to

*Have you appointed a membership co-

tens of thousands of dollars in membership

ordinator that is dedicated to administering

registrations are lost.

gives you their details and credit card for

and selling memberships? *Do you provide sales and communication

An association I worked with was averaging

skills training to your staff?

40 membership enquires per week. They

*Do you set budgets and targets for

would convert about 6 of these enquires to

membership registrations?

memberships. Extending this result out over

*Do you measure the performance of staff in

the course of a year with a membership fee of

terms of their conversion of enquiries to sales?

$395, this organisation missed out on 1,768 membership opportunities or $698,360 in membership sales.


June 2011

June 2011




Step 2. Ask questions, get some details and

didn’t monitor their results and achieved only

find out more information about them and

an 11% increase for the entire year.

their interest in the organisation.

5.The key to increasing your conversion and

Step 1. Answer the enquiry professionally.

the reason why up to 80% of membership

Your sales plan may have a few more detailed

sales are lost is because the prospect wasn’t

steps through it so use the above steps as a

asked to buy.

guide. Once you’ve set out a plan of what must

By following the principle of gaining

happen at each stage of the selling process,

confirmation and commitment to action, your

you’re better equipped to guide your future

conversion rate will dramatically increase. The

prospects into a sale.

membership coordinator should incorporate

3.Start measuring the number of enquiries

questions such as “Does this make sense to

and the number of sales made. This will give

you so far?” or “Is this what you had in mind

you a conversion rate. What you measure

in joining our organisation?” By asking these

you can manage; what you don’t you can’t. By

questions at the end, you are making sure that

measuring just your conversion rate, you’ll see

everything is ok with the prospect and they

a percentage increase in sales purely because

are aware of what they are about to invest in.

you are focussing on it.

Once you receive confirmation, ask if they

4.Measuring goes hand in hand with setting

have any additional questions or concerns.

targets and budgets. Sales targets should be

If they say no, follow through with “Great!

set on both a weekly and quarterly basis. The

If you like what you’ve heard, is it ok if we

saying “If you aim at nothing, you hit it with

go ahead and organise your membership?”

amazing accuracy” applies here. The reason

You’ll be amazed at the number of people that

for setting weekly and quarterly targets is

can’t think of a good reason not to go ahead

to monitor your performance over a short


period of time and make regular adjustments.

John Logar helps organisations achieve more than they thought

If you find yourself hitting your targets comfortably over a 3-week period, then apart from celebrating, you should also increase your targets. I worked with an association that monitored their sales closely and in one

possible through consulting, coaching, keynote presentations, seminars and training in the areas of leadership, values, team performance, marketing and risk management. John has addressed and consulted to over 1,000 organisations in commerce, government and not-for-profit. For FREE sales and marketing resources and downloads go to http://johnlogar. Article Source:

quarter their membership increased by 28 %, compared to the previous year where they 76

June 2011

June 2011




Ebook Review: The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay!

The topics covered include:

Jim however, says that “One auction can


How to earn Money!!

potentially bring you hundreds of buyers


How to gain a customer for life.

before, during, and after the sale WITHOUT


One of Jim’s Silent Sales Machines

violating eBay policy.” He then expands on this


by dissecting one of his Silent Sales Machines


to show you how he did it, and then providing

How to utilise your About Me page



many more creative ideas that you could

File Size: 1,709kb Zipped, 2,383kb Unzipped.


possibly use to set up your own Silent Sales

Number of Pages: 136


Machine using this principle. Implementing

Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)


Improving your Silent Sales Machine!!

the ideas in The Silent Sales Machine Hiding

Subject: A guide to using eBay traffic to create


How to utilise all the above on eBay

on eBay can provide you with multiple benefits

“Silent Sales Machines.”

whilst sticking to eBay policy!!

How to get traffic to your Silent Sales

and hugely expand your business. However, the only problem is that if you have only been

Other Information: Can be bought with Jim Cockrum’s other ebook “How to turn Auction

On top of the main content Jim has also

selling on eBay, then you will probably have to

Traffic Cash” as a discounted, package deal.

included huge amounts of bonus content with

do quite a lot of research into setting up your

his ebook. This includes “What should I sell

own website, affiliate marketing, and ways in

on eBay” which is a collection of thousands

which you can create Silent Sales Machines

of creative ideas submitted by Jim’s newsletter

that fit your current product. If you can put in

subscribers, and “Power Tips for eBay Sellers”

the time and effort then the ideas in the Silent


which is a collection of useful tips for eBay

Sales Machine are definitely worthwhile. If


sellers plus four bonus articles.

not you’re probably best off leaving this one on the shelf.

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay is

The author Jim Cockrum, is a self confessed eBay freak. He also runs “Creative Ebay


definitely aimed at those who are currently

Selling,” the internets largest eBay success

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay is

limited to selling solely on eBay.

newsletter with over 90,000 subscribers and

a guide on how to gaining massively from

growing by the day. Jim has helped launch

the huge levels of eBay traffic. eBay gets 1.5

multiple internet businesses and has used the

billion page views per month, there are over

internet as his sole source of income since

100 million members, and 80,000 people sign


up every day, so it is one of the best but also most underutilised sources of traffic available


If you are currently only selling on eBay,

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay lays If you are in this situation then it is most likely

wide open the huge opportunities you are

that you view your business activities as “If I

missing out on, by not looking at the bigger

sell one item on eBay I get one buyer and one


sale” (I know I was).

to any seller. 78

June 2011

June 2011


ONLINEMillionaire ·

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on

Silent Sales Machine.

eBay provides you with methods that will


The benefits gained from setting up

direct the huge amounts of traffic on eBay, to

a Silent Sales Machine are slightly over-

your product outside of eBay, whilst sticking

exaggerated in this ebook.

to eBay policy. ·

The huge amount of creative ideas listed


mean you should be able to think of a Silent


Sales Machine that you can run alongside

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay

your current product and seriously increase

is the ebook that convinced me to finally

your sales.

get a website. Prior to this I simply thought;


Setting up Silent Sales Machines

“I have an eBay store with its own URL and

balances the risk of your business. If your

that’s enough.” However, once set up I quickly

business on eBay is not doing so well this is

realised the benefits I had been missing out

weighed up against your business off eBay

on by not having a website. Not only could I

which may be doing better and vice versa.

use it to promote my eBay store, and use my


Once set up, most Silent Sales Machines

eBay store to promote my website, but taking

are virtually automated, providing you with

this first step led me to look at even more ways

a regular income for weeks, months, or even

of setting up Silent Sales Machines outside of

years to come.

eBay. I now firmly believe that everyone who sells on eBay should set up their own website.


This is for a variety of reasons but definitely the


A lot of time, effort, and research can be

largest being “Spreading the Risk.” I know it is

required initially to set up an effective Silent

unlikely, and won’t happen in the near future,

Sales Machine.

but what if eBay goes out of business? Without


a website you would go out of business too.

Although a website is not essential for

some Silent Sales Machines, most of them do require one, which is an added expense. You may also need to acquire new skills (such as HTML programming) in order to set up your website. ·

You may have to become familiar with

using affiliate programs in order to set up your 80

June 2011

Tom Parker offers many impartial ebook reviews just like this one at his website Any purchases made through this site are eligible for a 25% discount (subject to website terms). You can reprint any of Tom’s articles but please include the bio so that he is credited. Article Source:


ONLINEMillionaire So you want to use Facebook to grow your

Then again, Facebook doesn’t really work like

business? You setup your profile and place a

that anyways right? Who wants to be friends

ton of your company information and your

with a person who is a Giant advertisement?

contact information on it so when people

Do you really want some Facebook friend

stumble on it they can contact you. Most then

posting profile status and wall posts only to

add a ton of pictures of their products and

promote a product? That gets old quick, as

links to how it’s the greatest thing since sliced

people will realize that they are being used as

bread. That’s all fine and dandy if you just

a free advertising source.

wanted to push the “product”. We all know products will get sold but to whom? Who will

3 Free ways to grow your business in Facebook

get those sales? If you want to be the distributor

is to be a REAL person.

responsible you need to differentiate from all the other distributors in your company. You

1. Get a Real picture of You

might think y our only competing with other companies for business and you would be

I’m not talking about an avatar image. Most

partially correct. You also need to compete

people think that you can add a cute picture

with distributors in your own company.

of a cat or a giant image of your product and that will help you on Facebook. Facebook is

Facebook - 3 Free Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing

Lets say you are your own product. If that

generally used to network individuals and to

is the case, then you still need to promote

do so you need a mug shot. Okay, maybe not a

yourself. Why buy from you? Selling your

mug shot but get a picture with your good side.

own product on Facebook depends a lot on

Some might like y our fancy car you have on

advertising. Generic advertising that most

you profile but how does that really connect

do is blast information on their profile. This

you to your audience? You need to brand your

generally doesn’t work.

own image onto people’s minds. What makes

If your using your Facebook profile to sell someone you are probably already in trouble. People generally need to be pre-sold before coming to your site. Which means your advertising outside of Facebook has to do a lot of work before people come to you.


June 2011

you different from every other business out there? Don’t get it confused. Example: If you sell Coke for a living and you have a Giant Coke image on your profile does that really help? Sure people know you either love Coke or work for them.

June 2011




How does that differentiate you from other

This is critical as there will be a time when you

Coke distributors? That Coke image doesn’t

have enough traffic going through Facebook

set you apart from every other person with

and many members will start to lean towards

that same image. Your image is really the only

people in their region. Don’t prevent people

picture you have to differentiate yourself. You

from finding YOU. Generating leads for your

want to stick out and not be filed as another

network marketing business in your local

Coke distributor.

area will greatly boost your ability to reach out and connect with them.

2. Set Your Region 3. Fill Out Your Profile People don’t realize you can actually localize yourself in Facebook. Some people look over

Way too many people only put a tiny bit of

this because they are a global distributor. Your

information on it. Makes it look like your

shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t let

either hiding something or you got something

yourself be found. Why would you want to

to hide. People want to network with people

block people from finding you? Isn’t part of

they know. It’s hard to do that if you got a

network marketing about having ways for

picture of a cat and you have no clue to what

people to find you easily? You want to be found

they do in their spare time. Even worse, you

by people who want your product or service.

don’t even k now what they do professionally.

Easy ways to do this is by joining networks in

I totally recommend you put where you

Facebook or Neighborhoods. I recommend

worked full time or working now.

networks as that is shown on your profile easily.

Education is also a key. Stating where you

Many distributors are localized to states or even regions. Knowing exactly where people are will only help boost your sales. What if someone in your area wants to become a distributor but only wants to talk to someone who is local? Location information in this situation will be the difference between getting new business or being looked over.

There are many simple ways to promote your business using Facebook. Facebook alone should be able to drive significant traffic if utilized correctly. Start generating leads to your network marketing business using simple strategies like these. Lawrence Tam has brought the best out of hundreds of Internet Marketers by helping them create wealth for their own network marketing business. Success in any network marketing business is built with knowing the secrets to online marketing like Facebook/ MySpace, Pay Per Click, Twitter, Classifieds and many more. Get your F-R-E-E training mastering these marketing methods and many others by Facebook Network Marketing Online. If you are serious about your future, you will want to register for my free 7 day Internet Lead Generation Video Bootcamp. Article Source:

went to a University and what you studied will help you relate to many people on Facebook. People get addicted to adding a ton of applications and their page slows to a crawl. The NEW Facebook has now placed information in different tabs to break up it up and make it easier to see where someone is and what they do for a living. Can Facebook Really Be Used For Business? Of course!


June 2011

June 2011



Successful Steps To Effective Facebook Marketing

ONLINEMillionaire We all understand about Facebook and the

If you have multiple sites in different markets,

more than half a billion individuals who

then naturally the smart thing is to create a

actively use it.

fan page on its own account.

There are so many excellent motives for

We really feel that is a sensible move and

any internet marketer to utilize Facebook

should be thought over.

marketing. What a fan page provides is networking and There are extraordinary numbers of people

promotional opportunities. In a very true

employing Facebook irrespective of the time

manner you are branding yourself with your

of day. Now that promotion has been there for

fan page.

a while, people have grown familiar to seeing them.

That is exactly why relationship marketing really has to receive its due when you are using fan pages.

So when you mix all of that you get nothing but excellent possibility for your business. There

Attempt to get away from engaging in hype

is a lot more you can do with your marketing

marketing on your fan pages. You want to

at Facebook besides running advertisements.

attract and keep other Facebook users, and

The business networking atmosphere at is just

more and more folks are truly tired of all

insanely huge and holds great opportunity for

the hype related with online marketing and


Facebook marketing included.

Yet again, so many of us have already heard

Plus know that you really do not have to

of fanpages, but we think they are still many

involve hype. When you’re working toward

marketer’s who have not taken the plunge to

creating positive relationships with people,

create their own fan page.

then it is obvious to be aware that no hype needs to occur.

We are contemplating about what could be achieved with business fan pages as a part of

The very best approach is to always be honest

Facebook marketing.

and helpful. If people think you are trying to help


June 2011

June 2011




them with useful information, then they’ll

Facebook Advantage and Disadvantages

stick with you. You will generally be liked by people if you really want to help them out. You likewise want word of mouth advertisements, and that is the very best way to get it. Attempt to be diverse with your Facebook marketing by giving special offerings. You want them to feel very unique, and that is part of powerful relationship marketing. So just a few ideas include discovering great deals such as exclusive offers and discounts. How about producing things like a loyal customer, or fan, card; even if it is digital it will not matter. How about locating great Facebook apps you can explain to them about. Then do not forget


Despite the above mentioned advantages and

who are so into it. Individuals who have an

· Overcrowding

disadvantages of an online networking service,

account in Facebook are now using more of


Weakening long distance relationship

it still is gaining demand and popularity

their time to socialize with other people amidst


Unsupported by physical adjacency

among the young crowd. There are about

the distance and lack of time. And even if a


Contributes wide-range procrastination

10,000 students (professionals and young

community like Facebook serves numerous


Rampant addiction

professionals not yet included) who are joining

advantages, it also proves to have certain


Stalking is possible

into Facebook every day. This is regardless of

disadvantages as well. There are now series of


Acquaintances be labeled as friends

the age, race and country. Some are now trying

Facebook - a popular name among those

improvements in the system just to make up

to criticize the status of professionalism of

with the shortcomings. Arguments regarding

this site whether it’s just another fad like other

the different advantages and disadvantages of

Surely, the disadvantages don’t pose a threat

Facebook are stated below.

to you just by merely looking at it. Someone else has to prove that what users do with their

about having contests because people really

profile is directly in proportion with what can

do love them and also enjoy to win. What you


wish to do is engage your fans in a real way.


The way to create relationships is to be active


with people, and you can effortlessly do that


so your fan page becomes sticky.

a high level of security ·

Allows user search for new and old Accessible to chosen universities having Makes





Would you like to learn more about Facebook

communicating with strangers or people you


are not familiar with ·

Love attraction - can be used as a dating

Here is a free training on marketing with

service system

Facebook the right way. Just click this link


Free Facebook Training.

similar likes and dislikes

Article Source:


Makes it easier to join groups having Allows members to check students who

are taking the same class, living within the same area, or coming from the same academy


June 2011

happen to them. A user must understand what he is trying to give out otherwise things might get messy and people will mistook them as someone else. It is quite obvious that a trade off is happening between the advantages and disadvantages of






communication and connection between friends and the online community it also increases the risk of procrastination and makes it easier for others to stalk a user. Worse, some are actually punished for what they put on

online networking services are. Discover how you can get free, targeted traffic to your website using short, easy to write articles like this. Visit my website to download your free copy of ‘Article Marketing Made Easy


marketing/]’. Signup now to get our 5 day e-course that includes the most important facts and details you must know to make tons of money running your business on Facebook [http:// html]. Without this information you face serious obstacles to achieving the kind success and wealth you deserve!

their profile and would claim that it was there only for fun.

Article Source:

June 2011




How to Earn Money From Facebook

your company profile and your products.

You don’t actually have to sell anything on

Some college students that go online during

your Facebook page, you just have to put up

the wee hours of the night might actually

advertising spaces once you get the traffic

crave for pizza.


Or if you have a bookstore, you can put up a page asking people if they want to order a book online for a significantly lower price

Create applications.

compared to other online bookstores. Know your consumers and find ways on how to get

Facebook is so popular because of the various

in touch with them.

third-party applications it offers. First of, you should know what the market demands. What applications do Facebook users want? Most users are between the ages of 18 and 35

Make your Facebook page interesting.

so it is understandable that most Facebook applications would be mashups between

Facebook has become a social networking

Facebook also generates advertisements that

phenomenon that started just with college

go with their applications. You can apply the

students but now has expanded to all types

same concept - make a product and sell it. So,

of social groups. Much of Facebook users are

how do you do this with Facebook? Here are

so addicted to this website, they spend hours

ways to get your profits running.

exploring and using different kinds of social applications. Like the television, people are spending more and more time in front of their computers - surfing the web or trying out new applications on Facebook. Like with more popular media like the television, radio or print advertisements, 90

June 2011

Sell your product.

A lot of people also browse Facebook looking

music, video, applications that are just for fun

for interesting content like causes to support,

or their profiles.

funny stuff or photos that are worth taking

Applications would range from free gifts, to

a look at. You can start thinking of ways on

horoscopes, to trivia games, personality tests

how to make your page interesting, so a lot of

or graffiti walls on their profile pages.

readers would go to your profile page. You just have to put an advertising space on your profile page. Then, find advertisers that would be interested in putting up their ad banners on your site. If your page is about

If you already have a product, you can sell it on

books, maybe you’d like to get in touch with

Facebook - most especially if your service or

Amazon. It would be logical, of course, to get

product caters to the 18 to 35 year old group.

advertisers that are related with your actual

For example, if you own a twenty-four hour


These applications are viral - meaning it can spread in a matter of minutes! So, a lot of people can be using your application minutes after it has been launched. That would mean that you can sell advertising spaces on your application.

pizza place, you can put up your page with June 2011


ONLINEMillionaire If you don’t have the means or the money to


get your application up and running, you can

Copyright (c) Althea Marie Tan. If you are interested to know more about how to use Facebook and to earn money from it, visit Facebook Social Ads []

sell your idea to companies like Bay Partners

Article Source:

or get developers to help you with it.

Make Money Formula - Make Money Online Make money is a necessity. Make money should be easy. Is there a magic make money formula that guarantees that we can make money online simple? Well maybe not guaranteed but a simple make money formula consists mainly of 3 major ingredients.

rank positions for certain keywords while others claim that in a very short time your website can appear on top positions on search engines out of nowhere. The main truth is that SEO takes time and is not an easy task. But good news is that basic and crucial characteristics that a website must have to be optimized for search engines are

Ingredient number 1 of the make money


formula is the search engine optimization

If you make a search for free SEO ebook,

or SEO.

free SEO techniques or software many excellent articles or blogs appear that cover

It starts with registering a domain name

all elementary aspects of search engine

that is more effective for internet marketing

optimization. Why pay a lot of money when

if it contains the main keyword we want to

you can apply yourself important features and

obtain top ranking positions on major search

gain many positions on search engines for

engines. The purpose is for the search engines

certain keywords?

not only to find that our website exists but that

Start with basic free stuff and then later on if

is relevant to some major keywords and by

you wish proceed with paid professional SEO

time to appear high on search results for many

advice or services.

phrases that people use when they are online.


June 2011

There are a lot of things said and written about

A website without SEO techniques applied is

SEO. Some of them claim that SEO is difficult

simply a boat travelling without destination.

and too expensive. Some SEO companies

It has no purpose and no clear make money

charge a lot of money for guaranteed top 10


June 2011




Ingredient number 2 of the make money

weekly, monthly or even better daily action

formula is to get many links pointing to our

and routine.

website or blog.

Ingredient number 3 of the make money

The more links the better it is for our internet

formula is getting traffic from ingredients 1

business. This is an internet marketing rule

and 2 and converting it to sales and money.

that states search engines rank websites based

Statistics and analytics play a very important

on many factors, one of which is the amount of

role to any online business and evaluating and

links they have. More links make any website

experimenting with your website in terms

more relevant and important to search engines

of how to find ways to get more traffic and

and there is a huge difference being on page

convert it to money is very important. Test

10 versus being on page 1 or 2 for a specific

changes like the tone of your text, headlines,

phrase. So how do we obtain links? Some link

offers, colors, synonyms and action to take

building ideas are:

your visitors. Analyze which pages attract

o Submitting a website to directories, both

more visitors or how long do people stay on

free and paid

your site and think of additional pages that you

o Having a blog and adding a link to your site

could to make your website more appealing,

in each post. Imagine after 1000 posts having

interesting and convincing. Traffic without

links to your site from your blog. There is also

conversion will not help you making a lot of

the compounding effect of links with blogs

money with the exception of revenue from

which is simply getting multiple links to your

advertisements. Test even the appearance of

site if other bloggers like what you write and

your website from too formal to more casual

add a link from their blog to your blog. Blog

and analyze which look your visitors want.

communities are a typical example of this link

A final note to all 3 ingredients of the make

compound effect.

money formula is that action should be a daily

o Writing and distributing press releases

routine. It takes time for new websites to rank

announcing important events that concern

high on search results so if you have little traffic

your online business

test as many changes as possible and later on

o Apply a link exchange strategy with other

apply only ideas that work with statistics and

relevant websites

analytics. The make money formula therefore

It is important to understand that link building

is SEO + links + traffic = money.

should be a never ending procedure and a

Internet business Internet money

Article Source:


June 2011

Affiliate Marketing - How To Choose An Affiliate Program Get information about programs before

Find out about the statistics that will be

joining them. Do some research about them

available to you. The more detailed the

and the options they provide.

better, as they would help you in planning your strategy. One should always check their

Find out if it costs anything to join the sites.

statistics to see how they are doing.

Many good sites are free to join so you should beware of any that require payment.

It is also important to check if the company also pays for hits or impressions, in addition

Check the payment schedule of the company.

to sales commissions. This will add to the

All programs are different; some pay weekly

earnings, even if modestly. This would be

while others do so monthly. Choose one that

a good tool if the conversion ratio of the

is convenient for you. Some programs also

company is low, meaning that your potential

have minimum commissions, and can’t send

sales will also be low.

payment unless the minimum is surpassed. Get information about the retailer to know Find out about the conversion ratio. This can

if you are dealing with a solid company. You

be done by checking the hit per sale ratio. It

should have an idea of the products they sell

will be a pointer as to how much traffic you

and how much they make. This will make it

may need to earn commission from the site.

easy for you to know if the program will suit you.

You should have a clear idea of the company’s referral tracking system, for example how

You should know if the program is one or

long cookies last. A good company should

two tier. A one tier program will pay for the

track referrals for long enough, so that you get

business you have generated, while a two-tier

credited for any sales. Some visitors don’t buy

program also pays business generated by any

immediately but may make the sale a while

affiliates you sponsor in the program.

after they visit the site. June 2011




It is also important for one to check the

Carson Leong is a small business internet

commission paid. This is usually some sort of

marketer at using article and video marketing,

percentage. Most programs offer 5-20%.

blogging to drive highly targeted traffic to websites. He can help you grow your online

These are the major concerns you should

business and earn $14,500 just bu sending out

check before joining any affiliate program.

7 emails without any product. Click here to

Doing this will ensure that you get the most

know how he did it or visit inboxatmsecrets.

suitable program for your site. It will also

com to find out more.

ensure that when you integrate the program in your website, you won’t be disappointed later on. You should have knowledge of all the aspects of the program before joining it. One


good way of finding these answers is by asking


the affiliate some of these questions.



Benefits of WordPress What’s are the major benefits of having a

your WordPress website is a really simple

WordPress website?

and easy process, but what other benefits do

If you’re thinking about having a website

WordPress websites offer you? Well here’s

yourself, you are probably asking that very

a swift little list of some of the most useful

same question. I could easily ramble on


about technical things copied from forums

SEO! - You can optimise your website easily

and blogs, but that wouldn’t help anyone and

by adding tags to all your pages and posts. Its

would totally go against what WordPress is all

also very easy to update regularly, and Google

about, simplicity and quality!

loves new content!

Instead, however, I can be honest and tell you

Customisation! - You can change the look and

about what I see as the benefits of a WordPress

colour of your website in a few clicks. There

website, as an end user, not a web designer.

is a simple editor which is easy to use, along

Firstly, our WordPress website, is easy to

with many different themes available.

use. Very easy. We were in need of a content

Social Media! - WordPress is fully compatible

management website that we could easily

with all forms of social media. Facebook,

control ourselves, and this ticked all the boxes.

Youtube, Twitter, can all appear on your site.

It looks good, it feels good, and does an ideal

A site for life! - WordPress is always being

job. We chose WordPress because we needed

updated! If you want to add a new section,

to be able to update our website whenever we

page, post, to your website, you can easily do

needed to. We wanted to be able to do this

it in a couple of clicks. Want a site that can

ourselves whenever we felt necessary, rather

expand and change with your business, this is

than having to constantly call a web developer


asking them to change a list of things. Luckily

Integration! - Newsletters, online payment

for us, news, videos, blogs, testimonials and


more can be added and edited in minutes!

E-commerce, WordPress has a plug-in for all

Developed from blogging software and

those, and many many more.

created by a professional WordPress Web Design team, the WordPress user interface is





Article Source:

easy to use and takes only minutes to learn and master if given the right tuition. So, updating 96

June 2011

June 2011



ONLINEMillionaire These days the most cost effective method though emails. Most people tune out traditional forms of marketing and advertising these days. People will often take the time to at least open an email to see what it is about. That is an opportunity to influence an individual to check out a product or website, or even directly buy from the email.

1. The Problem Is Generating a Mailing List Quickly And Effectively. A company or individual does not usually have the time to spend years building a massive mailing list. Nor is it effective to quickly build a list of non interested email holders. There must be a balance between a rapidly built email list and people actually interested in the product or information of the lists user or owner. Sending out mass emails to people not interested is about as effective as standing on a street corner tying to get people to take flyers as the rush by. Most of them end up on the street, as are unwanted emails found in the delete bin or spam files.

2. Find The Target Market And Get Their Emails. Optin Profits list building course gives companies and individuals a real advantage when attempting to build effective and useful mailing lists. The course teaches how to rapidly build a massive mailing list of people interested in a product or information. That is half the battle right there, finding people who want to receive an email about a product. Once a massive mailing list has been created it is simply a matter of using it. It is also a good idea to continue to grow the email list and to properly maintain it.

Ewen Chia’s Optin Profits Review - Effective Marketing Using Optin Profits Methods

3. Send Effective Emails To The Target Market. It is not enough to have a massive marketing or email list. It has to be used effectively. Optin Profits list building course also teaches how to win at the second half of the battle. How to create an email that not only gets readers interest, but causes them to look further into it and possibly buy. Emails created with Optin Profits knowhow create hits, leads and sales. Is Optin Profits a scam? Visit to read a FREE report and find out the truth about this Perfect List Building Course! Article Source:


June 2011

June 2011


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