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Bard Graduate Center ​hello everyone its James again and today I want to talk about something very very important and that's what I see as the narcissistic abuse that has been put on society as a whole and to what I feel and believe has been done on purpose have you ever thought to yourself something strange is going on in our society to where you can almost taste it many of you may know I helped both men and women that have been narcissistically abused no matter it be if they grew up in a narcissistically abusive home or if they dated or were married to a narcissist but I also talk about men's issues with in regards to the way our society has become very unfair and to the point where it has made men afraid to start families or even be in relationships for fear of what the woman may try to do to him in the future and in talking about such issues I speak about how the good women are targeted with this societal brainwashing with the attempt to get them to turn away from and against all they know and believe to be moral and right and those women that stay the course and do the right things when they end up with the narcissistically abusive men the women that understand and love the gender biases where men are being stripped of their masculinity these women have no empathy or sympathy for these women that played the game straight and honest that found themselves being taken advantage of by a narcissistically abusive man so what does all of this have to do with the Georgia Guidestones found in Elberton Georgia well it proves what is written in stone is being covered ly and overtly done to us as a people maybe it's a coincidence maybe it's not and for those of you that don't know what I'm talking about is these are stone tablets that have written on them in eight languages ten rules for Humanity and one of those rules reads maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature now I'm not saying the person or people that made these stones are in on some plan but I will say this those that rule this world are and they know exactly what they are doing no no not the politicians it's the people behind the politicians and they use the same exact techniques the narcissists in Our Lives used against us getting us to think no way I must be imagining things would act like this until years later we found out we were right all along these evil beings had nothing but our destruction on the agenda the entire time well as I've mentioned before what if our narcissists parent or parents were in control of Nations or what if our narcissists exes could control entire societies yes that's right this world would be a scary place indeed but I'm here to tell you there are many that control the world that we live in that are for the most part the same as the narcissists that we've dealt with the only main difference is their money and their power now going back to men's issues which in reality ends up being women's issues - because you women have been sold a bill of goods by a bunch of horrible women that don't care about you and want to see you destroyed right along with all the men they hate but think about something for a minute why would a group of women backed by rich men I must stress that why would they work so hard to say how all not some but all men are bad evil abusers and do all of these horrible things to women and how they aren't fit parents so on and so forth why would a group do such a thing well here's why if you demonize all men that does something interesting it lifts up all women women that are evil that don't deserve to be lifted up and it gives these evil women a chance to destroy society with a free pass of diplomatic immunity much like a young child going into a store to buy some candy might be racially profiled as if he was going to steal something when in reality he's a paying customer but what does this do it gives a chance for someone that's not a vet race to steal because he or she isn't being watched as closely instead of realizing good and bad comes in every shape size and color just because someone is 85 years old and looks like a grandma or grandpa doesn't mean they aren't a stone-cold killer and because Society says they are sweet and old someone that is a stone-cold killer in that age range will use that to their advantage to fly under the radar so others will be looked at before they will be looked at well I'm sorry to say the women that ran with this idea that all men are monsters knew better they were only doing such a thing because it allowed them a chance to rob and destroy society from the inside out and not have anyone be able to point the finger at them and what was gained by doing this dropping birth rates failed marriages and relationships children raised in day care with God knows what's happening to them while they're poor opportunities in the workforce for everyone and society as a whole slowly going down the tubes now I don't say this to bring despair into your life because once you see the truth it's a lot easier to distance yourself from those things you see that are evil so you can indeed have a healthy and happy life but as a thinker you have to ask yourself why hasn't anyone stop this think very clearly marriage today is a money grab and the saying you haven't found the right person to marry legally state-sanctioned marry is complete and utter nonsense because even good people can fail women are being targeted good women I've talked about before whenever a new woman starts working in a new office if she doesn't go along with the nasty jokes and

talking about controlling her men like the other women she's targeted either to get her into trouble or fired or to covered Lea get her to believe these new women around her are her friend and little by little bit by bit they will start to put seeds of doubt in her mind about the good man she's with and the good relationship she has with him and they brainwash her then along with all of the other things that are on television and the movies that tells her that her way is completely wrong and this is the reason oftentimes good relationships break up but it goes back to these stones and what is written on them if a man and a woman are unable to stay together and the relationships they do have becomes highly dysfunctional and the children they do produce end up troubled as a result of all of the pain they lived through they don't have a chance to bloom and really become what the Most High put them on this earth to become thus fulfilling the wish of those that rule this earth and that's for you to have a life of slavery pain and death not a happy childhood and a happy adult life where you can have more children of your own and teach them good decent values and skills on how to prosper and make good you see those that rule this earth knew it was a matter of time men would catch on and we would mash our feet on the brakes now did these people in question create feminism in my humble opinion yes did they create migt oh no but they knew it was going to eventually happen organically all on its own because think about it what man in his right mind would sign a legal document knowing that if the woman he's marrying changes her mind mid marriage can literally ruin his life and take his children from him and again about not finding the right person because as I've just pointed out the brainwashing out there is thick and good women can be turned against their good men a lot easier than you might think and men are starting to say I'm not playing by society's rules anymore I'm not going to be used anymore and all of this was anticipated I believe because if we were so concerned about our society falling apart children growing up in broken homes which I might add make good workers in low-level jobs for the rich and powerful that owned the big companies in the world but if they were concerned about such broken homes broken marriages and the decay of society they would have done something about things a long time ago sure a few laws in a few states have changed here and there for the better but we are still way off we still live in a world where a mother can falsely accuse the father of touching their shared child all to win custody and money no investigation no nothing it's seen as normal or a man can find out his wife is cheating and if he wants to leave her he can lose his fortune and I know this can happen to women good women too but to the good women out there the women that are down with this program so to speak don't think like you they think in a hyper commencĂŠ nature such a woman is making 50,000 a year they want a man making 70 if they are making 70 they want a man that makes 120 and by doing such a thing it doesn't secure their life with this person no no no we aren't in 1950 it secures their exit because they know they can leave this man and leave him in utter poverty taking his home his car and his child and society lets it go on the laws let it go on then you look at the Georgia Guidestones and it all makes sense you see these evil and I do mean evil wicked masterminds aren't going to show up in your face and do a bunch of horrible things to you no but what they will do is write the rules and laws in society in such a way that relationships are doomed and children that are a product of such relationships will struggle to find their purpose in life all the while working in some lame job for the system and those that are smart they opted out which you can't blame them and things just tick along no change no-nothing look if those that rule this earth at least in Western civilization's wanted to rebuild society and get rid of the rot and decay they would do such things as if a man finds out years later the child he was paying child support wasn't really his the mother needs to pay that money back or if a few years into having a child with a woman and he finds out the child isn't his he can get up and rightfully leave and not be responsible for child support because the child isn't his because in most states this man would still to this day be ordered to pay child support but if it was fair and making the laws reflect that instead of who wins what at the end but to where if you leave a marriage you are responsible for yourself both men and women alike and the list can go on and on what you would notice is those that are evil would start to shrink in our society and good people would start to grow but doesn't that go against the Georgia Guidestones now again I don't know if it's a coincidence or not but our society is shrinking and rotting all at the same time and no one is calling this a problem or emergency no one in power is saying what's so wrong about making men and women equally responsible for their actions with in regards to failed relationships or parenting because by doing so those that are narcissistic and opportunist will no longer see an opportunity they will only see responsibility and we all know the narcissist no matter they be a man or woman hate responsibility they hate it with a passion if all states has joint custody as a default unless there was some special circumstance you would see the real parent step up because every time the child would be in the presence of the bad parent the bad parent would be neglectful and it will become extremely obvious so much so it will be impossible to mask and HUD which is what the narcissist loves to do but you have to ask yourself again why are these things in our society going unchecked what's the deal here and then you realize it's all by design that's why you must learn the rules of the matrix and you must learn how to bend these rules so you can have a happy life and so you can have a happy family because it can

be done but you can't do it living like those around you those that are masked brainwashed those that don't even know they are being led to their doom those that are leading their very own children to their doom this is why I tell women the good women if you find a good believing man please understand why he doesn't want to do all that he sees in society please understand he can be committed to you without signing a legal agreement with the state that allows the state access into his in your home and regarding migt oh there are a lot of guys out there that speak on it that yes they seem to be shut-ins without real world experience with women but there are a lot of them that are good men that know exactly what they are talking about and they have been put through the ringer and have made the life choices they've made to opt out for their very own safety and rightfully so and there are even Christian MIG toe that referenced the Bible quite heavily and correctly in their talks about such topics and when you hear or watch such videos even from those that seem angry and with strong language you hear a lot of the same things that we talk about here in the narcissistic abuse community different terms with the same identical meaning it's utterly amazing but the only difference is our laws and society protects sanctions and promotes this type of narcissistic abuse and like many of us that said no more no contact I'm not doing this anymore with this narcissist I'm dealing with men understand even good women can be a threat to them because the brainwashing is just that good good enough to make what was written on the Georgia Guidestones reality for our society something to think about we have now come to a point where having a family is no longer a moment of joy but it's frightening because this family is used to extort money and narcissistic supply further adding to the destruction and decay of our society one failed family at a time SUNY Canton.

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