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How To Obtain a PhD Online Many of us intend to go for a doctorate degree but are limited by financial pressures. It becomes important to get a full time job and the dreams getting another degree is thrown out of the window. It is unfortunate that only 1 out of 100 people in America actually earn a PHD. Thankfully, times have changed and it is now possible to carry on with the doctorate through an online university. Online degrees are no longer considered to be any less than regular college. In fact, a degree with work experience is valued much more than a regular college degree. Different universities offer online doctoral programs that are as good as the regular ones. In fact, you can schedule your classes and appointments based on your convenience which makes it possible for you to pursue the degree along with your full time job. In the fast information age of today, most research can be done online and hence you do not need to go to any location physically to collect information. This makes getting an online degree worth the effort. There are many universities that offer Ph.D. programs online and it is vital to choose the right one. A doctoral degree requires some research work in addition to classroom training. Virtual classrooms are made available where you can be studying with the other students without physically being with any of them. This makes it beneficial because you don't have to move from your current location to get a degree from a reputed university. When you are looking for an online degree it becomes all the more important to check the quality of education you are going to receive. The first thing to check is whether they have a physical address. You can't trust a university that works through a post box. A genuine Ph.D. Degree requires years of hard work and anyone claiming to award you such a degree in few weeks or months would likely be a scam. Even if offering online Ph.D., most legitimate universities will share the faculty details with you upfront. Take the time to browse through the website and know more about the faculty. You can look up their name and see if they have written any books or published papers in journals. You can contact the US Department of Education to check the accreditation of the selected university. Financial assistance can also be a deciding factor and a good university would definitely have a few scholarships to offer. Walden University is a very prestigious university that offers online doctoral programs. It is technologically advanced so you will not miss being at a regular school even for a single day.

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