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Which Milk To Take For An Acne Free Skin? Here is a list of different kind of milks being used by us in our daily routines. Each one has its own properties some are listed here so that you can evaluate the milk which you are using and then try to use a better alternative. Skimmed Milk It has least amount of saturated fat out of animal milks and if you get organic it should be free of hormones and antibiotic residues that are often found in non-organic milk. Best choice if getting hold of almond milk is difficult or too pricey, but not great. Semi-Skimmed Milk It has too much saturated fat and shouldn't be used. One must avoid this milk. Full Fat / Whole Milk It contains too much saturated fats and will definitely cause breakouts so must be avoided. Rice Milk It contains too many omega 6 fats (not GLA) and will cause break outs.It should be avoided. Soya Milk It is the worst milk to use as it has high amounts of omega 6 fats (not GLA) and will give you break outs similar to vegetable oil.It should also be avoided. Almond Milk A good non-dairy milk although it contains omega 6. Although not ideal, it is the best milk to use and the least likely to cause the kind of inflammation that leads to breakouts. How to make the Almond Milk for acne free skin at home You can actual y make almond milk yourself at a much lower cost than buying it. To make almond milk, fill up a jug or jar with 1/5 almonds and 4/5 water. Then mix them and leave overnight in the fridge. The next day pour the mixture into a blender and blend until smooth. Separate the liquid from the pulp by straining with a cheese cloth, sprout bag or strainer and you have your healthy and delicious almond milk! You can even sweeten it with Stevia, Xylitol or Agave nectar. By simply drinking the almond milk one can have a clear acne free skin. sabun beras susu thailand

Which Milk To Take For An Acne Free Skin_