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TYROLIT - CSDAA GOLD COAST 2014 The start of March saw the CSDAA hold their 2014 convention. This gave Tyrolit and other leaders in the diamond tool and machinery industry an opportunity to show off their latest advancements in equipment and expertise. Held at the Marriott Resort on the Gold Coast the convention was a huge success allowing the small but very knowledgeable contingent of Tyrolit staff to show off the new silent wall saw blade, the industry changing FSX road saw blade and the powerful DME36 core drill. The two day event finished off with a relaxing dinner cruise giving the participants a chance to enjoy the Gold coast scenery, a fantastic buffet dinner and have a laugh with friends and colleagues.


TYROLIT continues to make use of traditional communication channels to help stay in touch with colleagues, partners and customers. However, since the middle of 2013 we have been making greater use of social media such as Facebook and YouTube allowing us to provide comprehensive information about the diverse world of TYROLIT. With the TYROLIT Facebook page and YouTube channels in full swing, come and check what is on offer and don’t for get to leave a like so you can stay up to date with news and events. For more information contact a TYROLIT Representative

TYROLIT SA HAS MOVED The TYROLIT South Australia office has moved and is now located at: Unit 3, 53-55 Ashwin Parade Torrensville SA 5031 Ph: 0416215355 Fax: (08) 8443 4579


The HTC Academy has been running since 2004 and has educated thousands of flooring professionals. Many attend academies annually to help them stay up-to-date with the latest flooring techniques, flooring solutions, new grinding machines and diamond tools. The HTC academy is an excellent forum to ensure you have the appropriate knowledge on all the new flooring concepts which are constantly being developed and is shaped not only towards new participants but also towards customers that have previously participated in a HTC Academy. The course includes both theory and hands on training. All participants are given the opportunity to try out the latest floor grinding equipment available from HTC that simplifies and streamlines the grinding process.

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NEW PRODUCTS DME36 CORE DRILL Core Drilling up to Ø 450 mm TYROLIT would like to introduce our latest development - The DME36 Drill motor. The DME36 is the new bench mark in terms of compactness, productivity, reliability and weight to power optimisation. This new high frequency motor offers plenty of benefits which professional operators have been using and praising. Some benefits are:

Powerful and service friendly electric motor

• More power, specifically more torque meaning faster drilling. • Larger diameter capacity and single phase operation giving it more flexibility. • IP66 rated allowing inverted drilling with water • Highest protection class in the industry - Stops dust and water penetrating the motor. • Smaller dimensions and less weight (taking into consideration some motors with a similar diameter spectrum) meaning it is easier to transport, handle and mount on a drilling system.

Compact - Power to weight optimisation

In addition to the above benefits the DME36 uses the same P2 drive technology that Tyrolit implements into their WSE1217 and WSE2226 Wall saws. This innovation demonstrates the level of knowledge, productivity and experience you can expect whilst working with a TYROLIT system. P2 technology reduces the motor speeds, in turn reducing the load on components allowing for the internal parts to last longer, decreasing the amount of servicing needed and giving you a lower overall operation cost. Even though the motor speeds have been reduced the motor is still extremely efficient, this is due to less heat development and outstandingly high torque. All together the motor is more reliable and powerful which results in higher productivity and cost savings.


Silent Wall saw blades

This new fast cutting, long life wall saw blade offers up to 50% noise reduction and is equipped with TGD® segments which consistently achieve a higher cutting performance improving the cutting speed, service life and versatility of this Tyrolit premium tool. Available in: 600mm | 825mm | 1025mm | 1200mm | x 4.9mm with a 60mm bore


Easy handling thanks to the ergonomic control panel

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CC6566D Road saw

If you are in the market for a large road saw the CC6566D should definitely be on your short list. Dimaond Products have designed a new road saw that is easy to keep clean, simple to operate, has a trouble free design and is tough, providing the operator with an overall efficient machine. Built with simplicity in mind, the CC6566D has a very dependable 66HP Kubota diesel engine. Equipped with a liquid cooled radiator allowing for smoother running and longer lasting sawing resulting in higher productivity. With a 435mm cutting depth this saw has the added advantage of being easy to manoeuvre, thanks to its one handed sawing control, easy to use parking brake and strong frame. For more information on the road saw or any other road saw in the range contact your Local TYROLIT Representative.

Features/Benefits - Less rear weight meaning easy manoeuvring and reduced operator fatigue - One handed sawing control and parking brake

- Fits through a door frame when blade guard is removed

- Quick release blade shaft/ flange and rear wheels

- Liquid cooled engine allows for smoother running and longer lasting sawing resulting in higher productivity

- Self propelled with hydrostatic transmission - One of the strongest frames in the market

- Oil bath blade shaft - Available with a 3-speed gearbox - 435mm Cutting depth


Kennards Concrete Care With constant innovation in the concrete care industry Kennards has developed a reputation for developing, updating and improving their ever expanding range of concrete machinery. The latest equipment added to the Kennards Concrete Care range is the powerful TYROLIT HBH534 Hydraulic handsaw and the robust HTC 420 Floor grinder. Both machines are reliable, easy to use and offer the user maximum efficiency. For more information about the new machines or to find your closest Kennards Concrete Care branch visit

TYROLIT HBH534 Hydraulic Hand Saw

HTC 420 Floor Grinder

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TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition This year Tyrolit Australia sent a contingent of 4 staff and 19 customers to Innsbruck Austria to witness first hand what the Cutting Pro Competition was all about. Being the world’s only championship in wall sawing, core drilling and hand sawing TYROLIT Australia was excited to show our customers the knowledge, innovative products and passion that TYROLIT has for the construction industry. The TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition was first established in early 2007 and aims to bring the sporting spirit and atmosphere to the world of concrete cutting, sawing and drilling. Professional users from around Europe are put in the spotlight allowing them to show off there knowledge, power, ambition and practical skills to prove they are the very best. The TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition consists of 3 disciplines: wall sawing, core drilling and hand sawing. A standardised set of regulations and unified material allows fair competitions and internationally comparable results. There are three disciples which contestants compete in: WALL SAWING The goal of this exercise is to cut a slice off a reinforced concrete block as quickly as possible. The cut has to be performed in only two passes. Optimal performance will depend on the ideal cutting depth of the first and second pass and the feeling the competitor has for the machine, tool and concrete. CORE DRILLING In this exercise the competitor has to drill a hole in a reinforced concrete block. The drill rig and motor have to be mounted and fixed before the drilling can begin. The installation of the drilling system requires skill and experience. A fast drilling time will depend on applying the right pressure on the core drill. HAND SAWING In this discipline a disc has to be cut from a concrete tube. Power and knowledge in dealing with the handsaw is essential for this task.

THE COMPETITION 2014 There are always two participants competing on the stage in the same discipline. The first discipline is wall sawing, 28 athletes take part and the best 14 are then sent through to the next stage which is Hand sawing from here the final 8 participants qualify for the final exercise, core drilling. The winner is the competitor who has the fastest time in all three events. The TYROLIT Cutting Pro 2017 is envisaging being a world championship. Look out during 2015 for the announcement of the Australian Cutting Pro Competition. For more information visit:

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HTC 950 helping create a spectacular floor on the Block: Fans vs Favs This year the Block returned with a blast. The reality renovation program on Channel 9 in which contestants are pitted against each other in a competition to be crowned the winners of the Block saw some impressive design decisions, the most notable and by far the most eye-catching was a polished concrete floor created by Paul Warner of Geocrete using a HTC 950RX Floor Grinder. This choice was made by 2012 favourites Brad and Dale who opted for the polished concrete floor thanks to its environmentally friendly, easy to clean and cost saving attributes. With the robust three phase HTC 950RX concrete floor grinder in toe Paul was able to effectively grind and polish the boys slab in under three days. The HTC 950RX is fitted with a four head grinder, a powerful 15kW motor, 600kg weighs, flexible floating grinder cover, a mist cooler system and a radio control system providing Paul with a unique benefit that has made grinding easier, more efficient and provided The Block with a floor that gave a WOW moment.

Melbourne’s Tyrolit office gets a HTC Superfloor™ After years of wear and tear on the old drab carpet the Melbourne team got together, sat down at their round table not to discuss what they should have for lunch but what should be done with the sorry state of the so called floor. Being the only distributor of HTC grinding equipment in Australia the choice was simple “We will turn the slab in to a HTC Polished concrete Superfloor™”. With over 50 professional concrete polishers in Victoria our next question was who do we get to polish the floor? Paul From Geocrete and Ryan From R.G Concrete Polishing were the first to come to mind. These Melbourne based concrete polishing companies have a strong history working with some of Melbourne’s best owner-builders, renovators, architects, designers and luxury brands producing a floor to specifications, surpassing expectations being on time and on budget. Then end of the year was fast approaching and the showroom need to be cleared out and the carpet striped. With the whole office lending a hand this tedious task was done in an afternoon. What we found under the carpet was a 180 square metre uninspiring and standard concrete slab. This is when Paul and Ryan arrived with a new HTC 950RX a time lapse camera and a passion for polished concrete.

In just over 5 days the floor came to life giving the area a clean, bright and fresh feeling. The HTC Superfloor™ which was produced is a revolutionary floor concept that makes concrete more than just strong and hard-wearing it makes it cost effective and environmentally friendly.

For more information about the process or to watch the time lapse video visit:



SUPER CITY JOB STORY THE ULTIMATE DRILLING MACHINE Project: 1st Armoured Regiment – Robertson Barracks, Darwin, N.T Builder: John Holland Group Project: The design and construction of a new tank parking apron for the Australian Defence Forces M1 Abram Tank squadrons. Super City Concrete Cutting was awarded the contract to provide core drilling services to verify the structural properties of the concrete parking apron being installed by John Holland group. The project details of this mammoth job are to drill 400 test cores 115mm wide x 200mm deep into the parking apron structure; however this could only be done once the parking apron has reached 28 days cure time. The concrete its self has been reinforced with revolutionary new wire fibre technology instead of traditional round bar reinforcing meaning that this job was made tougher. The contract specified that vacuum anchoring needs to be used to complete the test drilling; this decision played a major part in Super City’s choice in purchase the Diamond Products Ultimate Drilling Machine. This machine is self sufficient in terms of power and water supply, comes with a vacuum drill base, a tachometer, is driven by a Honda engine with electric start and has a drilling range from 100mm diameter up to 600mm diameter controlled by a variable speed valve. This precise drill motor is designed to enhance productivity, efficiency and effectiveness on any big job. The unit was delivered into Darwin with post delivery checks and machine testing completed by TYROLIT’s Cameron McLean. The test drilling which was completed at Super City’s depot in Darwin was very impressive, producing 115mm diameter x 150mm deep holes and taking only 3 minutes to complete on the automatic drill mode. As Stated by Alan Torrance the manager of Super City Darwin “This purchase will enable our company to increase productivity and provide our operators with less manual stress during the stages of the work”. The work will commence in May 2014 and is due to be completed by August 2014. To watch the U.D.M (Ultimate Drilling Machine) in action visit:

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Newsletter 6 - 2014  

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