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Global Air Ambulance Services. Medical Assistance Services for the Alpine Region.

Our area of operations: worldwide. Tyrol Air Ambulance provides fast and professional assistance in medical emergency situations abroad – for example after accidents or in case of acute life-threatening diseases. We make full use of our technical and operational know-how to guarantee state-of-the-art air ambulance services. When every second counts, Tyrol Air Ambulance will be at the right place at the right time.


WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: • We assist thousands of patients on ­international ambulance flights each year • A highly qualified and trained team of doctors and nurses guarantees the best possible medical treatment on board • State-of-the-art medical equipment • Our ambulance jets perform short, ­medium or long distance flights for one or two patients

Our philosophy: assistance all along the line. Travel, whether for business or pleasure, makes our world a smaller place. But if you fall ill or are seriously injured abroad, things can change very suddenly. In that moment, the only things that matter are receiving the best medical care available and returning home as quickly and as safely as possible.

TAA delivers a wide range of medical assistance services, including air ambulance repatriation where necessary, to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of assistance and medical care. Whatever the situation, wherever our help is needed. The patients’ wellbeing is our top priority.

24 HOUR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE HOTLINE: Tel: +43 512 22422 100 Email:


Our commitment: air ambulance pioneer. Tyrol Air Ambulance has its origins in “Aircraft Innsbruck”. The company was granted its flight operating licence in 1963, when the aviation pioneer Dr. Max Schuh and the medical doctor Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Flora started to rescue injured skiers from Tyrol’s glaciers. In July 1976, an air ambulance jet repatriated an injured tourist from Greece for the first time. From then on, “Aircraft Innsbruck” operated under the trading name “Tyrol Air Ambulance” (formerly Tyrolean Air Ambulance) with state-of-the-art medical equipment on board. In 1980, Tyrol Air 4

Ambulance operated the first scheduled shuttle flights by airliners with patients and in 1983, Tyrol Air Ambulance and the Austrian Automobile Association (ÖAMTC) started the Austrian rescue helicopter network “Christophorus”.

In 2013, Tyrol Air Ambulance was voted “Air Ambulance Provider of the Year” at the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) Industry Awards, acknowledging excellence in innovation, achievement and quality of service.

The new century started with Welcome Air as the major shareholder. A new system of year-round scheduled patient shuttle flights were introduced. These shuttle flights were operated for nearly two decades from holiday destinations around the Mediterranean Sea.

For individual ambulance missions Tyrol Air Ambulance operates a fleet of ambulance jets for short and medium-haul flights as well as for long-distance flights.

Regional expert: Medical Assistance partner in the Alpine Region. Your client‘s trip to the Alps didn‘t turn out as expected? Suddenly, their view of the beautiful mountain scenery is now through a hospital window? Tyrol Air Ambulance is here to help! With our in-house 24/7 Medical Assistance center, Tyrol Air Ambulance provides specialized services in its core geographic market – the Alpine Region. TAA Medical Assistance offers a wide range of services, from Medical Case Management, Arrangement of Health Services, Cost Containment and Psychological Support Services

through to the organization of repatriations via air, sea and land. Tyrol Air Ambulance OUR SERVICES: • Medical Case Management: Out-patient and in-patient assistance, cost guarantee, medical assessment, organization of repatriations and evacuations • Network and Claims Management: Network of dedicated private and public medical practitioners, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other medical and psychological service providers

offers a one-stop-solution for all medical emergencies in the Alpine Region.

• Arrangement of Health Services: Access to expert medical advice, planning and organization of medical or well-being treatment in the event of a chronic illness or as a preventive health care measure • Cost Containment: Cost reduction through an international network of renowned cost containment partners


Our fleet: the status quo in the air. Tyrol Air Ambulance operates worldwide. Innsbruck is the headquarters of our stateof-the-art fleet. Tyrol Air Ambulance operates its own EASA-certified maintenance centre, also based in Innsbruck.


Our equipment: high-tech to save lives. STATE-OF-THE-ART FOR ALL SITUATIONS. • Mechanical ventilators for invasive and • External and internal pacemakers non-invasive support and burn kit • ICU monitoring including ECG, oxygen • Central venous catheter set and measurement, capnometry, invasive and suction unit non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, as • Anti-pressure ulcer mattress, well as body temperature measurement vacuum mattress • Portable analyzer for blood gas analysis, • Doctor’s kit for patient transport between electrolytes, haematocrit and blood sugar hospital and airport • Syringe pumps and defibrillators • Chest drain set, splints and cervical collar



Ambulance Jet Gulfstream 100 Patients: 1–2 Minimum runway length: 1100–2000 m Maximum range: 5000 km (2700 nm) Cruising speed: 860 km/h (465 kts)



Ambulance Jet Citation Bravo Patients: 1 Minimum runway length: 1000–1200 m Maximum range: 3000 km (1600 nm) Cruising speed: 740 km/h (400 kts)


EASA-certified Maintenance Center. Tyrol Air Ambulance operates its own maintenance center offering Line and Base Maintenance for Cessna 550B, Astra SPX/ Gulfstream 100 und Dornier 328-100 aircraft. Contact:


Approved Training Organisation (ATO): Tyrol Aviation College. Tyrol Air Ambulance offers its own t­raining school, approved for type ratings of Citation C500/550/560 and Dornier 328-100 aircraft. Landing trainings for Citation C500/550/560, Gulfstream Astra SPX/Gulfstream 100 and Dornier 328-100 aircraft can also be ­provided. Contact:


Tyrol Air Ambulance GmbH Fürstenweg 180 . 6026 Innsbruck - Airport . Austria . . . . Tel. + 43 512 22422-100 . Fax +43 512 288888 Core Partner of International Assistance Group | EHAC member | EURAMI certified | Platinum Safety of Flight Award 2013 | ITIJ Industry Award 2013 – Air Ambulance Provider of the Year |

TAA Company Brochure  

Tyrol Air Ambulance is an Air Ambulance Provider for worldwide missions owning its own air ambulance fleet.

TAA Company Brochure  

Tyrol Air Ambulance is an Air Ambulance Provider for worldwide missions owning its own air ambulance fleet.