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Match Box by

Blind Lemon Jefferson

“I’m been stting here wondering, will a match box hold my clothes” sings Blind Lemon Jefferson, Paramount’s great exclusive artist. This Big-Hit record “Match Box Blues” got so good to Lemon that he put his feet to work, and you can hear his feet in the record, helping out the guitar accompaniment. Beware of imitations or substitutions. -OTHER PARAMOUNT HITS12605-PULLMAN PASSENGER TRAIN and JOG-A-LONG BOYS Pullman Portland’s Quartet 12665-NOW BE BO WEAVIL BLUES and MOONSHINE BLUES Ma Rainey and Her Georgia Band 12474-MATCH BOX BLUES and EASY RIDER BLUES Blind Lemon Jefferson and His Guitar 12587-SHAKE ‘EM UP and JINGLES Clarence Williams and His Orchestra

NO. 12474

Matchbox Blues  

For an honors seminar, I re-designed some blues advertisements