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Small Story People were shocked as a freak lightning storm hit the midlands, causing vast amounts of damage and causing all communications within a 5 mile radius to be halted. The storm was ongoing for 3 hours before simmering out.

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A three year old boy named Thomas Jones has been taken to hospital after what has been described as a “horrific accident” took place at 9:30 this morning. The West Midlands Ambulance spokesperson has confirmed “Thomas had a fractured leg among other alleged injuries” For More See Page 8

Small Story Urgent meetings about the scrapping of have been held with roughly one hundred people from the kings heath community attending. After what was described as a “heated” argument, Centro and National Express have agreed to reconsider adding Dawberry Fields Road And Doversly Road.

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Colin Roberts, a 21 year old

teacher of pupils at Wheelers Lane Technology College who is also a father of a two year old and husband was cycling on his way to Cromer, where he was going to go on holiday with his family, but he got hit by a transit van at 7:15 on Saturday morning in Cambridgeshire. He was a keen cyclist and his family, who drove to Cromer believed he would be safe as he used to cycle everywhere he could even when he was studying at university. The van driver has been arrested and has allegadly been bailed on the case of death by dangerous drving. He will appear in court on December 1st. Birningham mail has quoted Colin Roberts’ brother, Philip saying “Colin was a devoted husband father and brother. He was an avid cyclist and would go for a 30-mile ride every Sunday. He was a safe cyclist, he always wore

a helmet and was careful. Everyone is in utter shock. It hasn’t hit us all yet. All the family is trying to get through it together but it’s very hard.”Many of his current pupils where shocked and sad about his untimely death, he had only been teaching for one year and one of his students took to facebook to say “R.I.P Mr Roberts, the only teacher that had faith in me to pass my

maths GCSE.” Another tweeted on social netoworking site, twitter “Cant believe Mr Roberts has gone, such a nice person, my prayers are with his family” His Funeral will take place on November 13th, and will be cremated at the Robin Hood Cremetarium where all family, friends former and current pupils are welcome.


09.10.2010 News

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Gala Bingo is reportdedly going to have a dramatic makeover next year. It will become a restarauntwedding venue. Although locals arent too happy with the idea. What started out as an idea from idealist Javid Sattar, to turn the run down, not used anymore bingo hall into a venue that has “international appeal” has been halted because people from kings heath are worried that there are no parking spaces for all the people that would come to this venue. It’s been planned to hold up to 300 people, which would mean a possible amount of 300 hundred cars looking for parking on a already packed out kingsheath high street. Kings Heath high street has just been brought back from recession which took away big branded stores, Woolworths, McDonalds and Adams. Now the back on top form shopping street is back to business, and has brand new popular stores, Big Johns, Poundland and the 99p store. Although these may sound like a credit crunch alternative, store owners have seen the high street shoppers grow in size, birmingham mail quoted Stam Hems who owns johnsons butcher’s saying “Our butchers has never had as many people coming to buy our supplies, its incredible how many new customers were getting everyday”. Kings Heath has also got recent stores City Living Furniture. Sattar wants to have over 300 people to fill the restaraunt but kings heath is already a packed place so people are protesting and arent happy that there will be less parking for people that are local citizens, if there will be weddings and huge partys the already rammed out parking spaces and roads will be even more jammed and the roads will get rowdy, people that have lived there for years dont want it to be changed because it is there place to live and they want it to be quiet and peaceful. even

Springfield road, one road away from the high street and is full everyday with people looking for a parking space. though it often isnt. Residents of springfield road are most concerned, there once quiet street has recenly been getting more and more people parking in parking spaces that the house owners are used to parking in, Maggie Gylen said “how can he expect all the outsiders to park? i dont want anyone taking my parking space when im out.” Reggie Smith also said “Im not happy, do they think its clever having more people coming to a packed area, its such a dumb idea.” The local council are excpected to have words with Sattar about his plans, they are expected to be halted as these protsters will be outside campaigining to keep kings heath high street the way that it currently is, but its up to the council and they already gave Sattar the yes when he first asked permission so its most likely that the plans for the dining hall will go ahead. It is expected to open in 2011 if plans do go ahead, and then we will see if the kings heath locals warm to the buliding or its turns out to be a bad idea. By Bradley Morrison

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