TypeWell: An Overview for Disability Service Professionals

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An Overview for Disability Service Professionals

What is TypeWell? TypeWell is a widely used, affordable system providing speech-to-text accommodations for people with hearing loss or other differences related to learning and communication. Using advanced abbreviation software, a trained TypeWell transcriber synthesizes the essence of the discussion in clear English text, in real time.

Technology that can be adapted to any setting and any device. A TypeWell transcript provides access to realtime communication, whether the transcriber is located in the same room or in a remote location. Transcribers typically use a laptop on a small, portable table, and some may use a wireless microphone to access the audible discussion. The consumer can sit or work anywhere in the room and immediately view the transcript on a computer or any mobile device.

Communication access for highly technical classes and workplace settings. TypeWell’s ever-expanding 500,000-word dictionary includes specialized vocabulary encountered in advanced sciences, engineering, and mathematics. A qualified TypeWell transcriber can also use a special keyboard setting to access an extensive dictionary of math/science symbols and notation.

We’re thinking ahead. With the shift to online learning and flipped classrooms, TypeWell transcribers are adapting to new technology and are integrating their text output with captioning software and e-learning platforms. Many transcribers use their skills outside of the classroom to produce transcripts of videos to help institutions comply with new captioned media regulations.

TypeWell transcribers are thoroughly vetted, rigorously trained, and have ongoing opportunities to improve their skills. TypeWell provides online and in-person training for transcribers’ continuing education and professional development, along with online peer networking to respond to immediate challenges and fluctuating demands. Successful transcribers have a career that is portable and rewarding.

Experience it for yourself! TypeWell offers free on-site and remote demos. A consumer who is new to speech-to-text accommodations may not know how a meaningfor-meaning system like TypeWell differs from verbatim captioning (also known as “CART�), traditional note taking, or sign language interpreting. Let us show you. All you need is the speakerphone setting on your office or cell phone, and a computer with Internet access. An experienced provider will transcribe your conversation live, so you and the consumer can decide whether TypeWell is the right accommodation. For an on-site demo, contact us to locate a service provider in your area.

If you train new service providers...

We can help you screen and recruit new transcribers who are committed to a high quality user’s experience. Unlike other meaning-for-meaning systems, TypeWell has a screening process to ensure that candidates for training have the necessary speed and language skills to succeed in the course. TypeWell uses a team of experienced teachers who provide personalized feedback and who are committed to maintaining TypeWell’s quality standards for communication access.

Consider dually-trained service providers. Do you have contract or staff interpreters who happen to have excellent typing and grammar skills? We have extensive experience crosstraining sign language interpreters in TypeWell’s speech-to-text system. It is a natural extension of their skills, and the additional training makes them more versatile and more marketable.

TypeWell transcribers begin their careers by gaining on-site experience, and can later work off-site. We believe that it is crucial for transcribers to experience the professional and interpersonal aspects of working in classrooms and meeting rooms. That is why we require all TypeWell transcribers to gain on-site experience before doing any remote or post-production work.

If you contract with existing providers...

TypeWell can refer you to a local freelancer or agency for on-site or remote services. If you have a last-minute request for speechto-text services or if the required hours vary by semester, the most cost-effective solution is to contract with an outside provider. We can help you with common budget and cost questions, scan our database to find a local freelancer in your area, or recommend an agency that is best suited to your particular needs.

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