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Hello there ! welcome to “ My Sandwich Book “.This is my first time of making a book,thank you for giving me such a good opportunity to make my own book.It is so much fun throughout the process and I enjoy doing them! This book is all about sandwiches,and what are the sandwiches that is recommended to try.Through this project,I met new friends

and had fun during the sandwich party,and made some mess in the kitchen.Besides,I have met some interesting people through the interview,which shares about their experiences. I hope you will enjoy reading it and know more about sandwich. And do not get hungry fast before reading finish !

-Alexander Tye Wen Hong


Menu What is a sandwich


A sandwich dinner in Waverley House


The First Sandwich


John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich


A Presidio Picnic, with Italian Pressed Sandwiches


Learn how to make sandwiches


The special day of the sandwich


Countdown of My Top 10 Sandwiches


Master Banh Mi Sandwich Recipe


Banh Mi, Unstacked


Simple breakfast of the day

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You don’t need a pack of wild horses to learn how to make sandwich 10

What is a sandwich?

A sandwich is a food item, typically consisting of two or more slices of bread with one or more fillings between them, or one slice of bread with a topping or toppings, commonly called an open sandwich. Sandwiches are a widely popular type of lunch food, typically taken to work or school, or picnics to be eaten as part of a packed lunch.

They generally contain a combination of salad vegetables, meat, cheese, and a variety of sauces or savoury spreads.


The bread can be used as it is, or it can be coated with any condiments to improve flavor and texture. Furthermore,sandwich is easy to find,they are widely sold in any bakery stores, retail or grocery shops and cafes. And hence, the easiest way to make the meal is sandwich !They are so tempting that the people have good appetite and want to have a second bite ! Sandwiches are always the best for childrens appetite and convenient!


A sandwich dinner in Waverley House

It was a relaxing Saturday,and everyone in the flat were chilling and slacking after the hustle bustle weekdays.And thus,we planned of making some special meal for dinner,which is sandwich ! Since there was a special guest who was from Germany,we decided to make a sandwich dinner as special treat for her. She is interested in joining the party as well! All of us planned and gathered ingrediants and materials as much as we could.Moreover,we thought of some crazy ideas like


putting little chillies to add the spiciniess,added gummy bear candies and some soy sauce to experiment the taste ! During evening,we prepared the ingrediant and gathered them on the table.And we began to cut the bread into slices for making sandwich. We prepared to make variety ingrediant of sandwiches. Everybody made different kind of fillings inside the sandwiches. It was an unforgettable day for everyone in my flat. We enjoyed the dinner !

Top: This picture was taken when our guest was preparing to taste the customised sandwich which prepared by our flatmates.


Left: Our dear German guest, Simone, joined the sandwich party and tasted the custom made sandwich by herself. Bottom: This picture was taken when one of our flatmates was spreading peanut butter onto her sandwich. 2nd page top: Michaela,who is our flatmate, prepared the onions before frying them. 2nd page bottom left and right: This picture was taken when she is frying the onions with butter.After that,the fried onions will be put as the fillings of the sandwiches.



You should prepare some ingredients before making sandwiches. 18



Cheese 19

Do not forget these goodies!




Tomato 21

And last but not least, remember to add on mayonnaise 22



n a c I w o n . . m y r Mm e v y m e k a m ! l a e m own


The first sandwich

Since the history of the actual grilled cheese sandwich is limited, let me start with the history of the sandwich. As is the case with most ancient foods, pinpointing a date or time when something is created is difficult. In terms of sandwich,the first recorded sandwich was by the famous rabbi, Hillel the Elder, who lived during the 1st century B.C. He started the Passover custom of sandwiching a mixture of chopped nuts, apples, spices, and wine between two matzohs to eat with bitter herbs.The filling


between the matzohs served as a reminder of the suffering of the Jews before their deliverance from Egypt and represented the mortar used by the Jews in their forced labor of constructing Egyptian buildings. Hillel figures prominently in the Passover Seder liturgy and is thus fondly remembered each year by Jewish children and parents. The Passover Haggadah instructs participants to take the matzo and make a sandwich of bitter herbs, eating them together while saying:

“This is a remembrance of Hillel in Temple times. This is what Hillel did when the Temple existed: he used to enwrap the Paschal lamb,the matzo, and the bitter herbs,and eat them as one.”

In the Ashkenazi tradition the usual practice is to do this by making a matzo and lettuce, or also horseradish sandwich, known as the “Hillel sandwich.”


Top: This is Hillel The Elder,he was a famous Jewish religious leader, one of the most important figures in Jewish history. He is associated with the development of the Mishnah and the Talmud. Refrence : Sandwich,Hillel-The-ElderWikepedia.


Left: Matzoh,which is a type of flatbread which is made in Jewish communities all over the world. This bread is traditionally eaten during Passover.

Bottom: The Jews’ Passover Facsimile of a miniature from a missel of fifteenth century ornamented with paintings of the School of Van Eyck. Reference: Bibl. de l’Arsenal, Th. lat., no 199. Project Gutenberg text 10940


John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich

John Montague’s biographer, N. A. M. Rodger, points out in the book, The Insatiable Earl - A Life of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, that the sole source for giving Montague credit for the invention of the sandwich, was gossip mentioned in a travel book by Grosley, and that at the period in question 1765, he was known to be very busy, and it is just as likely that it was for the purpose of eating at his desk. It remains to consider the circumstances of the invention of the sandwich, which modern works suppose to have been designed to sustain its creator


through long nights at the gaming table. The origin of this story seems to be a passage in Grosley’s Tour to London:

“A minister of state passed four and twenty hours at a public gaming-table,so absorpt in play that, during the whole time, he had no subsistence but a bit of beef, between two slices of toasted bread, which he eat without ever quitting the game. This new dish grew highly in vogue, during my residence in London:it was called by the name of the minister who invented it.”

travel literature.There is no supporting evidence for this piece of gossip, and it does not seem very likely that it has any foundation, especially as it refers to 1765,when Sandwich was a Cabinet minister and very busy. There is no doubt,however,that he was the was the real author of the sandwich,in its original form using salt beef, of which he was very fond.The alternative explanation is that he invented it to sustain himself at his desk, which seems plausible since we have ample evidence of the long hours he worked from an early start,in an age when dinner was the only substantial meal of the day, and the fashionable hour to dine was four o’clock.

Grosley’s book is a piece of


Top: John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, 1783, by Thomas Gainsborough Reference: National Maritime Museum, London, England; Greenwich Hospital Collection.


Wrought sin with greediness, and sought for shame With greater zeal than good men seek for fame ! (The Candidate, 11. 315-16) 33

A Presidio Picnic, with Italian Pressed Sandwiches

Remember when I told you that I looove to have dinner parties? Well, that same passion applies to picnics, barbecues, and brunch dates with friends; anytime I can put together a little meal to feed someone, I am a happy camper. Therefore, imagine my delight when I realized I had made a lot of dishes and that I had the pleasure of packing up a picnic lunch to take on the road that will travel well and still look great! To celebrate the end of picnic


and barbecue season I decided to kick my usual picnic fare up a notch. I hope you really enjoy the picnic lunch I planned, and that you will continue to show your support and vote for me in this round! Before we officially get into my menu, here are a few things I keep in mind when planning to take food anywhere on the go,food that is compact and self-contained transports best, and creates the least amount of mess. This also means you don’t need to worry about

‘assembling’ dishes after you arrive at your picnic or party. When appropriate, I use high-quality prepared foods that I know are as good as ‘homemade.’ This saves time and energy.

things festive, fun, and colorful, or use packaging that translates into ease of transportation. -I choose dishes that are relatively easy to make, or that I have made before and loved, so there are no snafus and everything tastes fabulous and fresh!

If possible, I like to stick with foods that don’t need much cutlery or serving utensils; since it is a picnic, it is more fun to eat with your hands anyway! I always think about the aesthetics of my food, and try to keep



I choose dishes that are relatively easy to make, or that I have made before and loved, so there are no snafus and everything tastes fabulous and fresh! I got all my food and drinks ready to go, I loaded up my Project Food Blog cooler, and I headed out to meet my good friend Jill at the Presidio of San Diego for an afternoon picnic. To start out my menu and wash down all these delicious picnic treats, I decided to go with a refreshing Pomegranate Berry Spritzer. The good folks over at POM had sent me some awesome POM wonderful and I was eager to try it out! Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, so this drink not only tasted great, but also was healthy too. Since pomegranates have a sweet-tart flavor, I decided to boost the sweetness factor by making a simple syrup from blueberries and blackberries. The simple syrup combined with the POM and lime sparking

mineral water was a perfect combo and was so easy to make by just bringing along the bottles of POM, a bottle of mineral water, and the syrup in a small container. Plus, who can resist the deep ruby color of pomegranate juice! Next, I decided to include a little ‘snack’ with my picnic lunch, mostly because I started thinking about Parmesan and Gruyere Cheese Straws and just couldn’t get them out of my head.I mean, if any of you have ever been lucky enough to try these savory treats, then you know what I am talking about.Picture parmesan and gruyere melted to perfect golden perfection on top of crunchy pastry, and then add just the slightest hint of thyme and garlic.They are beyond good. By using frozen puff pastry and this super easy recipe from Ina Garten, you can have yourself some fancylooking cheese straws without any fuss. This is a recipe I have used for parties and picnics for years now, so I know it is a winner!


of my whole menu, and my most favorite dish as well.These Italian Pressed Sandwiches combine several factors of ideal picnic food all in one perfect little package. First, this sandwich is silly-easy to make because there is no cooking or baking. I took a cue from Ina Garten and followed her principle that some of the best dishes are made by simply ‘assembling’ highquality ingredients. For starters, this sandwiches uses fantastic ciabatta from local Bread and Cie. Next, the bread is topped with freshly-made, purchased pesto (from a deli, not a jar) as well as amazing garlic and herb roasted tomatoes. To add more Italian flair, I chose to use Fra Mani sopressata, which is handmade salumi of excellent quality. This particular one was only slightly spicy and sliced paper thin. Lastly, I used highquality provolone and fresh basil leaves from the farmer’s market to add extra flavor. To make these into ‘pressed


sandwiches,’ basically all you do is assemble all the ingredients, wrap the whole loaf tightly with plastic wrap, and then weigh it down in the refrigerator overnight. This compresses all the ingredients together, really infusing the flavors, and also creating a tight compact sandwich where none of the ingredients will fall out and make a mess. Once your sandwich is ‘pressed,’ you can slice your loaf into larger sandwiches, if perhaps you have several hungry Italian men coming to your picnic. Or if you are like me, and just planning a small picnic lunch for two petite gals, you can slice the loaf into smaller squares or rectangles that make perfect finger food. Slicing all four sides of the individual sandwiches also showcases the beautiful colors of each layer of ingredients. And then, if you are feeling really special and want to take your picnic to the next level, you can individually wrap each sandwich

in parchment and tie them up with some cute string. These might not be totally appropriate for those hungry Italian men I was mentioning earlier...but who cares, because they are adorable! Wrapping each sandwich also provides for easy transport for picnics, work lunches, plane food, etc, because they are self-contained and easy to serve. When I thought about the side dish I wanted to serve for my picnic lunch, I knew right away I would go with my Shredded Red Cabbage Salad with Pistachios.

I personally say this salad is a winner, but I have had several other readers tell me they love it too! Check out my original post with the recipe, and you will see that I have numerous reasons why I love this salad. To make this salad even more special for my picnic, I had a lightbulb moment and decided to serve it in the leftover leaves from the whole red cabbage. Edible plating!


All around San Diego, from beaches to inland parks, there are incredible places to have a picnic; Jill’s husband Tristan suggested the Presidio because it is high on a hill overlooking the city, and on a rainy Saturday afternoon it seemed the best place to go to try and catch the few rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds. The Presidio is a really beautiful and unique location, because it provides panoramic views, and it was also the first permanent European settlement on the Pacific Coast. From a botanical perspective, it is an interesting place because there are palm trees, eucalyptus trees, pine


groves, and also plenty of flowers all within close proximity. For us, it proved to be the perfect spot for our picnic with a clean, cool breeze and just a hint of sunshine. All in all, the picnic turned out to be fantastic. Each dish that I prepared exceeded my expectations, and the lunch was a wonderful meal with an even more wonderful friend. We even managed to sneak past the rain and get a little fresh air while we caught up on life. I wish I could have picnics everyday, but this was definitely a great way to welcome in fall with some color and celebration.

Chef Behind The Sandwiches Rachael says she was born into cooking. “My first vivid memory is watching mom in a restaurant kitchen. She was flipping something with a spatula. I tried to copy her and ended up grilling my right thumb! I was three or four,” says Rachael. “Everyone on both sides of my family cooks.” The Ray family owned several restaurants on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Later, the family relocated to upstate New York, where her mother went to work as the food supervisor for a chain of restaurants. People love Rachael because of her engaging personality, her recipes fit the American lifestyle – cheap and easy, and most importantly, Rachael Ray is someone they can relate to.


Learn How To Make Sandwiches

It was a sunny Friday morning, the children from Mama Bear’s Day Nursery had really enjoyed learning about healthy eating and the steps of making simple sandwiches. The teachers, taught the children with dedication and tell them the importance of eating healthily and lead the healthy way of living . The teachers and volunteers have been preparing ingrediants and thinking of what to make for the children’s meal. Then


they guide them the steps on how to make sandwich, and the children have really enjoyed doing this and a lot them have learnt how to spread butter on bread as they had not done it before. The children have learnt how to prepare their own bread of meal.

We had chats with the children and the teachers, and we asked how they felt after making their own sandwich with their own recipes . So we interviewed the kids to know more...


Hey,how do you feel today ? Kimberly : I feel great today ! I get to do my favourite sandwich!

the teaching field for 20 years. She is one of the top favourite among the children.

Bryan : I love today ! Because I get to eat many sandwiches !

How many years have you been working in Mama Bear’s Day Nursery ?

Joshua : I love sandwiches ! What sandwich did you make today ? Kimberly : I made peanut butter sandwiches !

D’Cruz : I have been working for 9 years in the Mama Bear’s Day Nursery after I transfered from the previous kindergarden, which is Rainbow Nursery.

Bryan : Today I made ham sandwich !

Why did you move to Mama Bear’s Day Nursery ?

Joshua : I made myself a tuna sandwich !

D’Cruz : I got offered by a friend of mine who was the headmaster of Mama Bear’s Day Nursery . There were lack of teachers during the past, so he asked me whether I was interested to join in . And I agreed without hesitation. And besides, I also want them to expand their creativity in making their own recipes. It is interesting to see different children with variety of ideas ! Most importantly, the children will be able to make their own meal instead of depend on others in future. It is a good start to train the children from young .

Did you all made by yourself ? Kimberley : Yes ! I made them all by myself ! Bryan : Me too ! This is the first day I made my own sandwich ! Joshua : Teacher Anna helped me in spreading the bread , but I put another layer of tomatoes and vegetables by myself . I have learnt how to make my very own sandwich ! Teacher Rose D’ Cruz , who is a dedicated and experienced in


Left:Teacher Rose D’Cruz, who is a lovely teacher in the kindergarten Mid and Bottom : The sandwiches are ready made by the kids,and have meal after the sandwich making lesson.







The special day of the sandwich

November 3 is the anniversary of John Montagu’s birthday. It’s believed that this 18th-century English noble, better known as the fourth Earl of Sandwich, wanted to eat with one hand during a 24-hour gambling bender. Therefore, he instructed his servants to serve him his lunch meat between two pieces of bread. To celebrate the occasion, Nov. 3 is officially “National Sandwich Day.” People everywhere enjoy sandwiches daily. Oh, how we love them. The NRA (no, not that one--we mean the National Restaurant Association) says


that after fruit, the hamburger is the second most popular lunch choice by full-time employees; 15% typically choose a hamburger for lunch. According to the NRA, the hamburger is the most popular type of sandwich in America. It’s offered on 75% of menus listing sandwiches and is the most popular carry-out item in America. The chicken sandwich is the second most popular. Sandwiches appear more often on lunch menus than on dinner menus. Everyone loves sandwiches,

and most of us eat them daily, mainly for lunch. According to the National Restaurant Association hamburgers are the second most popular lunch choice by full-time workers, after fruit. In fact, 75% of restaurants that serve sandwiches offer hamburgers on their menus, and the beefy patty in a bun is the most popular carry-out item in America (take that, fruit!). And as a result, why do people love sandwiches so much? Well, this is because they’re convenient, easy to eat, compact and so good you can eat two! The best part, though, is that you can make

your sandwich as healthy or unhealthy as you want it to be. So skip the sprouts, pile on the pickles or go easy on the mayo - when it comes to sandwiches, it’s up to you how to customise your very own sandwich !

“It’s not just a cheesy excuse for a holiday or an opportunity for Subway to make more bread. National Sandwich Day is a celebration of convenience food, a true slice of life.”


Top 10 Sandwiches In My List

I have downed many a sandwich in my day. When it comes to food conveyances, the sandwich is perhaps the most ingenious design in its simplicity. One could say that we owe the very cornerstone of modern society to the sandwich. It’s the people’s food and everyone and their mother enjoys sandwiches from the hard working factorylaborer to the leaders of the world. But there have been some sandwiches that stick out as


the greatest. For some reason, their unique pairings of flavors come together to make not just a food, but cultural icons. Not counting hamburgers or hotdogs (can you even really call those sandwiches?), these are My Top 10 Sandwiches.

1 2

3 51

BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) 10 Bacon, lettuce and tomato were one of the greatest things to happen to sliced bread since, well, sliced bread! Usually served on toasted bread along with a helping of mayonnaise, people know what you’re talking about when all you say is “BLT.” Personally, I find that adding avocado enhances the flavor and if you have the time, try frying the bacon in balsamic vinegar. It’s delicious anyway, it’s worth trying !



Chip Butty 9 Most of us Stateside don’t know what in the world a chip butty is. In fact, I’ve been hard-pressed to find a place that serves this sandwich anywhere in the States. I’ve only been able to get my hands on one while visiting my cousins in the UK, and I always remember to get one while I’m there. If you don’t know about it, a chip butty consists of two slices of buttered white bread around a healthy (well not exactly “healthy”) portion of chips (the big french fry kind, not Lay’s). When I first heard of it I thought it sounded gross, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten! Top off with some ketchup for junk food heaven. Hey, at least it’s vegetarian right?



Pan-Bagnat 8 This one came out of left field didn’t it? The pan-bagnat (pronounced pahn-bahn-yah, the “t” is almost silent) is a specialty of the people around the region of Nice, France. The flavors come together perfectly in this sandwich: take a hollowed out baguette and fill with tuna (if you’re using canned please use the kind packed in oil), green bell pepper slices, red onion, sliced hard boiled eggs, olives (kalamata variety please), tomato and top with a vinaigrette made from red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, salt and pepper (there’s tons of good recipes for this out there).It sounds strange at first but it’s really one of the


best picnic sandwiches out there. It’s so popular that those crazy French have an association to promote and protect the panbagnat.Take a special lady out for a picnic and impress her with your culinary skills.I swear she’ll think you actually know what you’re doing.


Cuban Sandwich 7 I really can’t get enough of these things. Thought to have originated as a favorite of Cuban workers in either Cuba or immigrant communities in Florida, the Cuban sandwich is becoming more and more popular every day. A variation of the classic ham and cheese, the sandwich is made with ham, roasted pork (mmmmm), Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard between two pieces of Cuban bread. If you’re making these at home and can’t get your hands on Cuban bread, hoagie rolls are a fine substitute.


The key to a good Cuban is the pressing. The sandwich is always pressed, making the bread thin and crisp. If you don’t have a sandwich press at home, I’ve heard of some people buttering the outside of the bread and cooking it in a pan and pressing it down with another, heavier pot or pan. Personally, I think it works best by taking two bricks wrapped in tin foil (preheated in the oven) and putting those down on top of the sandwiches to press them. Works like a charm!


The Reuben 6 Mmmmm. That picture alone makes my mouth water. The Reuben has been typical deli fare and many different “Reubens” lay claim to having invented it.I tend to side with the sandwich’s origins being the no longer existing Reuben’s Delicatessen in New York City where the sandwich was supposedly invented in 1914. One of the biggest sandwiches around, a typical Reuben consists of a big helping of quality corned beef (none of that canned junk), sauerkraut, our friend Swiss cheese, either Russian or Thousand-Island


dressing between slices of rye or pumpernickel. Some delicious variations on the Reuben substitute hot pastrami for corned beef to make a sandwich some call “The Rachel.” Hot pastrami on rye was one of my favorites I couldn’t fit on the list, mostly because it’s too similar to the Reuben. This beast is definitely not meant to be eaten on the go, and there’s nothing like sitting down at your local deli and partaking in a delicious Reuben.


Sloppy Joe 5 This is definitely a manly sandwich, unless of course you’re making Sloppy Janes. Typically, one takes two hamburger buns and fills them with a sauce made of ground beef, onions and tomato sauce. I dunno, I just usually open up a can of Manwich instead of making this from scratch. Mmmmmm. Manwich. *Insert Homer Simpson’s mouth watering noise here*



Grilled Cheese Sandwich 4 What can be simpler and more comforting than a grilled cheese sandwich your mom made? Warm and delicious, the grilled cheese sandwich is unpretentious, honest food at its finest. I remember my roommates and I making grilled cheese with our irons.That’s how comforting it is. Pair up with a bowl of hot tomato soup and get yourself out of the cold.



Pulled Pork Sandwich


Definitely one of the more labor intensive sandwiches on this list, you’re efforts will be rewarded if you make yourself a nice pulled pork sandwich. A pork shoulder is slow barbecued for hours on end until it’s so tender that it’s pretty much falling apart. The sandwich gets its name from the process of using a fork to pull the pork apart into thinner strips. Piled high on a hamburger bun and topped with your favorite barbecue sauce (or no sauce if you’re a dry meat kinda person) with coleslaw on the side, this is the perfect sandwich for big cookouts, as that pork shoulder will make a lot of sandwiches.



Philly Cheesesteak

2 People from Philadelphia take their sandwiches seriously, and this is definitely their weapon of choice.It is more than just a sandwich to these people, it’s a way of life. Being from Jersey, I didn’t really understand how important this sandwich was until I was in Philadelphia visiting a high school friend of mine going to college there. It’s almost a religion there, and people proudly declare their favorite cheesesteak place like it’s their favorite NFL team.


Two of the most famous locations in Philadelphia, Geno’s and Pat’s, have had a long and well publicized rivalry. Eating a cheesesteak there even has its own etiquette as former presidential candidate John Kerry found out when he was made fun of in the Philadelphia Daily News for, dear God, ordering his cheesesteak with Swiss cheese on it *gasp*. Everyone knows nothing melts over steak better than CheeseWhiz!


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


This sandwich needs no introduction. Not only one of the greatest sandwiches, but one of the greatest food pairings in history, I think you’d be hardpressed to find a person who hasn’t eaten and enjoyed a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This sandwich is definitely the most versatile as one can use any sort of bread, jelly or substitute for peanut butter. I’ve had it with nutella (a hazlenut spread), mashmallow fluff, dried fruit, bananas (my favorite), pickles (it’s not gross), and even once with vegemite. It’s damn near impossible to mess this


sandwich up because that’s just how good it is. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is so popular that, like the Philly cheesesteak, it’s not just a sandwich but a cultural icon. Everybody knows what you’re talking about when you say you’re in the mood for a PBJ. Hell, I even remember Barney singing me a song about putting together peanut butter and jelly. It was the first food I was able to make on my own as I’m sure is the same with many other G1’s. And let’s not forget the infamous Peanut Butter Jelly Time song.


Master Banh Mi Sandwich Recipe


There is essentially one sandwich in Vietnamese cooking and it is quite a tour de force. It started out very simply, with baguette smeared with liver pate and that was it.That’s how my mom knew it in the 1940s when she was growing up in Northern Vietnam.

when you choose what protein component(s) will be center stage. The classic version, banh mi thit nguoi,referred to as the “special” (dac biet) at Vietnamese delis, includes a smearing of housemade liver pâté and thin slices of various Vietnamese cold cuts.

What we know today as banh mi is a light, crispy small baguette that is split and hollowed before it is invariably filled with homemade mayonnaise or butter, sliced chili pepper, cilantro leaves, cucumber, a tangy-sweet daikon and carrot pickle, and a drizzle of soy sauce. The variation comes in

Other filling options include, but are not limited to, roasted chicken, grilled pork, crunchy julienned pork skin (bì), Chinese char siu pork, and tofu. This delicious, fanciful version was popularized by Southern Vietnamese,and is what we know abroad today and in most of Vietnam too.

To prepare the Banh Mi,you ought to prepare a petit baguette roll or a 7-inch section cut from a regular length baguette, purchased or homemade Mayonnaise, real (whole egg) or homemade mayonnaise Maggi Seasoning sauce or soy sauce.Your choice of boldlyflavored meat or tofu, sliced and at room temperature 3 or 4 thin seeded cucumber strips, pickling or English variety preferred 2 or 3 cilantro sprigs, roughly chopped3 or 4 thin jalapeĂąo pepper slices.

a trough in both halves. Discard the insides or save it for another use, such as breadcrumbs. If necessary, crisp up the bread in a toaster oven preheated to 325ÂşF, and then let it cool for a minute before proceeding. Then, generously spreading the inside with mayonnaise. Drizzle in some Maggi Seasoning sauce or soy sauce. Start from the bottom portion of bread to layer in the remaining ingredients. Close the sandwich, cut it in half crosswise for easy eating, and enjoy!

First and foremost,you should slit the bread lengthwise, and then use your fingers or a bread knife to hollow out the insides, making


Top: bánh mì thut noutng ~ Vietnamese-style sandwich (Bahn mi) made with pork and assorted vegetables. Reference: Lee’s Sandwiches


Top: This can be seen in wet market of Ho Chin Minh City.where you can make the Banh Mi with french rolls and Vietnamese style pickled carrots and daikon. Reference: Lee’s Sandwiches



Banh Mi,Unstacked 1. A fresh baguette with crisp,crackly crust,never tough or dry.

2. Optopnal: bird chillies or,more often in New York,jalapenos. 3. Ham made with a bit of pig’s ear,for crunch. 4. Steamed pork roll (cha lua), seasoned with fish sauce. 5. Minced barbecued pork (nem nuong) with a sweet glaze. 6. Pickled carrots and daikon radish (do chua).

7. Cucumber: thin slices or thick spears. 8. Fresh cilantro: small, tender sprigs are best.

9. Pork liver pate - peppery and spreadable.


Simple Breakfast Of The Day

In most of the house mornings are real busy and the breakfast menu is becoming very simple and fast by consuming cornflakes, bread toast, oats & snack bars. This simple peanut butter sandwich with cheese slice makes the breakfast heavy and tasty. All you need to prepare is peanut butter jam,loaf of breads and milk, and that’s the breakfast in the morning! Isn’t that simple? As people are getting busier and lazier, this breakfast preparation is convenient and simple,so it’s worth trying and you will love it!



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Sandwich Book  

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