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Outstanding, innovative prepared dishes with a real “Home Made� appearance and taste. Quality hand produced products using quality ingredients.

Woodland Chicken A succulent breast of chicken, hand filled with bacon and chervil pate, wrapped in Serrano ham, simmered in a sauce of woodland mushrooms, cream, red wine and brandy. Pack Size: 10x 320g

Pesto Chicken A tender breast of chicken, filled with spinach, green pesto, cheese, basil, and chervil, wrapped in Serrano ham and served with a Mediterranean sauce of red and yellow peppers, roasted onion wedges and garlic. Pack Size: 10 x 310g To cook from defrosted: Place pouch into a pan of boiling water and simmer for 20-25 minutes ensuring pouch is fully submerged in water. Check product is piping hot before serving. To microwave: Pierce pouch in several places and place on a microwavable plate. Heat on full power for 4 minutes (700W). Check the product is piping hot before serving


Woodland Pesto