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Program of The Day Time



3:00-3:30 pm

1: Welcome

Guests Arrive

3:30-4:00 pm

2: Chapel


4:00-4:05 pm

3: Chapel


4:15-5:45 pm

4: Refreshments


5:45-6:00 pm

6: Tent

Getting Seated

6:00-7:00 pm

6: Tent


7:00-7:30 pm

6: Tent


7:30-8:00 pm

6: Tent

First Dance

8:00-8:30 pm


Soiree Begins

8:30-1:00 am



Telephone for Taxi: Get the number! Shuttle Bus: Time: 12:30 am


The King’s Feast


Love at First Sight On February 29th, 2008, Prime

In early June, Kristina had a photo-

Ministers Stephen Harper and

shoot nearby and stopped in at the

Milan Topolanek were meeting in

restaurant only to find out that she

Toronto at the St. Wenceslas

and Tom were both going to Europe

Church. Tom was

on the same day!

catering the event

Unfortunately, they

and Kristina just

did not get to meet

happened to be

up while they were

there to have

there. However, two

pictures taken with

days after they got

the Prime Ministers.

back, they met up at

They caught each

Czech and Slovak

other’s eye early on

Canada Day at

in the evening and,

Masaryktown on

after some harmless


flirting, exchanged

Midsummer Night.

phone numbers.

Along with a large

Tom gave Kristina a

bon fire and a



box of delicious pastries and won

spectacular full moon, love was in

her heart over.

the air. She and Tom spent the whole night getting to know each

A day later, Kristina went to The

other. This was their first night as a


to ‘get some dumplings’

couple and although Kristina

and see Tom again. Unfortunately,

moved to Ottawa two weeks later,

both were seeing other people at

they made it through the long-

the time and it took a few months

distance relationship. Six months

before they saw each other again.

later, Kristina relocated

back to

Toronto, and moved in with Tom. 9


The Proposal Tom chose the perfect time and

laughed it off, put the garter aside,

day to propose - the one day I

and when I looked back, there he

would not have expected him to do

was with the box, inside was the

so. It was a complete surprise.

ring. I was so shocked, and Tom is

Monday, June 21st, 2010, the day

such a joker, that I couldn’t believe

after the Miss Czech

it was happening until

and Slovak Canada

he actually spoke the

Pageant where I won

words. Of course I said

as First Vice Miss, all

yes immediately. Then

my thoughts were still

after a sudden

on the excitement of

emotional burst of

the day before. It was


laughing and crying, we

our two-year anniversary, so when

called up my family and shared the

he came into the room with wine

exciting news - Tom’s family found

and a present, I didn’t think

out in the morning.

anything so big would be coming

That whole week was spent

my way. The present was a white

celebrating. Tuesday we went for a

wedding garter, with which he

nice dinner together, Wednesday

explained that he wanted me to

and Thursday we met up with

know that he was being serious

friends, and on Friday, Tom took

about proposing soon, ‘but he

me to see a ballet performance of

couldn’t afford the ring yet’. I

Onegin. 9

Quotes or some fun stuff.


The Wedding Party Groom’s Family

Bride’s Family

Walter Kral - Father Kveta Kral - Mother Marie Pichlik - Paternal Grandmother Helen Ninavaie - Sister Barbara Hincapie - Sister Cesar Hincapie - Brother-In-Law Daniel Buchar - Best Man 8

Jaroslav Kott - Father Alena Kottova - Mother Andrew Kott - Brother Anna Kottova - Sister-In-Law, Maid of Honour

Roger Tumminieri - Groom’s Man Kees Schuller - Groom’s Man Lenny Martin - Groom’s Man

Dewa Amini - Bride’s Maid Katerina Baloun - Bride’s Maid Aurora Simmons - Bride’s Maid



Future Plans The future looks bright for Tom and

leave family and friends in Toronto, Tom

Kristina. After the wedding they plan on

and Kristina believe that the West Coast

moving to British Columbia as soon as

will be best for the kind of life they want

they can. They plan on settling down on

to lead and raise their children in. All are

Vancouver Island, somewhere North of

welcome to visit them in their new home,

Victoria, where they can build their

once they find it - view it as just another

dream house, complete with a Food

reason to go for a vacation in Beautiful

Studio for Tom, and a Dance Studio for

British Columbia.

Kristina. They look forward to having

Tom and Kristina will continue to keep in

children in the next year or two, so you

touch with family and friends, but if you

can look forward to seeing those little

ever need to contact them, you can

faces soon enough - no need to pressure

always email them at:

this couple. Although it will be difficult to


The Crest

he d t n u o h surr e, whic t a th by hap ines heart s e v i s e d v k The form a e l y d thin I t t cres c o m p l e w that ymbolic no ys was but n be ver re. , e r tu Clai it, it ca r na o f t e v abou joint lo r u of o

The ban n e r , ‘P e r asper astra’ a ad means ‘Throu hardship gh s to the Stars’ in Since its L a t in . a medie vally ins themed p ired wedding , we felt was fitt this ing. It is our w realizing ay of that life is difficu as long lt, but as we h ave each w e ’l l g e other t throu gh wha difficultie tever s come o ur way.

The bunny and the kitty cat have a

‘Frog Prince’ however this one

particularly special meaning. Some

‘actually’ happened. One day a

of you might know that the root of

king came to the castle of a noble

my last name, Kott, means ‘tomcat’

family, having been invited for

in Old Slavic. The bunny on the

dinner. The mother of the princess

other hand might have some of you

was a very clever (however,

confused. Let me tell you the

definitely good) witch. She

fairytale of ‘The Rabbit King’. It is

particularly mastered in the arts of

a story similar to the very popular

words. All she wanted was the best


The cr ow n si gnifies name, K Tom’s ral, whi last ch mea Czech ( ns ‘king also on ’ in e of the the med reasons ievallyf or inspired theme) .

The mountains on the crest symbolize two things: originally, my family has a coat of arms that depicts White Mountain from Czech Republic, and apart from this it also symbolizes our move to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia.

e st , the cr f o p o s n the t e scale o h s t e l g a n ho l d i gical The sc strolo arrow a e h t r and ze ou arius. mboli y s , Sagitt p u d n a Libra signs,

for her daughter. The king,

to the poor rabbit king’s throat.

unawares, came to the dinner party.

However, the good princess saw

Within seconds, the princesses

how handsome the rabbit king was,

mother added a diminutive to the

and so she saved him from his fate,

king’s name, turning him from Kral

easily turning him back into his

into Kralíček (little king) which

original form with true love’s kiss.

subsequently turned into Kralik

And this is why Tom has become

(rabbit). Since Czechs eat rabbits,

known as ‘bunny’ and therefore the

the palace immediately put knives

tasty animal graces on our crest. 9


Photography Info List - All Wedding Guests

- Bride & Groom with her parents

- Wedding Party

- Bride with her parents

- Bride & Groom with his family

- Bride & Groom with her family

- Bride & Groom with Flower

- Bride & Groom with Maid of


Honour and Best Man

- Bride with Flower Girls

- Bride & Maid of Honour

- Bride & Groom with his parents

- Groom with Best Man

- Groom with his parents

- Groom with Groom’s Men

- Bride & Groom with both

- Bride with Bride’s Maids


s st Ba e u q Re 45 pm at 4:


- Bride & Groom

ot os e d ph


SPECIAL THANKS TO PEOPLE WHO’VE HELPED - Kveta and Walter Kral, for having Tom, and helping with the planning of the wedding - Alena and Jerry Kott, for having Kristina, and helping with the planning of the wedding - Suzanne Peters for officiating the wedding - Sean and Richard for photographs - Kid C for the music - Andre for the live violin. - Anna Kottova and Dan Buchar, for all their help as maid of honour and best man - Aurora Simmons, for making the wedding bands and being one of the bridesmaids - Dewa Amini and Katerina Baloun with all their help as bridesmaids - Roger Tumminieri, for helping with this magazine and agreeing to be the master of ceremonies, as well as a groomsman - Kees Schuller and Lenny Martin, for all their help as grooms men - Yasneen Schuller and Mellissa Gorecka for planning the bachelorette party, and looking out for the bride - Frankie Solarik and Kees Schuller for planning the bachelor party - Claire for designing the beautiful crest - Christian Cameron and Aurora Simmons for the entertainment - Magdalena Vokac and Eliot and others for serving the food and drinks - For all the staff at The Prague for helping with the cooking, baking, and preparation of the food leading up to the wedding - And to everyone else for coming and INFORMATION INSIDE BACK


Thank you for sharing in our special day... - TOM + TYNA

Tom and Tyna 5  

Wedding magazine 5

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