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Contents Page 3. Our Location and directions into Tyn-y-nant Page 4. Car parking to obtaining the keys Pages 5—6. Emergency and Safety information Page 7. Plan of the Tyn-y-nant site Page 8. Plan of Chalet accommodation Pages 9-11. General information Page 12. Heating - Chalets Page 13. Heating—Recreational Room and Dining Hall Page 14. Kitchen - Gas supply controls Page 15. Kitchen - Gas Range HOB Page 16. Kitchen—Gas Range OVEN Page 17. Dining Hall—DISHWASHER Page 18. Dining Hall - FIRE ALARM SYSTEM CONTROL PANEL Page 19. Activity contacts Page 20. Fire equipment locations for the site Page 21. Electricity Supply schematic for the site Page 22. Gas Supply schematic for the site 2

Our location Postcode: LL53 6PW (SatNav users - turn off A497 at Medieval House sign; see below) Grid Ref: SH411(03) 366(60) entrance gate Address: Tyn-y-nant, Broom Hall Lane, Abererch, LL53 6PW In North Wales; in the county of Gwynedd; on the Llyn Peninsula Just off the A497 3mls (4.8K) east of Pwllheli and 6mls (9.6K) west of Criccieth 1 mile from (west of) Haven holiday centre, turn RIGHT - signposted to Medieval House After 20mts turn LEFT, after 50mts bear right and drive for 400mts to Tyn-y-nant.

From Criccieth/Porthmadog Direction—turn RIGHT at Medieval House Sign

Turn off A497 here

After 50mts fork RIGHT. Drive on for 400mts Lane becomes more ’rural’ SPEED LIMIT 10MPH .

After 20mts turn LEFT

Entrance to Tyn-y-nant on Right just before closed gate on main lane. If our gate is closed, open with your code number.

Still 300mts to Tyn-y-nant car/minibus entrance


Car parking and obtaining the keys

To the Centre

Car Park Kitchen Key Safe

Enter Code number and open safe to obtain the Keys

OFFICE is at corner of nearest Chalet (Nant) 4

EMERGENCY & SAFETY INFORMATION Please remember that the centre is not staffed although you can contact Brian Blundell if you need to 07588041361.

ELECTRICITY The mains electrical intake is situated in the kitchen store room adjacent to the boilers. All areas of camp can be isolated from here. Additionally there are individual service panels in the following locations:  Boy’s field area - Garage / Storeroom next to Male toilets  Dining Room - by dish wash area  Recreation Room – on the left hand corner of the stage  Cottage - above doorway into Medical/Sick bay area  Shop and Sports Store - left of Sports Store Door  Chalets (Dining Room) - by wash area

FIRE The centre has a no smoking and no naked lights policy to avoid unwanted fires. Camp fires can be held but only in the designated are on the top land. Currently, automatic fire detection is situated in the cottage, kitchen, dining room and chalets. Additionally there are break glass call points in the same areas and outside the kitchen. The indicator panel for the system is situated adjacent to dining room exit doors near to the kitchen. A diagram and instructions are shown in this guide. SEE PAGE 18 RE FIRE ALARM The following fire procedure must be adhered to: On Discovering A Fire  Sound the alarm  Tackle the fire only if safe to do so and you know what you are doing On Hearing The Alarm  Leave the building by the nearest available exit  Close all doors behind you  Report to the assembly point on the football field  Call the fire brigade giving the address – Tyn-ynant Christian Centre, Broom Hall Lane, Abererch, LL53 6PW Please contact us if there has been a fire at the site.

GAS The main gas isolator is in the kitchen under the hand wash sink. This should only be isolated in an emergency.


LOCAL ACCESS ROAD Please note that there is a 10mph limit on the access road. In dry weather a lot of dust comes up and it’s not helpful to our neighbours.

MEDICAL The nearest doctors surgery is in Lower Cardiff Road, Pwllheli tel no. 01758 701457 (Enquiries) 01758 701458 (Appointments) Should you need a doctor please use this number and follow the instructions given.

WASTE SYSTEMS The waste systems operate via septic tanks. On no account should bleach or disinfectant etc be put down any sinks or drains. Such waste liquids should be disposed of over the soil in the general undergrowth. Toilets should only be cleaned with a toilet brush and sinks with a scouring cloth and hot water.



Tyn-y-Nant Site Plan

Main Entrance


Car Park




Coach Park

Broom Hall Lane

Male WC & Showers

Recreation Room

Dining Room & Kitchen

Tuck Shop

All chalets have bunk beds A “afon” - 25 Beds A B “llyn” - 23 beds C “mor” - 23 beds D “nant” - 23 Beds (+2 in Sick Bay) E E– 2 meeting rooms



Chalet Accommodation


Leader’s room

Showers & toilets







25 Chalet ‘afon’







23 Chalet ‘mor’


Meeting room

Incl. 2 in Sick Bay

96 Total Beds

Meeting room

23 Chalet ‘llyn’


Sick Bay

23 Chalet ‘nant’ +2 in






1st Aid


Sick Bay



GENERAL INFORMATION AUDIO VISUAL FACILITIES The centre has a ceiling mounted data projector in the recreation room which is connected to the pa system. It’s a plug and play system and if you wish to show dvd’s you will need to use your laptop. The system in the recreation room is also a p.a. system with sufficient microphones and instrument input facility. Please consider our neighbours when you set the volume levels.

CATERING The kitchen is provided with modern catering facilities which are mainly gas operated but will only operate if the ventilation system is turned on. The controls have instructions on them and they are reprinted in the rear of this booklet. There are 2 x 6 ringed commercial cookers with pilot lights situated at 7 o’clock and 11 o’clock positions for the front and rear rings. Please see the instructions at the rear of this booklet. The kitchen has a Rational Self Cooking Centre. This can only be used with our permission as it is a specialist cooking facility. Please discuss this with us if you wish to. There are 2 large refrigerators and 3 chest freezers available. The Bain Marie is electrically operated and should not be filled with water. Tea towels and cleaning materials will be provided but you may need to supplement the cleaning materials depending on the length of your stay. Please wash any tea towels you use and leave hanging to dry if appropriate. If you use the ovens, please clean the racks and bottom tray. The bottom tray has been found in the state in the photo. For safety reasons please do not allow anyone younger than 16 into the kitchen. TNCC operates in line with the guidelines contained in the principles of Safer Food, Better Business. Information and records will be available in the kitchen and you are advised to follow these procedures.

CLEANING It is anticipated that you will leave the centre in a clean and tidy condition. To help with this we will provide the items required including an initial quantity of toilet paper and washing up liquid etc.

DINING ROOM The dining room is provided with all the utensils etc you will need. If you wish to change the layout of the room, please return it to the condition you find it. A dishwasher is available for your use but please be sensible about its use. Instructions are placed on the adjacent wall and at the back of this booklet. 9

HEATING There is central heating in the sleeping accommodation, dining room and recreation room.

INSURANCE INFORMATION The Centre has an insurance policy with Ansvar, no. BPP 2148347. This provides Public Liability indemnity of £5 million. Please note that personal items (Including laptops etc.) are not covered on Camp’s insurance. An individual’s own house insurance policy should cover such items. No firework displays should be held at Camp without prior approval of the Management Board who will need full details of what is being proposed.

LICENCES Camp has the following licences: Copyright Licence 1057219 Music Reproduction Licence - 1057233 Video Licence 1057240 Copyright Licence allows us to reproduce the lyrics of authorised hymns either on paper, on acetate or on a pc. Music Reproduction Licence allows us to photocopy the words or music of authorised songs directly from the publication. Video Licence allows us to show films or extracts of films and no details need to be taken.

REFUSE DISPOSAL General There are a number of refuse collection points around site which should be emptied regularly and just before you leave the centre. Some of those collection points are dedicated for cans and plastic bottles. A key for these is on the key bunch. When emptied the contents of these should remain bagged and be placed in the green metal containers marked plastic and cans next to the incinerator. Please ensure that the lids of the green containers are in place. All other refuse bags should be firmly tied and placed in the green wheelie bins by the workshop. Loose rubbish, paper, tins, food, surplus site material etc MUST NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be placed directly into the green wheeled storage bin. All cardboard should be stacked neatly with any boxes collapsed in the porch next to the kitchen by the red lockers.


Dining Room Please ensure that the food waste buckets are in place in the Dining Room for meals and emptied regularly. Any food waste from meals should be dealt with as follows 1. Dry food waste should be placed in a heavy gauge plastic sack (to be found in the metal drawer in the Dining Room just below the waste collection point). All liquid should be drained from the surplus food down the drain situated at the gable end of the kitchen. The sack should be firmly tied and placed inside a black bin sack and then placed in the green bin on the coach park. 2. Wet food waste should be drained down the drain situated at the gable end of the kitchen 3. Other dry waste should be bagged and placed in the green bin. Please ensure that the heavy gauge sacks are used only for food waste buckets only and not for general use. They cost 50 pence each. Kitchen Food waste- there is a bin adjacent to the washing up sinks. Please deal with as for dining room waste. General non-food waste see above Tins and bottles Tins must be rinsed and flattened and placed in the container marked tins and bottles. When full, please bag the tins and place in the container near the incinerator. Bottles go in the marked container near the incinerator. Plastic flatten and place in container marked plastic. When full bag the contents and place the bag in the container near the incinerator

SITE Blankets & Pillows Each bed will be provided with a blanket and pillow. It is expected that individuals will provide a pillowcase and sleeping bag or similar. Please ensure that blankets and pillows are not used outside of the sleeping accommodation. Vandalism Please ensure that great care is taken with all camp property, vandalism should not be tolerated. Should a serious act of vandalism occur, full details should be given for consideration of a charge being made.

TELEPHONE The telephone in the office is intended primarily for official calls and is a normal business line. An honesty box is provided for appropriate use. Office telephone 01758 701183 Payphone

01758 612045

If either telephone is faulty please notify BT in the normal manner but if difficulties occur please contact Brian Blundell on 07588041361 11

HEATING New Chalets Heating: These chalets have underfloor heating controlled by boilers in the room with the furthest external door. There are individual control units in each room and can be adjusted as you wish. The heating is controlled by timers and the boilers will be on at the start of the day and from the early evening.. The heating will automatically switch off if the external temperature goes above 21c. It will also automatically come on if the external temperature is 5c or below. It should not be necessary to change the settings in the Boiler room but, should you need to make sure, the heating button will be illuminated or turned on by pressing it if you need to. Hot Water : The hot water in the new chalets is similarly automatically controlled and is on over lunchtime as well as early morning and evenings. It can be turned on or off as above.


HEATING Recreation Room The heating is controlled by the boiler on the rear wall. It must be switched on electronically using the 13 amp socket to the rear. It is then controlled by the clock show below. It can operate by being permanently on or by pushing the timing pins towards the clock for on and away from the clock for off. Please heat the room only for the time you will be using it.

Dining Room and adjacent meeting rooms (ex-chalets) The heating is controlled by the boiler in the front store of the kitchen. It is then controlled by the clock show below. It is set for your use but can be overridden by pressing the SELECT button until ON is indicated by an adjacent arrow. (As shown in the hot water side)


KITCHEN - GAS Re. COOKING EQUIPMENT The extraction system must be turned on or no gas will flow

Store Room

Main Switch

D. Control Box

C. Isolation Switches

B. Speed Controls

A. Switch on first



Fan or Heating

TO TURN ON 1. In Store Room - Turn on main switch 2. Ensure Left switch is in manual and right switch in either fan or heating position as required 3. In Kitchen - start with the bottom switch and work upwards turning on - A B C finally turning the key (D) control to on. 4. Both speed controls should be set to 4 5. After system has been running the speed controls could be turned down to 3.5 - 3.5 but watch for a minute to ensure the system keeps running. TO TURN OFF 1. Reverse the procedure above. 2. The system can be turned off quickly using the EMERGENCY SHUT OFF button but this should only be used in an emergency e.g. a fire. Please ensure that all switches are off before you leave. 14

Range Hob

Pilot Lights

To light the hob 1. Ensure ventilation system is turned on 2. The photo above shows the position of the pilot lights—casting removed for photo. (7 o’clock on the back and 11 o’clock on the front) 3. Use a gas lighter to light the pilot pushing the flame through the casting (Please note that you do not have to remove the castings to light the pilot) 4. Set the hob control knob to pilot position and push it in 5. When the pilot lights, the control in for 10 seconds then release)

Hob control knobs


Range Oven

1 Oven Control

To light the oven 1. Ensure ventilation system is turned on 2. Set oven control to pilot (small gas flame set to 12 o’clock position) 3. Push in oven control and press red igniter button until oven lights but hold in the control switch for thermocouple to heat up (10 seconds) (Check through the holes in the bottom that you can see the flame) 4. Move oven control to on position (as far anticlockwise as it will go) 5. Set required oven temperature

Pilot can be seen through these holes


Dishwasher Instructions

Washer On

Power Water On Temp OK

Wash Button

On /Off Switch


After turning the main switch on, the dishwasher will take 30 mins to heat up its water


Load the dishes in a tray and swill off over the sink using warm water. Transfer into washer.


Pull the lid down and press the wash button.


When the cycle finishes (2 mins), the ‘Washer On’ light goes out, lift up the lid and slide the tray to the right and allow to dry off.


Load the next tray and switch on.

6. 7.

When the previous dishes have dried off, store them appropriately.


Switch off the dishwasher


Lift out the tray guide


Unscrew the water spray and lift out


Remove the 4 sieves and clean


Lift out the tank plug and allow water to drain.


Remove any food matter and replace the plug, sieves, water spray and tray guide

Detergent and rinse aid take up is automatic but please ensure there is fluid in the containers


Fire Alarm System *** Key is by the side of the control panel in Dining Hall*** Snowdonia Fire Protection

Type of Call Manual call point or Automatic Detector Location

Key needs to be in this position to operate panel e.g. to evacuate, silence or reset

Once you are satisfied that the centre has been evacuated, all persons accounted for and there are no obvious signs of fire, put the key into the on position and press the silence button. DO NOT PRES Reset until you have found the cause of the alarm. The system can then be reset. Spare glasses are on top of the indicator panel.

External Manual Call Point

To actuate, place the single end of the key in the hole and push up

Internal Manual Call Point

To actuate, place the double end of the key in the hole to release and pull down on the ends of the alarm.


ACTIVITY CONTACTS Abersoch Sailing School

01758 712963

ATB Mountainboarding

01758 740750

Beacon Climbing Centre

01286 650045

Beddgelert Mountain Bikes

01766 89043

Boulder Adventures, Padarn

01286 870556

Cilan Riding Stables

01758 713276

Clynnog & Trefor Coaches

01286 660208

Ffestiniog Railway

01766 516000

Glasfryn Park

01766 810202

Greenwood Centre

01248 670076

Llechwedd Slate Caverns

01766 830306

Llyn Golf

01758 701200


01690 720214

Porthmadog Leisure Centre

01766 512711

Pwllheli Leisure Centre

01758 613437

Ropes and Ladders

01286 872310


01766 819187

Sea Fishing

01691 650223

Snowdonia Riding Stables

01286 650342

Sygun Copper Mine


The Ranch, Harlech

01341 241358

Welsh Mountain Zoo

01492 532938





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