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Tyler McClure T206 Wild With Fire There is a well sized Indian Village town with plenty of activity. Some men are returning from a hunt with rabbits over their shoulder and dead bison being dragged by horses. Women are in the fields picking corn, and other vegetables. The children are learning how to be warriors by the chief of the tribe, WILD WITH FIRE. SETTING SUN runs upon the chief and the kids out of breath with despair and fear on his face. On the horizon are 4 white clouds that are getting closer. As time passes the clouds turn in to four large ships. With their sails blowing with the wind Wild With Fire, Setting Sun, and WILD WIND begin to talk about what these vessels could be. Wild With Fire and Wild Wind retreat back in to the woods while Setting Sun keeps watch on the ship and the strange people. CAPTAIN JACK is barking orders and watching all of the cargo being unloaded from the ship when MR. GRANGER urgently approaches. Granger tells the captain about the Indians spying on them. Granger is instructed to follow the Indians and see where they go. Wild With Fire is having a tribe meeting about the white men. The tribe is viscously debating about what to do when CRAZY HORSE storms in with Granger in his arms. Crazy Horse has a knife to Grangers neck. Granger is tied up while Crazy Horse gives a passionate speech about what the white people have done. Wild With Fire decides to go to war and orders that Granger be killed. You see Crazy Horse’s shadow slit Grangers throat. It is early morning with dew still on the grass and tree leaves when Wild With Fire is discussing the plan of attack. The warriors are painted in war paint with spears in their hand. One group of warriors have bows in their hands with a slew of arrows on their backs. Other warriors are seen on horses that also have war paint on them. Setting Sun approaches with a goat in hand and sacrifices him to the god of war. Wild With Fire’s face is covered in red and orange paint almost appearing like his face is on fire. He is atop a horse and is pacing back and forth addressing his warriors. The anger is present in every warriors face, and they begin running down a hill yelling and screaming as they attack the white men.

The white men are sleeping, but are awoken to the charging Indians. Before they can get out of bed arrows and spears are flying. Two white men take arrows to the chest and drop over dead. The fighting goes on with Indians and white men dropping. One man pulls out a gun and shoots an Indian in the chest. Wild With Fire has cornered Captain Jack with a spear to his throat. They exchange words with the captain pleading for his life. Wild With Fire shoves his spear into the captains throat, killing Captain Jack. The women and children are all sitting around a fire with worried looks on their faces. The warriors come over a hill, parting the fog with their war paint smeared and blood on others. Setting Sun was killed in battle and is being carried by Crazy Horse and Wild Wind. Wild With Fire addresses the tribe praising the heroic Setting Sun and warning the tribe about the future.


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