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How to Take Care of Your Car Magnets Article Written By: ARC Marketing Magnets are mostly used for advertising purposes, but the truth is anyone can make good use of car magnets, not just businesses and non-profit organizations. Thus, car magnets can be great giveaways for a variety of special events, including weddings and baptisms, as long as you have them customized. Anyone attending your special day will surely appreciate receiving these small tokens personalized with a special message as a reminder. The price of your customized car magnets will largely depend on the size of the magnet and on the quantity you order. Thus, a 6-inch oval car magnet can cost anywhere between about $ 4 per piece for 75 pieces to $ 1 per piece for a large order of 2500 pieces.

Obviously, you will be giving these away for free at your own wedding, but fundraising organizations can make a profit by selling their magnets. In order to determine your profit, some websites provide a profit calculator free of charge. Applying, cleaning and storing Magnets must only be applied to metal surfaces, but not to aluminum. All surfaces must be smooth and flat, without any air pockets, and with all coats, paints and waxes cured. If you didn’t stick the magnet in the right position the first time around, don’t worry; all you have to do is remove it and apply it again. Just make sure not to pull it across the surface. Since car magnets are meant to stick on cars, make sure your vehicle is not parked in direct sunlight – this can damage not just the magnet, but your vehicle as well. Also make sure to avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures and weather. It is also important to remember to remove your car magnet from its current position and move it to a different area from time to time. That’s because sunlight can cause the paint on the car to become faded, while the surface that is covered by the magnet will keep its vibrant colors.

And when you eventually want to remove your magnet for good, you will be left with an uneven car color where the magnet once stood. When you decide to remove your custom magnet, don’t throw it away. You can safely store it in a clean and dry place, shielded from direct sunlight. Flat magnets are best kept on a level surface; if you have more flat magnets, stack them atop each other, but never with the magnetic sides facing each other. Do not place any other objects on top of the magnets, though, as you risk damaging them. As far as cleaning magnets goes, you will need to do this regularly, even if your car magnet is weather proof and fade resistant. Moisture and dirt can build up between the magnet and the surface of the car. In order to prevent that, remove the magnet and clean both sides; do this daily or whenever you wash the car. Use water and a mild detergent to clean both the magnet and the surface of the car where the magnet stood.

How to take care of your car magnets  

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