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Top Causes Of Acne

Acne Is An Immensely Common Skin Condition That Affects People Of All Ages. To Find The Right Treatment For Acne, One Must First Understand The Causes Of Acne.

Here Is A List Of The Top Causes Of Acne.

1. Hormonal Changes.

2. Diet.

Diet Is Another Important Factor When It Comes To Acne.

3. Genetic Factors.

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Genetic History Can Be A Cause Of Acne If Your Family Have A History Of Acne.

4. Stress.

Stress Can Be Considered As The Major Cause Of Acne.

5. Make-Up.

6. Other Drugs Such Lithium Is known To Cause Acne.


The London Dermatology Clinic has a variety of treatments to help acne sufferers to end the frustration and to help prevent the permanent scarring that untreated inflamed acne can result in.

Top causes of acne  

To find the right treatment for acne, one must first understand the causes of acne. For more details visit

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