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schafer illustrations & designs


Bento Scoops A conceptual Japanese-American restaurant that specializes in dessert ramen and ice cream. Intended as a sanctuary for like-minded creatives, individuals can relax and socialize around. All while enjoying unique treats in an exciting and comfortable atmosphere.

Capstone- Bento Scoops

Capstone- Bento Scoops


GYST A subscription-based drone postal service. This concept brand allows you to send and receive packages all on the same day. The visuals of this brand mirror the luxury lifestyle service, but at a fair price point.

Branding - Gyst

Branding - Gyst

Sara’s Pets and Plants Rebrand project featuring local Pittsburgh pet shop, Sara’s Pets and Plants. The refreshed logo reflects the playful nature of pets while features an educational stance to represent Sara’s love to teach about proper pet care.

Branding - Rebrand


Tigamu Japanese chewing gum concept brand. With flavors based on tea and fruit combos, the aesthetic of this brand was given a natural and ‘earthy” identity.

Packaging - Gum Package

Packaging - Beverage Drink

Seagram’s Mixers This design revolved around conceptualizing a seasonal drink bevarage for an already established brand. Mixers is a fun spring-time drink that can also be used a mixer for alcohol.

Packaging - Sustainable Package

Colgate Bamboo Colgate Bamboo is a rebrand of the infamous toothbrush brand, but with a sustainable packaging. This packaging design solution was achieved through using one ink color and recycled cardboard.


Gates: Into the Mind This coffee table book was designed around the stages of Gates’ life. The cohesive progression of the spreads encapsulates the advancement in his software developments.

Publication - Coffee Table Book

Publication - Book Cover

Steve Jobs Book cover redesign for Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. The design was kept minimalistic to reflect Apple’s identity, but with a slight throwback to where it all began.

Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration - Nostalgic Tech

Nostaglic Tech A collection of digital pieces based around devices that inspired my design aesthetic.

Head Icons For various projects, head icons were used. They were often found in infographic projects. The style of them was inspired by some doodles in class.

Digital Illustration - Head Icons