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Engagement Guide 2013



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My Style When booking your photographer two things really determine who you’re Photographer will be, Style & Price. It’s hard to define a Style but if I could pick one word, mine would be “Organic”. If you book me you can expect your pictures to be taken in an organic setting, far from the prying eyes so we can create a private atmosphere in which you can show your love for each other. This is where I feel the most at home. I don’t use many props in my photography, I try to stay true to the setting. If I do use a prop it will fit into the shoot in a nondistracting way. In my pictures I will strive to capture the romance rather then “cutesy” pictures. What I mean by that is I stay away from the fads. No heart shaped hands or having the couple jump in the air. My pictures in the end will be more serious and romantic. If you are looking for outdoor settings with rich colors and sharp details I am a perfect fit for you! I look forward to meeting you and capturing your pre wedding love!





Why Engagements      This  is  the  best  way  for  us  to  get  to  know  each  other.  We   can  get  all  the  jitters  out  and  let  loose.  The  Engagements  ses-­‐ sion  should  be  fun  and  relaxing.  This  is  also  the  best  way  for   you  to  see  how  I  work  as  a  photographer  ?irst  hand.  Having   me  shoot  your  Engagements  will  let  you  better  understand   what  to  expect  on  your  wedding  day.    You  will  also  become   more  comfortable  with  me  pointing  a  camera  at  you,  allow-­‐ ing  for  better  Wedding  day  pictures!  As  with  your  Wedding   your  Engagements  only  happen  once!  So  lets  make  the  best   of  them  and  get  some  high  quality  pictures  that  you  can  en-­‐ joy  for  the  rest  of  your  life.   12



When Engagements should ideally be taken at least 2 month before the Wedding. This will allow you plenty of time to proof, print and send your invitations. I prefer to take pictures around sunrise or sunset. The time of day will depend on the location of the shoot. You should plan on being ready an hour before the session. This will ensure we have plenty of time to get to the location and start shooting! 15




Attire 1. I recommend that female clients wear a pretty dress or skirt with a cute tope and perhaps a cardigan if its chilly. I love fun accessories and great shoes. Heels naturally make legs look more defined and flattering and since its not often that you get to have your photo taken its fun to wear something feminine and flirty! For men I suggest jeans or a current, stylish pant paired with a great shirt that reflects your personality. Long sleeve button-up shirts always look great and sleeves can be rolled up to make them look more casual. Choose a complimentary T-shirt for underneath the button up, or a sweater to go overtop. Keep in mind clothing should match the season in which its being photographed. 2. Avoid loud patterns or large logos as they’re distracting and take away from the mood and from the couple. Its hard to look at a picture and get a sense of who the couple is when you’re constantly distracted by their clothing. 3. I don’t recommend jeans for the girl, I feel it can take away from her femininity in the photos. Also if you are both wearing jeans and standing together, your legs tend to blend into one another. 4. No all white or black attire and no vivid solid colors-none of these options photograph well and can look like a large distracting block in pictures. This is unavoidable on a wedding day, but for engagements this will help you get better results!


It is important that you look and feel your best! This doesn’t mean you need to go and spend alot of money on new clothing, but rather, simply find outfits that look flattering for your body type and appropriate for the location. Clothing choices can be fun and should reflect individual personality. I suggest that you wear complimentary colors and patterns. The couple in this guide are a great example of a great outfit! I love what they chose to wear for this session and the time and energy they put into finding great attire.




Location The location will largely be determined by where you are. If I am traveling to you for the session I suggest you do some research and scout out a few locations that you like. Keep in mind we will be shooting near sunset or sunrise. The lighting will be different so try and visit the spot at the right time of day. I will do my best to arrive with enough time to find my own locations but this isn’t always possible. If you are coming to me I always have several locations on hand. St George Utah is a wonderful place to have pictures taken and I can give you plenty of options! 23



Investment (if purchased ala carte) Investment: $400 Coverage Includes: Tyler Rye as your personal photographer 40-60 hand edited images Online gallery for viewing DVD of full resolution images Please note that all engagement sessions include one location and two outfit choices and typically last between 1-2 hours. *Please note if you book me to cover your wedding prior to the Engagement session, then the session is a free gift for booking with me!

*Even though engagement session are included in my Wedding Package please note that they may not always be possible if I am traveling to you for your event. You may always schedule your engagement session here in beautiful St George, Ut. I would also be more then happy to check my calendar to see if I will be near you before your event and would be happy to schedule your session while I am in the area but this is not always possible. Please 26 note that engagement sessions may not be removed for a reduced rate.

TylerRye Photography 2013


Engagement guide 2013  

St George Utah Photography Engagement Guide for Tyler Rye Photography.

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