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August 2-6, 2010


Week 9

Week 9


Crazy Combo What’s my name? is the name of the game this week. Grades were divided and were asked to sit on either side of the hanging curtain. On the count of three, the curtain dropped and the individuals selected had to name the camper sitting directly on the other side of the curtain. Name stumbles were common, however the camper to say the opponents name first earned a point for the team!

Sports & GAmes

This week the kids played a camp favorite, PinBall! Grade levels were divided in half and began testing their bowling skills. Three pins were set up on either team’s side. Opposing teams ser ved as defenders blocking incoming traffic and protecting their valuable pins!

Campers took football and basketball to the extreme this week. Combining t wo widely known sports into a pass, kick, and hoop combination campers tested their skills at Foot-Ket-Ball. The game was played by passing a football from one teammate to the next in hopes of making the ball into the basketball hoop at the opposite end. Campers worked hard as a team to score the most points before time was up!

Scientific Extravaganza Ready, Set, Blast OFF! Campers made individual rockets with baking soda, vinegar, and plastic water bottles this week! Campers went out doors to test their rockets and compared heights amongst their peers!

Arts & Crafts

CKC put a t wist on tie-dying this week! Campers brought in various colored shirts to reverse tie-dye. With the help of counselors Andrea and Trish, campers sprayed bleach on to a stencil and printed CKC on all of their shirts. The campers walked away with very bright and unique CKC shirts for all to sign!


Monday Mystery: Grade Levels competed in CKC Trivia “Thanks for the Memories” and designed maps for Ball State Library! Fun Friday: CKC cheered on their favorite counselors in the annual CKC Basketball Game! The Counselor of the week was Colin Movie of the week is Space Chimps. Thank you all for a GREAT summer! We hope to see you all next summer for CKC 2011!


T H A N K S F O R T H E M E M O R IE S August 2-6, 2010 ® Team Building Sports & GAmes Arts & Crafts Monday Mystery: Grade Levels co...

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