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July 5-9, 2010


Week 5

Week 5 Sports & GAmes

Team Building In Team Building this week, the campers played Kingdom Ball. Kingdom Ball is a game in which teams have to work together and defend their zone and throw balls in the other teams zone.

In Sports and Games this week, the campers were divided into teams and went on a hunt. Each team had 3 objects to find in the quad. If members of the team got out, they had to go to jail. The main object of the game was for a team to find all three objects.

Scientific Extravaganza This week the campers learned about windmills and their purpose. After learning about windmills, the campers made pinwheels out of paper, pencils, and thumb tacks!

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES The campers played an intense game of Monkey Ball during Outdoor Adventures and Crazy Combo. Monkey Ball is similar to soccer, except instead of the no hands rule, the campers couldn’t use their feet. The game was definitely a challenge, but made the game a hit!

Arts & Crafts In Arts and Crafts this week, our campers worked hard to make flowers out of construction paper and other materials to make their garden grow!

Crazy Combo Going Green Shark Attack was a hit this week in Crazy Combo. The campers got on board the ship, ran from the sharks, and rowed the boats to sur vive in this crazy game.


Monday Mystery- Nature Scavenger Hunt Fun Friday- Week Long Pop Tab War The theme for next week is Splish Splash Water Week Our Counselor of the week was Stephanie Line


C K C G O E S G R E E N July 5-9, 2010 ® OUTDOOR ADVENTURES Team Building Sports & GAmes Arts & Crafts In Arts and Crafts this week,...

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