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Week 4

Wild water week

June 28-July 2, 2010


Arts & Crafts The K-1 campers got a little taste of the ocean this Wild & Wacky Water Week! The campers used sea shells to make mobiles, and they also created pictures during arts anf crafts.

Sports & GAmes

Campers played in the water this week with a game of water soccer! Goalies used water squirters to prevent the other team from scoring. Water soccer was a nice way to cool down.

Scientific Extravaganza What goes up must come down. Campers learned about velocity and gravity with a balloon toss!

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES The grades were challenged this week with an activity involving teamwork and water balloons! Partners were taking water balloons between their backs and they worked to get them into buckets. Using water balloons in activities is always a favorite among the campers during the mid day heat!

Team Building Water volleyball had the campers working together this week during team building. Campers used towels to toss water balloons over the nets and catch them without breaking!

Crazy Combo Admin Breanna took charge this week with Counselor Jake being gone and the campers relayed ice cubes. The campers participated in many relays using their feet and hands to transport ice!

ANNOUNCEMENTS! Campers have been hard at work all week making boats out of cardboard and duck tape to race across the pool. Fun Friday the campers jumped in the boats they worked hard on and raced them across the pool in our annual boat races. Counselor of the week is Rachel!


W il d w a t e r w e e k June 28-July 2, 2010 ®

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