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Week 2

This week our campers took a look at the different culture of Australia. We started the week with Monday mystery being our Outdoor Pursuits department coming in and playing games that they would use for groups they take on trips. With the Lewellen pool being down we had to give up the pool to open Rec and couldn’t swim Tuesday, so we moved the Movie, The Rescuers Down Under, to Tuesday.


ckc down under

June 14-18, 2010

Week 2 Sports & GAmes

Team Building Team Building had the groups team up and used different tools to work through challenges. They used scooters, hula hoops, jump ropes, and all sorts of things. They had to do different things with the tools they were given before moving on.

Sports and Games went Down Down Down which was the name of their game. The teams had a ball they would pass back and forth and every time they dropped the ball they had to go down. First to a knee, then both knees, and this continued until they were laying on the floor. This is a game they actually play in Australia.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES Outdoor Adventures went through relay races working on their skills. For wards, backwards and every which way seeing who could be coordinated enough to make it around.

Scientific Extravaganza During Scientific Extravaganza the kids came up with as many things from Australia as possible. They were in a competition for a marble, because the grade to come up with the most won.

Arts & Crafts Arts and Crafts made Whales, Squids, or Jellyfish. The campers that brought in socks made the whales and Squids. The other campers made the Jellyfish.

Crazy Combo Crazy combo this week was a game called night rider princess. The group made t wo circles that moved in opposite directions and the group leader called out one of those words or a combination of them. The group that went through the actions first won.

ANNOUNCEMENTS! The theme for next week is BACK TO THE FUTURE! Our Counselor of the week was Ryan Anderson.


c k c d o w n u n d e r June 14-18, 2010 This week our campers took a look at the different culture of Australia. We started the week with M...

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