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Week 1

inspector charlie

June 10-17, 2010


Arts & Crafts Campers got their magnifying glasses ready to help with the search for Charlie Cardinal. Will these tools be enough for the campers to solve the mystery of Charlie Cardinals disappearance??

Sports & GAmes

Campers put a twist on Ultimate Frisbee and played an intense game of Ultimate Football. The campers battled it out to see who would be the Ultimate Football Champion!

Scientific Extravaganza Nature was calling! Campers learned about objects in nature and went on a scabenger hunt!


OUTDOOR ADVENTURES The older campers played games fo capture the f lag! There was a twist put on the game and instead of using one f lag, the campers had multiple objects to captue. The team with the most objects at the end of the game won! The younger kids played a game called Feather Find! The goal was to f ind all of the hidden feathers!

Team Building The campers looked high and low to f ind the many hidden puzzle pieces across the Quad. Once all the pieces were found, the campers put together the pieces to form pictures of Inspector Gaadget!

Crazy Combo The campers broke it down and had a dance party! They enjoyed dancing to the chicken dance, cupid shuff le, the cha cha slide, and the one and only Hannah Montanas ho down throw down!

ANNOUNCEMENTS! Monday mystery the campers heard about the disappearance of charlie cardinal. throughout the week they heard from different counselors who were seen with charlie the day he disappeared! Fun Friday the campers discovered that Admin staff jess took charlie and had him in christy woods.


in s p e c t o r c h a r l ie June 10-17, 2010 ® Team Building Sports & GAmes Arts & Crafts PICTURES Campers got their magnifying gl...

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