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in GooD We TRusT Denver Biennial of the Americas—summer 2010

Bruce Mau of Bruce Mau Design Creative Director, Denver Biennial of the Americas

The Denver Biennial of the Americas

It will be organized through the

will be a citywide, international cultural

principles of “proof and possibility”.

event. It will include exhibitions, public

We will present to the world the

programs and signature art installations

diverse creative practitioners that

that celebrate the power of ingenuity

prove this movement is already

and the imagination of the Western

active and we will catalyze the new

Hemisphere. Once every two years,

possibilities they invite.

some of the world’s greatest innovators will convene in Denver, tap into a dynamic local community of creative thinkers, and together galvanize a citizen-driven movement toward cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation. In doing so, we hope to forge solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

RMCAD & The Biennial

The Biennial will bring outstanding cultural opportunities to Denver; we want RMCAD to be a part of this experience. The Institute for Experimental Studies (IES) is presently meeting with all academic departments to discuss fostering innovative ideas and collaborations between the RMCAD college community, the incredible resources available to us through Bruce Mau Design, the City of Denver and the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs (DOCA). Our mission is to draw from these entities as expansively as possible, to create an unparalleled 4

educational experience for our students, faculty and staff.

• An entire course whose mission is to create content for the Biennial • Utilize resources of the Biennial to launch a student-driven project • A single, or set of course projects designed to create content • A course whose curriculum is based on existing Biennial content; research and aide outside entities already forging projects • Public outre’ / service: independent study intended to intern and assist existing Biennial projects

On the other hand... RMCAD and IES are about innovation and experimentation... perhaps there is a idea that you have that may exist if we shift or bend some existing RMCAD structures?

The Biennial is about innovation and opportunities to share thoughts, ideas and creations.


Mission Statement / Fall 2009

The Collective is a research network initiated by Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver, Colorado that advances responsible systemic changes through experiences, spaces, and objects.


FAll 2009

Collective Names / Fall 2009


The JAM (or Jamming) Collective (justice-art-mayhem) DOME Collective (doing omnipresent, meaningful, educational) Rocketfuel Collective Go! Collective Inter-Arts Collective The RMCAD Collective (research-making-cavorting-acting-determinations) The IES Collective (imagine-explore-soapbox) The RAT Collective (research or reflection, art or action, and teaching or traversing) The RANT Collective (radical action not tangential) Liberal Artists Collective The Caper Collective The Binding Collective The AAS Collective (ask, act, share) The Conscious Collective The Artward Collective The Action collective The Push collective (Pxxxxx Uxxxxx Sxxxxx Hxxxxxxx) The Commotion Collective The Force Collective or Collective Force The Movement Collective The Care Collective (Calculate, Act, Recruit, Evaluate) The Verve Collective Collective Response

The Love Collective Zeal Collective The Good Collective The Transform Collective The Explore Collective The Do Collective The LiveWorkLearnPlay Collective The DeepDive Collective The LookClosely Collective The Define Collective The Imagine Collective The IMPACT Collective (Innovate, Make, Plan, Act, Create, Think) Shift Collective Go Collective Switch Collective Interchange Collective Boost Collective Current Collective or Collective Current Creative Corrective Collective Collective Chance Whirl Collective Collective Issue

PROPOSAL / Fall 2009

Research focus: Development of curriculum that fosters a since of global responsible in the context of art & design higher education in partnership with “Taking it Global� (TIG). 12

RMCAD Research

Taking It Global

Denver Biennial

TAking it global / About

The Vision Youth everywhere actively engaged and connected in shaping a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world.

Our Mission We enable a collaborative learning community which provides youth with access to global opportunities, cross-cultural connections and meaningful participation in decision-making. 14

Who We Serve We serve youth primarily between the ages of 13 to 30 through: • An online community and initiatives that focus on enabling actively engage youth. • Education programs geared towards middle and high school students.

What We Offer: • Global online social network and hub for civic participation • Content & tools for educators to facilitate rich, interactive learning experiences • Outreach & Collaboration tools for events, networks, campaigns, and causes • Research, development, and sharing of best practices on youth engagement • Facilitated learning experiences through workshops, webinars, and e-courses

Why Bother? • Global awareness and understanding across cultures is key to the future of the planet • Student dropout and disengagement rates are at all-time highs, and costing billions in lost economic opportunities and crime • Preventable diseases and health issues are on the rise globally, with young people often the most vulnerable and affected

So Far... • 4 million young people reached in 2008, over 14 million since launch in 2000 • Engagement across 12 languages, and in every country and territory in the world • Thought leadership through presenting at over 500 education, technology, development, business and youth conferences and events •Partnerships across sectors with over 8 U.N. agencies, dozens of international civil society organizations, several top-tier technology companies (Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, HP), and Leading-edge foundations across North America. • Global recognition from the World Economic Forum and Tech Museum of Innovation


proof & Possibility




Producing Proof / fall 2009

Interior design

institute for sustainable studies

ies/ Reseach COllective Art Education

Graphic Design


Producing Proof / Spring 2010

Interior design Liberal Studies

fine arts

? Art Education

Graphic Design The Biennial


IES / Fall 2009






Example of Resource Use

TAkinG iT GloBAl

DenveR BienniAl

Research Collective @



Collective Relationships / Fall 2009

Martin Mendelsberg (Gd)


Lisa Hochtritt (Ae)

Rebecca Vaughan (Fa)



Bruce Price (IES / Fd)

Nikki Pike (Fd)




Projects / Fall 2009


documentation / resources


social networks





Mission Statements / Fall 2009

R M C A D M i s s i o n State m e n t Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design’s mission has several aims, all consistent with its founding in 1963 as a community of “creatives”: to instill a passion for creativity, innovation, excellence and lifelong learning in both the Fine and Applied Arts; to nurture the individual talents of each student as s/ he completes a formal program of study; to integrate critical thinking, analysis and scholarship into the refinement and application of each student’s skills and creativity; to contribute in socially responsible ways to the local, global and professional communities.

B i e n n i a l M i s s i o n State m e nt The Denver Biennial of the Americas will be a citywide, international extravaganza of ideas, art, lectures and parties aimed at “finding solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems

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